Gratitude:UnFiltered "Hope"

How do we remain hopeful in a world that seems hopelessly broken?

How do we continue to trust a God that seems conspicuously absent?

How do we find peace in a world that is spinning out of control?

If you've ever asked questions like these, you're not alone . . . and you're not the first.

Uncertainty is nothing new.

And the uncertainty we face today is no different from the uncertainty faced by the men and women of the Bible.

And like them, we are left to question God's faithfulness, his presence, his concern.

We discuss this and more on Gratitude:UnFiltered w/ Joshua T Berglan....

Gratitude:UnFiltered is a gracefully-edgy and inspiring talk show that is meant to challenge traditional mindsets. Join us at 5 pm CST on weekdays Thank you and be blessed.



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Joshua T Berglan (13s): 

What's up everybody? Welcome to gratitude. Unfiltered we are live right now in the three 60 network, so blessed to have you here. Thank you so much.

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Joshua T Berglan (27s): 

man. What a day. What a day. Welcome. Welcome back. It's been a while. I miss you guys so much. Uh, but so excited to be here for gratitude. Unfiltered we are alive right now in the three 60 network broadcast live all over the world on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TV, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon fire. We are all over the place. Did I say it's grim TV? What's up everybody? Thank you. You guys network. Say hello. Um, if you're able to comment, this is an, this is a highly engaged show.


You guys take care of each other like you always do. And again, thank you for being here. God bless you. Blessed to have you here. And thank you so much to our sponsor. I am Conchita, uh, home of the lash app and crawl globally, patent lash eyelash applicator that allows you to apply lashes and five seconds or less. Uh, we have an amazing eyeliner glue as well to one of a kind. There's nothing like it. Check it out. Use promo code, welcome 10 and you'll save 10%.


Anyway, so good to see you guys a really, really pumped about today. I again, I've, I've missed, I missed doing the show. It's, uh, it, it, this is part of me. This is my DNA and I truly enjoy being here. So today is going to be interesting. So I started reading this book and I, I was, I was by the pool. It's why I'm sweating a little bit today. I was by the pool and it was reading this book and it was really fascinating. Um, I'm not going to share with the book is, but as I was reading it, I was like, you know, I really like this.


And then all of a sudden I started seeing some things. I'm like, yeah, I'm not reading this anymore. It was really interesting because I love to have my mind challenged. I love to, I don't need to, everything that I listened to or everything that I, that I watch, like I don't necessarily need to agree. I have my beliefs, I'm convicted by my beliefs and I don't change. Like I, this is what I am. However, I am open. I th I think I just contradicted myself. I am open to changing my mind.


However, it's going to take a lot to do that because if I believe something, I'm pretty convinced by it. Um, but today I found something that it just was like, yeah, this is gonna open up something that I don't want to mess with. But somehow in that, like I am listening and reading this book and then I was like, you know what, I'm not touching this. I'm going back to Dr. Miles Monroe and today I heard something that I've never heard in life. Um, I mean, or at least when I heard it, maybe I didn't have the ears to hear it at the time, but today I was like, Oh my gosh.


And so I started listening to this teaching by Dr. Miles Monroe and it was talking about the paradox of following Jesus. I was like, Oh my gosh, this is amazing. And I never thought about it. We've talked about, you know, some of the contradictions or the perceived contradictions in the Bible. We've talked about, um, the, uh, Oh, what's the word I'm looking for? Where you, it's not hyperbole for shadowing enough for shouting. Oh, my brain stinks right now.


Anyway. Um, why am I forgetting this? Anyway? Oh my gosh, what a day. It's been a while. Anyway, so I, but I heard this and I was like, Oh, I didn't know this. And, and I, and I, and it really, really hit me. So I wanted to go research to find out more about this because honestly, I didn't know a lot about it or at least the way that it was worded, but I didn't understand just how deep and profound it really was and how important it was.


So I found two different things that I want to go over with you today that I think you will find to be interesting. So I'm going to start with this first anyway, by the way, thank you for being here. Um, it, it always means a lot. It's so good to see you guys. Okay. The paradox is of Christianity paradox. Has had been called the Adams of philosophy. And the same way paradoxes are the particles of theology. The Bible is the ultimate source book for the greatest paradoxes in the sphere of human thinking.


God's word is a rich source book of paradoxical statements. In fact, the Bible is so full of the paradox that one old commentator said, without paradoxes there's no Christianity. God doesn't look at life the way we do. He declares in Isaiah 55, eight for my thoughts are not your thoughts. Neither are your ways. My ways as the heavens are higher than the earth. So are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than yours.


And you've, I'm sure you've heard the expression like how big is your God? Or your faith is only as limited. Uh, your faith is only as limited as your imagination. You know, and we're an interesting time within this world. There's a lot of people losing jobs. Um, your people that don't have the jobs, I mean, like one of, for all the great things that you know, that have been happening in my life. There's like things now all of a sudden that are on hope like they seem to be on hold or they're not moving the way they were because the whole world stopped.


And man, I don't want, I want to talk about this so bad. Um, uh, hope I need somebody to help me get back to center after I say this. But right now there's a lot of people's faith that's being challenged. And one of the things that I've known in my own life, and I don't know if this is the same way for you, but I'm sure that it is, but the bigger the, the trauma, the bigger the tragedy, the bigger the failure, the bigger the disappointment. God always seems to show up equally as big, if not bigger.


