"The Bible, Misunderstood Too"

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A special thank you to Element Bloomington Mall of America for hosting Gratitude:UnFiltered!

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Joshua T Berglan (2s): 

Okay. You can go on there now. I'm sure you should be able to see it.


What's up, everyone? This is gratitude unfiltered and I'm your host Joshua T Berglan and this is my lovely co-host for the evening. Hello everyone. Would you like to say your name? Jessica. Do you have a last name? Ladies gentleman's Jessica Toft. She's been here with us the last few days doing gratitude. Unfiltered live from the element hotel by Hilton Westin. Why do I want it's, it's owned by Marriott though, which is yes, which is my favorite hotel chain in the world.


Blessed to be here. They're hosting us a to film again today, which is always fun in the lobby with all the background noise and what I realized, you've actually brought up a really good point. So going flashback and I hope everyone's doing great today. Say hello, where you're from. We are alive on the three 60 television network and those of you who just joined us, we are now going to start live at five Oh three and then have an out at five 59 on the TV network because E360tv has grown.


Um, E three 60 television network is growing. We've added more shows. There's a show coming on right after this program. I'm really, really excited for Aaron and everything to see his dream come to life and to be a part of it is so stinking cool. Um, but you brought up an excellent point. So a couple of Saturdays ago I filmed gratitude unfiltered at the church and there were some people talking in the background that people that do all the sound engineering and I snapped and some of you saw it, you, some of you saw me lose my cool and start screaming at the people behind the scenes because they were making noise.


And you brought up a really good point because there's distractions here even though there's not a bunch of people. You brought up the point that this is great practice to help me block out distractions when I'm doing regretted to unfiltered. Yeah, perfect. Because there's really no people, right? There's a few people, like little bits of noise here and there to make it easy for you to, I'm learning, I'm learning. So like when I do gratitude unfiltered I'm in a bubble.


Um, typically when I do at home or I'm at the church and it's different when there's a crowd, you know, cause I can play off the audience and talk, but when it's background noise, for some reason it distracts me. So this is great practice. And so my attitude, I have a better attitude about dealing with noise and distractions. And again, it is excellent practice. So I'm grateful for this opportunity for multiple ways. And again, as I shared, um, at the beginning of this, that this is part of a dream come true for me. That this is a very important seed that's being planted, uh, to make a bigger vision, bigger dream come true.


So I'm very, very grateful, uh, for the element, for allowing us to film here, just to have this opportunity. It's so great, Trish. Great to see you. A good to see you, my friend Philip is back. Good to see you buddy. I don't, what time is it? Where you at man? I'm also really quick. I want to give a shout out to I am you guys use promo code. Welcome 10 to save 10% on the new lash app and curl. So anyone who likes to wear fake lashes, this allows you to apply fake lashes and five seconds or less. So you use promo code.


Welcome 10 save 10% today. And I look, I know a lot of you can't go out and about right now. Um, but if you want to look glamorous around the house or you have a birthday coming up, we're eventually going to be out of this locked down. And of course we have global global shipping. So check them out. Now I want to give a new shout out to a, Neo trig, solar, uh, your smart power. $0 million out of pocket. Quick and easy installation, zero maintenance and raised home value of course, and much, much more. You guys check them out, the websites, they're scrolling across the screen for you guys to check out.


A if you're in the market for solar, check them out. They're fantastic. All right. Jessica so how are you doing today? Are you, do you have a good day?

Jessica Toft (4m 54s): 

I had a really good day. Um, I had some really good company.

Joshua T Berglan (4m 60s): 

Oh thanks. Yeah,

Jessica Toft (5m 2s): 

you're welcome. We a went and walked around and talked some more stuff that you've never seen.

Joshua T Berglan (5m 8s): 

Yeah, I think Minneapolis is such a cool city. I'm one of the cooler downtown urban sprawls I've ever seen. Very unique. So I'm enjoying my time here very much. I'm a little nervous about the weather. I would say I would move here, but the weather is terrifying. It's like 40 degrees. It's so cold.

Jessica Toft (5m 28s): 

But we just stay inside and keep each other more and with our love. And

Joshua T Berglan (5m 36s): 

so Philip a thank you for being here watching at 1:00 AM. Wow. Um, so there's been a lot going on yesterday. We got into some pretty crazy stuff. A the feedback. It seemed like you guys really, really enjoyed the broadcast yesterday. Touching on that, some of the most misunderstood Bible verses in the Bible, we touched on some very controversial stuff. We're going to finish it up today. I think Proverbs 31 is coming up because people always talk about wanting a Proverbs 31 woman.


So we're going to dive into that. A do you have anything that is interesting? I haven't been watching the news of you.

Jessica Toft (6m 13s): 

Right? Well I a just use online media, my news, then I take it for, you know, being real everything on Facebook. Obviously it's real and uh mm. Well, until it's not until it's not so, no, it's very like contradictory. Everything is in Minnesota. With the mayor is now talking about opening things up to non-essential employees.


Um, as long as they can follow all the rules of social distancing. However, that keeps showing that, that we keep reaching new peaks of

Joshua T Berglan (6m 55s): 

like more cases if people hire it right

Jessica Toft (6m 57s): 

from the Corona virus. So it's very a. Like it doesn't really make any sense. I'm wondering what's real and what's not real and what's really gonna happen and what's gonna change.

Joshua T Berglan (7m 8s): 

How about you guys, like where you're at with your government, your local government, and again, we have a global audience, so we in the United States, every state's different. Like every governor here in the United States is handling this a different way and everything seems to contradict each other. This is why I gave up on the news. I couldn't handle it because the president would say something. Then right after him the doctor would come up and the doctor would say something different that contradicted. Then you've got that woman and of course then you've got the, the the woman that's with the old man and then there's all the conspiracy stuff going on.


It's just like I had to turn it off because here's the thing, in my opinion about following this, cause it's good to know what's going on. Of course. I mean we need to pay attention and obviously go, okay, is it okay to go outside? Can I, can I hug my friends now? Can I, can I shake hands with people or my fist bumping or do I have to give a, like a airhead air hug? Is that an airhead,

Jessica Toft (8m 4s): 

the air hump that is not near hook. You shouldn't do that.

Joshua T Berglan (8m 9s): 

What is that? From what? Oh, did you ever see, can't buy me love. No. Did you ever see the movie? Can't buy me. Love you guys remembering the can't buy me love when um, he plays McDreamy no, not McDreamy. Yeah, I know, but who's the main doctor? The, the

Jessica Toft (8m 25s): 

McDreamy and mix steamy.

Joshua T Berglan (8m 28s): 

Okay. I think McDreamy the one that was the main character, so, okay. But he was in a movie called, can't buy me. Love it. It was an eighties movie. And so one of the, he, he, he saved all of this money to be able to buy like a lawn mower or something. He was going to buy something, but he ended up seeing this girl at the mall and she was way out of his league. He had such a crush on her. So she went to a party, spilled red wine on this white leather jacket. Who? White leather.


