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One Person Media Machine by Joshua T Berglan

One Person Media Machine by Joshua T Berglan

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In this broadcast Joshua discusses:

Media Company in A Box

The NEED for what we want to do and how to serve

Do you want to build your empire on truth or by writing hush money checks?

The importance of clarity

Why you need to value what you are doing

Why you need to build your own network, NOW

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Joshua T Berglan “I Repent”

Joshua T Berglan “I Repent”

An outline of this broadcast by Joshua T Berglan….

Why you need to change the way you use technology.

How do we know what’s leading us is really God? Is it really the Spirit of God?

If anyone adds anything to these words, God will take away the ones that share the one share of the tree of life.

What is prosperity deliverance? -.

The supernatural is a slippery slope when you think about it.

God is the ultimate authority in all things. There is nothing without him.

Pleasure is a trap because we get addicted to pleasure.

If you don’t have the ears to hear, you’re getting gas-lighted.

There is no world’s mayor -.

How do you feel when you’re in the presence of God?

Halloween VS God

Halloween VS God

Is Halloween the devils day,

or is it actually more about God than we think? (Depends on your Google search…)

Can a man-made event hold a candle to The Power of God?

Could my child’s participation in Halloween cause them to mess up God’s plan?

If we trick or treat, does God think we don’t love Him?

Will my family be cursed if we dress up in costumes?

Will we go to hell for all of these things?

This holiday seems to spark controversy and division between believers and Followers of Christ,

Which I do not believe is what God would want.

So, for other’s who, like myself, have struggled with this day, I’ll share my thoughts:

Halloween is just a word,

Unless you give it power to

become more.

“Locked Up For Life and Never Been Charged With a Crime” Joshua ‘The World’s Mayor’

“Locked Up For Life and Never Been Charged With a Crime” Joshua ‘The World’s Mayor’

What would you do if you were locked away in a “prison” with no chance of getting out for a crime you were never convicted of?

What would you do if it was for over 40 years?

Joshua ‘The World’s Mayor’ welcomes Mr. Daniel Larsen LIVE from Moose Lake’s very own shadow prison, MSOP to discuss his living nightmare and what he wants to the world to know about Civil Commitment.

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Joshua T Berglan

“Signs & Wonders” Joshua ‘The World’s Mayor’

“Signs & Wonders” Joshua ‘The World’s Mayor’

On “Signs & Wonders” with Joshua ‘The World’s Mayor’ we discuss….

You can’t keep a good man down.
What will happen if we lose our network?
Even if we lose everything, we’re going to continue to serve.
“If I didn’t have Jesus in my life, there’s no way I’d have peace.”
It’s like the town square.
The more I pursued the Bible the more I got closer to Jesus.
What’s the difference between deliverance and deliverance?
When you have this stuff that is like on its own, it’s amazing.
What if one of the people that’s putting their hands on you has a demon of theirs?
and I want what’s real. I want a very authentic relationship with God.



This great country that we, the people, love to brag about being one of the most caring, democratic, freedom loving nation is showing the world that we are anything but civilized. We are only sheep being led by wolves.

While most of us go about our business of trying to survive, each and every day we leave the lawmakers and judges to design the life we are to live without question. On the one hand we condone the taking of an unborn life and on the other hand enforce sanctions on those who commit such a sin. We go to extremes placing one race above another, one class above the other, one gender above another, and then lump genders into transition and sexual orientation labels. If at this point we haven’t enforced enough cruelty let’s take men who have committed a sexual offense, plead guilty or went to trial and were found guilty and given a prison sentence. The sentence is the right one they ri received because they had committed a crime, some of them so heinous as to never be discussed again. These men finished their court ordered sentence only to find upon release they are going to be sent to a treatment center with other like offenders. When these men arrive at the treatment center, they find that what goes on is anything but mental or medical treatment. They have arrived at a CIVIL COMMITMENT CENTER FOR SEX OFFENDERS. Many of these locations call themselves hospitals to hide what is really happening.