And, and that has been something that has helped build my faith, even with all of the failures. And all of my failures are well-documented. I mean, you can if you've watched gratitude unfiltered for a while, you know, I've failed miserably and I'm okay with it because I've seen, I've seen by just trusting God by letting go and knowing that that closed door was actually God's saying no for a reason because he had something better for me. But here we are in a time like this where it's not real easy to, I mean, I don't know.


Is it easy for you right now to think selfishly and it's okay if the answer's yes for me, I don't really know. Okay. Sometimes battle with a little bit of selfish thoughts, but for the most part I really work hard to have a focus out attitude. Like I, I want to be a service to other people and we're gonna actually talk about that. Um, and the second article, because there's 14 biblical paradox is that we're going to get into that are amazing, but like, it's, there's a lot of people that are like, well, screw this.


I be, what about my job? Like, my job is not coming back. My careers are coming back. Like there's a lot of things that are just so uncertain and here's what I know. Just because, think about if you've had a death in the family or it was a disease that took a more, a shooting or something that was tragic and sudden didn't God kind of show up and reveal himself in a way and show a blessing or reveal a blessing or you lose a job? Did it not set you up for something better?


And again, I guess it's probably easier for me to ask this question for people that are walking with the Lord because that these are part of God's promises. I believe. And and, and the faith that we have and the trust that we have that he's going to work everything out for our good is something that doesn't change because of some man-made virus that is now wrecked havoc on the world. There's going to be blessings that come out of this. I've been traveling. And the reason why I haven't been doing my show is I was traveling and at the airport talking to different people in the, you know, just some of the different people I saw.


Um, in my travels that, you know, there's people that are waking up to seeing, well, wait a second, some of this stuff is actually working out better for me. Now again, there's a lot of uncertainty, but in that certainty or sometimes when God removes all of the options that you're used to having in front of you, sometimes it's it, that's a pool and a nudge for you to get back to the basics. Or maybe it's, you know, what? Hey, your way and the things that you put faith in are not working for you.


So how about you put some faith in me now? It's amazing how this works by just trusting and surrendering. And as I've said a thousand different times on the show, God will use anything and everything that you'll give him that's good, bad, joyful, happy, sad, tragic, scary, traumatic, whatever you give to him, he's going to use. So why don't you give him your life,

Joshua T Berglan (9m 29s): 

all of it

Joshua T Berglan (9m 32s): 

so God doesn't look at life the way we do. He declares in Isaiah 55 eight for the thoughts for my thoughts are not your thoughts. Neither are your ways. My ways as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. It stands to reason that if there is a God in heaven, he would look at things differently from us from a different vantage and perspective that results in paradoxes. Statements that appear to be contradictory but are actually true.


Years ago there was a beloved Christian preacher and publisher named Henry Clay tremble who wrote an entire book about this. He called it practical paradoxes or truth and contradictions. The title of his introduction was the comfort of Christian paradoxes and this is how he began. The law of a Christian life is paradox or is a paradox. It is made up of seeming contradictions. All its teachings are contrary to the common opinions of man.


According to this law, giving is getting, scattering is gaining, holding is losing. Having nothing is possessing all things. That one's a tough one to wrap your head around. Just like, Oh and nevermind. We'll get into it later. Diane is living, dying to yourself, killing your ego. It is he who is weak, who is strong. Happiness is found when it is no longer sought.

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Joshua T Berglan (11m 7s): 

Declare a site is of the invisible and things which are not bring to not things which are, I don't understand that one. Another more current writer listed some of the grand paradoxes. In Christianity we see unseen things who can relate to that we conquer by yielding. The most powerful thing you can do in the world is surrender. The boldest action you can take, the biggest bold and step in faith that you can take is saying, I surrender God.


I surrender all of it. That's a heck of a paradox. If you ask me. We find rest under a yoke. We reign by serving. Love. That one, we are made great by becoming small. We are exalted when we are humble. Think about that one alone. Think about social media culture, think about it's, it's posing in front of, um, I'm flashing my blessing.


I'm posing in front of this, you know, the Maserati that's not mine. Or you know, or maybe it is yours. The big houses, the exotic women, whatever, whatever it is for you, like whatever it is that you, you know, whether it's you doing this, are you, what you follow on social media? Think about that. None of that is humble. None of that is humble. It causes envy, jealousy, it triggers greed.


And is it your, is it, is it, if you're the one doing these posts, is that your problem? What is your intention for doing it to get more followers? What substance does any of that stuff even have? Especially now, like does it have any meaning whatsoever? Now your fancy cars, you're, you know, any of this stuff. I mean like, look, God bless you for earning that and, and you, and if you, I'm not judging that, but is it that that, is it humble?


Can you ask yourself, if I'm being humble by doing this, what is the intention of me flashing this? And again, it's, that's for you to answer, not me. We become wise by being fools for Christ's sake. There's a lot of freaking smart people out there that don't have a clue, but this one was hard for me to wrap my head around for a long time and it's not to tell you to, don't educate yourself, but the ways of the spiritual world, the spirit world, tapping into that through Jesus versus the knowledge of the world.


