Jessica and God

Jessica and God “Love Your Neighbor”

Jessica and God “Love Your Neighbor”

“Jesus tells the parable of the lost sheep to show that the Kingdom of God is accessible to all, even those who were sinners or strayed from God’s path.
He uses the example of a shepherd (God) who has 100 sheep and one goes missing.
The shepherd leaves the 99 others and searches high and low for the lost sheep.
Jesus stresses that when the shepherd finds the lost sheep he rejoices over it more than the 99 who did not go astray.
This is how God will rejoice when a sinner returns to Him.”
(Matthew 18: 10–14)
Everyone’s journey with the Lord is different….
It is not our job to judge our brothers and sisters.
It is our job to love them just like our Father God loves us…
Because the only way
to lead His
Lost children
back to Him…
Is to let His unconditional love shine through us.

Jessica and God “God always knows better”

Jessica and God “God always knows better”

God always knows better

When I was in high school I remember how heartbreaking it was to end a relationship before I was ready for it to be over.

Even when I was the unhappy one


When they weren’t willing to do the work…

It somehow felt like I had failed.

I also remember 

how grateful I was 

after enough time had passed…. 


my emotional attachment would dissipate… 


I was able to see 

clearly again, 

that my life was actually better without that person. 

Jessica and God “Stay Lit”

Jessica and God “Stay Lit”

Stay Lit

I’ve been hanging on to some anger and hurt for the past few days.
I allowed the enemy to get his foot in the door of my heart.
The Bible tells us to go directly to our brother or sister when we have a problem,
but many of us do not do this….
When did we become so scared of talking to each other…
Being wrongly accused is not an easy weight to bare,
it hurts like heck
when you know your heart does not resemble the way that it’s being depicted.
It’s even more difficult when you live a life of honesty and intentionality.