On this broadcast Joshua discusses the letter he received from The Department of State Hospitals-Coalinga’s Executive Director Brandon Price today barring him from tele and in person visits for broadcasting our interview with James Hydrick.

Joshua admittedly knows he broke the rules of the hospital however made the decision to not honor their request due to the lack of institutional control, the neglect and abuse of patient/prisoners and the fact that these hospitals are unconstitutional, therefore should not exist.

Also on this broadcast, Joshua reads from letters that one of the prisoner/patients wrote to the facility he is locked in fighting with his last breath of hope for some kind of justice.

What is Civil Commitment and why should you care?

On “Coalinga State Hospital & Civil Commitment”, Joshua ‘The World’s Mayor’ takes a deeper dive into why we all should.

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Joshua T Berglan 0:01

Hey, what’s up everybody, my name is Joshua, and I’m the World’s Mayor, thank you so much for being here. Today, we’re on the live mana network, you can find us by downloading our app on your phone, tablet, computer, or even your Smart App Store, Apple, TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, any of the podcast networks, you can find us there, or of course, go to live mana.org. And you can scan that barcode to find us there we are a listener and viewer supported network. And of course, we’re a 501 C 3 nonprofit media organization that is not only passionate about being a voice for the voiceless. And boy, are we going to get into that today. Someone’s trying to take my voice and other people’s voice. That ain’t gonna last very long. But we’re passionate about elevating other voices for the voiceless. And if you’re not ready to be a voice yet, well, we have services for you to today. Well, I’m fired up, and I’m smiling. Because why wouldn’t I? You see, I want to speak to all of the family members out there and the few people that are locked up in the shadow prisons, under the guise of being a sexually violent person, or, you know, the civil commitment law, I want to want to speak to the family, and those behind bars that can actually hear my voice. I was already motivated, it was already motivated to help and to serve. I’ve developed relationships with some of the men that have been freed have developed relationships with some of the family members that still have loved ones behind bars. And I’ve been a part of other group meetings now and got to meet some of the more family members of those that have loved ones that were taken abruptly out of their lives, men that had already served their time, and years later, were thrown back into these hospitals with no chance of getting out. So a while back, actually a while back, I think it’s not even been a month yet, maybe a month, I had the opportunity of interviewing the infamous James hybrid. So I want to get into today’s broadcast is going to be two things. I’m going to read this letter I got from the state hospital from the executive director banning me from talking to the prisoners. And then I’m gonna get into some meat about civil commitment, some firsthand account stuff. Because when I went out to my mailbox today, not only did I get a letter from Brandon Price, who has never returned my phone calls, because Mr. Price I tried to do it the right way. I tried to I tried contacting you. I tried calling, called all your people called you left messages. I think I sent you an email. I’m not sure I could have went somewhere. I don’t know. So I don’t know. Like why he didn’t want to talk to me. But the fact is that, you know, you’re not happy about us videoing the interview. And James story has to get out. So yeah, I agreed not to, you know, record the video by checking that box. But I gotta be honest with you, man. I’m a rule breaker. I’ve always been a rule breaker especially, I have no issue breaking man’s rules at all. Especially when it comes to fighting for well, fighting for the right thing. I’ll break rules to do the right thing. Especially man made rules. But anyway, the point is that I was already motivated. I was already all that. I’ve already. You know, like this has turned into a ministry for myself and my wife. And we really care about this because well, I mean, there’s a lot of reasons why. There’s more reasons why. And I’ve already kind of talked about all that. And other other broadcasts I’ve done. But getting this letter today, Mr. Price, I want you to know, motivated me beyond measure, like, Absolutely. Like I was all in before so if there’s another level to all in you got me because I know what’s I know what’s happening there. And we’re going to read some firsthand accounts. I got content for months, by the way, content for months. So I’m gonna read this letter right after.