Look, the knowledge of the world's coming from man that's telling you what they want you to know. There so many people right now that are about to be awakened to a reality that is going to absolutely, what's it called? The dissonance. Disassociated. Um, I forgot the name of the word hope but it's basically when you, you just gone through life believing in a certain way and then all of a sudden some cognitive dissonance. Dissonance is how you say it. I don't know. Anyway, but then all of a sudden the truth is revealed to you and it's just like wrecks your world.


That's kind of what we're coming into now. I mean, prime example if an, it depends in like I'm none of those people that I get my information from so many different sources and I, and I do a lot of different research. So like I'm not shaped, my opinion is not shaped by what I'm told at all. Unlike a lot of people that sit in front of, they have CNN on all day, they have Fox on all day. That's, that's what your opinions are coming from. What is being fed to you instead of letting the Holy spirit reveal information and wisdom to you.


You're getting it from some news reader and you're being told that the medication that Donald Trump has been that has been touting is going to kill you because you have some doctor up there that saying, Oh no, this is not proven and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But here's the thing. What if that doctor had an agenda? I mean we are told when we are children that were going to, we trust our government, we trust our military, we trust these organizations like the HW.


Oh and the CDC. Oh, we're to trust him without ever thinking of the possibility that those organizations could be corrupt and they could have an agenda.

Joshua T Berglan (15m 46s): 


Joshua T Berglan (15m 50s): 

Let's see. That's all smart people like, Oh, I'm read up on this and this is what the CDC does. I read their mission statement so I'm going to believe it's true. That'd make you smart. Do you know why they call it practicing medicine? By the way? It's because they're practicing medicine. In other words, they don't really know for sure that it's going to be the cure. They don't really know for sure that the treatment's going to work. Practicing law is the same way. It's called practicing law for a reason because they're practicing. They don't have it all figured out, but we take all this information, what we're told about religion, we're like, we just, okay, this is right because your mommy and daddy said it was okay.


Well, did it ever Dawn on you that maybe your mommy and daddy sitting in front of the cable news or maybe they are just doing what they were told from their parents or their parents. This crap gets passed down and we become blind idiots, but yet we're smart, right? We're smart in the world, but we lose all ability to have discernment because we're not being guided by the spirit because we think we have all of this knowledge. Anyway, rant over. We are made. We are made free by becoming bond servants, serving the Lord, doing what?


God. Being obedient and in surrendering and giving our life and dedicating our life to serving the Lord. We're bond servants and that's how we become free because that's what we are created to be like for all of the progression that we have in life. The funny thing is that we get further and further and God and further and further away from God. The more we progress as a society. Think about it. They used to say that it took a village to raise a child, a village of people to raise a child.

Joshua T Berglan (17m 41s): 


Joshua T Berglan (17m 42s): 

now who raises your kids?

Joshua T Berglan (17m 46s): 

The TV daycare and

Joshua T Berglan (17m 50s): 

I'm not knocking this. I'm just saying think about it. We've gotten away from that. We're not even raising her own kids anymore. Or few of us are the like with technology and information, we have more information than ever before and guess what? With that information, we are more disconnected from God than ever. This virus, even though I believe with all my heart that it was planned.


Don't think for a second that God's not going to use it to wake people up and get people to come back. We triumph through the feet. Oh my gosh. Wait, hold on. There's another one. We gained strength and when we are weak, love that one. We try him through to feet. Thinking about that, we try and think about your failures. Think about what your failures that prepared you for. We find victory by glorying in our infirmities.


Love that one. We live by dying. Paul the apostle said he and his associates were genuine, yet regarded as impostors, known yet regarded as unknown, dying. And yet we live on beaten and yet not killed sorrowful yet always rejoicing. Poor yet making many rich, having nothing yet possessing all things and that's what the kingdom is all about.


There's a reason why you see, and you may not see this. I though no, most of you that are watching the show right now, and by the way, thank you for sharing this with friends, but there's a reason like some of the people that are talking about the kingdom and you see a lot of people that are really pumped up right now like super pumped up. You know why? It's because they believe in God's promises. That's kingdom baby. When I, when I started doing kingdom shows, and if you haven't, if you're new to the new, to the show here, I get a whole thing on Facebook. You can go through or actually any of the networks that we're on, you can look at it.


They did a kingdom series and I talk about it and refer to it a lot. I did all that before this happened. You know why? Because I knew this is eventually going to happen. This kingdom minded stuff is the real deal because you don't, you're not playing with earthly rules. You're playing with heavenly rules because you know that you get to bring heaven down to earth. The kingdom of heaven is inside of you. You don't need to wait to die to go to heaven. That's not the goal. The goal is to bring heaven to earth now, so why would it do you think God changed his promise?


Because there's a freaking virus. Do you think this is the only virus? So God, let me ask you, so God excludes his promises. When there's a tragedy in the world, it doesn't work that way. God's promises are tried and true since the beginning of time, but if you don't believe it, if you don't follow it, you don't apply it. You got nothing and then you're panicking.


