“Your personal fulfillment is possible only in so far as you complete your destiny. The discovery of your personal purpose and its relationship to God’s universal purpose
must be the basis from which you live. You must strive to be who you were born to be.” Dr. Myles Munroe


Who are you born to be?

You of course, but DO YOU KNOW who you are?

On, “Born to Be”, Joshua ‘The World’s Mayor’ takes a deeper dive into Dr. Myles Munroe’s book, “In Pursuit of Purpose” to unveil just how important it is to God (and should be to you) that we live in the purpose which we were created for.

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Joshua T Berglan


Broadcast Outline 

Why is your purpose such an integral part of you?
We’re going to do this until the wheels fall off.
What is your vision for a community center?
Teaching people how to speak on camera and broadcast.
Why you need to join our team.
The questions you need to ask yourself when you’re living your purpose.
Your personal fulfilment is possible only in so far as you complete your destiny.
You must strive to be who you’re born to be.
What happens when you get together and then you start sleeping with other people.
Personal fulfilment is the only true measure of success.


– Live to be alive, to live –

-Mana is the spiritual life force energy and healing power that permeates the universe-

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Joshua T Berglan 0:01
Hey, what’s up everybody? My name is Joshua, the world’s mayor, I’m so blessed to have you here today. Today we are going to be continuing this discussion on purpose. And today is why is why your purpose is such an integral part of you. Now, this is more interesting than the title sounds, I promise you. And this is literally the fourth time in less than 24 hours that I’ve tried to do this broadcast. Internet towers went out yesterday, electricity went out today when I was trying to do this broadcast, and then it came back to do it again. And then somewhere in the middle of me talking, I just had this brain fart where I’m sitting there for 30 seconds, 45 seconds, maybe even a minute going. What am I thought go my brain right now I’m so I have so much information. I’m so full of information that I just want to like, vomit out on people that what happens is I start talking and then as I’m telling that story, it reminds me of something else. And then I’m like over here, and then I’m like, oh well how am I going to circle back and make it all the way over here? Anyway, then I got lost. I don’t know what’s going to happen when I turned 50 i There’s no telling. I hope that there is a nootropic that is invented that will help me repair my brain. All of the damage that I did to it all those years putting snorting and smoking and shooting all kinds of god awful things. Anyway, so blessed to have you here we are on the live mana Network. Thank you so much for all of your support. Of course we’re a 501 C three nonprofit the bit mana worldwide Foundation. We are a nonprofit media organization that serves well the underserved. We serve the voiceless we serve the people that have been left behind the people that have been rejected from society, the people that normally don’t have access to executive level media training, especially new media. We give the services away. We give we worked with plus to work with prisoners were bused to work with EX convicts were x, we’re blessed to work with families, other ministries, other nonprofits, individuals from around the world. Just yesterday, really excited about this, we have an a ministry in Uganda that’s now doing our media training, which then qualifies them for our one on one consulting, which we give away for free. We don’t put a time limit on people. We do not tell people No. And I mean, look, you do have to do the work. But I mean, we teach you, we show you we’ve done all the work, we make this as easy as possible for you. All you have to do is have some work ethic, and you get to do it. So we have we’ve all it’s interesting to me in America, we finally have, we have groups that we’re working with now, as is. And I love that because it working with groups is really how this gets momentum, what we teach and what we offer. But as a whole, it’s been mostly groups, organizations and individuals from everywhere in the world, but the United States, it’s mind blowing to me how they seem to get what’s needed, more so than anyone else, more than what’s happening in the United States. Now, I believe that there’s a lot of reasons for that, keep it to myself. But nonetheless, we’re here to serve anyone that needs it, we are never going to let money get in the way of helping people get what they need. From us, like anything that we can provide. We’re going to provide, that’s what we do. It’s what we believe in. And we’re passionate about it. And we’re gonna do this until the wheels fall off. And you know, what, every month feels like, the wheels are falling off. Like we don’t we do we try to do this work full time. Although I did get an acting job for next week, which I’m excited about. I get to play a homeless guy. Oh, well, you know, I’ve been homeless, this is great. shooting a commercial for a church of all things, and I get to play

