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“Hello, I am Tiffany. I made lemonade out of my lemons. From my life pains, being raised by my grandmother because my father was a married man and my mother chose drugs over me. Although not the ideal situation I still had a purpose. I am a daughter, sister, and mother. My childhood was not easy as many but not as hard as most. I have always been very daring and outspoken but I struggled with areas of identity due to my absence of parenting, although my grandmother did the best she could and I will forever be grateful, to be real about it, I didn’t want to repeat this same cycle of dysfunction for myself, and my children. Also, I wasn’t going to let that deter me from God’s plan. Growing up without my parents full-time was a painful experience but inspired me not to settle for self-destruction through a life of drugs. I knew then that I didn’t want to hide my truth. I knew it was a plan and purpose for my living. I had to find my true identity and through getting my relationship with God I found that and I found my voice. God was with me throughout it all. It is because of him I have been restored. That is why I am so transparent about sharing my story. I want the world to know that change can come. From this pain, I now Coach and Mentor other women so they can see their true potential. I made it my mission to become the voice for the voiceless for women and children who need that support and guidance.”

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