What am I going my job instead of going, father God, look this job. I no longer have work. This job has gone. I know you created me for a purpose. Father, I know you created me for a purpose. It's why I'm here. Fall. Give me wisdom to see and to know what your purpose for my life is so I can take that bold step today. I don't want to wait any longer. There's opportunities popping up everywhere. There's new millionaires and billionaires being made now, now the crazies and hasn't even happened yet, but there's, there's people that are pouncing on these opportunities and there's opportunities are there because their kingdom minded, they get it.


Jesus began his ministry by stating a set of paradoxes that we call the beat to tudes. Did I do it right? Everybody? Did I say it right that time? Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted. Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth. And so on. Matthew 10 39 Jesus said, whoever finds his life will lose it.


That's so man, those of you who've surrounded, you're surrendered your life to Christ. You know what this says? You know exactly what this means. Whoever finds his life will lose it and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.

Joshua T Berglan (22m 46s): 


Joshua T Berglan (22m 48s): 

I don't know if this is my brain doing this or this is Holy spirit, but a lot of you lost your life. Maybe you don't even realize it yet. Those of you that have suffered job loss or you've, you've struggled with maybe some, you know, sickness. Maybe God's trying to get your attention,

Joshua T Berglan (23m 12s): 


Joshua T Berglan (23m 13s): 

maybe God already killed you, but he's waiting for you to say, my life is yours. I surrender my life to you. Use me.

Joshua T Berglan (23m 26s): 

It's possible that could happen.

Joshua T Berglan (23m 29s): 

There's some of you, they got a wicked wakeup call and then the more you see about this coronavirus God, I want to get into the conspiracy stuff right now. But man, I mean this drug that Trump is touting supposedly cures cancer too. Like, I mean, there's like th th there's studies on this, on this medicine that is like, what? Killing HIV, killing cancer. Like there's something else going on here, right? But there's some of you and you look at the things that are triggering this coronavirus you look at some of the things that trigger it.


It's kind of all lifestyle choices, diabetes. I mean, some of you born with it. Um, obesity, congestive heart failure, but a lot of the, can't you look at some of that and go, this goes back to diet and I know there's people that are born diabetic and my aunt's diabetic and one of my really good friends, their daughters, diabetics type two, it's brutal. And so like I just, and so maybe they were born with it. So I don't know enough about that and I'm not knocking somebody in saying the child, you know, children that are born with this and like living the wrong way.


I'm not saying that, but some of these health conditions that we have, we brought it upon herself. I know for me, I did when I weighed 300 pounds and had high blood pressure and that's on me. I did that. No one else did that. No one told me to do cocaine five days a week. And no one told me that. The days that I would eat it would be donuts and best sausage and egg biscuits with mustard and egg and cheese burgers and steak and French fries and everything else.


No one told me to do that. And by the way, I pretty much ate all everything I just said right after my bench. That's why weight 200 pounds and people say cocaine makes you skinny. Not for everyone anyway, but some of the stuff I truly believe has been a wake up call for am I being a good steward with what God has blessed me with? Am I taking care of my taking care of the finances that I had?


I mean, how many of you are wishing that you saved money right now? How many of you're wishing that you bought like a lot? I don't know. A couple of cartons, less of cigarettes, just questions. I don't know if you look at life differently than most and if others think you're a walking paradox, congratulations. That's the market. Authentic discipleship. That one's tough. This one other, I like bill.


I'm sweating. Look at that. It's really hot in this room. Anyway. Um, I really liked this next one that we're about to do, but I mean this is like, it's fascinating because there's a lot of people I got a war on by the way. I don't really promote that. I'm on Twitter. Twitter, I like to, I'm a, I'm a troll on Twitter. Not a bad tool. I mean I try man, but like every once in a while this is kinda like where you'll see the political version of me is on Twitter cause it's just so fun.


Um, but like I'm one of those people that really believe that being a Christian and following Christ are two different things. I just do now obviously I know that there's people that followed Jesus that don't get into the technicality of it and call themselves Christians. But I got into it with an atheist and I wasn't like starting a fight, but my response was, Jesus loves you. And the person said, how do you know? And that just spiraled on to a long discussion and being attacked and all that stuff.


And it was kind of fun. But where am I going with this? Oh, because I was separating, think they were attacking religion and all of that stuff. And I'm like, I'm not religious. And like, yeah, you are my no following. Jesus isn't religion. And I tried to explain some of this stuff, but I don't even know what the point was. I think I was killing time when I said that, so I can just start doing this now. Oh my God. I'm sweating. A paradox as seemingly absurd and contradictory statement or proposition which went investigated may prove to be well-founded or true.


That's from the Oxford dictionary. As a Christian who trusts in the infallibility of scripture, I believe the Bible is a hundred percent trustworthy and without error. I'm reading from an article here. However, God's word contains many paradoxes, statements that appear contradictory on the surface when paired next to one another. Understood in context. Such statements compliment one another to reveal a more full picture of truth, but when pulled out of context, say as proof text for an opinion shared on social media, these snippets of scripture can be misunderstood, twisted, or stripped or the true meaning.