Joshua T Berglan 4:11
homeless guy, so awesome. Anyway. Um, so but we sell fund and we rely on your generosity to keep going. So we are grateful for all of your support. And if you believe in the work that we’re doing, you want to learn more you want to sew into us, you want to partner with us, you want to sponsor us, you want to run commercials on our network, anything like that, or if we can serve you, of course, because we’re here to serve first and foremost, we are here to give our gift away. And because we want to elevate the kingdom, and we want to do God’s the work that God’s called us to do. And we want to bless all of you with that. Like we don’t do everything. We’re not experts in everything. But we are experts in what we know. And that’s what we teach and that’s what we give away. But you can go to live mana.org And you can also scan that barcode There’s a contact page, they’re both at the very bottom of the page, you can send an email that will go right directly to me. And then on the contact page, you can book time with us, there’s several different options, you can book time, happy to talk to you happy to serve, happy to pray for you, anything we can do, we’re happy to do it. And as I said, we’ll keep doing this until the wheels fall off. And every month, it feels like the wheels are about to come off. Because, well, you know, it’s, it’s not easy to run this kind of business. The way that we do it and just give things away. So we really do rely on your generosity. And even if we lose our network, and we lose, you know, the foundation, we’re still going to be here to serve, because that’s what God’s called us to do. So we’re not married to the assets that we have, except my wife and I be married to each other. But, you know, like we’re going to serve, because that’s what we’re called to do. But I would like to keep our foundation going. Because we have a big, big vision, which is in a video, you can actually see it on our homepage of our website. Now we have a very big vision. And some of the changes that you’re about to see on the website, two different changes, is that live mana.org and live Mana worldwide.org are about to become two different sites, which I’m excited about, because I’ve been waiting to do this. And so building another website for us. And what was the point of that? Oh, also, you’re going to be able to see more in depth about our vision, and our goals for the next couple of years. Like what we want to do with the live moto network, what we want to do with our publishing side, we want to do with the production side, what we want to do with the commerce side. And of course, like there’s just a lot going on, that we get to do. And we’re so blessed. And of course, the bigger goal that we have is the media literacy centers that will serve the youth. And of course, people with troubled past people that don’t have, again, the financial access to be able to pay for media trainings and media consulting or people that don’t they want to find a way to say, well, you know what, I’m an artist, like how do I get my message out? How do I get discovered? How do I monetize my art? How do I bring in revenue? How do I do all these things? This is what we’re here to help with. And so it’s interesting, and it’s I guess it probably takes guts because I was that kid. I hated college hated school actually hated coops. I love college because I got the party. But I didn’t really like school itself. I didn’t like high school didn’t like Junior High didn’t like elementary school. I didn’t like any of that. And then of course, when I got to college, like yeah, you’re only teaching that because, you know, you didn’t you sucked in business. So that’s why you’re teaching business. So the irony in that attitude that I had, is now that I’m teaching all this stuff, because I feel led to teach and not go on the business side. Well, here’s why. I didn’t go on the business side of things. Because the people I wanted to help didn’t have the money to pay me. I don’t, I’ll help rich people, no problem helping rich people, but who we are trying to help. The circumstances are a little bit different. So it wasn’t an option to go, you’re gonna pay me. I didn’t want to do that. That’s not what God put on my heart to do. You can challenge me if whether I know what I’m talking about or not do the training. See how it changes your life, the trainings on our website, boy being cocky. But anyway, I’m very confident in my gifting. I’m confident in my purpose. I’m confident in what God created me to do, how it’s all going to work out. I don’t know so much. I never know. I live on faith, a bold faith, a daring faith, a faith that is really quite unsure. It’s quite unshakable.

