Dr. Ruth has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Counseling and Psychology, focused on Marriage & Family Counseling, and is a Scholar-Practitioner specializing in Education, Organizational Leadership, and Christian Ministry. Ruth holds numerous leadership coaching and Christian ministry licenses and continues her pursuit in learning. Ruth has served as a Child Advocate, Chaplain, Board Member, and Sr. Advisor to several international and local service associations. In addition to being founder & lead consultant of IHI Consulting Firm, Ruth is a businessperson that has pioneered several award-winning businesses.  

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Ruth brings a unique mixture of ministry, business, leadership, creativity, wisdom, insight, and humor. As early as childhood, Ruth had a passion to see the success and happiness of others. She would spend several hours at the local university advising those that were hurting and in need of a listening ear. Ruth and others knew that she had a special gift from God to help bring comfort to the troubled. As a Growth and Identity Coach Ruth has helped countless leaders restore their confidence, improve their public and private images, repair family relationships, and build strategic systems. As an author, counselor, executive leadership coach, and motivational speaker, Ruth has influenced and trained numerous people from the nations of the world. She is the leading voice for a new era of leadership and best friend to the forgotten lonely leader. Ruth and her husband Claude are the proud parents of seven beautiful children and one grandchild. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Dr. Ruth Charles to Gratitude:UnFiltered on the Live Mana Worldwide Foundation's Multimedia Broadcast Network. Thank you for being here and God bless you! Joshua T Berglan