Joshua T Berglan 4:34

I need a producer to like, do all this stuff for me. If you’re interested in volunteering, you will learn how to produce and edit and learn how to, you know, create the back end of a TV show or a multimedia broadcast. Please email me. Yeah, please email me. I’m looking for help, because I have some bigger fights to take on now. I think it’s about time I started learning what it’s going to take to actually be the official world’s mayor. Of course, I own the domain. But I think it’s about time that this title becomes official. And I need some global position that’s going to allow me to be the world’s mayor. I’m going to figure this out back


Joshua T Berglan 6:42

he Welcome back, everybody, my name is Joshua, the world’s mayor and I am pissing vinegar with a smile on my face. Because I love it when people motivate me. Gosh, man, man, he should have probably talked to my junior high teachers. Should I call my mom, my wife, any of my ex? told you what you did? Yeah. But first things first. Because here’s the thing, I have no vengeance in my heart. That’s not what this is about. I’m just saying you’ve given more fuel to my fire to help. Yeah. So if you’re going to understand why, because I’m going to read. Okay, I literally have months with the content here. But there’s a gentleman that I’ve gotten to know. And, and I’ve gotten to know it’s Gosh, it’s been it’s, it’s so cool. I mean, I gotta be honest with you. I never I wanted to do prison ministry, and every prison ministry that I reached out to flaked on me, they disappeared. Well, I don’t know why. I mean, is it because you don’t think that I’m Christian enough, or I’m not moldable? Or I’m not going to fit into your program? Probably. So. And that’s the way God made me, by the way. And, and I’m embracing it. 100% Right now 100%. Because now, just like with having our own network, or a media organization, and everything else that we are blessed to do, God has allowed it to do it, like we followed the Holy Spirit’s lead. And I’ve just done it and just found a way found a way when there was no way because God makes away when there’s no way. And so for those of you that are locked up right now in shadow prisons, or you’re the family member or a loved one of somebody that’s locked up. God makes a way when there’s no way. God makes a way when there’s no way, but you got to trust him to do it. And I believe that there’s a way God is going to erase all injustice. That’s gonna happen. God’s justice is going to strike down on every evil doer, every unrepentant. Every every unrepentant soul, every person that is purposefully deceiving others purposefully, taking advantage of others, taking advantage of the meek using their power to cause harm, to cause trauma, further traumas. God will have his day with you. I know. I know he will. Because there comes a time for all of us. And so God’s going to make a way and I don’t want anyone to give up hope. And one of the gentlemen that I’m going to read his letter today. This is a man I don’t know how he’s moving forward. He says he’s lost hope he has no joy. everyone that is trying to encourage him to go out and try to enjoy things and try to make the best out of the moments that they can get. Have fun, can’t he won’t let it go. He’s full of anger and rage, and disappointment and heartbreak because his whole life has been taken from him. And it breaks my heart. Because he’s without hope. And I know what that’s like, to not have hope. And it’s a that’s the scariest feeling I’ve ever had in my life. But God, even there, has a way. And so while he’s saying he doesn’t have hope, his actions to me say differently, and it encourages me. He’s got an amazing attitude. And he’s doing his best to be a leader. And a place that virtually has no soul. It’s where you go, it’s a black hole for the soul, these prisons. And so I’m gonna read one of his letters today. I haven’t read it yet. I literally just got the mail. saw this and came down. Okay, it’s not broadcast. That’s kind of how it works. No preparing, just hear your I Am. So I’m gonna read Mr. Price’s letter that may get me suspended for life. But again, that’s not gonna stop me.

Joshua T Berglan 11:38

It’s not gonna stop me. If anything, this letter is going to draw more attention to what you’re trying to hide because Mr. Price did try to reach out to you I tried to reach out to everyone at your organization, I went to the top, everyone ignored me. Even as a journalist, somebody immediate has a right to do a human interest story. You denied me that right by ignoring. So took matters in my own hands. And you know, you’re probably right by not allowing me to do it again, because I want you to let me talk to any of the prisoners there, because I would record it, because their stories need to get out. So while you’ve shut this door, again, I want to say God makes away when there’s no way. And so anyway, I’m laughing like a serial killer right now. Anyway, I’m laughing though, because I have so much joy. And so much hope this letter of rejection inspired me and has given me hope, and has given me fuel to Okay, the Department of State Hospitals Coalinga is is in receipt of your request for visiting privileges at our facility. We support and encourage family members and friends to visit. After review, after a review of a video circulating on YouTube that depicts a tele visit between you and a patient, D S, H C is denying any further visiting privileges both in person and through WebEx. That’s the technology they use for video conferencing, for violating the tele visitation policy, you will not be eligible for visitation for 12 months for our policy. And the agreement you check when applying for tele visits on DSHC website. It didn’t have any threats of consequence. That’s why I did it. Like my wife was kind of freaking out. Because the cops wouldn’t talk to James after the interview. Anyway. So after 12 months, you may send a request for visitation to the executive director for approval. He talks about himself in third person, because he’s the executive director, or he didn’t write the letter. Maybe that’s it, but he did sign it. Thank you for your autograph, sir. Carrying Oh, this is at the very bottom of the letter, if you can see it. Carrying today for a safe and healthy tomorrow. Is that by enslaving people, is that by taking people off the street that have already served their crimes and re punishing them again? And then performing psychological warfare against on them and their therapy sessions? Is that is that caring for people?