Joshua T Berglan 9:05
Because I’ve seen God perform miracle after miracle after miracle. And I gotta tell you something, the miracles are fewer and further between now that God knows I trust him, because I guess he doesn’t have to prove himself anymore. Because he’s already done it. And, and he gave me my life back. You know, the life that sir can’t succumb to every kind of bad addiction and just unhealthy lifestyle. Like God gave me the life that he intended me to live back. I have scars from my past. But like I owe God everything. This is why I’m all in. This is why I’m doing this till the wheels fall off. Regardless of what happens. We need your support. We do especially to keep going because our vision when you see how big it is. We need resources for that. We’re looking for buildings if you’re a community center, for instance. Like I want to have my own community centers with. Boy, I’m going to share my vision with you. It’s in the video, I played it in yesterday’s broadcast, but I’ll share my vision with you or the bigger part of it. So we want to create, you know, the Boys and Girls Clubs, boys and girls clubs were these amazing, and they submit, I think there’s still some around I just haven’t seen one in a while. But they have these amazing facilities where people go, and they get you know, there’s different types of fitness and working out and brotherhood and, you know, you you make friends, and there’s community and there’s role models there. And they’re, you know, I love that part of it. And, and, of course, growing up in the church and then sort of being inspired by certain ministries, especially the ones that work with the work in the inner cities that work with the homeless that work with the junkie on the street, and they’re spiritually and in reality feeding and clothing them too. I’ve been inspired by those ministries, inner city ministries, inspire me ministries that, like you’re in Afghanistan, and oh my gosh, I’ve just, I just got asked to go speak there. Why am I they brick kiln slavery? Oh, my gosh. Dr. Abra, lives there, Pakistan dead gummit. Pakistan get asked to go speak in Pakistan. Like, the way that those ministries serve, like that inspires me, because they don’t have the big bright lights and fancy equipment and everything else. Doing like dirt ministry, street ministry like it the real deal. So I’ve been inspired by that inner city ministries, where you may pull in homeless people off the street, and they’re, they’re in the middle of the service, but they’re laying on the side because you’re coming off of something. I love those churches, because that’s what the church should be. Who cares if the people inside are uncomfortable, it’s a hospital for sinners. Not a gathering of saints to party. I mean, it’s it was supposed to be there to feed people and help rehabilitate people. So anyway, our vision is a hybrid of those style of churches, community centers. And of course, Boys and Girls Clubs. So we want to have food, a thrift shop where, look, you can come get clothes, no questions asked. But if you’ve got money, and you’re going to take something, though, tip down, though, donation down food, to be like a food pantry to the function as a food pantry that prepares hot meals that has that there has a congregation where people can go and we can gather together and you can hear speakers and listen, I know. All are welcome. All welcome. Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, atheist, I don’t care transgender, gay, bisexual, you’re all welcome. This congregation will be a different kind of church. It will be there to show the love of Jesus. But we’re not going to throw the Bible at people. As I know it’s going to be it’s going to be the hands and feet of Jesus. It’s gonna teach what Jesus taught. But it’s not a religious hierarchy and throwing you know, like, Ah, we’re we’re not going to have these arguments where people are fighting over what the scripture is trying to say. It that will never factor in anywhere. Because no one is going to sit and claim that they know, or at least as far as leadership is concerned that they know every little thing about the Bible, and will never be that way. They’ll never be that way. Because no one really knows everything about the Bible.

Unknown Speaker 13:55
No, no one.

