On Volume 12 of Gratitude:UnFiltered ReMixed Kareemah Emordi joins host Joshua T Berglan for a POWERFUL conversation on revealing secrets, racism, converting from the Nation of Islam to “Christianity” and so much more!

Kareemah Emordi was a born and raised Muslim
woman who converted to Christianity.

Her story is a powerful testimony of God’s pursuit of
a woman who didn’t want or need, “Their Jesus.”
Kareemah Emordi has been saved now for 11 years.
She is married to the love of her life Anthony, and
together they are impacting the Kingdom of God
saving souls and discipling them to walk in their
God-given destiny.

Kareemah Emordi’s, Kingdom artistic efforts
include her highly acclaimed first solo EP, “I Have No
Tears For Me,” which Huffington Post writer, Ernest
Owens, called a, “Spiritually Exceptional Debut
Album,” and Kareemah herself a “Gospel

Kareemah published her book, The Two Became
One, a blueprint for preparing for the man God has
for you.

Kareemah has been published internationally with
her poem, “My Birthday Wish” selected for an
international arts project with Art for Humanity in
Durban, South Africa, in 2006 which has been
translated into 9 languages.

Kareemah wrote, produced, and directed the play
“Lock Down Legacy,” her response to the damaging
effects of incarceration on black families. The
South Bend Tribune-Review described the play as
“powerful…words succeed in evoking strong
emotion.” (January 15, 2005).