Board of Directors


Joshua T. Berglan 

“The World’s Mayor”

Chairman of Live Mana Worldwide
Producer, Show Host,
Shock-Jock Evangelist


Joshua T Berglan aka The World’s Mayor is the Chairman of the  Live Mana Worldwide Foundation, a Producer, and the Shock-Jock Evangelist, host of Gratitude:UnFiltered broadcast globally on TV, Radio, Podcast and Social Media networks. 

Joshua was delivered from a life of sex, drugs, sexual, physical and emotional abuse, mental health issues, homelessness, bankruptcies, sexual identity issues, disease, jails, anger, lies, demons and everything else the devil (and Joshua) tried to destroy his life with by the grace and power of Jesus Christ.  

Joshua uses his talk show Gratitude:UnFiltered as a personal counseling session showcasing the supernatural power of Truth, living authentically and transparently while teaching the Kingdom principles he uses to live our lives in a way that allows us to fulfill our God-given purposes on this earth. 

Gratitude:UnFiltered was born out of the aftermath of a 4-day meth binge when God delivered a direct order…  “Put a spotlight on your shadow world”…  This command changed the direction of Joshua’s life forever and in turn, allowed God’s purpose for Joshua’s life to become more clear. Be a voice for the voiceless, the hopeless, the forgotten, the shunned, and be an example of what Jesus can do for even the most wicked of man….  Just like he used to be. 

The Live Mana Worldwide Foundation is a New Media Non-Profit and Multimedia Broadcasting Network that caters to ministries, non-profits, and individuals. Using the methods and techniques Joshua learned from some of the brightest minds in business, media, and ministry, he and his team bring revenue-generating systems, concepts and strategies to organizations all over the world who do not have the financial means to hire professional for-profit agencies.  Live Mana Worldwide does not charge for it’s services and to continue it’s God-inspired vision, gratefully accepts donations. 

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Joshua has a diverse background working, with the majority of his career spent in healthcare, brand development for the cannabis, cosmetic, skincare and medical device industries, and entertainment as a Producer, Actor, Talk Show Host, and Talent Manager. 

Joshua’s collective experience and expertise inspired the Vision for creating the Non-Profit Media Organization Live Mana Worldwide to utilize his intellectual property to elevate others’ dreams and passions around the world. 

Joshua is blessed to be a part of and under the covering of Pastor Phillip Castillo from Word of God Church in Oklahoma City, Ok.  

For booking, please contact Jessica  at management@joshuatberglan 

Thank you and God bless! 



Interview with Live Mana Worldwide CEO Josh Berglan broadcast on Fox Business Network 8/22/18
Watch this video on YouTube.
Live Mana Worldwide Foundation Media



Jessica Toft 

“I am passionate about marketing you in a way that they feel a personal connection”- Jessica Toft 
Jessica started her career with Wuch-Mac Distributing Inc. in 2008 using her degree in Early Childhood and Youth Development as an Early Childhood Teacher. Over the next 5 years she learned all of the roles in a childcare center by teaching all age groups.

In 2013 moved into the role of Center Co-Director, Sole Director, and Regional Director.
In 2015 her role from Center Director transitioned into Online Marketing and Social Media Director.
As she was growing an online presence for The Club House, she also began another project for the company: TCH Subs. TCH SUBS is a company that provides Substitute Teachers to other Childcare Centers. This project quickly grew and became in high demand.
Jessica working directly with her local community to network and create win-win situations for everyone involved in her ventures and projects. Farmington’s City Council Member, Joshua Hoyt, introduced Jessica to Mary Canada, the Founder of the non-profit organization Caring Hearts In Action. This is when she discovered her passion for developing and promoting For-Profit and Non-Profit Organizations. 
In 2019 she decided to pursue her passion, and started up her own Online Marketing and Branding Company: Virtual Visions Inc. This leap of faith brought her to Mr. Joshua T. Berglan. His role began as a business mentor, which turned into a friendship, and then eventually a partner in business.
Her experience spans from management, staffing, speaking, event planning, networking to connect people, social activism, promoting, brand development, and digital marketing, with roles both agency and client-side.