Joshua T Berglan 13:58
Except God, of course. Alright, maybe the powers to be maybe the Vatican secrets. I mean, maybe they maybe, maybe they know. But even still, I don’t think they know everything. So anyway. So food, clothing, for congregation classrooms. Classrooms are there and of course, I don’t believe in having anything closed off. So people need to see what you’re doing because look, dealing with people that have gone through, you know, they’ve been trafficked, they’ve been abused, probably have some triggers and some mental uniqueness. The last thing anybody needs is being locked in a room somewhere that there’s no windows and no one can see anything and like it’s a safe place. So the classrooms are there. And then of course, little mini studios, because we want to teach people how to speak on camera. How to broadcast it’s not just about broadcasting. Because in the New World, you’re gonna have to know how to talk when Camera, whether you’re on TV or not, because really TV, podcasts, radio, social media, all this stuff is gonna blend together, it’s, it’s all gonna blend together. And so you are going to have to be a part of this, like your business, no matter what you do, you are not AI proof, not AI proof, you’ve got to be that you got to know media, you got to have the multiple revenue streams, you got to know these things. So we’re going to teach all that to the youth. And for people that are working to rehabilitate their life, that are working to rehabilitate their life that have gone through traffic and gone through abuse, they’ve been in the prison system, they’ve been in and out of foster homes, and they know they, they just know what hell is like. But they’ve made a decision that they want to turn their life around, they want something better, doesn’t mean that they’ve given their life to Jesus yet, it doesn’t mean that they even claim a god as even God yet. We’re trying to meet people where they’re at. But we’re gonna do it with opportunity. Because what’s worse, the, I think the percentage, I’ve done a few anti human trafficking broadcasts in a while. But the percentage of trafficking victims that go back to their captor is like in the upper 90s for a murder somewhere from 92, it’s not 100%. I think it’s like 92 to 96% is somewhere in that range. Right? So it’s not really upper. But you get my point. That’s how many go back. Why did they go back? Well, they’ve pretty much proven it’s because the devil, you know, is better than the one you don’t know. I don’t know you. I know the devil, I don’t like the devil very much. I’d rather not know him at all. That said, I get that description. It’s scary to leave a toxic environment, a toxic relationship, because, well, this person does make you feel good on occasion, even after they’re beating the crap out of you, or cheating on you or whatever. But you keep going back and you keep going back. Because in your brain, you feel like they’re the only ones that can nurse you back to health. Or you’re like, Well, no one else would love me. Because I got a record. And I’ve got HIV, and no one no woman, no good woman is going to love me. So I’m going to sell for this one. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said that to myself. Anyway. So the back to what we were talking about, we want to have also we will have resources in place. So as kids are they’re learning and how to multiply their gift and multiply their talent and expand it and link learning how that they can use it in a way that feels good to them. And they feel safe, and they feel empowered. Because it’s not just like saying here you need to broadcast. It’s not it’s not that media is not broadcasting, it’s one piece of it. Media is so many different things, book publishing, you know, but you need even if you’re an artist, any type of artists, you need media, you need it. And I’m not even talking social media, I’m talking to media. So we want to have experts in place that people that truly understand nutrition, health, mental uniqueness, and also how to help with trauma victims, we want to have those people in place to and because I know that when a kid feels safe. I mean, even Heck, even adults for that pattern. I’ve always taught and said kids, but really, it’s when anyone feels safe, they’re going to tell you the truth. It’s where they don’t feel safe, or they feel that something bad’s gonna happen to me then that they begin to lie. I mean, there’s lots of reasons for lying, but, you know, a safe environment, a secure environment,

Joshua T Berglan 19:00
an encouraging environment. You’re being spiritually and physically fed, you’re being clothed. But you’re also in a community of other people that are like you that want to make a better life for themselves. And so these centers, food, congregation classrooms, little mini studios, you know, art rooms, safe places, also activity rooms, because you got to be active, you got to have health whether, you know, some believers freak out about yoga, but yoga or pilates, you know, I mean, it would be awesome to have a weight room to, you know, different types of therapies. We want to get really crazy. We get into equine therapy, but basically it giant community center that’s meant to encourage community and kingdom and safety and healing and love and education that is preparing kids and adults for what they need to know, not what some school board decided or stay away from conspiracy stuff for a second. I mean, every public education, public school I know of is indoctrination and propaganda. But um, no real education, like skills and tools. In I mean, obviously, it’s, you know, technology is such a huge thing. Like, this is where we’re all going. So like, we need to know these things. And if the school is not preparing them, you’re teaching them how to manage money, teaching them how to, you know, just do the things that were not taught to us in school. So anyway, that’s kind of all over the place. But these are the places that we want to, we want to build and we want to build them in, you know, cities, all inner cities all over the world. Not just I mean, New York, LA, of course, San Diego, Miami, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, in New York City, Boston, Las Vegas, and then Mexico City, London, Shanghai, Johannesburg, Moscow, Shanghai, I think I said Shanghai, already Tokyo, Sydney, all over the world, we want to do this. And we want to be well, this is our vision of church, just not going to call it a church. I mean, essentially, what this is, is a church, what we believe the church should be. And that’s why that’s the bigger vision. And, but obviously, we have smaller pieces that go there, too. So anyway, without going too far into that 22 minutes in, I didn’t do my intro video, and I don’t care. So let’s get into the pursuit of purpose. Because ultimately, this is what I’m pursuing. This is what my wife and I are pursuing. You want to join our team, please do. Again, live mana.org, there’s a contact form. We’d love to have you join us. Whatever gifts and talent you have, we want to help you amplify that. We believe in exchanging value for value. So who cares if you don’t have any money, there’s other ways that you can come on board or I mean, we can we can teach you things we can give you opportunities. There’s we want to trade value for value. And of course, we want to give value everywhere we go. Even if somebody does, it has nothing to offer us. But if you want to join our team, you want to grow, you want to platform, reach out, we’re here to serve. This is our purpose. This is why we’re here. This is our vision. And this is everything to us. And I can’t tell you that this has been easy. I’m not going to tell you it’s been easy. It’s been freaking hard. It’s also been the only thing that’s really brought me any joy. I mean, my wife and kids bring me joy. I’m talking about like personal stuff, like, you know, like, personal goals. And I had all these other secular goals. And I have some of them, I still have some of them. I still want to do a world tour and still want to do. You know, I want to travel all over the world and speak and serve. That’s ultimately what I want to do. Like basically the places I travel where we want to put these community centers. And if we don’t get the buildings for it, well guess what, if you have your own community center, let us come in and help. We want to come teach, we will kind of want to come work, we’ll help you market and promote we’ll do anything we just want to serve. And the fact is, we know it works. We’ve served