Joshua T Berglan 14:34

Well, here’s what I know. More and more people are becoming aware of what’s happening there. And so they’re becoming aware. And while you’re like, Well, who cares about sex offenders? Well, you know what, I’ll tell you cares about him. God does. Jesus does. And you can mock my faith you can mock even saying the name Jesus. That’s not my problem. That’s yours. And

Joshua T Berglan 15:10

I’m gonna be nice. Here’s what I’m going to say. God cares about the sex offenders. And especially cares about the ones that did serve their time, Justice was already served for them and throwing them back in a shadow prison because you some psychiatrist. Psychiatrists, by the way, that is not a consistent feel, there’s no consistency in that study, meaning, depending on when the person trained is going to have a different opinion. It’s not by the book, and by the book doesn’t really work when you’re talking about psychological conditions. I know because I live with them. I know because I’ve been misdiagnosed so many times, it makes my head spin, I often think that di D I have is because of all the medications I was given originally. But that’s another story. We don’t this is not about me. But more people are finding out about what’s going on. And God is a God of justice. So rather, it’s this injustice or any of the others if you’re watching and dealing with an injustice, trust God to handle this. I this was in my want to read this really quick. This is super short. So Isaiah 26, four. So trusting the Eternal One forever, for he is like a great rock, strong, stable, trustworthy and lasting.

Joshua T Berglan 16:45

It’s really hard, I would imagine to have any hope when you’re locked up, especially under the conditions that you’re in. But there are people that are there that are like it’s almost like they’re being like little Jesus’s in the shadow prisons. No, I’m not saying that they’re Jesus, but they’re being the closest thing to Jesus, anyone else will see. Men have faith. And God bless them for that. I remember when I gave my life to the Lord, I said, I thought I thought it was going to be in jail for five years. And I was at peace with it. I was like, God, I will serve you. Even if it’s behind bars. I will do anything you ask. And of course, I ended up getting out that I mean, I had in my head then prison ministry you know, and I I think I said this earlier, but I tried to go be a join other prison ministries because it was on my heart to do I mean, I get that mindset. I was a criminal. I was evil, I did evil things. I did things that should have locked me in prison for God knows how long and like i i rehabilitated my life. But anyway, I’m sorry, in that when I made that decision. I think part of me knew deep down that I like it was my audience because well, I did a lot of the same things. You know, in mind you I didn’t have sex with minors, but the vile nature of which I was having sex, I can’t say was any better. And you’ve got cultures all over the world that look at that age thing differently. And you know, so I can not get into that argument. I’m not trying to justify anything. But I just know that what’s happening there is wrong. And so while I tried to start a pit prison ministry, join prison ministries and all that it kept getting denied. And this time

Joshua T Berglan 18:56

God opened the door that when there wasn’t a door, I never in my wildest dreams that I would be getting to talk to people that are behind bars and now getting to, to interview them and meet their families. And I never thought that, and it’s a I mean, it’s not a traditional prison ministry by any means. But I think God that I’ve had the opportunity now to get to meet some of these men. And and so if you’re a true believer, I guess this is why I’m saying this if you’re a true believer, like the kind of believer that can look at lives that have Jeffrey Dahmer truly repented and truly asked for Jesus to take over his life. If you’re the kind of believer that believes that even Jesus can save him. You’re my kind of believer because in the same vein, I believe that Jesus can heal and save The unsaved that a locked up in these prisons, the unhealed. And here’s another thing. The mind is a really strange thing, very powerful supercomputer. It’s I don’t even know how to define the brain. But I will say that we are very complicated people because of our brain because of our circumstances because of our experiences because of our trauma, because of our mental uniquenesses. And you know what, none of us really know how we’re going to turn out after we experienced the things that we experienced, and especially if we don’t immediately start trying to heal from the bad things that happen, but what most of us do what most of us do we run away. Oui, oui, oui, oui, oui, drink ourselves to forget about it, we have sex to forget about it, we do drugs to forget about it, we do everything, but face it, to figure it out to you. And after all, the way to our destiny is to face our giants and what our giants will or giants are our sin. It’s our addictions. It’s our pain. It’s our abuse. It’s our adulterer. You get the point. The things that scare us most. Typically, the giants that we’ve faced, just on the other side of those giants are God’s promises. It’s a victory. And I believe in Christ. We were created to overcome any giant in our path. Any giant so I genuinely sincerely care about this civil commitment law. And, and I also see it ultimately it’s here’s why. Because other than the injustice that’s there. I also believe that God is a God of redemption, and God can heal. And some of these mistakes that these guys made. It’s not like they were raping babies. It’s not like they were raping teenagers. Some Yes. Some were awful and vile people. Yeah. And I do believe God can heal them too. But some of these crimes, slapping a girl on the butt. How many of you have slapped a girl or even a guy on the but how many of you? How many of you t ball coaches, cheerleading coaches, Swimming Coaches have slept? One of your kids on the butt? Is it right? Nope. Not saying it is? Do you deserve to be in prison for 20 years? 30 years? 40 years for that? No, you don’t. But that’s what’s happening. So without further ado. Man, there’s so much here. Others report. Part one, the Office of Mental Health mismanagement and waste. You know what, I need to spend some time with this one. I’m going to read this letter. And again, there’s two of them here. With depending on the time, I’m going to read bear with me. Mc is the initials. I don’t want to say his name out of respect. Yeah, I did. They did tell me I could use any content I wanted. But I want to be respectful and not say names right now, especially because of where this is broadcast.

