Eye-Am Conchita Lash-App & Curl

The newly invented revolutionary Eye AM Conchita Lash-App & Curl is a favorite among many who have had a lifelong struggle applying strip lashes. The Lash-App and Curl is the first lash applicator than can that can be used to apply lashes while wearing eyeglasses. It is designed to apply strip lashes and curl your own lashes with the same apparatus, because of the different attachments. The app curved attachment is designed to hold the lashes without destroying its shape. The Lash App and Curl can fit different eye shapes. The curler attachment is designed to curl your own lashes. Makeup artists and beauty professionals worldwide are raving about the ease with which the lashes can be applied to the eyes.

Comes with two attachments which can:

  • Apply Strip Eyelashes
  • Curl Natural and fake Eyelashes

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One of the brands we are the proudest of is the globally patented Eye-Am Conchita, Lash App & Curl that allows anyone who loves fake eyelashes to apply them in 5 seconds or less!