Joshua T Berglan 23:58
what does that say? Eight ministries that make that nine? Well over 250 broadcast, eight new TV shows 50 individual consulting calls, which actually that went up because we did to yesterday, and more people have watched the media training. We’re serious about this. So you want to join us. Come on. Really appreciate it. All right. I’m gonna take a deep breath now. All Fired up, shuffling paper. Let’s get into purpose. Your purpose is an integral part of you. Like the manufacturer who created the electric fan for a specific purpose. So God created you with a definite purpose in mind. Your existence is evidence that this generation needs something that your life contains your life. You are the creation that can meet God’s desired result. consummating the purpose does not just happen as a byproduct of life. You’re responsible for the intentional fulfilment of your purpose. So the world may benefit from your contribution, just like the millions of people are benefiting, benefiting from the purpose of the electric fan. Let me read that, again. You are responsible for the intentional fulfillment of your purpose. So the world may benefit from your contribution, just like millions of people are benefiting from the purpose of electric fan.

Unknown Speaker 25:29
It’s your responsibility.

Joshua T Berglan 25:33
You can’t blame anyone else for you, not living your purpose. There is no one to blame, even if you’re in jail. And I’m talking to people in jail right now. Even if you’re in jail, even if you’re locked up in a shadow prison, and you’re not getting out, as far as what they tell you.

Unknown Speaker 25:57
It does not mean

Joshua T Berglan 26:00
that you get to give up on your purpose.

Unknown Speaker 26:06
It’s why you’re breathing.

Joshua T Berglan 26:11
And every day that you don’t do what you are called to do, what you’re being led to do, you are denying God and the process. Some of you don’t believe in God, so you don’t care. Let me just tell you. It’s a dead end path. Living the life that you are created to live is the ultimate freedom and you can do it anywhere. You can do it anywhere, it may not be to the level that you think that you’re or, I mean, maybe you’re gonna get there. Right? Put in your mind like you see the stage, you see the bright lights, you see the you know, traveling and going to different countries like I that’s what I see. Not there yet. I’ve only gone to a couple of different countries. Of course, producing that offended extra city was cool. But anyway. I haven’t done all that yet. But the fact is, I’m living my purpose. Now. I’m doing all the things that I’m supposed to do that will eventually get me to where I’m spoilt that where I see where I believe God has got to show me that I’ll go but I also believe that I will go even further than that. Because God always over delivers on his promises. The dream dreams and visions, visions you’ve had of this better life, this life that’s better than the one you’re living now. That’s God showing you what’s possible. But it’s even better than that. And I haven’t even had my better than that yet. As far as the bigger thing. But along the way, on this path, there’s little things that drop in here and there to remind me that I’m on my way. And then when there’s a little revelation that revelations even better than what was originally believed how it happened.

Joshua T Berglan 28:25
But it takes you deciding and committing to pursuing said purpose and being willing to do the things that it takes to get there. And so one of the questions that you can ask yourself is, what am I doing right now? With my time, my talent? Am I treasure? Are those things serving God’s purpose?