Joshua T Berglan 23:52

But he’s in the Dylan treatment team. This is the deal and treatment team. And the response has no hope. Well, I can’t show you because it’ll show the name. So this is not me. But I’m going to read it appears to me that the treatment team has chosen transitioned into a focus group that concentrates on exacting punishment and holding people back in the program. So I got to stop already. That first sentence is what I’ve heard in multiple states. Like I’ve heard stories from men, men on on the outside and inside that very Senate this is in Kansas, California, New Jersey, Texas, Minnesota for the same story. Last month, I was punished and denied my level for a notification that was dismissed by the due process coordinator. I can’t appeal your decision and I can’t file a grievance on issues related to the administrative process. On Friday, August 14, a building I’d Shakedown was conducted in a resident on East one who’s a purple band. And a VTP worker was found to be in possession of a shank and several pieces of metal. This resident suffered no consequences. And Coalinga were executive director. The very bottom says caring today for a safe and healthy tomorrow. This guy, the same thing happened here. In fact, from what I last heard that same, there’s a there’s a shank that’s floating around, and no one can find it, it’s disappeared. And you got to remember, many, many, many, many, many people have died this year alone. Last year, many people died. In these facilities. It’s not safe. It’s not a safe environment for anyone. So the shank problem is, I mean, I know we see in prison movies and things like that. But this is not safe. This is happening in Kansas. So this resident suffered no consequences. I was accused of lying, dealing and trading and having a password protected financial file on a computer. The only difference differences I see in rule violations are that mine offended the administration in his did not. Because I believe his offenses were far more serious than mine. I grappled with the fact that his offenses were ignored and I was punished without trial. Why is the treatment team even involved in punishing people to begin with? Isn’t that the job of the due process coordinator? The treatment team to me first of all, they get paid. If you’re a psychiatrist and you want to get paid, go work at a state hospital because you get paid. And it sounds like you get paid to torture people. So if you’re into that. I’m sure Kalinka is calling is hiring. I’m sure. Dylan east. Dillon. Sure. I’m sure they’re hiring psychopaths. Right? I take that back. I’m not trying to call people names, I apologize. But it sure does seem like the psychiatrists that are hired there are just sent or there to inflict pain and torture and keep the cycle going. Because the cycle brings in cash, lots of cash, the more patients the more cash. That’s how it works.