It was the 80s though. So she, so he goes, he saw her in the mall like going, Oh my gosh, what am I do? So all the money he saved up that he was going to use for something, he paid for her, but he bought her love and the deal was he was gonna pay for this jacket is long as she acted like she liked him, so he would be cool his senior year of high school. So anyway, one of the things that, um, it was like, yeah, I was like a whole year, I forgot what the arrangement was. Okay. By me loves a good movie.


If you saw, can't buy me. Love you guys. Watch it. Um, so, but anyway, he's trying to be cool and there's this, this dance going on for high school and you remember the high school dance, right? The prom and all that stuff. I don't think it was prom, but it was just like a summer dance. So, so anyway, he doesn't know how to dance because you know, he's a nerd. I nerds know how to dance. But in the movie, he's a nerd and nerds in the 80s don't know how to dance. So it's Saturday morning broadcast and there's this, um, African Zulu thing, but he didn't know it was African Zulu.


So he's watching and he's in the kitchen. That's how you learn how he's standing in front of a TV like this and he's gone. Okay. And then he's doing that dance. So that's where the Zulu dancers,

Jessica Toft (10m 16s): 

right? Well that's how you, that's how I learned how to dance when you fill up and they watch the music videos and then I stand there and dance with it.

Joshua T Berglan (10m 23s): 

Yeah. But so here's the funny part about the dance. Yeah, he was right. You were lying. You were so he, I don't even know what the point of all that was, but he didn't understand that actually the dance he was learning was this African Zulu thing at an all white high school. So then he goes and does the dance, but guess what? The dance went over like people did the dance with him. So the African Zulu dance or whatever this is he liked.

Jessica Toft (10m 54s): 

Yeah. I don't think we can do that in public to people though.

Joshua T Berglan (11m 1s): 

I just danced in the lobby of this hotel. You get, I'm, by the way, I may be more unpredictable than ever today because I am son drunk. We walked around, we did a total of 15,000 steps and walked seven miles out in the downtown son today because we were hungry. We got lost looking for food and so we walked an extra two miles for food

Jessica Toft (11m 29s): 

around the entire city of Minneapolis.

Joshua T Berglan (11m 35s): 

Oh my gosh. I'm sweating. Okay. So anyway, that's enough of the Zulu dancing. Um, so if you have a son, can't buy me love, go watch the movie. Fast forward to the dance scene and then you'll know what I'm talking about. All right, let's get into this. The Proverbs 31 woman. Um, thank you guys. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TV, eat three 16 and work. Thank you. You guys network. If you have a nonprofit that you love, that you believe in, please plug it you guys again, network and take care of each other.


This is a community we're so blessed to have you here. Whether you're watching live on the three 60 network or you are listening on the podcast or you're watching the replay. Again, thank you for being here. Network, take care of each other. So Proverbs 31 I know people, men that go, I want a Proverbs 31 woman. Well, what's a Proverbs 31 woman? Well here we go. A wife of noble character who can find she is worth far more than rubies.


She gets up while it is still night. She provides food for her family and portions for her female servants. She considers a field and buys it out of her earnings. She plants a vineyard. She sets up about her work vigorously. Her arms are strong for her task. She opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy. Dang, I like this woman. This, I'm actually, I may make a mat, fake profile.


No fake one. I'm going to make a fake profile and on my profile heading, I'm just going to put that like, but I'm going to reword it. I'm going to steal it and like, this is who I am and I'm going to pretend that I'm a Proverbs 31

Jessica Toft (13m 22s): 

well and see how the truck,

Joshua T Berglan (13m 24s): 

yeah, you see how many like see how many guys find that attractive? I find this amazing. No, no. Why?

Jessica Toft (13m 33s): 

Oh wait. Yeah. That's probably, no, no, no, no, no. Okay. I'm going to start. I'm going to cat. I'm going to catfish men with a.

Joshua T Berglan (13m 48s): 

I've got, I got, I got catfished. I got catfished by a Bible verse. Okay. I only think that's funny. Whatever. Okay. She sets about her work vigorously. Her arms are strong for her tasks. She opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy. She makes coverings for her bed. She is clothed than five fine linen and purple. She speaks with wisdom and faithful instruction is on her tongue.


She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. Her children arise and call her blessed. Her husband also, and he praises her. Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. That sounds like the perfect woman to me. You're like that.

Jessica Toft (14m 43s): 

I know. Except for the part. No, all of it. All.

Joshua T Berglan (14m 48s): 

Okay. All right. Well we'll, we'll debate that later. Just get on on this verse. Imagine being a young woman growing up in church, trying to figure out the kind of person God wants you to become. Hold on, I'm gonna do something really quick. Okay, so on this verse, imagine being a young woman growing up in the church, trying to figure out what kind of person God wants you to become and being told to read this or listening to guys in the singles group talk about how hard it is to find a Proverbs 31 woman.


Yeah, I bet it's hard to find a woman who does all of those things, especially being able to afford servants in a vineyard vineyard while finding time to make all those linens. This verse has been used to make far too many young women feel bad about themselves and strive to attain something attainable. All right. You know what? I know we're not even done with this part yet, but I'm starting to really feel the feminist quality of the person that wrote this. Everything about that woman sounded amazing to me, is that I know who, whoever this author's sucks, by the way.


And I'm going to put the, um, I'll put the link for this article for you guys in the comments, but I like the sound of a Proverbs 31 woman. Anyway, so here's the problem with trying to be a Proverbs 31 woman. You can't, and you shouldn't want to be. Why? Because trying to mold your personality in life by one proverb of the Bible causes you to miss the whole point of the rest of it. Your value isn't in your works, but in Christ. Okay, that's true. I'm a wife and pretty much arise.


Again, I'm reading, I'm not really a wife. I mean, yeah. Um, I'm a wife and I pretty much never arise before the sun. I also have no children to call me blessed. But while I agree that beauty is fleeting, I can, I also agree with the message of the Bible that says my worth is not in the quality of the linens I make, but the commitment to Christ. Okay. I can't argue with that. Sounds like they're just picking apart things. She sounds like she sounds like a feminist, Butthead wish. It sounds like you don't have to like she seriously, she sounds like Nancy Pelosi.


You could cure cancer in the Nancy Pelosi would go. Yeah. You're just picking, yeah. It's just whatever I dismiss number 11, we just run. You won't get many. What does that mean, Trish? Oh, Proverbs 31 woman. I want to be, yeah, see I think it's a good thing. Yeah. Okay. John 1135 uh, the book of John is actually how I got saved. That's what I was reading in jail. Yeah. That changed my life can be a good one.


Yeah. I hope so. And I think this is probably the verse I read that shook me up. I think. Okay. You would think that the shortest verse of the Bible would be the hardest to misinterpret, but then you would be wrong. This is included on the list. Thanks to former presidential candidate. Mike Huckabee is a douche who in response to the Supreme court's ruling that the D O M a was on unconstitutional tweeted my thoughts on the SCOTUS ruling that determined the same sex marriage is okay.


