Do you pray?

Do you feel you have an effective prayer life or do you struggle even knowing what to pray for?

Admittedly my prayer life gets to improve and on this Gratitude:UnFiltered we will learn how to pray, Powerful, Positive Prayers that will surely strengthen your relationship with Father, God.

Thank you for being a part of this broadcast, LIVE from the Element by Westin hotel in Bloomington, MN, it is Gratitude:UnFiltered! and if you are in need of prayer, do not hesitate to ask..

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Joshua T Berglan (17s): 

What's up everyone? This is gratitude unfiltered and I am your host Joshua T berglan what's going on everyone? We are live right now from the element by Westin hotel in Bloomington, Minnesota. Um, this is such an awesome hotel. I was staying here the last couple of nights and absolutely dig it to brand new hotel and just minutes from the Minneapolis airport and right actually mall of America's like right here, walking distance. This is an amazing location and we are in the lobby right now I'm filming, which is so much fun.

Very appreciative of the hotel for letting us do this. Um, they've been amazing. So if you ever come to Bloomington or come to Minneapolis, this is do right outside of Minneapolis. You guys should check out this hotel. Absolutely amazing. Customer service is terrific. Uh, the staff has been amazing. The fact that they're letting us hang out in their lobby is absolutely incredible. I'm so happy to have you guys here tonight. It's, um, it took a few days off because Monday, uh, did an event for iHeart radio.

It was a ton of fun. Cannot wait for you guys to see the finished product. Um, had the opportunity to interview some of just some of the most amazing minds and that cannabis research. Um, yes, I know it may be a little controversial for somebody that talks about Jesus all the time to talk about cannabis, but look, let's be real. A cannabis has a lot of benefits in everything God created was good and it was intended for good. Just sometimes we get in the way and mess things up, but I'm really, really excited because coming up we have some doctors, um, that I've done tons of research from around the world that are going to be coming on the program.

Um, and I think you guys are gonna find it to be very, very beneficial. So today on today's show, and of course we're live on the three 60 television network being broadcast on Amazon fire, Apple TV, Roku, Facebook live. What's up Facebook? How you guys doing? Uh, Ellie street just said, what are you talking about? I'm death. I don't know how to answer that if you're deaf. Um, but if you watch the replay, Ellie, you'll be able to read the closed captions, I guess.

Um, what's up? Taught hard. Good to see you. But like I was saying, we are live on the three 60 network broadcast on Instagram, TV, Facebook live, YouTube, Amazon, fire, Apple TV, Roku in anywhere else. But so happy to have you guys here. You guys all write it down. What does that mean? Oh, you mean right. Okay. You guys, um, you guys networking with each other. If you're able to chat, this is an interactive, uh, very blessed to have you here. You can join us over at Facebook O an at gratitude unfiltered of course joined the chat on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

Um, so today we're going to talk about prayer and I've, I've, we've done a few prayer shows before doing kinda highlighting different things, getting into the science of prayer. But you know, today I was thinking I'd have to take in a couple of days off and I was looking within the areas of my life that I get to improve. And look, I'm, I'm far from perfect, far from it. Um, and, but there's different areas of my life that I get stronger or improve.

You know, last week we talked about kingdom relationships and you know, that that was really, really powerful and I learned a lot from that. But self reflecting, one of the areas that I get lazy, sometimes it's prayer and I don't know about you, but I personally think that prayer is just as powerful as reading the Bible or spending time with God. I'm of course spending time with God is prayer, but you know, this is an area of my life that, uh, you know, I get to improve and I know a lot of people out there that are really whether afraid to pray for other people or they don't know how to pray.

So we're going to get into that and kind of break things down. We're going to talk a little bit about today, about why some people don't pray and then we're going to get into some solutions. Um, st George's day. What does that mean? What does st George's day do you know? You have no idea. I don't know what st George's day is. What, what does that Philip, we tell us? Um, anyway, so let's get into it. You guys all say hello, you guys network. Where you at? Um, again, you have a nonprofit plugin. If you have a business, you guys put it in the chat. You guys network, you guys support each other.

You guys love each other up. And with that said, let's get into it. Okay. How are you doing? I have a cohost today, by the way, you're not a cohost. You're supervising. Okay. I'm a supervisor today and of course we have people in the back here too. They may jump in. You never know what's going to happen. This is live and it is a hotel, so it's not like we can keep people from coming in here. All right?

I'm not nervous. I feel like I'm doing, is it you didn't make me nervous other night. Okay. Anyway, so sometimes even spiritual people don't pray. It's true. Even that lovely older lady who always sits in the third Pew on Sunday goes through hard times when she doesn't pray. We all know she may be, she may have never developed a personal prayer practice and relied solely on a guided prayer in church for experience of prayer.

I don't know about you guys, but for the longest time that all the prayers I knew were duplicated from what I heard in church. And what I understand about prayer is this, it's a conversation with God. And I know that we're supposed to go to them with the things that we need. But I, I look at God and I look at my relationship with Jesus. Like he's a friend and a friend is somebody that you can talk to about anything. Like sometimes I think even though God is the almighty and we, you know, we praise God, we thank God we, we give our gratitude to God and I thank you for the blessings in our life.