Joshua T Berglan 27:51

I feel this place it’s fallen away from providing treatment. And this is evidenced by the fact that I am no longer receiving therapy for my delusional disorder. I am clinically depressed when it was when I wasn’t before. And even though I’ve pleaded and begged for treatment, the treatment team doesn’t seem willing or able to care. On Wednesday, August 12 2020, I had a medi conference with my cardiologist. I explained to him that I told everyone in the clinic from the doctor, the AP RN, all the way down to the nurses that I had weakness in my left arm and my upper arm. And it felt like I was in a vise. He stated he was never notified by anyone here at the hospital and the symptoms indicate a stroke. The cardiology cardiologist told Lynn, that I needed an MRI of the brain right away. For the life of me, I don’t understand how and why this was ignored, especially since I had just had heart surgery, which carries the risk of a stroke. This is negligence. This is malpractice. I don’t know all of the legal words for this, but this is wrong. This is wrong. To say the least I feel let down and betrayed. I wonder why I’m being treated so harshly compared to other residents. This guy is not a victim by the way. He’s really not a victim. I’m wondering why certain staff are being allowed to single me out and retaliate against me. MH DD Sandra and CTS K Keller, as explained to the UL Joanna, I don’t know what any of that stuff means, but maybe you do. And I’m wondering if I’m going to suffer from debilitating depression for the rest of my life because an untreated stroke. This is the guy who’s telling you about that doesn’t have hope yet. He’s still trying to find a way to help people and be like a nice guide other. I admire him by the way, he’s not sitting there saying he’s guilty or saying he’s innocent either. He’s served his time. But now he’s thrown in there. I’ve been here for 10 years going on 11. I’ve done everything that’s required of me. I’ve done all the classes, I’ve passed all the polygraphs, I’ve taken all the beatings from you. I no longer have any hope, motivation or zest for life and my spirit has finally been broken. I am mentally and emotionally exhausted. I’ve had enough, please just leave me alone. This is signed by him. 817 20. Well, thank God, he’s still alive. Because it’s 220 22. And we’re talking, I want to read this. Oh, this is from a year before. I haven’t read this bear with me for 30 minutes. I think this is interesting. You know, I know you’re not probably not watching to watch me do story hour. But this is important information. I mean, you know, I got other episodes if you need something more happy, because I haven’t really done that many. Workers are pretty wild. I think my the audience that used to watch and can handle this. For the new people, I don’t really know. But I think this matters, and I and I want people to understand what’s happening. And oh, by the way, you’re paying for it. If you live in one of the civil commitment states, you’re paying for this and when you hear all the money that’s going into these facilities, it’s money coming out of your pocket. But there’s way more reasons than that, that you should care. My name is MC I’ve been in, in the Kansas sexual predator treatment program at Lauren State Hospital. So I’m thinking Dillon. Treatment is isn’t Lord. I hope I said that right? Forgive me if I pronounced it wrong. The letter expresses my view of the Kansas Department of Correction Sex Offender Treatment Program. This view is also shared by a number of professionals who have had the opportunity to work for the sexual predator treatment program at Lauren State Hospital. The kto C and S OTP program overall, is helpful in assisting offenders to change their criminal lifestyle. And because the material was so helpful and changing my perspectives, I strongly feel that all offenders not just sex offenders should be required to take the program. However, my personal experience leads me to believe that certain actors saw it as an opportunity to promote personal agendas by using the program as a fact finding mission to gather information for purposes of civilly committed.

Joshua T Berglan 32:42

I began my sex offender treatment in Norton correctional facility under the supervision of Mrs. Wilcox. During this time, I was required to compile a list of victims as defined by the program. I became suspicious when I was required to list myself as a victim for engaging in personal gratification with myself while under the age of 18.

Joshua T Berglan 33:12

So basically, if you masturbated when you were a kid okay, I’m sure there’s a reason for it right? I’m sure there’s a practical reason why this would be included. I’ve offended myself for spanking the monkey. Think I can say that. After I compiled my victim list and passed my polygraph, Mrs. Wilcox began pressuring me to list more victims. Every time I turned in my victim sheet Mrs. Wilcox would slide it back across the table and tell me I should have more victims. Because I’m an exhibitionist. When I resisted, Mrs. Wilcox would resort to threats telling me she would send me to send me five to five, which was predator designation for up on the hill at Lansing correctional facility, and I would spend the rest of my life there. I later learned that five to five was Senate Bill five to five which created the sexual predators civil commitment program. At first I resisted, I became angry and argumentative. I went to Mrs. Wilcox kicked me out of the program for being resistant to treatment. By the time I was allowed back in I was so scared of being sent five to five that I was willing to tell them anything they wanted to hear. You ever hear of this is not the letter this is me talking now you ever hear of like? I mean, in some cases, they’ve drugged people to get them to confess which sounds like a conspiracy theory but there’s documented cases everywhere. When you pressure witnesses, to make them you know, to make them basically point the finger at somebody. They’ve beat confessions out of people which they weren’t really guilty but they wanted the torch You’re gonna go away. Like, people don’t like suffering, and you put enough suffering in them or cause enough suffering in their life. They’re going to do stuff. And you know what I mean in this letter because it’s a year prior, you know, spirit wasn’t broken just yet. But, I mean how many of you have like just been so exhausted with arguing with somebody just give in and go? Yeah, okay, fine. Minor example. But we do it. Now imagine spotlights glaring at you. You know, threats that I mean, just imagine it the way you see in movies, I don’t know because I mean, some of that stuff is realistic. People, if you’re not dealt used to dealing with pressure, you’re gonna fold under pressure. Even experts at dealing with pressure bowled under pressure happens all the time with athletes. Golfers but you’re threatening someone’s livelihood, their freedom being locked away forever. If you don’t do this most people are not going to go screw you or medicine or screw you on. I know this is not right. Because they know if they fight back No, it’s gonna get worse. And by the way, when you’re locked up, you have no rights really? Not really. I mean, it’s you should have some rights and in the rights I think you’re supposed to have you don’t really get and, or though it’s real, real loose, you know? But I would imagine that you take those threats a lot more serious when you have no control of the situation. So you could probably get people to admit to a lot of things just saying