Joshua T Berglan 28:58
are they contributing to the life that you want to live? In other words, the time I’m spending, doing whatever it is that you’re doing? Is that going? Is that sewing in the direction that I want to go? Or is it like completely the opposite? Do you have an obsession with sex? That you’re spending hours of your day hunting and searching for something when you should be doing something that’s going towards showing God that you’re serious about your dream and vision? And I didn’t just say that to judge. I said that because that’s been my biggest struggle. When I get stressed out. I want crazy sex and You know, course crazy sex can be defined by whatever. But it’s let’s just say that my old way of doing things is what I begin to crave when I’m stressed out, because that is always how I dealt with stress, or pain, or joy for that matter. I dealt with my problems with sex and drugs together. So, if I’m spending my days kind of pursuing those things, or even flirting with going to do those things, am I really showing God that I’m serious? And this could be, but you could ask yourself about social media, how much time you’re on social media, how much time you’re spending, watching Netflix, and so on, and so on. And I’m not saying that you don’t spend time on social media or Netflix. I’m not saying that. But how much time are you spending there? Like, lay it out? Are you spending more time learning about God? And what God wants from you for meeting his word? And spending time with him to hear Him and His Word? Are you spending more time? With everything else? I can’t answer that. But when I asked myself that question, I started taking making a list going my god is spent four hours today that I could have been doing. I could have been doing a broadcast could have been, you know, helping someone else could have been reaching out to potential sponsors. But here it is, I’m screwing around and social media on porn or whatever. Not saying I did that right now, or yesterday, or the day before or the day before or the day before? But I mean, this is one of those questions that I have to ask myself. Because in the past, I have allowed myself to get distracted with things that don’t matter. Getting off social media has been the best thing in the world for me. Period. Okay. Your personal fulfillment is only your personal fulfillment is possible only in so far as you complete your destiny, what’s your personal fulfillment is possible only in so far as you complete your destiny. This, the discovery of your personal purpose and its relationships to God’s universal purpose must be the basis from which you live, you must strive to be who you were born to be. This means you don’t live someone else’s life. This is why social media is a trap. Because you’re looking and you’re scrolling and going, Oh, God, I want their life. They got to go to Fiji. And look at that thong. And oh, that champagne glass, the private jet and the big boat I want to take. I want to take a nap on a big boat. I want to go dancing till 4am and a visa. Like

Unknown Speaker 33:22
I want to be

Joshua T Berglan 33:24
shooting the devil inside me full length feature film, I want to create the devil inside me. The franchise where we tell other people’s stories like I mean, the deeds are the things if I saw someone making a film, my immediate thought, I want to do that. I want to do that I’m watching the it’s called playlist. And it’s it’s kinda it’s kind of shot like the dirt from Motley Crue. If you’re ever if you ever read the book, the dirt, or even watch the movie, the way the story is told. It’s kind of it’s kind of cool, because it’s told from each band members perspective. Well, this playlist is about Spotify. And it’s told through the main people that got it launched their perspectives wildly different but it’s really inspiring it’s really really inspiring for me to watch and what was the point in me bringing that up Oh, well I mean, oh, I know what I think I know what it was now. Gosh, I hate it when I brain fart like that. The

Joshua T Berglan 34:41
there was this relentless. This is not the point but this one came to me. There was this relentless

Unknown Speaker 34:48

Joshua T Berglan 34:50
to achieve an impossible goal. A determination and all in like no crap willing to risk it all. willing to risk it all to bed at all the originators, the founders, were willing to bet it all to make it happen. And to do the impossible, going up against the music industry, which that story didn’t end up exactly as I think the way that they originally intended it for. But the fact is, they were doing the impossible, even the programming to get the speed down where it was instantaneous. And like how it all was created. It’s just amazing. And so it’s inspiring me to watch, because I’m watching the, the trials and the tribulations, and the struggle, and the doing the impossible. But there was a vision. And that vision, I believe is a promise. And that promise is worth pursuing. And they did it. And then they accomplished it, of course, and Spotify is what Spotify is now. And of course, it’s owned by BlackRock and it has nothing to do with when it was originally intended to be. But nonetheless, how it got there is inspiring. And, and it’s fuel for me to watch. I love watching stories like that, because it gives me hope. How many of you have an impossible dream? Maybe your impossible dream is getting out of your shadow prison? Well, if that’s really your dream, maybe there is a way. And what I know about God is that He makes a way when there’s no way in why you got to talk to him, and then also shut up and listen is because he’ll give you instructions, especially when you ask for them. They don’t always come right away. It’s not like, Hey, Siri, hey, Google, and they pop up. I have my phone on airplane mode. Or she would talk back to me. It’s not like that. I wish some I mean, I know that we wish God was like Siri sometimes as far as the instantaneous answers. But you know what? That instantaneous answer doesn’t always give you what you’re really looking for is it

Joshua T Berglan 37:18
it’s, in fact, the synthetic version of everything is not really what we want.