But the one thing that I believe is one of the most important things outside of giving God his props, which he deserves all of them, but God is a friend. Like God is our buddy. And I don't mean that in a disrespectful way or to, to to minimize who got his, but he's our friend. That's what the relationship part is. When people talk about having a relationship with Jesus, that's what it is. It's your friend. You can talk to him about anything, anything.

Life is constantly changing our faith and our discipline or occasionally challenged. So why would somebody who is obviously steeped in a spiritual environment fail to pray during the toughest times of her life? It could be one of the many reasons, a loss of faith, frustration about unanswered prayers, being distracted or overwhelmed during difficult times. As I was saying in the beginning of this, like I, my, one of the greatest parts about my morning with God, my quiet time is that like I spend a lot of time with the Bible again.

I listened, I listened to the Bible, read to me, I'm going to read it and I've devotionals. But it seems like towards the end of that I kind of get lazy when it comes to prayer. And part of the reason I'm doing this is to basically force in my mind that I need to pray more. I need to, I need to have more dedicated prayer time. So being distracted or overwhelmed, not so much it, but I spend so much time listening. Like the first part of the morning, I hit play on my Bible app and just listen to it play and just take everything in.

And sometimes I'm sitting there for an hour and a half or two hours and I'll go, Oh, now I got to get up. So this is one of those areas that I, um, that I get to work on. So all the things that can lead to a breakdown of all the things that can lead to a breakdown in prayer, many people never even consider personal prayer. They just go through the motions every Sunday. So look at you. How far ahead of you, how far ahead of you are you have the crowd. If you haven't prayed for a long time or ever, it's okay.

Please, please don't believe that God will punish you for your failure to pray. Whether you've been taught that he would or not, it's hard to think of a less productive belief. So God is like that, that prayers. Again, it's the relationship. It's like the talking to just like you would with a spouse, a girlfriend and boyfriend, friend. It's the same thing. So we don't need to stress ourselves out about it. And if you don't know how to pray, sometimes simply, well, let me back up.

If you've ever prayed before, and even if you do, the first thing that I recommend, if you, if anything that you do at all is thank you. Like start there. If you've never prayed in your life, start with thank you. Thank you. And you can stretch that and go even further by saying what you are grateful for, the things that you're thankful for. And if you struggle with that, why don't you close your eyes and open them and look around you. All those things that you see around you or what you get to be grateful for.

So yes, we should take good care of our relationship with God and give him our prayer time they respect and deserve. If you have failed to do that for a week or a year, let's just get started again. But back to the topic of him, often we fail to return to a practice of prayer after an absence because we tend to personify God or think of him in human terms. This mistake applies. I may disagree with this. By the way, this mistake applies to nearly every one of the reasons why sometimes even spiritual people don't pray.

Let me share a few of them with you. God is busy. How many of you have ever asked yourself or said to yourself, God is too busy for me to talk to them or God is too busy to help me? Well, God is infinite. He doesn't wear a wristwatch or carry around a day planner. Oh good. There's people coming in time me time means nothing to the infinite. He is with you in every moment anyway, so you might as well pause to have a little visit with him.

So one of my favorite things by the way, so I need a backup really, really quick. Um, it is an absolute, this is a dream for me because one of the part of the vision and those of you who know that bigger vision for gratitude unfiltered and what I want to do, you know, my obsession with the Marriott hotels and the Westin, which is now owned by Marriott, is part of this. So being able to film here, mind you, it's these little humble webcam and everything else. This is a very, very important, a seed that was planted today to making something happen that I've always dreamed of.

And I'm so grateful for this hotel for letting me do this and credit to Jessica for making it happen by the way. So I had nothing to do with it. Did I lose you? Oh, you gave me the idea. She gave me the idea so I can't take credit for it. But anyway, this is kind of exciting for me. Um, okay. So we are miraculous beings, but the idea of something that has no beginning and no end is pretty hard for us to comprehend.

I struggle with it all the time. By the way. We talked about this. Um, I think last week when we're talking about a purpose, the reason why time exist is because we have a time to complete or fulfill the purpose in which we are created for. The only reason why we're on this planet now is to fulfill a purpose. But that's it. Like, I mean obviously we get to do other things and like we get to experience life, but we were created to fulfill a purpose period and time was created to put the limit or that's, that's the T, the cap that, that's our time.

That's when we get to die. That's why time was created. It's the clock that ticks on her purpose. So you better get busy because the clock's ticking. God is probably mad at me. Have you ever thought God was mad at you? I do all the time. I think God, I thought God was mad at me two days ago. In fact, God is infinite, infinite love, infinite patience, infinite acceptance. And besides, even if he was mad at you, he's probably over it by now.

