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As a Canadian author, speaker, and professional coach, Stephanie Nielson is someone who consistently pushes herself to reach past her current limitations to become more. Stephanie dubs herself a “Creative Extraordinaire” and revels in her understanding of how we are all the masters of our own universe and have the ability to create the world we want to live in.

The joy she takes from observing her own reality unfold in unimaginable ways inspires her to help others to achieve the same. She strongly believes in the philosophy of “Reach one, teach one” and claims that any and all success is achieved by cultivating the right mindset. For it does not matter where you begin, but only where you chose to end!

Having survived an alcoholic parent, a divorced home, being a single parent who raised two young sons alone, developing a 6+ figure income with no formal education and creating a successful and well-respected career in a male-dominated industry, there are many areas in which Stephanie can speak to with her experiences and expertise.

She believes, however, that her true message is about overcoming obstacles. It is with this perspective that she has written three books and developed a speaker/coaching practice through the John Maxwell Certification Program. It is Stephanie’s passion and her calling to help others overcome their obstacles, whatever they may be, to reach their next level of excellence.