Welcome to Gratitude:UnFiltered AM... I am your host Joshua T Berglan and I am grateful you are here..

On this episode I recap my day yesterday, discuss Risk, I preach a little even though I am not a preacher.... I do not think, and somehow talk about dating, relationships and sex.

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Living a faithful life for God requires taking risks. Many Christians are weighted down by the fear of stepping out of their boat. Their boat is often named “Comfort Zone.” Many are afraid to take risks and find their inner strength. Some are afraid to push their faith to the limit and trust God for the strength to endure. It is impossible to live life without taking risks.

Today's challenge: Describe the comfort zones associated with your faith. How can you push the limits of your faith to live with purpose? Where do you need to step out and take a risk?

Gratitude:UnFiltered AM is an extension of the host, Joshua T Berglan's quiet time and what he is studying in preparing for his Saturday Night talk show. Gratitude:UnFiltered AM is meant to inspire, intriuge and ignite your passion for the day ahead to aid you in reaching your destiny.

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