On Vol 15 of Gratitude:UnFiltered ReMixed with the man known all around the world as “PaPa” Ray Hurst joins the broadcast to drop truth bombs, nuggets, inspiration, a lesson in emotional intelligence and healing.

In other words, this is AWESOME!

By far one of the most powerful interviews ever done in over 400 Gratitude:UnFiltered’s and you do not want to miss this.

Before we interview, we read a powerful devotional and show a preview of the film The Devil Inside Me ahead of the book release.

Papa Ray has been married to the same amazing woman for 36 years. He is an international speaker and coach, a pastor, missionary, business owner, author, artist, and poet. He has started and run three companies and a ministry. He is now building a local and national outreach to raise awareness of absent and abusive fathers.
Papa Ray published his first set of books “ Daddy, Why Don’t You Love Me?” A Father’s Blessing to Son/Daughter. Healing the Wounds Of the Absent And Abusive Father.

Thank you for being a part of this broadcast!

With love,

Joshua T Berglan

Author of The Devil Inside Me



What happens when you defy the very reason you were created?  What are the consequences of disobedience? Read the new thriller by Jessica Linn and Joshua T Berglan, The Devil Inside Me, a real-life, twisted story that will leave you breathless. Click here to learn more!