Joshua T Berglan 37:17

Okay. By the time I was allowed back in, I was so scared of being sent to five to five I was willing to tell them anything they wanted to hear. I began fabricating victim after victim. Each time Mrs. Wilcox would slide the list across the table. I would add more victims. Eventually my list grew from one indecent liberties victim and a half a dozen exhibition X. You think I would know these terms? X ambition is some victims to more than 200 victims and total Good God. That lit well you know what, I violated people too because you know what, if the webcam if the government can see through our webcams, I violated them. You know? This is insane to me. Okay. That list is haunted me every sense. And it was the primary focus for my civil commitment trial. Although the state evaluator hesitated to call some of those on my list as victims. He did point out that I listed scores of victims. In the Lord sexual predator program, I resisted Tiki my polygraph out of fear that I would fail because of all the fabricated victims. This year I worked up nerve to submit a more accurate list of my therapist with significantly fewer victims. There was some hesitation and reservations for my therapist, but I easily passed the polygraph what I just read to you is a mind deaf psychological warfare doing that to another human being that is is abusive. And I’ve been molested so I’m qualified to say this. The psychological warfare, verbal abuse, playing mind games, gaslighting, narcissism all that stuff is far more damaging than being raped. Far more and, and I’m not minimizing what happens with being raped. an exhibitionist The problem was, so he probably dropped his pants and like spanked it for Listen, people exposed himself. It’s perverted. It’s weird. He was probably on drugs, maybe. I don’t know. I did a lot of weird stuff on drugs. But being an exhibitionist I mean, I don’t know. I mean, I haven’t done any studies on that like how it affects people, but I’m just how Little hard time wrapping my head around why somebody would be locked in a shadow prison and have be succumb to psychological warfare and torture. Unless it there was an ulterior motive

Joshua T Berglan 40:21

thank you for your time reading this letter, and I hope it provides you with some kind of insight into the workings of the sexual predator sexual predator treatment program. Although there are a few individuals whom this program was truly designed for, it is my hopes that Congress will take a look at the true statistics of sex offenders and implement regulations that alleviate problems associated with this issue. current regulations allow for the warehousing of men who own up to making horrific mistakes and their life and most often results in the equivalent of a life sentence. Sincerely can’t read his name. Okay, this one short so this is from an attorney. And this was sent to Mr. Hamby. I’m with my chip cemetery. Okay. So I’m gonna I’m gonna read this letter, because it’s from an attorney just for fun. I haven’t read this one either. This is short. I have received your several letters over the last few months. Some are informative. They all are. But frankly, I don’t look forward to reading your letters because they’re too depressing and frustrating. Truth means nothing. The only recourse and it is not much of one is to play the game. Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m about to read this. Okay. So play the game is of is. This is the, that’s the key phrase that people use when they say, Okay, well, I’m gonna sign up for the treatment, which means you’re signing up for psychological warfare. That’s what it means. And I know some of you’re like we’re the prisoners who cares this this could happen to you. You’re paying for this to happen. You’re paying for people to be tortured taxpayer. This is a cash grab for for the people that I mean, there’s some people profiting off this are making tons of cash tons. But play the game. Play the game is what they’re told, okay, I’m gonna shut up and start reading. The only recourse and it’s not much of one is to play the game. Although that’s no guarantee, or maybe even likelihood of escape. As I’ve said, with skate, meaning getting out, not breaking out. As I’ve said a dozen times probably play the game for a year or two, then the state couldn’t automatically and legally ignore you. But you’ve made your decision. Anyways, I’ve enclosed a copy of an agreed order and chronologically filled a couple of months filled out a couple of months ago. Miss Dorinda Mitchell has left her position with the eternal Attorney General, and wanted to clean up the records of all of our cases before she left. Just burn the evidence. I really think Judge Rumsey would like to give you some relief or opportunity for relief if he didn’t automatically have to turn you down for non participation. Although even although even he has said the SBP sexually violent persons statute doesn’t give him a whole lot of authority. At least with COVID High Styria dying down unless they ramp it back up. You can have more contact with your family, etc. Your case is too depressing. Please don’t write me. Don’t write me about it. Just kidding. Write me whenever you want. I appreciate the information. If you can stand to live in this injustice, I can stand to hear about it. Sincerely, Gerald Dami trophic. Maybe I should reach out to him. That was in June of 20. I’m gonna reach out to him today. Hopefully it will charge me to talk to him. Okay. Um, not going to just keep going through this stuff. But those of you who want to know what civil commitment is I’ll make this really, really simple to you. If you’re going What the heck is civil commitment? I mean, there’s other broadcast. You could Google it, but I’m going to give you the short version. civil commitment is additional incarceration often after a person’s entire print may start over.