Jesus wept. Yeah, I, I kind of, I agree with the author on as well as a former pastor. You would imagine that Huckabee would know Jesus was weeping and John not as a result of the homosexuality or any sense, but because of a profound feeling of compassion. He saw an eye that this is a prime example of what I mean when people misuse in weaponized Bible verses it this, that is the perfect example of that as a okay, but dah, dah, dah, dah.


He saw and felt the grief of his friend's family who mourn the loss of their brother and wept himself even though he knew he could and would resurrect him. The point of this short verse, the show the depth of Christ's compassion. It does not exist for pundits to throw it around whenever they'd disagree with a cultural shift. I mean in fair, in fairness though, I think Mike Huckabee was probably just trying to come up with a cool hashtag like Jesus wept.

Jessica Toft (19m 19s): 

He was probably just trying to like make, make you know the news, like get his voice heard. I mean, what did they say? Like when people start talking garbage about you instead of good stuff about you, but you're okay with it. Like movie stars and stuff. It's like slander. No, like they say something about any a like attention.

Joshua T Berglan (19m 49s): 

Oh, any attention is good attention or all press is good. Yeah. I think Donald Trump, I think Donald Trump has mastered that and dating apps. He is entertaining. I don't care what your politics are. Donald Trump has at least, yeah.

Jessica Toft (20m 4s): 

Even the Trump lovers are not loving him right now. Oh really? Yeah. Because they want to work and make money and he's not making it happen right now.

Joshua T Berglan (20m 15s): 

Yeah. Here's the thing about that, like what happens if everyone goes back to work and then it's our own good and again, and then a cold front. Hanson, the virus comes back like, I mean now aren't they saying that virus is starting to spike? Like the few things I've seen, like globally, they're really, really worried. Especially like an Africa, like Africa, they're terrified of this famine. But here's the problem. Who in the bleat trust, the H two or the CDC, they're the most corrupt.


They're run by China. I mean like there China has placed in China now is what's funding it because the United States pulled out funding. I don't trust anything those guys say. But that's the problem with watching the news and following in this stuff. How in the heck do you even know? None of it makes sense. So that I think I, and I wanna make this point. You can't put your faith in man here. You can't look for other people to pull you out of whatever situation you're in. I think this is the time to get really personal with God and really develop your relationship with God.


And put your trust and faith in him about this because you can't do it in the news. There's nothing on Twitter. I love Twitter, but I can't like everything there is even disinformation, like all the woke people, even the woke people are giving different information. So how woke are you? If you're like the, there's like subcategories of woke now.

Jessica Toft (21m 47s): 

Well I think that the whole thing that throwing everyone off, even the Volk people, it's the timing, the timing of everything that's supposed to, when it's supposed to happen isn't happening. So then other things are happening in between as what I think. So I think those things that haven't happened yet, well end up happening when it's unexpected.

Joshua T Berglan (22m 8s): 

I know, I know this, I've been following this and for a long time I was way off. Like everything I believed was completely wrong. I think.

Jessica Toft (22m 20s): 

No, I think that just have to be patient.

Joshua T Berglan (22m 22s): 

Yeah. What could, my timing was off but whatever. Um, that's, see that's what we are re arguing here right now. Quarantine ends up my fourth and see, I know people, I don't think it's ending in may either. I think,

Jessica Toft (22m 38s): 

but they can't tell us that's going to end next year because the them, we will riot and torch everything and they can't have that happen. So they're doing like two week increments to like give us hope and then like keep moving it away.

Joshua T Berglan (22m 56s): 

I have, I could go down a wormhole with that, but I'm going to stop. Okay. Psalms 37 four people love songs. It's a happy book of the Bible. Psalms, it's, Oh, it's beautiful. Take delight in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. How many of you have taken that verse in ran with because that seems pretty straight forward, right? Because I at peoples, that's what you say when you say it. To make people feel better.


Oh, God's going to give you the desires of your heart and that's what maybe installs, hoping you and get you through to the next day or it helps you get through when you're facing a hard obstacle and you feel like you failed and then you read this first, take delight in the Lord. He will give you the desires of your heart. Well, it's sounds pretty comforting me and when I read that, it's like a warm soft blanket. How does it make you feel? Great. I've been guilty of doing the same thing many religious people do when they read this first, seeing the ohm seen only the second part and not the first.


There's a lot of this in the Bible by the way. What I mean by that is I would look at this verse and see only he will give you the desires of your heart. Here's the thing that many people miss. If you follow the path, the first part of the verse and take delight in the Lord, those desires of your heart are going to change what God desires for you. Those desires of your heart are going to change what God desires for you, but most people don't think that way. They go to this verse when they're ready already desiring something.


They badly want you, me that portion. They think that if they just take the minimum required delight in the Lord and wait a bit, then bam, like God's like a genie. No, I don't think so. What they desire is delivered to them. That's not what this means though. What this verse is saying is that the more you delight yourself in the Lord, the more your heart reflects his true, which means maybe that job or husband or fat book contract might not be given to you, but something the Lord desires for you will.


So is there more to this? No. Um, you know, I, I actually agree with what she's saying here. Um, because I can tell you the desires of my heart five years ago, we're not the most pure things in the world. It was pretty nasty. I mean, desires of my heart were really pure cocaine and sex. I mean, that's what I saw. I didn't care about anything else.


You know what? I got it. I was able to get it. But you know what? I also wrecked my life. But I noticed though as I got closer to God and the more you know, committed, I was to my relationship with God and learning about God and getting closer to Jesus and really starting to follow, you know, the kingdom principles and, and, and, and, and doing everything possible to stay obedient. I noticed that my heart changed because I started, you know, the shift.


I started to not want those things that were bad for me and look admittedly, look, I still have moments where I struggle and I start to kind of hear that, that voice or start to get those cravings where it's like, Oh I can while out one night and have some fun. I can, I can do some drugs and have some fun and be fine. Like I still, I wrestle with that sometimes, but more and more it's shifting. And the thing is, and like this is not a secret to you because I've been honest with you from the very first conversation we ever had. Like this is who I am.


Like I, I, this is what, this is my past, this is how the devil attacks me. And the thing about it is the devil can only attack you. I mean you can give the devil new ammo, but the devil's always going to attack you with your past. So this is something that I have to, and I don't know if and windy ends, but I do know that little by little I'm starting to get stronger because I don't know those of you that have struggled with addiction or anything like that or struggled with drug abuse, but you know, those cravings are that, that voice that says, Hey, this'll be fun.


And when you get the vision or you start to see your mind play out, the fun that you had when you were partying and having crazy sex and doing all this fun stuff. Well, you know, you never remember the bad stuff. But like yesterday was a prime example. I think it was after the show. I was like, I got a, I was talking to her and I got a vision, but it was a vision of what the reality of my drug use was.


And I was like, this is a good thing. I got to see the whore, the horrifying end of it. And my friend Misty lane, um, has this method method called co I think. And it's basically when you get triggered or you get that desire that thought to, to go do drugs or use or whatever your vice was, is to sit in it and play it through in your head. So go through the fun and excitement of, of using. And if you had sex and drugs, like go through that, that process too.