What do you think about it? I think that, don't they say that when he's angry, that's when like all the tornadoes and earthquakes and all that stuff has his fury is not what it is. Well, I mean, people will believe that people, people think that when there was a Oh, an epidemic like we're experiencing now. Yeah. Yeah. It's like they think it's God's angry, but man did I think that, I think the God can use, I think the God and the devil talk and I think God says, you know what?

Yeah, you can go test him. I think sometimes God releases plagues to bring people back to him because if he's at the gym trying to get their attention hasn't worked. But I think he does it out of love. I mean, for instance, Y Y yeah. Like what do you discipline kids, you teach them. And I think God disciplines us to teach us. I mean, God corrects us, but just because we may not like the correction, um, I assure you that the correction is in our best interest tense.

Everything that we're experiencing in the world right now. Like you can say, you can blame China. You can blame the devil, you can blame evil, but the truth is God still allowed it to happen. And I think God will use this for those who let God use it for our best interest, for our not our best, well best interests, but also are for maybe for our purpose. We can use God. We'll use this week and use this opera. We can this epidemic to fuel our purpose. Or maybe sometimes, maybe this helps some of you realize your purpose.

Keep it. Yeah, exactly. What sounds more like truth is I'm mad at myself and I can't imagine how God the only one besides me who knows the whole truth about my actions of wouldn't be mad at me too. God doesn't know me. God is infinite. There is no blade of grass on this planet. The God isn't intimately familiar with. He lives within the heart of every person on this planet, including you, including you, non-believers, he lives inside you.

That's a fun little reality that I think we all get to Excel. Uh, he lives within every person, even if they've never heard of him or have rejected him. He has infinite, cannot be separated from even a single atom or molecule of matter or energy in this universe. God knows you. You were born of him and he loves you. Let's see what's everyone's doing really quick. Uh, Mona says hello Jessica. Um, can we see your cohost? You want to say hello?

Are you doing like the walk now they're looking at your butt. What are you doing? Are you going to come hang out and do this? Oh, I guess we got, so you guys asked for it. Here she comes. Let's see, Mona, Laura and Glenn. I totally agree. 100% always to be nice and always appreciate what you have, not compare with others. Have and be nice with everyone. I was taught to be nice with everyone. I respect everyone. That's a good thing to learn. What's up K?

Good to see you. Clock is ticking. That's irrelevant. I don't clock is ticking. That's irrelevant. I don't know what you mean by that. Um, I think this is the teach all of us to respect for one another and to have compassion. I like that. Mona says hello. Hello. All right. Okay. God is disappointed in me. Doesn't that equal shame? No. W shamans. What comes from you? I if you choose to feel it.

Jessica Toft (17m 6s): 


Joshua T Berglan (17m 8s): 

I don't know about you, but I, there's been many times in my life that thought God was disappointed in me and all that did was hide me further and shame. Isn't that interesting though? Cause that we should do the opposite. When your parents say they're disappointed in you, it's because they expected more of you. Do you think God expects more of us? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's what this is the big timeouts. So like for, for children they say, let's say a three year old does something they shouldn't do.

If you were to, let's say you believe in time out, can you hear me? Are you guys able to hear her? Do you want me to come closer? If you want to. So every year you would put in a time out for let's say three minutes if you believe in timeouts, which I don't because they don't really learn anything because it's not really a lesson. I put your kids in time out.

So you do everything based on their age. Because if you put a three year old in her time off for 20 minutes, it would just slowly turn into rage and anger and they would learn absolutely nothing. Like you have to do it based on like what they're able to grasp. So adults would like a world of adults would need a very alert move closer. Laura's Oh, you can hear it. Thank you Mona. Mona.

Filip, keep talking. I'm telling you I don't, the consequence has to equal us. Like it would equal a small child. So a small child would get a smaller consequence. Adults would get a larger consequence to teach us, but a whole giant world of adults would need, are really giant consequence to like snap us out of it.

So that's what God's doing. So at the same time, like we always talk about on this, um, gratitude unfiltered how anything that will give God he'll use. And those of you who have, I mean most of you that watched the show have overcome some serious things. I mean like I think that's why you watch is that you can relate to a lot of what we discuss on the show. And you know, one of the things I always say like everything that you've been traumatized by, everything that you have been afflicted with or had to overcome, like that's the keys that you get to use to set other people free.

So one of the rewards for taking the time to heal or doing the work to heal is that one, not only are you set free from that, then you get to teach other people how to do the same thing. And so for everything that you've overcome, all of those hardships, you actually get to have that in victory. Like so say it was, um, 100% bad. I think I'm, I'm not going to use this analogy correct, but say like every, all the tra, the trauma you were, you were raped, you or abused, you suffered with addiction, all of those hardships, right?

Well, if you do the work and you overcome that, then you get to have that much in victory. In other words, the blessings, the gift, that's it's greater than the trauma you experienced. Does that make sense? I'm not you, I'm not giving that the best analogy. It you a purpose then to help serve other people, to teach them what you've gone through or T river event them from going through what you went through, what you've learned. Yes. So the, so the level of trauma, you get that, that level of victory and joy plus some.