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I had so many wild things that go through my head, about all the different directions I would go down, but I would totally get lost. So I’m not gonna go there for your sake. It had been fun for me to like, try to connect all that. But you must strive to be who you’re born to be. There’s no point in trying to live someone else’s life. You can look at someone else’s life and it can inspire you. You can learn from them. Obviously wanna learn from people who’ve been there, your path Your life was meant for you. As you discover who you are, you will learn that your purpose, your identity, your uniqueness, and your potential are inter dependent. You cannot truly know thyself, as the great Greek philosophers admonished until you discover your purpose. This is true because known purpose reveals the particular components God built into you, to enable you to achieve all that he prepared for you. Nothing is truly yours until you understand it. Not even yourself. Some people are born knowing what they must want to do, and even how to do it. The rest of us must spend hours figuring figuring out what to do with our lives. Vague goals, such as I want to be happy. I want to be I want to make the world a better place to live, or I want to be rich, or pretty useless. We must ask the primary question, why am I here? Write that down. Why am I here? Reply with an unqualified answer. To be myself and express myself fully. Be yourself. Know your identity. And even if you’re not sure, walk out the identity that you are sure of. Whatever part of you walk that out, be that walk in it. Why? Because if it’s not really you, God’s gonna show you that too. But when you’re living in your truth, that means living your purpose, being honest, have an integrity, and you’re living in your truth. You will attract your tribe. You will attract the people that belong in your life but When you’re living a lie, when you’re trying to live someone else’s life, they ain’t showing up. It’s not what you want. Concern for doing the right thing, rather than a desire to do things right must always guide you. The right thing is the purpose for which God created you and gave you breath. You are special and unique. God made you from the original mold and throw it away when you were completed. Check out your uniqueness and find out what differentiates you from the billions of people who inhabit this planet. Here’s the thing, fly your freak flag. Like if you’re a toad liquor, or you’re a you know, you’d like to paint trees or icicles, or whatever. Amory, you’re just like, whatever your goofy thing is that you think is so weird. And like, you’re like, Well, I’m the only one that looks at i. No one. No one likes me. I’m freaking nuts. Right? I trust me. If you’ve ever been on Reddit, there’s probably a subreddit for your weird thing. You’re not alone.

Unknown Speaker 41:09
You’re not alone.

Joshua T Berglan 41:14
I mean, we can go secular with this. And we can talk about weird fetishes and weird kinks. And like, men, men lie about what they really want. Because they think well, no woman is really going to do that. Or whatever their interior No, dude, it’s gonna be like, dress up in my mother’s clothes and shave my back. I mean, cuz that’s, like, I know, that sounds insane. But guess what, there’s people into that.

Unknown Speaker 41:38
You’re not alone. Because

Joshua T Berglan 41:44
I’ll tell you who’s alone. The person trying to fit in the most lonely freaking experience there is. Because when you’re trying to be someone else, and you’re around all those people, they’re not really there for you. You’re trying to conform to them. And guess what? You may be in that group. But if you do anything to upset the flow of that group, you’re not in that group anymore. happens at church all the time.

Unknown Speaker 42:16
It does.

Joshua T Berglan 42:17
Thieves have more honor than most church congregations. Thieves. They live by a code they have their What do you call it their covenant? But I mean, even if you are, you know that you’re a cheater. We can be honest about it. Quit trying to convince people that you’re going to change for that relationship. You’re not just saying that you don’t believe in monogamy. Walk that out. You may be surprised what happens. You may meet somebody else that doesn’t believe in monogamy either. And then you get together. And then you start doing your non monogamy things. And then guess what? Then you start sleeping with other people. And then you find out that your partner, what she saw was somebody that was better looking than you and then all of a sudden when you second maybe I don’t like this monogamy thing, or this non monogamy thing after all, because, I mean, it was one thing when I was getting to have sex with everything that walked but