But then remember when you keep using it and you go into day two and then you go into day three and then you go into day four and then all of a sudden it's like, Oh, now my teeth have fallen out. And like I'm shaking and I've bitten my cheeks and my tongue is so swollen that I can't talk and I can't sleep and I can't like all of this stuff. And that's it. That's a. It's personally, I think it's really, really effective, but it's also extremely dangerous because if you get caught in that thought of something good, you have to get yourself to the bad.


That's the part of it that is tricky, but it's a good practice. No. No. And like how many of you have gone back to an X and X? That was bad and yeah. And how, how often is going back to an X work? Never know. All right. Let's go on Isaiah 53, two to three mm. He had no beauty or majesty, majesty to attract us to him.


Nothing in his appearance that he should desire him. He was despised and rejected by mankind. A man of suffering and familiar with pain, like one from whom people their faces. He was despised and we held him in low esteem. There's almost no chance that Jesus looked anything like the handsome, striking, accurate gem who portrayed him in 2004. The passion of the Christ. First of all, Jesus wasn't white.


Newsflash, he wasn't white. And I got a question before I get too far into this. Yeah. Remembering the bad of it. Exactly. Um, hold on really quick. We say the voice that it's the monkey talking to your ear. Yeah, exactly. Um, but the, um, like I'm curious how different, how different would race relations be if the truth of what Jesus looked like was revealed at the beginning?


What happened? The problem with the race, do you think they would follow it? Well back then, yeah, I don't, there was actually some, I forgot, man, I wish I could find this article, but it was like around the 17 hundreds in Europe. It was a kind of a marketing thing. They wanted people and because of the verses in the Bible about slavery, they, that was used in some, someone, some leaders decided, Oh, we're going to depict Jesus as a white guy and use this as propaganda against African Americans and other people that became slaves.


It's kind of a trip. Yeah. So anyway, so it's like, I'm very, very, I'm curious about this. I'd like to ask Jesus this one day, how different would it be if people actually knew that you were middle Eastern or you know what I mean? Like you, you weren't white. In other words, like whatever color that is, whether it's all of, or he's not a white dude. So anyway, let me finish this. First of all, Jesus wasn't white. He was a Mediterranean Jew who likely had dark skin hair and more pronounced, less chiseled facial features.


Many people forget this mainly because when we think of Jesus his face, we either see a picture, the person, person of interest, actor or painting or work of art. We saw hanging in the museum or in vacation Bible school or Bible, uh, Sunday school. You know the picture's a little children's book of what Jesus looked like. The pictures they hang at the Catholic church or any church. We don't know what he looked like. But we do know thanks to this verse that there was nothing in his appearance that we should desire.


That there was nothing in his appearance that we should desire him like lusting after Jesus. Wouldn't that? Wouldn't that be weird if somebody goes like they were just genuinely a. I never mind. I'm not going there like, like Jesus is like the people's magazine's sexiest man alive back in. This is making me uncomfortable. Is it Jesus is on the cover of people magazine like Brad Pitt.


Maybe when Jesus comes back, you can stop by for a photo shoot with people magazine, Jesus and Tupac world the cover of people. Some people would say biggie and Jesus, well, throw him into, okay, so which means he was not as, I don't believe, which means he was not as gorgeous as art has made him out to be.


He was probably very plain and average. I know that that is probably factually true. I just want to picture Jesus is a strikingly handsome man and just a bad mama JAMA. It's okay. It's fine. I mean it doesn't really matter what it looks like anyways. No, I care more about a spirit. John two 13 through 16 way. He was more like the average dove as day.


Just my opinion. Yeah, that's what they're saying here to Carla. Thank you for being here by the way. A that's why I don't have pictures of Yeshua in my house. Yeah, I don't, I don't even believe in wearing crosses. I think, I think across the SAC religious why? I think it's almost blasphemous, right? Well, may I understand that Jesus died on our cost, but it's a symbol to me it's like saying it's, that's his death and I, I just, there's something creepy in the way that, look, I'm just going to say it and I don't care if you're offended or not.


I think the Catholic church is basically, they have a lot to do with the antichrist. I just, whether they the that's, I think the Catholic church is evil. I'm not saying Catholics are evil, I'm saying the Catholic churches evil period, and I'll fight with you about this all day long, but everything about the Catholic church to me is the bullet blasphemous. So with them and their crosses and all that stuff, to me it's sickens me. I won't wear a cross ever. And I love Jesus assuming, Oh, I feel way worse, but we don't have time.


I actually did a whole show on what I feel about the Catholic church. I could see that know I've got a lot of ammo against him too. Um, okay. Where were we at, John. Okay. John two 13 through 16 across with his body. A sacrilegious to me. Yeah, I can. I can. Yeah. Philip, have I offended you? I'm not saying you're evil, but the Catholic churches, um, when it was almost time for the Jewish Passover, Jesus went up to Jerusalem and the temple courts, he found people selling cattle, sheeps and doves and other sitting at a exchanging money.


So he made a whip out of cords and drove. So he made a whip out of cords and drove all from the temple courts, both sheep and cattle. He scattered the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables to those who sold doves. He said he had a here, stop turning my father's house into a market. Jesus made a whip. That's righteous anger, by the way, when you were saying righteous anger is bad.


This is an example of righteous anger cause yeah. So someone on Twitter said this, uh, uh, wait, someone on Twitter said this about the above verse when asked what would Jesus do? Just remember that chasing people with a whip is something and the reason is something in the realm of possibilities.

Jessica Toft (36m 30s): 

May I ask you that? That's what you can say. Maybe he chased you with a whip.

Joshua T Berglan (36m 35s): 

That's true. Now. Now I cannot wait to see somebody with a WWJD bracelet. Do people wear those anymore? Anyway? Uh, we often forget this side of Jesus and fell to understand what the verse above means. Jesus got angry, really angry and kind of violent. This contradicts the picture of Jesus. Most of us have of a serene, gentle man holding a teeny lamb. Jesus did that too, but he also screamed at people for abusing the church.


What he would scream at the Catholic church. Jesus would kick the Pope's ass. I said it. What we need to understand from this verse, but we often overlook is that his father's house is not a market. Now, what that means is certainly up for debate, but I think it's fair to say Jesus is angered by the use of the church for profit. I have to take back the main things I said about the woman that wrote this article. I agree with that wholeheartedly.

Jessica Toft (37m 36s): 

Well, that's basically what you do. Like you do all of your work for like the goodness of your heart and then whatever comes from it comes from it. Like whatever's given to you from God, but you don't do it for the profit, which is what they were doing that

Joshua T Berglan (37m 53s): 

well. And I think, I think the way that the church talks about tithing is wrong. They have, they've weaponized the crap out of that too. I've seen people pulled Bible verses that makes zero sense and try to use that to tell people they need to give money to the church and look, you guys know where I stand that you want that you've watched the program. Like tithing is about showing that you're a good steward of your, you're a good manager of the re the blessings that God gives you that's showing God that you can manage the money you are blessed with and yes you will multiply what you give and you again, I want you should.