So everything that we're experiencing in this world right now, collectively as a whole, we get to have, if we allow God to do it, if we, if we, we, we, we, we, we, you utilize this, we get to have that much in victory and we can have this collectively because it works for everybody, especially when we're all dealing with the same thing. So if we all can shift the mindset and find gratitude or find the purpose of their reasoning, all of this, which I believe it's God trying to get our attention, whether again, whether you want to blame the devil or China, no matter what God is gonna use this to get people's attention.

In fact, there's been more people that have come to God recently. I mean, I've heard some of the online churches mill, not millions. I forgot life church had like 100,000 people get saved on Easter weekend, like some crazy number. But this is happening all over the world. So again, this can be used. All right, let's see what this says. God, I hope that you know the myth of the cave of Plato right now. I don't know what that is. Yeah. God wants us to be more where you look that up. Thank you. This is why it's fun to have.

It's a myth, please. Yeah. Okay. I feel guilty because I haven't prayed and so long gilts, such an interesting thing. Okay. It's one thing to feel guilty because you haven't called your grandmother as often as you should, but God is infinite. He doesn't have a limited time. He's not going to cut you out of the will. Isn't that amazing about God? Like he never gives up on us?

Well, some parents. Yeah, most God I hope so. Be careful with personification. Excuse me, Bert. If it helps you feel closer to God, fine. If the person defied God in your mind, keeps acting like hormonal. A hormonal teenager, maybe you need a different image. Timings, nothing. Love means everything. Guilt is less than useless. It is corrosive. Remember, you cannot feel guilty enough to restore your relationship with God.

What good is guilt ever served anybody like one of the hardest, one of the greatest struggles in the world for me when I was basically a dirt bag, piece of crap was getting over the guilt for the, the, the, the, the, the pain. I caused other people and I don't like, it's so weird and it, but I almost like even when I shifted out of not feeling guilty, then I became, felt guilty for not feeling guilty anymore. Have you ever had that happen? Okay. Yeah. Well, cause that's a pride and ego thing.

When you don't, you, you have guilt. The only way to not have guilt is to face it and to admit that you're wrong and to make amends and to do all that. So people don't want to look at themselves in the mirror. But what happens? But what happens if that person that you try to make amends with still thinks you're a piece of crap and wanting nothing to do with you and is actually mad that you've moved on with you. Right? But that's where they say that forgiveness is for you.

In that them, you've now done what you need to do do so you can let go of it and out they need to deal with themselves. You can only control yourself and your feelings and your what you do. And if you do good, then you're going to know that you're going to feel good. I like that. Okay, so this is right. Okay, so in the algorithm, Plato, lichens, people untutored in the theory of forms to prisoners chained in a cave unable to turn their heads.

All they can see is the wall of the cave. Behind them burns a fire. The puppeteers who behind the prisoners hold up puppets, the cast shadows on the wall of the cave. Is that like the government? Do you think he's referencing the government things seem a way that they're not. Now I've got to research this more so I can understand it. Different show, huh? No, fill up. If you want to explain what it is. It been better detailed because right now my brain will figure it out.

Okay, thank you. That's why I had you for you. Then I have a question for you. Why don't you know how wonderful you are. Actually, that's a really good question. Do you know how wonderful you are kind of do is that bad? It's like no sugar rate because it probably means you really are. It does. It. Is it bad to go? I know I'm extraordinary.

No, no. If you can like look at yourself and say, wow, piece the crap, that's probably bad. I know, but I could, I could have done, I know you know that yarn. So now you can say that I'm extraordinary. Okay. So I want everyone to say I am extraordinary. Thank you. I'm extraordinary too. Okay. So even with your every failure, disappointment and mistake, you were still worthy to step up to God's figurative doorstep and knock, dude, any of you can go to God if you're pooping, it doesn't matter.

You can talk to God walking around talking on your cell phone. You know, funny, I've ever, I don't know if I ever told you this. I think I told my parents. So I go to a, um, I'm part of the ministry and we, we have a prayer language and if you know what that is, then you know what I'm talking about. But it really, it's really interesting to me when you go to prayer, let's go to a prayer meeting and people were speaking in their prayer language. Where's my phone? It's in my pocket. Where'd it go? Oh, it's right here. So they're talking out loud.

Bucca shoveling up and they're like scrolling on Instagram. I mean, look, I guess you can go to God and scroll Instagram at the same times we can tongs and Tacoma. How'd it get old? T she got at a bar and you're like looking at like muscle bods on Instagram, like whatever. But like people do that, like you can literally pray anytime you want. And the swarming tool, I know people that pray when they lift. Who is it? Who? I knew this guy that he did this workout.

And so like on the bench, right? So were bench pressing. Okay, so you bench press and on the way down he'd go, Jesus loves me this, I know Jesus loves me. This I know Jesus loves. And that's how we did it. And he would say it out loud. Yeah. So for probably too heavy and he was hoping he didn't get crushed. That's actually kind of funny. I don't think that's what it was, but still pretty funny.

