Dr. Robert Yoho joins Volume 17 of Gratitude:UnFiltered ReMixed to blow a lid off of secrets in the healthcare industry and we cover some powerful topics like v@ccines, big pharma settlements, Mrna, Grapehen Oxide, Butchered by “Healthcare” and Hormone Secrets, menopause, adrenal fatigue and much more!

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Joshua T Berglan

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Show Notes for Your Reference 



OVERVIEW. Covid is little to worry about if you have the proper medications and treatment. The physician lecturing at the first link, Peter McCullough, is a famed academic. He says that 85 percent of fatalities would be prevented by ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, vitamin D, and other treatments used early and in combination. 


This second video is more about the dangers of the “vaccine.”


ONLINE TREATMENT resources and legal help:




IVERMECTIN is safe and effective for covid. It is being slammed by a wall of lies. 


THE BEST PODCASTS about the situation are Peter Breggin’s and Robert Kennedy Jr’s:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on the erosion of the Bill of Rights:


THE BEST SINGLE BOOK about the situation: COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey 

This is extensive documentation about the 10-plus year history of the planning, manufacture, and purposeful release of the coronavirus. For the quick scan of this long book, read the introductions and then turn to the timeline at the back.

TO GET INVOLVED, here is a practical path:  https://makeamericansfreeagain.com

You can obtain Butchered by “Healthcare by Robert Yoho anywhere books are sold. Go to RobertYohoAuthor.com to access half of the audio version and much more.

PLEASE PASS THIS ALONG. IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE OF MY CAREER. Physicians are mostly sheep, but a few are starting to step up. Over 10,000 signed a petition about this in Europe, and we have a few in the USA who are treating covid properly. We have to fight—we are being cannibalized.