Now, I remember what I was saying, so this part of this thing, the guy was pointing out all of the contradictions in the Bible. I wish I had had had learned about this from Myles Munroe before I started my argument. I would have had more ammunition, but I think I won the argument anyway. But that's true. There's a lot of people that come at the Bible and they try to read it like it's a, Hmm. While James Patterson's the easiest one to use. It's like a James Patterson novel. You know, you're reading it and it's like two, two page chapters and you just kind of breeze through it and you, you can read them when you're, you know, you're basically, your eyes are rolling in the back of your head.


And I mean it just, James Patterson books are super easy to read, especially the flying kid books. And those are terrific. But you can't read the Bible that way. Cause if you do it, you're basically going to go, well that's a contradiction. That's stupid. There's not a treat at Gretta semen. That's ridiculous. God, Jesus didn't point out a tree and it died like you, you start pointing out those things and judging it. But part of the reason why when you open the Bible, and I don't have a Bible in front of me right now, is that when you open and when you read it, it's meant to like be red, super slow and out loud and and really kind of consume it.


Like they, I think they call it eating it, eating the word. And as silly as that sounds, it's kinda the same way where like when they and I eat super fast, it's embarrassing how fast I eat. Like if you've ever cooked me dinner, you better not give me food first because it'll be gone before you even put food on your plate. I like, someone's going to steal my food, but the way you're supposed to eat is cut it up, whoop. And then you and you chew slowly.


Reading the Bible is like that. You pull it in slowly, you consume it slowly. That's all the flavor kind of melt in your mouth and it goes down your system and it feels good. It feels good all the way down. You digest it properly. I'm pulling stuff completely out of my rear end here. But you get the point. That's how you're supposed to read the Bible and when you do it that way, you get what you get the most nutrition out of it. Cause if you're like me and just swallow your food, I'm not digesting my food properly, properly, and I'm going to be hungry again in 30 minutes or I'm just going to eat, keep eating until I want to vomit either one.


It's one of the curses of eating fast because you're supposed to chew on it. Chew your food, slowly, settle, digest properly, so get all the nutrients absorbed into your body and it'll give you the fuel for your day. Holy. Geez, that is, that's the Bible in a nutshell. That's how you do it and all of a sudden these things that appear to be contradictions are no longer contradictions. You start to understand that these paradoxes have a lot of value.


Okay? Understood. In context. Such statements compliment one another to reveal a more full picture of truth, but when pulled out of context, say as proof, text for an opinion shared on social media, these snippets of scripture can be misunderstood, twisted, and stripped of their true meaning to guard against this. Here are 14 paradoxal scripture pairings every Christian should be aware of. Underneath each pair we've included application questions that can be fleshed out in a sermon or in a personal or small group study.


So if you'd like to take notes, here's a good time, or if you want these notes, I'll send them to you. Paradox number one, worthless workmanship. We are worthless servants. Luke 1710 that sounds terrible. If I'm just reading that, I'm like, I'm not worthless. God, you told me I'm a mighty warrior. You told me I'm, you said I'm a King. What the worthless servant. I'm a servant. That's what I would say, right? If I'm reading it. How about you?


You take that. If I make a Bible and a Bible image and post this and my stories are posted on social media, we are worthless servants. Who wants to freaking hear that right now. I don't want to hear that I'm worthless. And then Ephesians two 10, we are his workmanship. Um, that sounds a lot more pleasant than being worthless. Application questions.


How does an understanding of the gospel reveal both statements are true that people are both worthless and a workmanship? How should Christians think about themselves in relation to God? What does a Christian worth tied to? What is a Christian's worth tied to? I hope there's a couple of you that I hope are watching right now cause you would be able to better explain this again, I'm not a biblical scholar,

Joshua T Berglan (33m 49s): 


Joshua T Berglan (33m 50s): 

I don't like a worthless servant. Like our whole, like my whole bean help me Holy spirit. But my whole being like my in the natural is truly worthless in the end. Like it doesn't matter. Like it doesn't like what I do doesn't matter what I want, doesn't really matter unless it's aligned with God's purpose. But here's the thing. God's purpose for our lives is for us to be in service of others, for us to give, for us to be a blessing, for us to use our gifts, to help other people.


Like who cares that I want to watch the football game. If somebody has a need, I need to step up and go be of service to them and we are his workmanship. The way I understand that for me, and again, you guys correct me there, you guys are way bigger, big biblical scholars. I mean, and again, I'm not a pastor. I'm just a man that loves Jesus. That's it. And I find all this stuff very, very interesting. I mean it's powerful. It's like, it's like trying to Dakota magic books sometimes, but we are his workmanship.


Here's the thing, God doesn't quit working on us. Think about it. Say, okay, he works on your work. So when you work on your heart, it gets works on your, you know, you work on your mind and, and you know, you keep coming up against the same problem over and over again that God doesn't give up on you. Like, if you keep failing you, you know, you pick up the bottle again or you know, you give into addiction or whatever, whatever your thing was. Maybe it's a bunch of things but you, you God keeps him. God will give you a do over.


You get to do, in fact, it's inevitable that there's going to be a do over because you can't move on to the next until you conquer this obstacle, this thing. God is constantly working on you. But here's the thing, after you solve it, you've been healed from it. You break through, guess what? There's something else. There's always something else and then God gets to work on that too. Like what did, I don't know enough about the Potter wheel thing, but like God's constantly working on us, molding us and it's amazing shaping us and the more we'll give to him, the more he's going to build us up and make us into something like beautiful, like fine.