Joshua T Berglan 44:54

Silver commitment is additional incarceration often after a person’s entire prison sentence. For a sex offense has been served. People live in a prison like facility consisting of a chain link fence, taught by razor wire and patrolled by uniformed armed guards, background checks for visitors monitored phone calls, mail and numerous other restrictions. Some civil commitment facilities offer sex offender treatments that never get completed. They may never get completed. They’re not meant for you to complete. Anyway, there’s a lot more I’ll do more on this another time. But there’s a lot and look as I said before, we’re that letter go for my new friend

Joshua T Berglan 45:46

Mr. Price

Joshua T Berglan 45:56

look, I was kind of having fun earlier. But what what’s happening there is wrong. And it’s just silly to me that like letters like that, I don’t know, if they thought that they were going to stop me or not, I have no idea. But all it does is add fuel to my fire. I’ve had the door slammed in my face, so many times very different various different things. And when God puts something on my heart to do, I’m going to do it. And if God calls me to care, love to pray to fight on behalf of a certain demographic, we’re going to do it. And I’m, I’m pretty relentless. Now that I have all this extra energy from not being a chem sex addict, and you know, being a junkie, I got a lot of extra energy and time on my hands. And I’m not on social media either. So I’m going to fight this. And I’m going to be a part of the fight because I can’t do it alone. And I’m going to help other people fight and what we’re doing with our foundation, I mean, look, we serve other demographics. I mean, we it’s not just working with sex offenders. But you know what, God loves them too. And so do we. And we believe that God can heal them. And so we’re going to serve them, we’re going to serve other people. And look for those of you like why in the world would you care about sex offenders? And I’ve already answered that because God did Jesus does. John God does Jesus does. And we’re gonna care about him too. And we and look, and for the victims, we care about you. I was a victim once. But I also became the victimizer in a different way but still, bad. gaslighting, cheating, abuse

Joshua T Berglan 48:22

I mean, God changed my life. Jesus changed my heart. You can change anyone’s heart. You can renew anyone’s mind. If I’m not claiming that I’m perfectly heal. But if you can heal my D ID, the way that he has. He can heal others. And I mean, this is what we do. As an organization. We care about people, we care about those that are suffering. We care about the abused. These people be sex offenders, that so many people just call a vile and disgusting, evil, they belong in hell. They weren’t born to be like that. They weren’t born to be like that. I know there’s generational sin. Things that carry over traumas that carry over generation to generation to someone breaks the cycle. But I think about all the hatred I had towards my dad. All of it When reality when the things that happened to him happened to him, he didn’t have the tools any more than I did at the time. Now, I was fortunate to grow up later. And I believe that maybe this is the way God designed it is that, okay? I get his stuff. It’s the sins of the father transfers to me. I do all the same stuff he’s doing, and what, but worse. But then, but God, and I get to break the cycle, then breaking the cycle of broke the cycle, through cycles, I’m still breaking. But you know what I mean? Like, now it’s my responsibility. Because I don’t want to carry this to the next generation. Like, if Jessica and I are blessed to have a child, I’m kind of getting older. But if we are, I’m going to be the best dad going dad ever. I love the girls that I’ve been blessed with six and seven year old and 21 year old and I have a one year old grandson now. And like, you know, I get that opportunity, because that’s what Jesus does for people. That’s what Jesus does for people. That’s why God sent His son here. I know, some people get really confused in that concept of the Trinity. And my mom was talking to my mom today, actually, because talking to my daughter about it. And cuz she was talking about the differences between Muslims and Christians. And, and I was listening to the way that she explained it. And it’s actually it’s the appropriate way to explain it. But I view it a little bit differently. And I could be wrong. But I believe that Christ dwells in all of us. I believe that the Spirit of God dwells inside all of us. And God is inside of us. We have his DNA. And I’m not saying we are God. I’m not saying we’re gods. But I do believe that Christ dwells within within us. So we are sons of God. And Jesus is our brother. I believe that he’s are keen to, but he’s our brother. And if Jesus said we would do even greater works than he. I believe it. And the difference between us and Jesus is that well, you know, some weird stuff here. But you know, I talked about soul ties, generational sins, all that, well, when you have sex. You’re basically intermixing your stuff. You transfer spirits to people. I know, I’m getting to like woowoo land here, but you can. It’s called soul ties. Well, since Jesus was born, born of a virgin,

