“Walking through these different communities provides me unique insight into the local needs of people who are struggling and in hunger for some financial help. My focus is on children who have lost a parent or parents. I don’t mean to ignore or minimize other needs, but this is where my heart is. Anyone who hands me a donation on the street, I will give that donation to someone who needs it. I will not keep one cent, nor do I solicit anything for myself. To be clear, I do not collect any donations, but merely, direct you to the source with an address or link. I will do my best to provide anyone who wants to help these families with a donation, the details of the situation, and a link or address where you can send your gift. This way, it will go directly to the point of need. Thank you in advance for your love, kindness, and generosity. I am deeply grateful. – Al Shelley”

Join us for an awesome conversation with Al Shelley, who is searching for America!