Darla Rae is an award-winning filmmaker and CEO of Film It Productions. She is known for making films that motivate, uplift, inspire, educate, and entertain audiences while raising awareness and championing causes. Her films have covered SCI, rare brain malformations, deafness, and now breast cancer.

Courageous Warriors; Beauty from the Ashes is Rae’s latest endeavor and passion project. Her feature-length documentary is filmed from a unique and rare point of view that showcases survivors, caregivers and newly diagnosed patients and offers hope, education, and alternative approaches for healing.

Rae started acting at the age of eight. Growing up in the Los Angeles suburb of Azusa, it was only natural that her love of the arts would flourish. She started acting in stage productions and gradually made the transition to writing, directing, and producing. Rae made the move from stage to film when she was 18. She has written, directed, and produced over 100 stage, film, video and commercial productions. Rae’s passion and unlimited creativity along with her business experience produce products of excellence.

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