Gratitude:UnFilteredMinnesota Hope Dealerz” w/ special guest Jay Pee & Veronica!

“For 33 years, my life was a trainwreck, drinking smoking, drug dealing, and involved in gang activity. I grew up on the rough side of town. I came to Minnesota to spread my wings and get away from the street life, but ended up taking it to the streets again, and falling into drug deals, addiction and homelessness. 2 years ago I had a divine intervention in the trap house when God called me. I went to treatment worked on myself and got involved in my own recovery. I started a for-profit business while I was in treatment, worked on the Attorney General’s campaign, and started going to ICCM Life center. I wanted to get involved and that’s where I evolved. I graduated from discipleship and became a part of the ministry while going to college to be a licensed drug and alcohol counselor. That is where I also meet my beautiful wife, Veronica, where we work side by side in the ministry. We are the owners of the Minnesota Hope Dealerz, a 501 c3 Non-profit organization that’s dedicated to serving others and helping people experiencing addiction and supporting recovery.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Jay Pee & Veronica to Gratitude:UnFiltered on the Live Mana Worldwide Foundation’s Multimedia Broadcast Network!

Blessings to you all,

Joshua T Bergan