Joshua T Berglan 43:37
you get your cat a little jealous, right? It teaches you something. Like we think that we want things a certain way until it comes right back to us. And then all of a sudden, we got to face that. And it’s like, shoot, crazy experience happen. I don’t even know why I’m telling you the story, but I’m going to tell you anyway. So crazy experience. Wait, how do I tell the story because I don’t want to bash anybody. Basically, so my wife asked a lot of questions. These questions get sometimes they’re really freaking annoying, because I have answered the question already in my mind 15 times. She’s asking 15 different ways. But I’m given the same answer because my brain is hearing it the same way. And like every time she asked me the question, I’m like, Do you not believe me like what the crap is going on? But really, it’s her need to understand? Well, it happened to me yesterday, meaning that I started asking somebody a bunch of questions because I needed to understand and that my questions were pissing off this person. Well, as this is happening, and the person’s going off on me, a person that I love, by the way, but as they’re going off on me, I’m sitting there thinking in the back of my head, oh my gosh. Isn’t God interesting? I’m sitting here going I’m only asking you questions that I need to know from my own need to know. And you’re wanting my help in wanting my credit card and wanting this, but I have questions that ask that I’m in the right to ask. And now I’m being screamed at for asking questions. And it dawned on me, this is how my wife feels when I get mad that she’s asking questions. There was a mirror. It was like, it was God revealing something to me, but I now get to work on. I thank God for that. That’s amazing. I don’t even know why I told you that story. So we’ll continue. This has happened now twice in the same broadcast. Check out your uniqueness, and find out what differentiates you from the billions of people inhabit this planet. Within purpose, then purpose, your aspiration deliberately and consistently. Be what you are, capitalize on the natural skills and talents with which you were born and don’t lose them. When others belittle your special gifts and try to remake you, according to their plans and purposes, refused to yield to their domination. Don’t let anyone prevent you from becoming and doing all that you were born to be and do. No one has that power over you unless if you give it to him. Remember, if you don’t deploy yourself, others will soon employ you. If you don’t deploy yourself, others will employ you. Above all else purpose of sorry, above all else, pursue purpose with passion and experience. The reason for your life the purpose of a man’s heart are deep waters, but a man of understanding draws them out. Proverbs 2025 All right. So here are the principles of purpose the human need for personal meaning and satisfaction is universal. We all want to matter we all want to have satisfaction. We all want to be able to say to look at our work and go It’s good like when God created us it was good. Until of course sin corrupted us but it was good when we were created number two personal fulfillment is the only true measure of success I don’t know why I’m personally fulfilled is when I’m doing using my gifts and my talents there’s a selfish fulfilment to that but when I’m using it to try to you know to bless others to help others to serve to elevate the kingdom it’s the most satisfying thing I know and it feels like success to me I’ll tell you what does it feel like success

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Joshua T Berglan 48:40
trophies don’t feel like success to me do to do to do to do come here? No, no, no. Come here. Camera. Follow me. There we go. Come on. Okay. Come on. Follow me. That’s not fun for the radio audience. trophies are not fulfilling at all. I, I thought I’d be good doesn’t mean anything. It’s pretty sitting in the thing though, on the shelf. And you know what, that’s for voiceover using my gift. Right? If my voice is a gift, of course, the voice is how I can earn money but the devil inside me at one Las Vegas Film Awards for Best voiceover for our film that our concept film that we believe God is going to help us make the bigger film so we can create the franchise that tells other people’s stories and they get the money. That’s also part of the vision. Everything in life has a purpose. True. Purpose is the original intent and the The mind of the Creator that motivated him to create a particular item when they say there’s a reason for everything, purpose always precedes production. A you things begin and end with purpose. God created you with a definite purpose in mind. All right. So I’m going to stop there. So grateful again that you were here today. And I love this these purpose books. I love Dr. Myles Munroe. I like this book in pursuit of purpose. It was written like 3040 years ago, and some of the stuff that it’s talking about, like with the warnings are playing out before eyes today. It’s wild. It’s wild. But anyway, thank you for being here. I appreciate all the support the love. And of course I would like to ask you will you please give to us when you donate to us when you sell into us when you partner with us? If you have questions about the different levels of sponsorship, the different things that we can do is a value exchange contact us live mana.org And yeah, I want to earn your donations. I mean obviously doing this work, we hope that you believe in it, we hope that you find value in what you can see that we’re doing but if you want to know a deeper have a deeper understanding of the work that we do and why we’re not just out front you know bragging about it and things like that because that’s not how we operate that’s not what we believe in doing I don’t like i Yes, we want viewers for our network and stuff like that. And people that believe in our mission because we want to help more people like we want to add to our team so we can help more. Anyway, I just we appreciate your support very, very much. Thank you. God bless you. Thank you for being here and we will be we’ll see you next time thanks

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he he loves you