China, a fine Valls paradox to longingly satisfied. Blessed are those who hunger. The more you seek God, no more. You find him, the more you hunger for him, the more he shows up. Praise and worship. Oh, I want to go down this rabbit hole. Okay. I'm going to do this one. Okay. Uh, worship.


Do I want to do this? Yeah, I'm going to do it. Okay. Um, so when I've talked about the man wanting to divide us, like with religion, politics, the more they can divide us, the more they can separate us, the better. Because you know, we're meant, even though we are, we have our own journeys with Christ and our own walks in our own paths and our own purpose. In the end, we are meant we are the body of Christ.


Therefore, we are meant. We all have our contribution to the world. So we're meant to be part of a collective, right? Again, we have our own purpose, but we're meant to be part of a collective. So, but if we can't do that, if we can't connect, we can't come together. What happens? There's division, there's confusion, there's isolation, there's depression, there's sadness, there's pain, there's agony, there's lying. They're cheating. What does that do to you?


Energetically? You're depressed, you're down. Now there's mental illnesses. Oh, we got a pill for that. Think about all the medications are out there. What does it do? Numbs you. You don't want to be numb. Go back to the alcohol. Beans. Spirits, like one of the greatest traps in the world for me is believing that I can be a social drinker. It is a trap. Do you know why? Because that trap goes, Oh, a couple of drinks today, a couple of drinks tomorrow, a couple of weeks.


The next day. That's trap. You want to trap because they call spirits or alcohol spirits for a reason. Why? Because it dulls the spirit inside of you and allows other spirits to take over. Every time my dark wants to reappear, it comes from consecutive days of drinking. May not the first one, the first day of drinking it's like, Oh, it's not a big deal. Second day kinda getting a little close. The third day, Holy geez, it's full takeover.


And those of you who have known have been around long enough to see when my dark passenger, the one that used to be inside of me would take over. You guys saw what happened and it was never pretty. So what am I? Okay, so spirits, we're talking about this. So all of this stuff like when now that they can't, and you look at, um, there was something on the that came out in the news today that Dow, they're warning the Homeland, not DHS.


DHS is warning churches too, that they're going to be attacked when they allow people back into congregation. In the Bible it talks about Christians being persecuted and the early days of Christianity, remember it was all underground. We're back there now. Like we're back to going like, Oh gee, underground Christian railroad stuff. I mean, that's kind of what's happening right now. But part of that I believed by design is if we can't praise and worship together energetically, that has a dramatic change on what happens in the world.


Because we are energy, our frequency matters. And I know some of you religious Christians out there like, Oh, frequency. He was a spiritualist and blow blow new age. No, screw you frequencies. Real frequency is very real. I did it. I actually, Jesus talks about frequency too, like did you know the coffee lowers your vibration? Seriously? Green tea helps, but there's like, I need to go find that episode and post it, but I the coffee is one of the worst things.


Nicotine, horrible alcohol, horrible for your, you're energetically, your frequency, your vibration that stuff matters. It's how you manifest, manifested in very real and that it's not new age. I'm sorry to tell you, but praise and worship. How do you bring the kingdom of heaven down? If you know anything about kingdom principles, worship is what opens the Gates of heaven. When you pray to open to create the atmosphere, it's worship.


It's praise, it's frequency, it's energy. That's what matters. Your vocal cords have power, like you can move mountains with your voice because words have power. What do you think worship does when you're praising Jesus? What do you think happens when you're praising God? When you're thinking God for all of your blessings, what do you think happens energetically? Okay, now if I take that away, what happens?


Like all of the misinformation and all of the stuff that is out there, like this screws with our energy. Like even the people that are seeking to be woke and like want to know what's going on. And I'm as guilty as anybody. Like I, I read between the lines and like every, what, you can't say the sky is blue to me without me reading between the lines and looking for something else. This is how my brain works. So when the president's talking and doing these news conferences, like I'm gone, Hmm, that's code for this.


And then I'm often the wormhole somewhere else. But like, you know, like in a lot of the underground war that's happening right now in the freeing of all the children, all of these things that are happening right now around the world, like here's the thing that's all exciting. But if you're burying your face in that information and you're looking at the horrific images of some of these children and you're looking at some of the different things that are happening in the world, it's depressing. It dulls your spirit. None of that is pleasing to God.


If anything, it would Dole your faith in a time when we need to collectively be worshiping and praising and being in gratitude and just raising our frequencies together towards the common good because here's the thing, the bad apples out there don't want to take away our freedoms that wanna force vaccination us and do ID 2020 and have these chips to follow us around all like they're trying to keep us away from the truth and it's been that way since the beginning, since Adam and Eve for ascend

Joshua T Berglan (43m 19s): 


Joshua T Berglan (43m 21s): 

no one who comes to me will ever be hungry. John 35 spiritual food and God will provide application questions as believers await Christ's return. How are they to process their current state? How is your current state, by the way? Where are you at? Like, are you struggling, believing, are you, are you, are you struggling with faith? Are you allowing boredom to get to you?