Creative, passionate, and focused are just a few words that describe her work.  



Aaron Heimes



Aaron Heimes is a passionate and disciplined media executive that is focused on the expanding over-the-top media distribution and marketing channels.

With a background in media, marketing, and project management, Aaron focuses on the creation of cross-device distribution channels that includes a feature-rich viewing experience for audiences.

This includes content-to-commerce, interactive advertising, and branded content to create a value proposition that allows viewers to control their experience while unobtrusively pushing brands to the right people, in the right places, at the right time.

Aaron is a producer of branded content and President of the OTT network, e360tv.

Aaron holds a Bachelors in Business Management and two MBAs in Energy and Project Management. 

Dr. Omai Kofi


Omai Kofi (formerly Donna Lynn Coffee) born September 6, 1978 is an American Media Executive, television and radio Talk Show Host, Executive Producer, Writer, Producer, Director and Equity Activist.

She is best known for publicly speaking on socioeconomic solutions and the effects of the disease of poverty. She created a quarterly town hall: Development & Organization of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DO or DIE) project, in Texas for political and community leaders to engage in collaborative efforts to serving their constituents and cities.

Executive Producer

In 2010 Omai became the Executive Producer of the Cheryl Action Jackson Talk Showairing on UAN/Verizon Fios; during all of which she was in and out of homelessness and welfare. She’s the EP for the Action Has No Season Conference on behalf of her Billionaire Mentor Dr. Michael V. Roberts’ book series.

Since 2014, she has flown in African American Billionaires and Millionaires into Dallas, Texas for her Community Economic Opportunity (C.E.O.) project which opened direct lines of communication of the established wealthy to an aspiring community who needed mentorship. Most C.E.O. events were held at her mentor Mark Cuban’s Landmark Theater in West Village area of DFW. These events have influenced start- ups and business owners scale via the project’s resources and networks. The project has now evolved into a multifunctioning platform which serves as an investor & mentor match-making opportunity: I Got Funded! exposing entrepreneurs to non-traditional funding options, utilizing her own personal relationships with angel investors, legacy investors and venture capitalists.

In 2019, Omai joined forces with Brother Ben X as the EP for Millionaire Weekend is a 3-day intensive which takes place on a monthly basis where aspiring millionaires are able to work directly with those who have reached such a status and are ready to deep dive into what it really takes to get to millionaire status.

Radio Personality

Radio Personality, Executive Producer of THE BLACK PRINT, a Socioeconomic Radio Talk Show formerly aired on Power 214 Radio, hosting investors, financial industry leaders, and economic leaders. As a former Weekly Radio Correspondent for Business Start Up 101 on KHVN Heaven 97 with Robert Ashley, she continues to use her multimedia background to push local, national, and global initiatives.

Multimedia Expert

Author and Speaker of her new series “Brainwashed Into Wealth” which gives mentality programs to people who are looking to raise their financial IQ and go from poverty to six- figures and beyond. The series journey’s people through mental programs allowing them to grow their wealth within their job or even their own business. At the age of 26 she began making six-figures in Corporate America while making them millions of dollars per quarter. After putting in her 2 weeks notice and divorce at 29 she pursued a very late modeling career as a runway and showroom model.

She quickly began to learn the business side media and developed into the Regional Marketing Manager for the Vonage campaign managing hundreds of brand ambassadors in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Georgia with The AMP Agency/Alloy Marketing & Media. Her career consisted of brands such as Bank Of America, Psyched (television show), Zest, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Dr. Pepper, NASCAR, Hypnotiq, Miller Lite, M&Ms and many more. Her branding experience led her to commercial modeling and performing on television commercials with Teligence (Canada) Ltd. Boulevard Media and others. She went on to working on reality television and eventually producing television sitcoms, talks shows and films.

