Live from Element by Westin, in Bloomington, Mn.........

Gratitude:UnFiltered "The Chronicles of Dr. Guy Henry" brought to you by Utoya CBD!

Dr. Guy Henry Specialist, Coach, Motivational Speaker, Missionary & Teacher "I am a Missions-Mentor. What does that mean? Well, after 25 yrs. in Honduras Central America I also have begun to mentor Christian leaders to achieve Kingdom advancement and personal fulfillment to impact this generation.

Through Mentorship – Teamwork – Leadership and Transformational Culture I help Christians of multi-generations and cultures discover that one unique thing that no one else has like we have. That unique thing is INFLUENCE! And Influence is Leadership! 

want to help you to understand and expand your influence imprint. I want you to live in the freedom of knowing that you are living in the niche for which only you can fill. That unique DNA of helping others in ways that ONLY YOU can fill"


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