Basic Media & Broadcasting Training Notes

LiveManaWorldwide Foundation & Multimedia Broadcast Network 

 Elevating The Voices For The Voiceless 

Taught by Joshua T Berglan – Overview written by Brenda Calley – May 2020


Here is basic information that will give your the foundational pieces to starting your own broadcast, media organization, and potentially even your own network should you decide that this industry is something you are passionate about and want to take things to another level.  

These are the basics, however more detailed CUSTOMIZED training is available. 

You can learn more about the Live Mana Worldwide Foundation and our mission by clicking here




Step 1. Come up with a name for your ministry or broadcast. 


Step 2. What 3 to 5 core subjects are you going to cover? Once you have decided, write a bio (including your own) about what your broadcast will be about. 


Step 3. Grab the domains (website(s), social media pages with the name of your broadcast. If you can only afford to buy one domain, BUY YOUR NAME! 


NOTE 1: If you cannot buy the domain, please tell Joshua. Make sure you create Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Medium, and whatever social media platforms, even if you are not active on those sites.   


Step 4. A snowball mic and Logitech web camera are inexpensive and good quality, so you do not need to spend a lot of money when purchasing these items.  If they are out of your budget, please just use your phone. 


Step 5. Email all of the above information to, including passwords and usernames for logins (you can change these later). This is important so when we go to the next steps, we can work effectively.


NOTE 2: Creating a Google Drive account will also benefit you.


Distribution PlatformsUseful Websites
DIGGStreamyard – free trial if you tell them you were referred by Joshua Berglan! Ask for the full experience. 
FacebookBonfire – create swag
YouTubePodetize – podcast software
LinkedInPodScribe – transcription to written form
Amazon Fire – free resources such as images, sermon notes (great for content) – photo editing site, syncs up to TV network – video converter. Select format – can convert it. TVCreator Studio (Facebook)
RumbleAffiliate sites 
TwitterGoDaddy -domains and site building 
Vimeo (personal Favorite) 
InstagramThis list changes often, email  with questions. 



Joshua Berglan can guide you each step of the way and deliver your content. Be a “Sooner”, as the Oklahomans came to be known. In the Land Run of 1889, many people entered the Oklahoma District (Unassigned Lands) before the designated time and grabbed their land sooner! If you are serious about launching your ministry through the most powerful media of video, the most valuable thing you can do is to grab the ‘land” at or your favorite hosting platform, and on social accounts, even if you are not going to use it yet. It is like buying stock. Buying your name is THE most important domain, and if you are able too, buy your show/ministry name also.  


Video Recording

How do you record? There are many avenues, but Joshua prefers Streamyard or Vimeo (for scalability and customization) , because of its compatibility with streaming multiple technologies. It is well worth it to create a media kit that includes video, audio, and transcript! 


Although the video quality is better in TV, Streamyard integrates with multiple media platforms better. What is most important is a platform with excellent customer service and one that is constantly upgrading their technology. As technology changes, this statement may change too.  It is best to take advantage of all the FREE trials you can so that you can use the platform you love best. 



Top right of screen, click Create to upload video. You can also use YouTube as the actual recording place and broadcast from there. Each platform uses different coding. 

Create, upload video, MP4, Drop It

Owen Video and Matt Schaeffer are experts on YouTube. 

Can right click on your video to download. 

Remember you are doing it for the one individual. Don’t get caught up in viewing numbers. It is not a place of ego. You are doing what you are called to do. 



Click on all platforms to which you want to broadcast.

Type title and description

Can schedule for later

Upload thumbnail sketch



Creator Studio App

Statistics on Facebook business page

Custom image – thumbnail

Create a new line to emphasize every sentence.

With – type my name, etc, other pages

At – Location

Tag Sponsor

Tags – online ministry, late night talk show, etc

Add to playlists

Make Available to Other Pages – will show up on all those pages

Autogenerate captions – English


Write captions

Added captions

Activity log, tag review

Click Add to Timeline

Share on the bottom of the post on right: Click share to story, share to group


Instragram – IGTV



Thumbnail picture is everything, essential to your success. 

Cover art – size matters – photo editing site at Syncs up to TV network

For example, YouTube thumbnail picture. Can use templates, logo, can change sizes, color, add pictures.



Can submit to Huffington Post or others, upload video, paste description, add website

Embed all affiliate links. For example, “Brought to you by Utoya CBD.: Can get paid to write.


LinkedIn, Twitter,, – book in pdf format



Explore podcast software. Don’t get taken in when one claims to be the best or the most popular. It is okay to start with free podcast sites, but you don’t own your own content. Ideally use a paid one and own your content, such as Podetize, but there are many good ones.  Podetize is family owned and they have good customer service. 


Your Website

All your media is on one location: your website. 

Don’t be advertising for Facebook or YouTube. Advertise for your own website, and direct traffic there. 



 Can edit transcription. Can copy, download, embed. Click Publish

Free ministry resources – images, trainings, teachings 


Affiliate Relationships/Sponsorships 


Write down ten or twenty of your favorite brands, then look them up. Chances are, they have an affiliate program on their website, especially if it is a larger company. For example, hotels, skincare, haircare, Target, minerals, Tide laundry detergent and even private jets! 


Have someone else pitch you to other companies for sponsorships, it is more professional and more effective. 


IMDB Pro – Internet Movie Database – great hidden gem of where you can add your content. 

I hope this was helpful.. The information provided in this course is the very basics and if you need something more customized, feel free to contact Joshua at