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Those who have met Jesus in the new birth are expected to go on to seek to know Him in revelation. What we need to see is that the responsibility to pursue this kind of relationship rests on us. God expects us to seek Him. He expects us to be committed to seeking Him and knowing Him more intimately. This is what a commitment to Jesus Christ is really all about. Let’s call this C1 (C to the first power).
This is the first step in living a life based on divine vision. C1 represents the vision of being fully committed to Christ. If you are not committed to doing whatever is necessary to have a real relationship with Jesus, then you need to make that commitment right now! This is the starting point that every one of us needs to commit to. Before we are done, you will be challenged to a C5 vision for your life. A C1 vision involves approaching Jesus, connecting with Him, and seeing Him. These are the elements of any relationship. You draw near, you stay close, you gain insight. If you are not committed to this, today would be a good time to make a commitment! Let’s look at how we approach Jesus and connect with Him.