Joshua T Berglan 53:15

he was born with those set. Therefore, you’ve got to live a sinless life. I don’t know how that’s even possible. Really? I don’t practically don’t get it. Like, how could you do that? Because I mean, I would at least stare boobs for, you know, five seconds, and I’m pretty sure that that’s a sin. That’s what’s my wife’s? I don’t know, you lost after your wife? I mean, is that okay? I don’t even know what that answer. But anyway, like, God isn’t everything God is in us Jesus. is I believe Jesus died on the cross. The reason why we follow Jesus is because the life he lived, the lessons he taught, he would by following Him by being obedient to what he teaches, what God teaches. We can access the kingdom of heaven, we can experience heaven on earth. And, yes, I believe Jesus died on a cross. And yes, I believe his spirit was released. When that happened, like they talked about next. And we have that same opportunity. I believe the Holy Spirit is always with us and always waiting. I believe the Holy Spirit is a gentleman. So the Holy Spirit’s not going to take over unless if you a make room for it. And be asked him it. So the spirits always with you. But you have to give it permission to take over and when you’re led by the Spirit, you have the ultimate navigation system. You have the ultimate guidance system. For truth for Wisdom for love all of it. So, I probably didn’t explain that very well, because I went off in Storyland. But Christ’s spirit will tell you this, I’m going to end it the healing power of the Spirit is unbelievable that it can burn, burn things out of you that don’t belong. It can give you the mind of Christ, to see clearly, to move the noise, to even have the wisdom to know what to say, God, I surrender this to you, this doesn’t belong to me, this no longer serves me. And the other thing too, about the kingdom of heaven is that you can be anywhere to experience it. So that means even locked up in a shadow prison. You can experience the kingdom of heaven, you can bring God with you everywhere. You can represent Jesus, anywhere. You can experience the fruit that comes from following Jesus and living that life. Anywhere. Humans are adaptable and moldable. So like what our surroundings in our environment, we adapt to it. That’s we’re designed to do that. But imagine how much better life is with God’s Holy Spirit, guiding your every way. And that’s what a relationship with the Lord does. And it is worth it. It’s worth it. I never thought that I would be doing any of the stuff that I’m doing the way that I’m doing it. Oh, I had these dreams. Broadcasting, speaking writing books, making movies, I dreamed about all of it. It’s all I ever wanted to do. And now I get to do it. But not in the way that I thought it was. But you know what? This is the only way. I mean, I selfish goals still. But I’m so grateful that God gave me this assignment. And so many ladies, gentlemen, family members, the loved ones of people that are locked up my hearts with you. And I’m here for you, here to pray for you. You can go to our website here. Go to live mana.org For website live model worldwide.org. Either way, they’re both sitting there, go to the same place and scan that barcode. There’s a contact page there you can book time with me. There’s a section for Joshua and Jessica that’s to meet with us. We can pray for you. We can, whatever I mean, talk to you find out ways that we can help you serve you. And we’re happy to serve. We’re again a 501 C three nonprofit media organization and we rely on your generosity. We don’t

Joshua T Berglan 58:18

like we don’t eat without your help. But we are here to serve you and not you know, ask questions about that. Like so you’re paying we’re here to serve. Anyway, thank you for watching. God bless you. And you’ll have an amazing day.

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