So where you want to go, you should so or tie into ministries, nonprofits, people, organizations that align with your vision for what you want to help create in the world. That's where you should say so. Or if people are feeding you spiritually, you sow back into them. That's how you do it. But beating people over the head of an in making them feel bad for not tithing. That's crap to me. Now. It is biblical. It is a kingdom principle to give, but it's not the way people use it.


Let's see here. Um, what you're feeling about the Catholic church, many of us think the same. Thank you Carla. A. What to think about the Catholic church. They believe to Jesus and for me that's what matters most, right? But then calling anyone Holy father, that Jesus, that's God, not the Pope, not some old man that allows pedophiles to run rampant and just display and move them and put them in different places. They should all be executed. I cannot wait until Jesus completely wrecks the Catholic church for what they've done to people.


I'm sorry, I, I, I almost want to do a whole other show because now I'm pissed off. I don't like what they've done. They've they, the Catholic church has done more to divide people in separate people from the truth of Jesus than any organization on the planet. The Catholic church, they created the Muslim religion. They were part of it. Mormon created it. The Catholic church has created multiple religions. Why is that? It's to distract us and divide us from the truth.


How many times is the Catholic church change doctrine to fit whatever it is that they wanted to do at this time and now they're talking about a new world order. Really? Come on. They're freaking evil. Sorry. Not only I know Julie, you're right. No, we're not all Christians. I don't believe it works that way. You cannot. I don't believe that. You look, and again, I know your hard bro, and I'm not saying, I'm not saying you're not a Christian.


I'm saying that, but you cannot put any one above God and be a Christian. You can't. You can't. God comes first. Jesus comes first like that's it. There, there is no going to a man, a nun, anyone else about your sins? You go directly to God. You don't call another man. Holy father, you don't call anyone Holy father that sends and guess what? We're human. We send and I probably, even if I completed blast me on accident just now, God will forgive me for it.


I get fired up about this subject. Churches demand payments. Do you know that mega churches man, dag gum it. Um, I'm going to keep going. I think I, I just, I just really want to say this, that churches, this bothers me. And look, I'm not speaking out against the church cause you, I already, I believe you. So where you want to grow you so into ministries that you believe in people that are feeding you spiritually, that's who you give money to. God will bless that.


That's good. That's, that will produce good fruit, good harvest. But these churches, they have these mega donors, right? And or they notice and they watch who's tidying they, they track you. It's like you're going to Vegas. You think I'm kidding? It's like you're going to Vegas and they have to see one of the sharks, one of the whales, one of the big donors kind of go away. Do you know what they do? They send the crew after him and it's like, Hey, we're going to take you to dinner. Go. I'm out by him wine, whatever. Biomed.


Nice dinner. And you basically recruit them to give more money. That happens. It is. It's like

Jessica Toft (42m 22s): 

they like wine and dine.

Joshua T Berglan (42m 24s): 

Mall yeah. It's like a recruiting trip. Yeah. It's like, yeah. It's kind of like Vegas for Jesus pulling a slot machine for Jesus baby. Um, you weren't supposed to ask a man for forgiveness. A scent. That's right. Dad. Gummit. Exactly. Organized religion. Okay. For first Corinthians 10, 13, no temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful. He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear, but when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out.


He will also provide a way out so that you can endure it. Have you ever been what

Jessica Toft (43m 1s): 

it can so that you can learn how to make the good choice to move up to the next step?

Joshua T Berglan (43m 7s): 

Right. And we can get out of anything we're faced with. God gives us an out. It's not like we're going to be forced to send. We have a choice. Okay. Have you ever been in the midst of something horrible like a breakup or job loss or someone has said to you, God doesn't give us more than we can handle? I say it all the time. Everyone says that. Turns out that it is found nowhere in the Bible. You just thought that it was true, right? No, I'm saying I say that all the time.


God doesn't give us any and I believe that that's perceived good or bad, like Godzilla.

Jessica Toft (43m 42s): 

That's what we just talked about though, that there's always an out

Joshua T Berglan (43m 46s): 

right, but it's saying, turns out that is nowhere in the Bible that it says that what is found is the verse above which promises that God in his faithfulness will not tempt us more than we can bear. Of course, being tempted with sin and feeling the weight of grief or depression are two totally different things, but over time the too have gotten confused. Leading people to mistakenly assume that God will not put on us more than we think or feel can be con or feel we can.


They're, all it takes is reading the book of job or sitting with a friend who just lost a spouse or loved one to see that this is simply not true. This does not mean God is cruel or he abandons us. It just means that life is hard and wild. He will be by our side when we experienced hardships. Becoming a Christian does not free us from the great pain. My mom said that when we lost my leg. Oh wow. Well, evidently it was bunk and I've sent it to a bunch of people to truth be told, churches of business last year.


It is a business. Even the way they stand on stage, like everything is it's production. And mind you, it's got to be visually. If you're watching it, you want it to be visually appealing. That's why we have people back here. What's up? You guys are on TV by the way. Just letting you know. Cool. Yeah. You want to come on TV. Um, so you want to say hi to everybody.


So wait, let me put it this way to you. If Jesus came back for one day, he, he would approve for Christians to be divided like this. No, he wouldn't. That's the point. That's the whole point because it's a PR. If when you're worried about the personal relationship you have with Jesus, then you're too busy to worry about what other people are doing. You don't care what other people are doing. You're not judging. You're not, you're not. You're not criticizing people and all of that crap because it's your own personal relationship. And if you're focused on your own personal relationship with Jesus, then guess what?


I mean? That's, that's what it is. Now, you are the body of Christ in you and you'll be led to be a contributor to the body of Christ are to the world, but you're not going to be up in people's business judging people because you know what? They may be at a different place with a relationship with Jesus. That's the point. I'm glad that you said that, Philip. Thank you. You said that. My mom says, Oh wait, the trials we go through our to cause us to trust him more. Yes, exactly. That is where most of the growth takes place. Carla, that has beautiful, beautiful wisdom.


Proverbs 1324 this is, this is a really good one. Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them. One of the most dangerous books out there today was written by a Christian pastor and it's called the train up a child. I wonder if any of you guys read that. It's been cited in numerous child abuse cases as a catalyst for often fatal abuse and the book Michael and Debbie Pearl give instructions for how to use a quarter inch thick links of plumbing pipe to hit misbehaving children.


Not cool. This is what they call the rod and reproof. I that makes me very uncomfortable. Uh, the inspiration for this rod came from the proverb similar to similar to above 29, 15. The rod and reproof give wisdom, but a child left to himself brings with the mother to shame. If parents want to take literal instructions from the Bible and how they should discipline their children, they should drive themselves straight to jail. Among the many things parents in the Bible did or were instructed to do, where stone disobedient, sons to death, bash ends.