We'll never know. Okay. So why don't you know why, how wonderful you are, even with your every failure, disappointment and mistake, you were still worthy to step up to God's figurative doorstep and knock. The door will be opened and God will be smiling. Happy to see you. I promise you. But this is what I've learned about God and I and, and here's the thing, like what I know about God is about this thing. This thin is this plastic is, this is what I know about that.

But I do have a relationship with them and I know this, God loves it. When you check in with him, loves it, loves it, loves it, loves it. And it doesn't matter what it is. Remember anything that you will give God, he will use anything. I talk so much with my hands, my watch, things I'm working out right now. Seriously, it goes workout detected. Um, anyway, so, but anything you'd give him so that's good, bad.

Like you could be going into a relationship. You know what God, I surrender this relationship too. He loves it. Loves it. Your job, you get a new job. Surrender, surrender the outcome. Like anything that you want to talk to him about. You cheated on your, your, your spouse with your boss. You know what? Go to God about it. I know that sounds tragic, sounds awful, but kinda likes that because if you go to God with it, God will show you how.

Or if you give it to God, then he's going to use it and then you get to learn from it. But I'm telling you, anything that you hold onto, anything that you hold inside that you don't give to God, guess what? Nothing gets done with it. It just sits there. It may be, if any. Well, no it didn't. It may sit there, but it festers and it gets worse and it just sinks its teeth in, so to speak to your soul and it weighs you down. That's why any mistake you make, anything that you go through, any hardship to sooner that you can go to God with it, the better.

And going to God that's prayer. It doesn't have to be one of these things where you're, I mean, some people, you know, they, they get down and then there's other people that walk. There's people that lay on their back and pray. There's people that sit in a chair, there's people that home, whatever, whatever stance. Like you can pray to God in any way that you want and conversation, like there's not a style, but I would suggest this and prayer give it your all and be present because you can't connect to God.

Like, so if you've got noise going on and it's crazy and there's kids everywhere, you may not be able to have that really intimate time. But at the same time, even when there's chaos going on, you can still talk to God pursue personifying, personifying, personifying, personifying God, giving him human characteristics is tough. It's hard to relate to God if we can't imagine him as being like us. That's why he sent Jesus. I think it's perfectly natural for us to have such an image of God and I don't believe it is to be damaging.

And anyway, unless we start to overlay our negative human emotions and pettiness on him. Does that seem right to you? That God would fold his arms and turn his back on? You know, that's a punishing behavior used by people. God is not like us. God designed us in his image. Mommy. I guess in some ways I wouldn't be right, cause I can I, can I say that God is not like us? I mean, yeah, he's infinite.

He's all the things we are, he's our creator. If we thought about all that, then we would probably, it'd be like how, when you look up to someone, harder to admit things to or to talk honestly with them as it is compared to someone that you feel like you can relate to, that will understand you, that doesn't have these high, high expertise. Yeah. But you said understand, but if he created us, like the manufacturer for your car, the manufacturer for your car.

Yeah. But so like would you want to go, what? Tell your boss, your role model. You're like person that you look up to that you, uh, accidentally slept with the gardener. No. No, because like when you, it would feel uncomfortable. Inappropriate, right? Yeah. When in all actuality that means that's ever the more reason we should go, Jen. Right.

Well, cause if it's our mentor or somebody that we look up to, but you didn't, it's hard to disappoint people. It's like the ego thing. It's easier to open up to people that you feel like are at the same level. So that's why Jesus came around, right? Yeah. Yeah. It was like one of us, like a, like a person we could relate to and like even more so with the whole like hanging out with the homeless people on hookers and all that stuff.

Yeah. Yeah. I like how you put that. I don't know. Good. Yeah. So that I was gonna say, I told her for God. Oh, so does it, does it seem right to you that God would fold his arms and turn his back on? You know, that's a punishing behavior used by people. How about pouting? Can you picture the almighty with his lower lip slightly protruding because you haven't been praying enough? I don't think so.

That's a passive aggressive tactic used by people in order to manipulate others. It all seems pretty silly when you can imagine it that way. Unfortunately, it's all too easy for most of us to imagine a wrathful God, a God wrapped in a fierce wind, a fury striking down centers in scattering plagues across the land to punish us for our failures. This is just another personification. Have you ever been consumed by rage? I don't know. Why have, while you know it's incredibly destructive to your mind and body in the long run, right down to the cellular level.

Yeah, it is like anger and rage is poison. Poison for your heart and Strauss. Yeah. I wonder how you like, cause I know righteous anger is okay. I don't know. I think, but I, I correct me if I'm wrong, I just, a lot of biblical scholars that watched the show surrender all. Yes. Happy Wednesday to you Carla. Okay. Pride stops us. Absolutely. We are like him, like the way God and looks.

He never turns his back on us. And his love is without condition. Yes, absolutely true. So this is your chips. Okay. Right. Your Sanger. Righteous indignation is typically a reactive emotion of anger over mistreatment, insult, or malice of another. It is akin to what is called the sense of injustice. So I think that anger is okay, but not to let it go. Oh, I thought righteous anger was okay.

