Welcome to this special edition of Gratitude:UnFiltered featuring 501c3 Murphy’s Produce with Purpose.

About Murphy’s Produce with Purpose

From an early age, Jim Murphy learned the value of an honest day’s work alongside his father, Jack, a South Bay farmer. He spent his boyhood summers jumping in the back of his dad’s pickup truck to head to the fields and pick fresh fruits and vegetables. Given the opportunity to meet so many local farmers, Jim soon realized the prevalence of hunger throughout the region. He has made it his goal, mission and passion in the years since to help families fight food insecurity.

With a wealth of experience in both wholesale and retail produce distribution, Jim has built a network of connections to assist in charitable outreach while raising awareness. Partnerships with local produce distributors and the San Diego Food Bank, have assisted in this mission to build a Super Pantry in the South Bay.

Why Murphy’s Produce?

The community of National City and the surrounding area are working class and cannot afford a lot of what is out there, nor do they have reasonable avenues of nutrition that they can access. Half of the community reports that they do not have adequate amounts of food. Hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease in this area rank among the highest in the County.

Our facility is right in the middle of a “food desert” where there are no healthy options at all, much less access to food consistent with their needs.
Currently, 1 in 5 children who come from low-income families, struggle with obesity. More than 30% of 5th, 7th, and 9th graders at San Diego’s public schools have been declared overweight or obese.

Low-income families are not the only ones who benefit from us, though. Families from all socio-economic statuses, ethnicities, and cultures make up our clientele. Murphy’s Produce with Purpose brings people from all walks of life together in a shared sense of community, letting them know they are not alone and that we are all working towards bettering the lives of so many Americans.

Our store provides affordable prices, along with the voucher program that they can use to save even more money and stretch their dollar to achieve a nutritional diet. With a program like ours, mothers and fathers can keep their dignity and walk into our store with pride to feel normal and have a personal shopping experience.

Part of our model is also a food distribution center for other nonprofits out of the back of our space. This facility will also serve as a place to teach job skills such as warehouse managing, or running a forklift. We are actively speaking to different groups that help with re-entry programs, and we will be reaching out to local organizations to get the youth involved in learning employable skills.



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