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“Civil Commitment” by Nicole Roberson

“Civil Commitment” by Nicole Roberson

Many of you don’t even know what Civil Commitment is, but let me give you a crash course:

It’s when an individual commits at least 2 sexual offenses and 1 or both result in incarceration. 30 days or so before the inmates release from serving there sentences handed down by judge or jury during due process proceedings. The vultures attack: DOJ (department of corrections) Psychologist paid by the State and a disciplinary committee of TDCJ all got together and secretly targeted these inmates to file suite on them to civilly commit and refer them to TCCO(Texas Civil Commitment Office), ran by Director Marsha McLane, Assistant Director And Attorney Jessica Marsh and a select group of correctional personnel, child advocacy people, criminal lawyers etc. And appoint them to the TCCO BOARD.

“Life is not easy.” – Jessica & God

“Life is not easy.” – Jessica & God

Sometimes I struggle to feel connected to those I keep close to me,
And relying on God as our provider can sometimes feel like a game of chicken.
Being away from my children when they go to their dad’s house has become nearly unbearable,
And CoParenting is comparable to an amusement park attraction.

Loneliness can feel tangible.

The more challenging life becomes,
The harder it can be to hear God.
I try to manage every aspect of life before
I just can’t anymore, and I begin to fall apart.
There are times that it sounds so much easier to just sleep through the rest.

In these darker days I forget to surrender.
I forget to give Him my problems.
I forget that God can help me find my way back.

Sometimes I am so scared of what might happen
if I were to stop trying to hold it all together.

So I hold on too tight
and for far too long.
But by doing this I am pushing God away.
I’m telling God that I don’t trust him to take these problems from me.

I am also allowing the enemy room to set up camp in my mind, and in my life.
Once this happens it’s only a matter of time
Before that angel of darkness is wreaking all kinds of havoc.

I’ve started a new thing.
When I feel like I can’t take anymore
I go to the lake.

I sit by the water, I cry and sometimes I scream.
I release everything that weighs down my spirit.

I don’t always feel better though,
And I don’t always hear God’s answers to my questions.
Sometimes I feel even more defeated,
And I need to go back day after day.

Until that one day happens,
When God does something inside of me,
And I begin to feel peace again.

God’s blessings are not given to us as rewards or prizes.
He doesn’t value money or give weight to fear.
We are His treasure, His Children.
When we allow Him to work miracles,
He’s able to fix us
From the inside out.
God wants to take everything that this world has thrown at us,
And He makes us whole again.

We only have to remember.

“Be Quiet.” Jessica & God

“Be Quiet.” Jessica & God

We are taught at a very young age to participate in self-dialog.

As a child I remember my dad calling me “motor-mouth,” or asking “who put a quarter in it” when I would try to tell a story.

Our parents and teachers tell us to talk to ourselves, rather than out loud.
They do not talk to us unless it is on topic with their own agenda.
And half the time they are manipulating the narrative in order to achieve their desired results.

To add fuel to the fire,
During conflict we are then sent to our rooms, often angry and confused.
We are sent away with no one to talk to but ourselves.
How do we learn to love correctly if we are never shown love that is unconditional?

As adults, we are holding things from our childhood,
Because we were never given a safe space.
Now we are so used to keeping things to ourselves that
It’s become hard to believe anyone wants to take our pain from us.
So we find places inside of ourselves to tuck it all away,
Until it manifests into physical form.

Our minds have been programmed to be noisy,
And it’s making us sick.
It’s literally killing us.

We have been programmed to talk to ourselves, rather than to be silent.
This makes our mind like a playground for the devil.
Because he knows that it is hard to hear God with so much noise.

Last night I made the decision to unplug that cord tying me to this world.
I told my mind to be still.
I turned off the noise.

This morning the fog was gone,
my faith was a little bit bigger,
and I remembered to listen a bit longer than I speak.

“Carry each other’s burdens and so you will fulfill the law of Christ.”
-Galatians 6:2



A prison by any other name is still a prison as long as those who are confined inside are not free to pursue their God given rights as stated in the United States of America Constitution and Bill of Rights.
As Americans the Bill of Rights provides these freedoms among the ten:
Freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures.
Freedom from cruel and unusual punishment.
Freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition.
Right to due process of law and double jeopardy.

These rights are totally ignored for people convicted of a sexual offense and who are free men with the completion of a court ordered sentence. Where in the Constitution or Bill of Rights is there permission to sentence a person to an indefinite incarceration for a crime not yet committed?



Hello, I’m Nicole and welcome to my Intro. Segment of how the very people we put in office secretly create programs, rules and Laws that are blatantly inhumane and violate The Constitution of the United States. This is what’s happening to American Citizens that have served their time for sexual offenses, then undenounced to them and their families were herded off at the end of their sentences with the promise of A court ordered Treatment and Rehabilitation program with a potential exit $r those who complete the program successfully. Let’s take a look at some of the history of Civil Commitment to create public awareness about this program. It’s guaranteed to shock you. As I progress through my Segments you all should keep in mind that these same injustices could happen to you or your loved one in the future and if legislatures are being NON-TRANSPARENT about the Bills that they sign into Law and what all that entails they are simply acting in their own self interest, not the publics. In my next Segment I will inform you on how they are fleecing taxpayers dollars, using a form of extortion for money in order to grant residents and their loved ones the privilege of residents getting basic Healthcare needs, nutritional needs, as well as basic necessities. In further segments I will inform you about how this program facility in Littlefield Texas is running an over capacitated, bodies for Dollars concentration camp

“Wake Up Sleepers: Programed” Jessica and God

“Wake Up Sleepers: Programed” Jessica and God

“Oh let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end;
but establish the just:
for the righteous God trieth the hearts and reins.”
-Psalm 7:9 KJV

The laws of this earth are not for us.
They are not meant to protect us.
They are meant to divide us.

Nothing on earth is exactly as it seems
We were never meant to succeed under man’s law,
but under God’s law.

If we only knew the truth
I bet we’d turn and walk away
from everything we’d normally run to.

The things that we believed were to help us,
to protect us…
Are the very same things that made us this way,

They broke us to rebuild us
So they could control us.

We have been categorized
into a multitude of tiny groups,
programmed to believe that we are opposing forces.

We have been programmed to either
Fight or Flight.

We have so many programmed beliefs
that we can no longer see where we started,
Or where we went wrong.

Every word & Every action is a trigger,
The lingering aftermath of trauma for someone,
Regardless of intentions.

We all need to heal,
And we cannot do it alone.

It can only be done by Love,
God’s Love
Through us.



My name is “Preacher’s Wife” and I am writing this first blog to attract and draw attention to a deplorable condition created by the media, judiciary, legislative, wealthy investors, and society to contain people who are equally feared and hated. The media has conditioned the public to buy into their false truths and biases of people convicted of a sex offense.