No, it's reactionary to feeling like someone mistreated. You think there's no reason to, to have that sort of response you're supposed to like, it's like turn the other cheek, right? Not like come after them with the sword. Yeah. Okay. I swear to you, some people have told me that righteous anger was a thing and like it was okay, but maybe not. Cause I was curious like how in the world does that work? If you have righteously anger, how is that any different than just being pissed off?

No, no. Anger is anger, but it's, I mean, it's okay to feel it. You just can't act on it. So the other thing too is if God sends you to war and you have to like kill people or you have to fight, that's a subject. I'm not, I don't, I had to learn this. Yeah. I'm very interested to know, like when the end of the world happens and God has his soldiers and the devil has his and they fight like is then is it okay to kill?

Like are you then okay, is it okay for you to kill the bad people? And the name of Jesus, and I'm not talking about like a religious Wars, but like in the end what happens? This is the solution. Jesus canvas only love. The truth is if you have to surrender whatever struggles you carry and an order you have to ask, what is your fight? Sometimes we have to let go of our fights. Uh, Julie's always dropping knowledge on here. Manipulation equals witchcraft. Never have God. That's good stuff.

Thank you. Okay. Manipulation. I'm a good manipulator. Okay, let's get into, so what is a powerful? It's five 38. Okay, let's get into this. So what is a powerful? Positive prayer I'd like to spend a couple of pages discussing what I mean when I talk about powerful positive prayer. This is kind of what we were getting to and we may have to do a part two, which is okay with me. Um, but let's get into it.

If you had come up with this method on your own, which you may have, you probably wouldn't bother to give it a name. Neither would I. Normally when I decided to write it down, then decided to write a book about it. I knew I needed to create a name for it. Truthfully, you didn't take me long. Powerful positive prayer is exactly what this process is for me. It is powerful because it will rebirth your conversation with God. That conversation. We'll give you a more personal power in your daily life. It is a powerful process and it helps you to feel more powerful.

I think of it as a positive because the framework for my prayer is there. When you say to ask for God's help, you will feel confident that your prayer will be answered because of the way you will ask. That part will become clear when you get to the prayer method chapter. So let's break it down a bit. Powerful isn't all prayer powerful yes, I believe so. That's what that says. I think you personally can went out on your prayers.

I think you can hold back. I think you cannot come in. I think you can approach God not fully surrendered, but at the same time a conversation with God as a conversation with God and God likes it when you check in with them. So I don't know about all prayer be in powerful, but I do know that a lot of us can up our prayer game. I don't think you have to read a single book on prayer in order to, in order for your prayer to me, powerful when I use the word powerful, I'm not necessarily talking about effectiveness.

It's not, uh, it's not about how effective your prayer is in terms of visible results or whether you get what you pray for. It's about the power inside you, the power of your personal relationship with God. I bet you, okay. I'm curious, those of you that are watching right now or listening and comment below if you want to, but I'm curious if you really were honest with yourself and you're saying, let's say you're in a relationship where maybe reflect back on past relationships or maybe if it's a friendship or a coworker.

Do you ever, have you talked to God the way you do your other friends and that's good or bad? Like are you a detailed person? You know when you have a conversation you go into detail, you share your heart, would you, do you do that with friends and then do it with God or do you do it with your friends and not God? Does that make sense? Like do you have the same type of conversations with your friends that you do God even though you, you ask God for bigger things than you do your friends, cause I don't know any of you that are asking your friends for a new car or Oh, Oh friend, will you please get me out of jail?

Well I have had a call friends to get me out of jail. But that's another story to get out of jail. No, but a lot of people, well, I quit praying for things. I used to pray for things. How many, I mean seriously that he's hooked me up. I think like 20 grand now. You know what I mean? I don't, I, well, well I say I say I don't believe that you should ask God for money because I think you should ask God for wisdom. Ask God for opportunity or ask God for an idea to an uh, I guess the end result of that idea, it could be generational wealth in a legacy, but I think going God we please hook me up with some cashflow.

I shied away. Isn't that like one of the things like greed or something that you're not supposed to have? I don't know. And again, the audience may have a completely different opinion on this, but all I have is TD Jakes in my head saying, what is money? What is money? And pray for him, pray for an idea. Prefer that. Again, pray for generational, a generational wealth. That's the money prayer for.

He's always, he's told, talks about pray for the idea, pray for the world changing idea, world-changing opportunity. Yet because I don't think God really cares about money. Yeah. And ever since I started like, you know, really diving into the Dr. Miles Monroe and the kingdom mindset and learning kingdom principles, money is like an afterthought. Even though you're creating kingdom wealth, money is nothing.

It's just energy. It's a tool. It's a resource. It's not, it's not like something that you need to treasure. And when you ask God for money, it's basically, it's basically putting money before God. Great. I think, um, money's just like a resource or if it's like an in between to getting the, the things that you've earned. Yeah. And it might, and it, prime example of this is I used to pray for money all the time because it was struggling financially, horribly. And it's constantly praying.