I know you're sensitive bash infants against rocks sacrificed their sons to God, offer their daughters up for gang rape, were offered their daughters up his rewards. Are you freaking kidding me? The moral of the story, the Bible is not something you can read and pick and choose what you want to take. Literally, that's not the purpose of the Bible. Amen. I agree that um, almost all psychologists agree that spanking and physical punishment harms children in a reading of the Bible as a whole shows that the last thing Christ would want is harm to fall on any child.


Let me tell you something and then, um, this fires me up. Too I don't believe in spanking at all. I was, I was beat. I was choked and intimidated and bullied. F that. That's not love. There's nothing about that. I was beat with a belt board. Um, you know, I mean I, and some people will, that's normal, but there's an excessive amount. A you know, and then B, I'm sorry, throwing your son up against the wall and choking him.


That's, that's not, that's not, there's nothing good. Cause here's the thing. Eventually what happened, I got used to it. I got used to it and it, and, and you know, you factor in that kind of abuse and then you talk about a split personality with abuse. You can really, really screw up a child. This, I'm sorry, but there is a better way to discipline a child. Should they fear you as in the way you fear God? Yeah, I do. But fear means respect.


Not, Oh my God, he's going to beat me or stab me in the eye. No, it's not that, um, you did timeouts. You don't believe in time outs to you, but I don't judge anybody else. I mean, I just, from my knowledge of child development, yeah, I agree. Julie always drops knowledge. I appreciate that.


Yeah. I did it on purpose. A get out of my way fricking loud too. Um, I can do all, I could do all this through him who gives me strength. If Bible versus were movie characters, this one would be Rocky triumphantly breaching the top of the steps, arms raised, fist pumping. This verse has been plastered on everything, t-shirts, mugs, posters, football, player's faces, everything, but is it really telling us that with enough faith, anything we want or need as possible with the Lord really give us superhuman strength to accomplish any feet?


No. As Ben Witherington puts it on Patheos, the problem is that this translation absolutely makes no sense of the context and is not a literal rendering of the verse in question at all. The verb to do is nowhere to be found in this Greek verse. The verb issue a means to be able strong, healthy, valid, powerful. That's the only verb in this phrase. You have to fill in the helping verb in the context.


Absolutely doesn't favor the translation to do as in I am able to do all things, not at all. What Paul is saying is that no matter what his circumstances, God has given him, the strength or the ability to endure in must be satisfied even when we must do without even when we most go hungry.

Jessica Toft (51m 34s): 


Joshua T Berglan (51m 36s): 

Well, I mean if, if you were to not live on bread but bread alone word, the word of God is your food and fascinating. I mean there's a, you know what, and this makes sense to me too, because there's people all over the world that are starving to death. I mean it just, there's, there's, we take for granted the fact that we have clean water, we take for granted that we can just go walk over to this thing over here and grab food or I can walk across the street to this amazing place.


Unfortunately, they just went out of business because of the epidemic. Like there's this food, like we are so blessed, especially in the United States and it's not so much that way all around the world. And in some places it's worse. And it's like, you know, we use these words or use these versus sometimes without ever thinking about the other people that are suffering in the world. And so I actually liked that she brought this up and it's five by five. So too many religious people have taken this verse is a motto for pulling themselves up by their bootstraps with Jesus held true guilty when it, when an actuality Paul was saying, not that God will give us the strength to do anything, that God will give us the strength to do, the only thing we need to focus on.


And that's following him because really isn't that the only thing that mattered DePaul and shouldn't it be the only thing that matters to us? Yeah, I mean if our focus and we're putting him first, is that a guest? God, our relationship with Jesus even comes before food. Hence why we bless our food.

Jessica Toft (53m 11s): 

Great. And helped provide when you live the right way, what you need.

Joshua T Berglan (53m 19s): 

Um, okay, so I don't tow TV audience. Um, we were part of a, you know, we're on a live, so on the three 60 network, I'm really, really, again, happy and really happy for Aaron. Um, I don't know what's going to happen. Those of you watching on Apple TV, Roku and Amazon fire. So we're just going to test this and I'm gonna let it run to finish this. Um, if it cuts off, Hey, I'm sorry. I love you. Happy weekend and I'll test it after this. But, um, I do appreciate you being here. We're going to continue on. So if you're watching on social media right now, hang tight, we're going to keep going.


TV feed may cut out. Anyway, so John eight, 10 through 11, straightening up, Jesus said to her woman, where are they? Did one condemn you? She said, no one Lord. And Jesus said, I do not condemn you either. Go from now on sin no more. This is one of the most famous stories of the Bible of all of all time. Jesus saved a woman caught in adultery from being stoned to death by her accusers.


Ironically, many religious people today focus not on Jesus. Declaration that he without sin should be the first to cast the stone, but on Jesus' last words to the woman go and sin no more. They see the moral of this verse not as one cautioning against self righteous judgment, but that Jesus wants us to send no more aside from the glaring misinterpretation. Another common mistake is made with this verse that is the confusing of it with the story of the woman at the well told earlier in John four I had many religious people tell me while discussing homosexuality in the church that people caught in sexual center loved by Jesus, but he still told them to go and send no more just like the woman caught in the sexual Senate.


The well. The problem with that of course, is that Jesus never said to the woman at the well in John four he simply shared the gospel of eternal life with her and treated her as a human being should be treated with respect and not judgment. I didn't know that. Did you know that?

Speaker 1 (55m 36s): 


Joshua T Berglan (55m 42s): 

What should lead us is our faithfulness. Yes, faithless and in faithfulness. Another word I like to use for faithfulness is obedience. God gives me strength to, I agree with that. Um, very Julie, I really do love your input on the show. By the way. Uh, Matthew 2236 through 40 teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the law. Jesus replied, love the Lord with all your heart and with all your soul and all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment.


And the second is like it. Love your neighbor as yourself. All the law and the prophets. Hang on these two commandments appropriately. I saved the most important misunderstood verse for last. What more religious people need to understand is this, that the greatest commandment is first to love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind. And the second is like it to love their neighbors, their poor, gay, immigrant, female, male, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, atheist.


You got any more Hindu? All of them. You've got to love all of them. So it could be in a judgmental prick. Every other law and commandment found above in the Bible depends on this. If more religious people ask themselves before voting, preaching and comedy and on Facebook, am I loving my neighbor as myself by doing this? The world would truly be a better place.

Jessica Toft (57m 14s): 

But see, I don't understand how it's misunderstood because when I heard it, that's exactly how it sounds to me. It's you love everyone. Like you love yourself no matter who they are.

Joshua T Berglan (57m 26s): 

To me, this is the most, it's the one of the most clear versus their are. I don't know how anyone can ever, but again, if the whole, so religion reminds me of emotional intelligence because like if you ever done a of them, if you ever go to an emotional intelligence or like landmark forum or ALA, Ascension leadership Academy, any of these things that are there teaching EEQ one of the things that they do is they, they have you as part of the program when you stay in it is that you have to enroll other people into the program.