Like where are you at? And if, again, please comment. And if those of you who are in need of help or prayer comment, either myself or somebody that's here that's watching, that's in the chat with you, we'll definitely pray for you because that's what you guys do. You take care of each other. In what ways are they to be satisfied and rest and God's provision? Great questions. Paradox three to yoke or not to yoke, take up my yoke and learn from me. Matthew 1129 don't submit again to yoke.


Galatians five one I actually don't know a lot about this to be honest. I'm sorry. So those of you who do please and help me out here. Application questions. How does Christ's yoke differ from the yoke of the law? How do Christians practically live under the tension of being free from certain aspects of ceremonial law while imitating Christ who perfectly obeyed the law? Okay, that's an interesting question. Hold on. How do Christians practically live under the tension of being free from certain aspects of ceremonial law wall and that's a well imitating Christ who perfectly obeyed the law.


You know what? I'm going to digest that question for a while and I'll probably just do a show on it later this week cause I don't know how to answer that. But look, there's a lot of biblical scholars and kingdom people that watch, so please help me out like please comment paradox for the role of works, a person is justified by faith apart from works of the law. Romans three 28 a person is justified by works and not by faith alone.


James two 24 application questions. What false gospels are each of the above versus warning against what's the relationship between faith and works in the life of someone who has been justified? I'll tell you what's going to happen because some of this stuff is again above my head and judge me all you want. I don't care. I've been following Jesus for five years. I learned something new every day. I learned about paradox today.


Again, not a Prestor didn't go to Bible school. I'm learning like the rest of you because I want to know, and here's the thing that you need to understand. Those of you that have been following Jesus for a long time, those of you that are new to Jesus, those of you who don't know Jesus, and those of you who have been in and out of you know my church and okay, Jesus kind of want to pay attention to you today because today I need something like all of you. It doesn't matter where you're at because what matters is your heart's desire.


What matters is it's not about what you know cause God's gonna reveal things to you. This is the point of a relationship. You get the revelation, you get the wisdom, you get the kingdom knowledge by spending time with him because you, he reveals things to you in your time with him. Everyone's at different levels and that's okay. Your heart is what matters. The desire to know him is what matters is, was it important?


Obviously I want to learn this stuff so I'm going to learn it. But like I don't sit here and go, Oh my gosh, go, God hates me because I don't know what this stuff means. No, it doesn't work that way. First of all, God doesn't hate you at all ever, but God hates sin, not the center. But you can't beat yourself up over this. Like I'm happily ignorant.


I want to know, but like I'm uh, I'm so happy that this has been revealed to me that I don't have a clue what it means. So now I get to know, and that's part of the fun of pursuing Jesus cause you will get the answers. Paradox five, the Christian life easier, hard. My yoke is easy. Matthew 1130. I need to figure out what yoke means. I know what equally yoked means. So if I know what equally yoked means, yeah, I don't know how that ties together.


How difficult the road that leads to life. Matthew seven, 14. Those seem like contradictions to me. Application questions. What should believers expect out of the Christian life? Is it easy or difficult? How should proper understanding this paradox affect the way Christians processed the realities of everyday life? I think I kinda answered that in my previous, the previous questions. Life is an easy period, but I'll tell you one thing, and this is just the reality, and this is kind of a paradox in itself, but the more you pursue your purpose in life, your God given purpose, the more you pursue that, the more the devil wants you.


Therefore the more complicated it's going to get. But here's the flip side to it. With that truth that's equal or greater to God's promises of your victory, the outcome is guaranteed in Christ. But if you're not pursuing your purpose and you're just sitting there with your thumb up, your, but guess what? Yeah, the debt we w w what is the w with you?


You're no good. You're not even causing enough trouble. The devil likes bad boys like me. The devil likes people that are a bit crazy, a little bit, you know, like they're willing to take some risk. The devil wants the people that know God has a purpose for them. I mean, the devil wants all of you. But the thing is he didn't have to try that hard with you. Lazy people. And I'm not trying to offend you, but I'm just saying if you're not pursuing anything, but here's the thing.


Life's not any easier for you because you're depressed. You don't have joy, you're not happy. He got marriage problems. You got parenting problems, you've got the do bla bla, bla bla bla. You got problems. You, you, you're, you, your joy and happiness is coming from material things. Well, guess what? Now that's been taken away. A lot of you. But boy, when you start pursuing what God's created you to do, bring on the pain, but the promises that you will overcome it all, the victory has already been won.


That's the promise of walking with Jesus. What should believers expect out of the Christian life? Is it easy or difficult? How should a proper understanding this paradox effect the way Christians processed the realities of everyday life? Okay. Answered that. Um, Oh wow. There's, okay, there's more information here. Um, we went nine minutes left. Who's the judge? The father, judges impartially according to each one's work.


First Peter one 17 the father in fact judges no one but has given all judgment to the son John five 22. That's something I would love to have explained to me. Cause you know, people love when I, I, I'm really don't like the, the judgment that I get to work on is judging judgemental people because even that's wrong because the judging, but the people that are just like, yeah, it's okay for me to judge and blah, blah blah. And they post those memes.


Again, falling victim to paradox because I believe Jesus has not called us to judge anyone.