And I would get these opportunities or get these jobs are like, Oh, this is it. This is it. 10 grand a month. Here we go. And then something had happened. I would not, I would get screwed out of money. I wouldn't get paid, you know, or get fired, which happened a lot. Um, either way, that money that I was so excited about now getting went away and I personally think it was because I wasn't doing what God wanted me to do. I wasn't living in my purpose, I wasn't pursuing what he created me to do.

So when I went all in on what God asked me to do and what he created me to do, then all of a sudden, even with no job, cause I don't have a job or job job as the way people understand jobs. God has provided for me every step of the way out of nowhere. Sometimes it's always like a miracle. It's always something that's like, and every time, here's the crazy thing, every time it happens I'm reminded of how awesome God is. But every time I pray I never asked for money. Now I just always provided for, it's one of God's promises when we serve him, when we're committed to serving him and living in obedience, we like God provides trust, learn to trust, fully trust.

It's part is trust part of surrender. Yes. So like people that work just for the money selfishly, then they only will ever have so much. They won't ever go above that. But then if you're just working for like your purpose or you're good at, then you'll just keep getting what you deserve from it. The miracles and all that, like it's endless. Well then also I can, I remember there's two different times that I've been in a really great financial situation and both times that I was, I didn't appreciate it.

I wasn't a good steward, but I was chasing money. I was doing all the wrong things with it. And you know, I, I was never happy, but for some reason it was like when it was taken all away and I was stripped of all the things that I put before God, I stripped of that and it was more just me and basically God and my jeans with holes in it. T looking for a place to live, constantly. Never knowing where I was going to sleep the next day or if I was going to be able to pay rent when I finally got a place or how was going to do this or how I was going to do that.

To be honest with you, it was in those moments that I was the happiest because I was really, really more focused and centered on, okay God I've tried it my way and it's never worked for me, but I'm going to surrender my life to you and I'm going to do it your way and I'm going to let you guide me. And somehow in that, even with nothing, even with nothing to my name, even nothing, I didn't own anything. I was happier than I'd ever been. Now mind you, now I've learned how to be happy and have things, but I'm a good steward of the things that I'm blessed with.

So I think that that's paid off. But again, I'm not putting money out of God senior stuff so you don't get sucked into it. Then you have to learn the lesson and then keep practicing it. So everybody, all of everyone is saying that money is the root of all evil. Well, that's in the, yeah, but it doesn't mean money. I think when the money is the root of all evil, but that's because that's putting money before God. But if you put God before everything, I believe everything else is blessed including your money.

Okay. It's strange people who have enjoyed a long marriage. No, that a strong healthy relationship is the product of hard work. Young people who are in love for the first time, we'll say there is nothing in heaven on earth that could tear us apart. I think NXS made a song about that there's nothing in heaven or that could tear us apart. Things are wonderful and magical until someone loses a job, gets very ill or begins to want different things in life. That's just human.

We are sort of a youthful and we are sort of youthful and idealistic. When we assume our relationship with God should always be easy, especially when God is the one constant, reliable, unwavering truth in our lives. We, however we however, are not unchanging. We're human. I'm okay. Just be honest. You can be honest. I mean, seriously. Okay. How often do you see my personality change?

Very drastically. Yeah? Yeah. No, it's honest. I mean, yeah, there's like a cycle of my moods. I can see it when James and I have to phrase nice. She's got the same thing too, by the way. Mine is much softer.

Oh, there's nothing soft about maybe my midsection, but that's about it. What do you think of midsection is? I've got buns of steel. Oh my gosh. Okay. Positive, upbeat, assured, effective. Charged up. Certain optimistic, yes and yes and yes. All the above.

Positive prayer is about asking for what you need and feeling okay about asking. It is about knowing your prayer has already answered before you even asked. It's about knowing the act of prayer is a positive force in the world around you. Even in the world. You can't see with your eyes. It's about lifting your mind and spirit to a greater Renaissance. Renaissance, Renaissance, greater rent resonance, resonance, spirit to the resin.

Resin. Yeah, that's it. It's about lifting your mind and spirit to a greater resonance and understanding which is isn't impossible. When we blindly stumble through our days without turning on our guidance system, it means prayer without desperation, without lack, without fear. It means having faith in your relationship with God and even being grateful.

The blessings in your life right now. It is an understanding that you are God's beloved child and he loves you beyond your knowing. Man. I love writing the section because you are, you know your powerful and you are loved. That is a positive prayer, prayer prayers. I've got a million of them. Well, a few. Anyway, since there's not much more for me to say about prayer other than to say it other than it is what we have named our communication with God, I decided to create a list of the different types of prayer.

This is just more for fun than anything else. How many of these types of prayers have you used? Nine minutes. When I first began my prayer project, the first thing I focused on was the different types of prayer. I'm not sure how I even came up with the idea for different types of prayer except I know that I heard the term prayer a petition before. Once I began to think about it, I was surprised to realize how many prayers or how many ways we can pray a petition prayer petition prayers or when we ask God for something specific.