It's cult-y as F it is, but it's also the most profound work I have done. Like it helped me get closer to God. It did. It really, really did. But I also didn't buy into the crap. I was like, if I'm recruiting anybody, Oh, I think it's amazing. No, it wasn't recruiting. I just think it's powerful work and anyone who does the work together gets closer. It's special. But you have to constantly tell yourself like it's a, it's a wrestling match of, of, of, of use your own discretion.


Yeah. You have to use your own discretion. And like I'm only enrolling people into Jesus. Like I don't, I'm not, I don't, this is not my religion. This is not saving me. It was Jesus that saved me. But this work is powerful. Bike is a truly, truly powerful, why am I talking about this? But, Oh, it reminds me of religion because a lot of religion is recruiting people. You want them to become members. You want them get them hooked up and signed up or their pain and they're serving. But none of this has anything to do with, with Jesus.


Why am I talking about this?

Jessica Toft (59m 12s): 

Um, uh, we were talking about loving your neighbor like yourself and how that seems really obvious. Oh

Joshua T Berglan (59m 24s): 

yeah. Oh, I, I think when you go into recruiting mode and you're trying to get people signed up, it's not about love, but they, when they're training you and teaching you, they're telling you like, Oh, you're doing it because you care about them and you want to save their life. No, it's not. You want my 5,000 bucks, you want my 5,000 bucks. So you can keep your pyramid scheme going. Like it's a con. It is. And that's what religion reminds me of. But if you're focused on the relationship you have with Jesus, here's what I know. You block out the rest of the world.


I don't care what you believe about Jesus. I met, well, that's not true. I do. But where you are at with your relationship with Jesus or knowledge of the Bible, any of this stuff. And here's the thing. If you don't know the Bible very well, this, this, these last two broadcasts are proof that no one really knows the Bible that well, I don't care how much Bible school you've been to, I don't care if you can read Hebrew backwards. The fact is this, people misinterpret the crap out of everything and you have your own interpretation.


And here's the thing, the closer you are to God, the more personal relationship is with Jesus. The more the Holy spirit is going to guide you and to reveal things to you. And do you reveal those to other people? Sure. But do you judge them or beat them over the head with it? No. No. Because how is that going to, how is that going to ever express love to anyone? If I'm forcing you to, it's like trying to get you to like my favorite sports team.


I probably shouldn't use that analogy again already. It doesn't work. It didn't work. And you try it again today. Too I know that was going back into the bag of tricks. I wanted to see if I can make, I know, you know what, since we're kind of farting around now and I have no idea if we're still alive. You got the weight, you got lost. I don't know what you mean by that. When you explained, um, when you forgot what you were talking about. Okay. So Philip and I appreciate that. And like your location where you're at.


I can understand that because you know what, where I'm at, cause like some of my closest friends are Muslims. I'm having a Muslim to Muslims on my show. I can't wait. Um, in fact next Tuesday I'm not doing a show Monday cause I'm traveling back home on Tuesday. I'm having a Muslim from Morocco. Come on. I mean you and I hope and my hope is this, that you see there see her heart because I as an amazing human being, they will know us by our love.


Yes. And that's what matters. But when you're beating somebody out and saying there's only, I mean I know, but there is one God, okay. There's one the beating people up based on their beliefs or their understanding about Jesus. Maybe they haven't been convicted yet. Maybe they're Christians. You know, maybe the third, when I give my life to Christ, I didn't have everything figured out like I there was, it took years for me to remove certain things from my life that I didn't even know were wrong for me because God was convicting me in revealing and showing me things that needed to be worked on first.


Other parts of me that needed to be healed. Because here's the thing, it's not the wet bucket challenge. God's not just dumping everything that you get to fix of one time. It doesn't work that way. That's the whole point of the relationship. It's a cleansing. That's a clearing and it gets stronger and stronger and stronger and deeper and deeper and deeper. And you know what? You're still going to screw up. You're still gonna make mistakes and guess what? Jesus still loves you. But if you listen to religious people, you wouldn't believe it because they're going to condemn you. No man should ever condemn you for anything, period.

Jessica Toft (1h 3m 20s): 

I think that's what pushes a lot of people have from religion is that they try, but then they get shamed. So then they're like, I mean, scared or hesitant or angry like brings about negative feelings. Yes. You don't want to do that. If you want someone to want to grow and learn,

Joshua T Berglan (1h 3m 41s): 

shame is not gonna motivate anyone to get to know who Jesus is. Because here's the thing, when you're speaking to other people, you are a reflection of Jesus. When you talk to them. If you're, if you carry yourself as a Christian or a follower of Christ, a kingdom citizen, whatever you wanna call yourself. If you carry yourself that way and that's what you profess and you're treating people like crap, that's what they're going to think. Jesus is like. And Jesus is not like that has been proved and is evident in everything we've read today.


Muslims know more about Christianity than most Christians sometimes. Um, so, um, that, that's actually true that I, I can't say that for everyone, but I know some Muslims that know more about Jesus. They could talk, they know more about Jesus. And I do like I've listened to former Muslims that, that I've interviewed on the show and to hear them talk about it, it's amazing to me. And you know, I don't know if you knew this, but when I was homeless, the very first place I got this Muslim woman took me in.


I didn't know that. You didn't know. I learned more about prayer too from a Muslim woman. I learned more about intimacy with God from a Muslim woman that I ever learned in church period. Period. Not even close. Alright. Um, okay. So that's that. Do you have anything you'd like to say? That was a good, I had fun. I don't, are we still, I don't even know if we're still in the air, but it doesn't matter.


Um, listen, this has been a lot of fun. We're so grateful for the element hotel by Westin here in Bloomington, Minnesota, right next to the mall of America are just a few minutes from the airport. So close to downtown. I think it was eight miles from downtown cause we've made that drive a few times. Yeah. Down in downtown sick. Um, great hotel. It's affordable. It's super nice. The staff here is amazing. So grateful actually for Jessica who's the manager here. Um, I'm grateful for you too.


I really am. And I've had fun with you that this wasn't planned. So those are, some of you are going well, why in the heck is she here? Well, first of all, deal with it. And then secondly, um, it wasn't planned. It was just I had fun. I missed it. So we're gonna let's talk about last night about, so, so if any of you, Oh my man. Yeah, go to sleep. It's late there. I love you Philip. Thank you buddy. I really, really appreciate you coming back and a it's good to see you again.


Um, an Eastern, Southeastern Europe. What country in Southeastern Europe. So anyway, last night, um, I made a reference to the last time I had a cohost on the show and those, some of you remember it as Joshua and gratitude unfiltered you know, the person that I married that I didn't know. And so she decided that she was going to go watch some of the old episodes.


I totally forgot on my wedding day and I'm not, listen, I'm, I'm not talking trash at all like her. Her and I are friends and are not friends, friends. Like we hang out and talk, but we have an amicable relationship and there's not a lot of hard feelings. There's been forgiveness there and we're both ironically doing exactly what God wants us to do, which is kinda cool. So I'm super happy for and rooting for her. But we had w w it was rough, like marrying somebody you don't know is not the easiest thing in the world to do, especially when it's not somebody who would have ever married.


