Live from the Element Bloomington Mall of America by Westin in Bloomington, MN it is Gratitude:UnFiltered!
"The Crucified Life"
We have seen that to have Godly vision, we must first have a vision of Jesus—the real Jesus, as He really is. When we see Jesus as He really is, we will also see ourselves as we really are. We saw that when the great men of the Bible saw Jesus, they were instantly humbled, feeling as though they wanted to just disappear.
Once we reach this place of utter brokenness before God, we are then in a position to receive God’s vision for our lives. We have also seen that God’s vision for our lives is intricately connected to His eternal purpose for His creation, which is to cover the earth with His glory. So let’s say that you are getting a clearer vision of Jesus. And by this you are also getting a clearer vision of yourself. You are getting a greater sense of your unworthiness, your utter sinfulness, and your total inability.
When you compare yourself to His glory and His holiness, you see that you are merely an earthen vessel and that without Him you can do nothing. This is where Job was when He said, “Now my eye sees You, therefore I abhor myself, and repent in dust and ashes”— dust and ashes being a symbol of death. If you are at this place or approaching this place, then the next thing is to allow God to give you His vision for your life.
Having this vision is what will elevate you from the earthly and mundane to the glorious and transcendent. But God isn’t going to give it to you as long as you are filled with self-will and the lusts of the flesh. You must become utterly broken before Him! But let’s assume you have reached this place. What then? We discuss on this Gratitude:UnFiltered!

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