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One Person Media Machine by Joshua T Berglan

One Person Media Machine by Joshua T Berglan

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Media Company in A Box

The NEED for what we want to do and how to serve

Do you want to build your empire on truth or by writing hush money checks?

The importance of clarity

Why you need to value what you are doing

Why you need to build your own network, NOW

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Once upon a time not so far in the past there was a great land admired by many. The people of the land once felt safe and protected. Along came the long arm of the law and the tight fist of a group of judicial officials who felt the need to seek revenge on a certain sector of the people deemed to be the “worst of the worst” criminals. Their solution to the problem of these lawbreakers was to pick them up on their release from prison and group them together to spend the rest of their lives in confinement in secret places that society knows nothing about. This place is called a Shadow Prison to hold convicted sex offenders and is supported by the innocent by-standing taxpayers The operators of these establishments were given reign to medically neglect, abuse, isolate and perform other unspeakable acts to the now classified patients but still referred to as inmates. These are by law free men who have not been convicted of any other crimes.



There is a blight covering our beloved country and on our land. As with any infestation, in the early stages, the damage goes unnoticed by those without a trained eye. As this blight begins to grow, those who have seen the damage are trying to stem the growth and remove the problem with unreasonable laws filled with revenge and hate. The infestation is still growing because what appeared appropriate on paper and in theory is a miserable failing everyone program.

I am speaking of men who are now serving a life sentence after finishing a court mandated state prison sentence. The solution is only making the situation worse and like the ineffective weed killer on the infestation, the problem grows bigger each day. The men and women serving a newly acquired life sentence are being punished for a crime they may commit somewhere and sometime in the future. These people have not broken any laws since their release from their prison sentence. They are continuing to receive the utmost torture because of a few soothsayers’ predictions. Who are these soothsayers with so much power? These are the men and women who have been declared mental health experts, who claim that they have the power and knowledge to make this world a better place by keeping a particular class of offender locked away until they die. These men and at least four women have been deemed the worst of the worst offenders. They are sex offenders classified as Sexually Violent Persons or Sexually Violent Predators (SVPs), and they are now relegated to the modern-day equivalent of a dungeon called civil commitment centers best known as Shadow Prisons.

Joshua T Berglan “I Repent”

Joshua T Berglan “I Repent”

An outline of this broadcast by Joshua T Berglan….

Why you need to change the way you use technology.

How do we know what’s leading us is really God? Is it really the Spirit of God?

If anyone adds anything to these words, God will take away the ones that share the one share of the tree of life.

What is prosperity deliverance? -.

The supernatural is a slippery slope when you think about it.

God is the ultimate authority in all things. There is nothing without him.

Pleasure is a trap because we get addicted to pleasure.

If you don’t have the ears to hear, you’re getting gas-lighted.

There is no world’s mayor -.

How do you feel when you’re in the presence of God?

Halloween VS God

Halloween VS God

Is Halloween the devils day,

or is it actually more about God than we think? (Depends on your Google search…)

Can a man-made event hold a candle to The Power of God?

Could my child’s participation in Halloween cause them to mess up God’s plan?

If we trick or treat, does God think we don’t love Him?

Will my family be cursed if we dress up in costumes?

Will we go to hell for all of these things?

This holiday seems to spark controversy and division between believers and Followers of Christ,

Which I do not believe is what God would want.

So, for other’s who, like myself, have struggled with this day, I’ll share my thoughts:

Halloween is just a word,

Unless you give it power to

become more.

“Locked Up For Life and Never Been Charged With a Crime” Joshua ‘The World’s Mayor’

“Locked Up For Life and Never Been Charged With a Crime” Joshua ‘The World’s Mayor’

What would you do if you were locked away in a “prison” with no chance of getting out for a crime you were never convicted of?

What would you do if it was for over 40 years?

Joshua ‘The World’s Mayor’ welcomes Mr. Daniel Larsen LIVE from Moose Lake’s very own shadow prison, MSOP to discuss his living nightmare and what he wants to the world to know about Civil Commitment.

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Joshua T Berglan

“Signs & Wonders” Joshua ‘The World’s Mayor’

“Signs & Wonders” Joshua ‘The World’s Mayor’

On “Signs & Wonders” with Joshua ‘The World’s Mayor’ we discuss….

You can’t keep a good man down.
What will happen if we lose our network?
Even if we lose everything, we’re going to continue to serve.
“If I didn’t have Jesus in my life, there’s no way I’d have peace.”
It’s like the town square.
The more I pursued the Bible the more I got closer to Jesus.
What’s the difference between deliverance and deliverance?
When you have this stuff that is like on its own, it’s amazing.
What if one of the people that’s putting their hands on you has a demon of theirs?
and I want what’s real. I want a very authentic relationship with God.