But she watched some of the old episodes last night and I gotta tell ya, it was painful. It was really uncomfortable. So I was gun shy and I was pretty nervous about this week about having, you know, when you came on it was a little bit different for me. Even though we have a different rapport and we know each other and I mean we were best friends before anything else. I mean we've just been like, we have this amazing, amazing friendship. And now relationship. But it was not, it was, it's not played out the same, but I was still nervous because the last time I did this, like it was very public.


It is a rewire. I'm re, I'm re, I'm re uh, what do you call it? Re a rewiring the neural pathways about what it was like to have a cohost. So, Oh, you're healing me. That's so nice. But it was, it was fun. It was a, it was a blast in the past. The senior reaction to it was pretty funny.

Jessica Toft (1h 8m 35s): 

It was shocking. Like how you guys talk to each other.

Joshua T Berglan (1h 8m 38s): 

We fought on the air and I don't know how many of you have seen that, but we fought on the grease. I cannot wait to go to Greece. Trish, you have a good weekend too. Thank you so much for being here. We fought on air so bad.

Jessica Toft (1h 8m 51s): 

It's like you guys were very like

Joshua T Berglan (1h 8m 55s): 

at each other's throat.

Jessica Toft (1h 8m 56s): 

Well, and like there was these sneaky jabs that didn't flow well and it was just uncomfortable. Like cringy

Joshua T Berglan (1h 9m 6s): 

I forgot about having to shave my chest hair. Oh yeah. And that she called you fat and she called me fat on our wedding day. She said, you're too on our wedding day, said your, your, your, your belly is too big for my liking and your too hair. But

Jessica Toft (1h 9m 20s): 

could you imagine if it was the other way around, I would've called her fat and hairy, like neither of those things would go over well. And then to like broadcast that you've set those too like everybody would have been at your throat.

Joshua T Berglan (1h 9m 35s): 

Oh, I know. And then in fairness too, I mean, not that I was some st because I, I mean I literally left a five year relationship and immediately got married to a stranger. Boy, that was, that was a weird time. And it feels like it was a lifetime ago.

Jessica Toft (1h 9m 48s): 

I think people do that though. They jump into things sometimes to not have to heal from past things.

Joshua T Berglan (1h 9m 56s): 

Yeah. But how many of you that are watching, like you've done that, like you see your relationship jumper, how many of you out there have, have done that, but then the same problem that you have in the previous relationship carried into that relationship? I've done it every time. And here's the thing, if you, I know, right Julie, if you, yes, Donna, she is, she is a good person. Like I'm not talking like I'm not talking trash about her. Like I, I don't know if you just joined, if you didn't hear what I said before, but no, I have nothing but respect for her and she is doing exactly.


I remember when I got the vision, like she's doing that and I'm, I'm proud of her. I talked to her a couple of days ago and like super stoked for her. Um, we just were a bad match, like bad match, but at the same time God still used it. And, but the point of that, actually I'm glad that this came up because the point of that is I didn't do the work to heal. So all of the trauma that I had experienced from the previous relationship, I carried over into her.


So for whatever stuff that wasn't nice with me that she did to me. And mind you, she was tougher than she. I mean, she even talked about it on the shows that you're watching. Like what her personality was like, well look, I had my site too, like the mental health stuff and then going through trying to heal, heal, heal a five year relationship that was abusive. Going into this other thing.

Jessica Toft (1h 11m 31s): 

Can you title it two alphas in a relationship? Like if all of that is just a tornado.

Joshua T Berglan (1h 11m 39s): 

Yeah. Are you, now I've got a question. How many women out there that are watching right now are alphas and like in her with another alpha, like are you able to manage that like two alphas to people that are wanting to dominate? How does that work? You're not,

Jessica Toft (1h 11m 54s): 

I'm not an alpha. I'm not like, I don't know. I think I'm pretty like even,

Joshua T Berglan (1h 11m 59s): 

but what I like about you though is that you are, you're still strong to stand on your own. You're not alpha.

Jessica Toft (1h 12m 5s): 

Like I don't need anyone, but they also don't need to overpower anyone. I don't think I want either of those. Like nice, even relationship with all of the people in my life that's healthy and happy and sunshine and rainbows, butterflies,

Joshua T Berglan (1h 12m 23s): 

sunshine, rainbow and butterfly. She says, um, I heard, okay. Oh good. I just want you to know that you're both great and I have learned so much spiritually for both of you. Donna. Thank you. Yeah, I'm, I'm, I am completely rooting for her and, but anyone that that's out there that's willing to sacrifice themselves for the kingdom inspires me. Um, and she does that, do humanitarian work and all that stuff is fantastic. So I admire her. We just personality wise, but you know what, personality wise, I'm not a really good fit for most people.


So there's a reason why I have to keep some people at a distance to go, this is not good.

Jessica Toft (1h 13m 8s): 

I realize that,

Joshua T Berglan (1h 13m 9s): 

yeah, you can handle me in doses. Like, you know, I'm not going to espresso shot. No, that's a no wait, that's not a my analogies. My

Jessica Toft (1h 13m 22s): 

couldn't go over and over and over again on a rollercoaster or you would throw up.

Joshua T Berglan (1h 13m 26s): 

I like the Texas twister. Yeah. Okay. Nevermind. Do you have anything else? No. All right. I'm glad that you were here. I'm going to miss doing this with you. Maybe you can pop on digitally. When I go back to Oklahoma, we try that. Okay. Well have fun. I think. I dunno. What do you guys think? Do you think I should kick her? Like nah, not ever let her come back cause I don't have to. It's my show.


Should I let her come back? I want to know real time feedback. She should come back.

Jessica Toft (1h 14m 10s): 

We had to put me on no

Joshua T Berglan (1h 14m 12s): 

in the show, before she, before people know anything. There's a kid. Uh, no, I had fun with you and of course, I just like talking to you. So that's, yeah, we've always had fun talking. So that's all it is. God bless you guys. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for sharing. Thank you again to our sponsor, Neotric. You're smart power company, $0 million out of pocket, quick and easy installation, zero maintenance, raised home value and so much more. You guys can go to check them out there. And of course, I am Conchita cosmetics, home of the lash app and curl.


Um, if you love lashes, you can apply lashes and five seconds or less. No kidding. Uh, use promo code, welcome. Tend to save 10%. And, um, thank you guys again for being here. Thank you for your shares. Thank you for your comments. Thank you for your support. God bless you guys. And we will see you on Tuesday. A have a really special interview. I'm so excited. As I mentioned, um, a woman, a friend of mine from Morocco's, an international powerhouse, and it's going to be a lot of fun.


Really good dialogue. All right, you guys, she's awesome. T thank you. Hey, look at that. A well, she said, Oh, look at this Oh, three. Yeah.

Jessica Toft (1h 15m 29s): 


Joshua T Berglan (1h 15m 35s): 

Alright. So I guess three people voted you're three for three. Come back. Yeah. Anyone. So if you put, if you want to talk trash off to go back and delete that low anyway. Alright, peace out. God bless. Thank you. Bye.