When you bless me with a new home, will you provide me with a new opportunity? Do you have any petition prayers well, like when you wanted to come to Minnesota for the first time and then boom, Valentine's day. Yeah. Yeah. Please grant me the strength during this difficult time. Please give me clarity and my relationships. Please let me win the lotto the Saturday. I don't know if you should pray for that. I don't know about that unless you intend to give it to a charity that desperately needs it.

Like my brother's keeper. Yeah, my brother's keeper. That's right. What about your, uh, what about the organization here in Canada? Caring heart. There's lots of organizations and speaking of that, if you're watching right now and you have a nonprofit you believe, then please plug them in the comments so you guys all can know and support and maybe you find something that you care about and you want, you want to contribute because life is about serving and after all, um, I would love to see actually somebody win the lottery and just give it all up, every dime of it away.

What is the comeback? Like 10 fold. What you give away that money out. Oh, it's a da. When the devil steal something from you or you lose without, you can demand that the devil pay you. And I think it's like seven attack to demand it just so you have to command, you have to do it. That's my problem. Yeah. You demand that anything stolen from you that the devil must repay seven times over. If anyone knows the Bible verse that talks about that, share it because I don't know where it's at in the Bible.

I've just heard preachers say it and I'm like, okay, yeah, pretty sheepish of me to go. Just follow along with that. But you know what? I believe it. So whatever I love it came from a good source, then I think my is a good source. I love it when he gets mad, was yelling at the devil. My pastor, we're going to have to go through part two because whatever we're going to demonstrate, he know you can watch.

Just watch the sermon. So he'll pray and he does the salvation prayer. We're gonna S we're, we're, I'm not going to keep going. So when you praise the salvation prayer, so he'll do all that and then I'll go, devil, did you hear that? You'll just go, he's talking. My pastor talks trash to the devil in the middle of a salvation prayer. Have you guys ever heard that before? Let's see. It's a good thing. We all have risks for us. God has always provided a pillow also.

That's funny. Aw, thank you Sharon. Good to see you. Um, but seriously, he gets so mad. He's like Dell and like, and every time he does it, so my pastor was the former, he was like statute of limitations. And it's been over 40 years, so nothing can happen to him. He was the number two drug dealer in all of Texas. And like I sometimes when he goes off and starts screaming at the devil, that's what I imagine what he was like as a, you know, there's a mob mob boss devil.

Oh. Anyway. So, um, look, here's the deal again, we're alive from the element, uh, by Weston hotel in what town is this? Right? You know, the mall of America, biggest mall I've ever seen in my life. Like a rollercoaster that ma has everything. So yeah, we're walking distance to the mall. There's all kinds of great stuff around here. Yeah, the malls closed the hotel across from us as close.

That's why you should stay here. They literally just opened this place right before this craziness started. So God bless them for being open. Um, cause I was able to get a room here. Thank God. And um, but this, this, this place is absolutely fantastic. Again, if you're ever coming to Minneapolis, this is right by the airport, right by the mall. Right by every, like what minutes from downtown to how far is two minutes? Yeah, it's close. And we actually did some urban exploring today.

Fred stone arch bridge. There's, there's pictures posted on Instagram, but stunning. The architecture here is like this cluster. It's an, it's, it's a little bit of everything I love. Like, I really enjoy modern, but I love old. I love historic. I love rustic. It's like a combination of everything. It's like God took whoever created Minnesota, dropped it of all my favorite things in a blender. Blended it up. And then Delilah, there's downtown only thing I don't like freaking no, it's beautiful today.

It's like 60 degrees, but it's not California with her. No way. Um, the crazy pastor, his name is Phillip also. Yeah, that's right. Filled faster. You know, he knows. Yeah. He is a gangster for God held trembles when he prays. Uh, you know what? I cannot wait to show him this. Pastor Philip is with it and he tells it like it is. Yes.

Angela Angelica goes to my church and it was a good friend. How's the baby doing by the way? Um, all right. Listen, we're done. God bless you guys. Thank you. Thank you to the element hotel. Um, I may be here for a few days, so we may just keep going live and keep changing the camera around and yeah, we're going to give you a hope. We're giving hotel tours later. Um, anyway, listen. Thank you guys so much. Uh, if you have not already tag a friend share, uh, just thank you for being a part of this.

Thank you. E three 60. Uh, thank you all the youth on Facebook, Instagram, TV, YouTube. I'm watching on the three 60 network. Always appreciate. You're so grateful. I hope you enjoyed this today. It was a little bit different. A little, uh, yeah, it was different, but I had fun. You kind of co-hosted. Yeah, I uh, did look kind of like Robin from Howard stern, but you're white and that's from a really long time ago. And Howard Stern's still has a radio show.

I used to watch it with. My dad used to watch it with your dad because I didn't like to sleep. So I go downstairs and it was beyond. I used to watch that to children. All the good ones. God bless you, Mona. Thank you. God bless you. Taught heart. See if Phillip, thank you buddy. Thank you for being here. Oh, there you are. Alright. Thank you Sharon. All right, blessings to you all tonight.


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