Joshua T Berglan (51m 56s): 


Joshua T Berglan (51m 57s): 

What do these passages reveal about Christ as high priest and King? Okay, this is the last one I'm going to do. I think, um, optimists, pessimists a realist. Everything is futile. Ecclesiastes is one too. Everything is meaningful. Whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God. So like I would look at that as everything is futile. Like in the earthly realm, everything is futile as we're experiencing now.


Kingdom life is, everything is meaningful. You don't curse what God's blessed you with. You have a purpose. You have something to overcome. I mean, there's just application questions. What is the meaning of life found in purpose? I think how does the current state of the universe reflect the realities of both the curse and the kingdom of God that's breaking into the world? How does the current state of the universe reflect the realities of both the curse and the kingdom of God?


That's breaking into the world. I've given myself a bunch of homework. This is going to be exhausting. Paradox eight going public with good works. Let your light shine before others so that they may see your good works. This is confusing too. That's Matthew five 16 be careful and not to practice your righteousness in front of, to be seen by them

Joshua T Berglan (53m 28s): 


Joshua T Berglan (53m 30s): 

Like that one's really confusing. I mean the way I, I've always been on the other side of don't brag, be humble even though I'm naturally cocky and I don't mean to be,

Joshua T Berglan (53m 43s): 


Joshua T Berglan (53m 46s): 

like the people that stand on the street corners with the signs or like you're going to hell and like they're reading from the Bible with megaphones. I think those people should be put in jail personally but um, cause they do nothing to advance the kingdom like that. It's not, that offends me standing outside of bars and restaurants, like that's not saving anybody that's, that's not saving anything. I would love to say I want someone to do a study of the street corner preachers to see how many people they actually convert or versus how many people they get to basically say screw that.


Cause if, if, if if that religion or that God wants me to stand on a street corner and scream at people with signs and I'm sorry I don't, I don't get it. But again, this is kind of a paradox. So like is that, is that light in your light shine? Because here's the thing, here's what I know about light. Like the light inside of us cause we are light. We choose to be your actions. Like you don't need to go beat people over the head with a Bible because if you're doing kingdom work and you're serving and you're living righteously and you're being obedient and like you're S you're, you're doing what God created you to do has a way of just kind of like coming out of you.


You don't need to beat everybody over the head. I think people come up to you where people ask you or like people are drawn to that light and her like, why are you so happy all the time? Like how could you be happy with everything going on?

Joshua T Berglan (55m 27s): 

Cause I believe in God's promises

Joshua T Berglan (55m 32s): 

and if you would've seen my life before Jesus, then we'd be happy to.

Joshua T Berglan (55m 38s): 


Joshua T Berglan (55m 40s): 

this is the last one. Paradox nine give up your tunic. Withhold your pearls. I don't know what that is. Oh, give to the one that give to the one who asks you. Matthew five 40 to 41 that's a pretty big blanket statement. It can. People ask me for money all the time. Am I supposed to really give to all of them? Am I? I've always wondered about that.

Joshua T Berglan (56m 9s): 


Joshua T Berglan (56m 11s): 

Don't toss your pearls before pigs. I have no idea what that means. Matthew seven six I have so much homework to do. Jews application questions. How are Christians to steward God's resources? What differentiate differentiates a steward from a philanthropist or a hoarder? By the way, I want to Pat myself on the back because I just said philanthropist for the second time ever without messing it up.


Under what circumstances could it be right to not give to someone who asks? Yeah, seriously. No offense to 'em the our, our friends in India and Pakistan and stuff like that, that we're all friends with who and a lot of you that watch the show are friends with the same people. Ho my gosh, they blow you up on instant messenger. Like I've had a mute everyone from there because it's every day, four times a day, same conversation every single time. Same 85,000 different pictures and video and everything else.


And they all ask for the same thing. Like, how do you know who to give to the asked for a website? We don't have a website. We have a Facebook page. Well, I don't know. You're a real organization and it's, and then now and they hunt you down on what's app and then they message you on Instagram, but they're messaging through all every social media platform with the same exact message how they get my WhatsApp information. I have no idea, but I know it happens to you too and they blow you up every single day and it's like I really wrestle with guilt of whether I should give or not, but I don't feel it in my heart because I know there's organizations that are close to home that align with my vision that I should be giving to.


I think I just answered my own question like my brother's keeper anyway, there's more. You get the point and I can't answer half the stuff anyway. I'm like, I have a lot to learn, but again, those of you that are pursuing Christ or wanting to get to know God, don't like don't panic. If you don't know everything you get to learn. It's a relationship. You don't figure out who your wife is and I mean somebody who'd been married for 30 years and you still don't know your wife like it's just part of it.


There's this, we get to know each other. Circumstances, obstacles, failures. It brings out a different side of us and we get to know like this is how we figure things out, but through every circumstance that we have, if we're pursuing Christ like we get to learn and we learn more about him, we can listen. You can live to your 350 years old and you will never learn everything about God. You need to learn, period. All right guys, thank you so much for being here. Please like share, subscribe if possible, network with each other which you've already done.


Follow me on social media. I'm at gratitude unfiltered on Facebook and Instagram. God bless you guys. Thank you so much for being here. Hope you enjoyed it. See you tomorrow. Bye.



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