As host of the Nonprofit Architect Podcast, Travis shares his perspective as the former Vice President of Books by Vets; a board member at the S.H.I.N.E. foundation; a benefactor $20,000+; a volunteer with 1,500+ hours; fundraiser with more than $500,000 raised; provided seed money for 6 startup nonprofits;
event coordinator; and published author.

Travis is currently an active-duty officer in the United States Navy, married with two children, and on move #50.

His humble beginnings include 36 moves before graduating high school at 17, 6 states, 5 foster homes, surviving 2 murder attempts, and getting in serious trouble with the law.
Although this was very rough, there was always a person, group, or church willing to help him and his family.

Now that he’s in a position to give back, he’s made it his mission to “Help the Helpers”.
Elevate everyone and provide value without expectation.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is a great pleasure for me to introduce to you Travis Johnson!

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