Reality Television Personality

Dr. Omai Kofi has been Featured on Reality Shows such as NBC’s Momma’s Boys with Ryan Seacrest moving a few doors down from The Queen of Media, Oprah Winfrey. Omai and her son were also featured on TLC’s Outrageous Kid Parties. She is the Writer/Producer/Director of Omai Films (Formerly Infinite Visun Pictures) which completed their first film “Man-I-Fested” in 2010 with a cast & crew of 111 people including 19 teenagers who’s salaries the State of Georgia paid through Omai Edutainment, their internship program. These teenagers learned: work-life balance, financial literacy, emotional quotient, financial quotient and on the job skills

Network Owner

By 2015 she began working exclusively on Omai Network Entertainment (O.N.E.) was able to secure over half a million dollars from various business ventures mainly diverse investments and another six figures from financial institutions. Her media company has worked with various award shows and galas such as Xernona Clayton’s Trumpet Awards aired on TvOne and Dr. Cheryl Jackson’s Feed Just One Gala which in 2017 featured The Queen of All Media, Oprah Winfrey who raised over one million dollars for the evening. In 2019 she began working her new coaching network Omai On Demand a full fledged media platform for Financial Literacy and Socioeconomics coaching and training.

Writer Credits

Her writings, events, and work has been published in Rolling Out Magazine, The Seattle Times, The Associated Press, and local Dallas area publications such as The Plano Insider, Southern Dallas Business & Living Magazine, Manna Express, North Dallas Gazzette, Dallas Weekly, Texas Metro News, Garland Journal, Fab Dallas Magazine, Provoke Magazine and many others.


Omai has been named:

  •   Equanimity Awards, Media Partner of The Year.

  •   National Women’s History Month Honoree by Oak Cliff Community Development

    in Partnership with the Women’s Bureau (United States Department of Labor).

  •   10 Shades of Success Honoree.

  •   AmplifyHer Life SOAR Award Honoree.

  •   Golden Rule International Nominee.

  •   Change Nations Women of Global Solutions Award.

  •   PAW Honoree

    Dr. O

    In 2015 her long-time mentor Dr. Michael V. Roberts nominated her for 2 honorary doctorates (Philosophy) for her community services and business ventures. She also has here doctorate in Divinity and is an evangelist.

    Social Activist

    Issues:Socioeconomics, Justice Reform, Victims of Hate Crimes, and Human Trafficking. Having worked side by side with local Social Justice Activists, she founded I Am For A Reason and created an apparel brand Xpressigence to fund families and victims of hate crimes. Dr. O is an advocate for DMST Victims, she is dedicated to tackling the tremendous ongoing issue of Human Trafficking in Texas and beyond. To bring further awareness to this devastating issue Omai speaks to various organizations and public officials to bring solutions to harsher punishment to John’s and traffickers on the way to eradication of this evil. In 2013 co-published Cruelty Beyond by Dr. Gabriel Emilio which can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Nobel -- they are now working on their second solution- based book project and training videos entitled DO or DIE.

    Business Manager & Legacy Investor

    Omai managed Brother Ben X, A Social Influencer and Speaker who is known for consistently going viral. He has over one million followers on Facebook where he gets on average 5 million engagements per week, over 147, 000 followers on Instagram, and over half a billion views on YouTube and social media.

Board Member

-- Texas Black Pages which has over 8,000 Black Owned businesses registered within the 254 Texas counties since 2016.

-- National Nonprofit Minority Association, the first national Nonprofit association for Mintority charities.

GOTNI), a nonprofit leadership development organization,


The Board Of Literacy, Inc. Chairwoman|Founder|President, a 501(c)(3) charity based in Dallas, Texas with a mission to advance the financial quotient of youth ages 0 -- 25. In 2019 the State of Texas Department of Family and Protective Services awarded TBOL a six-figure grant through Child Youth Development (CYD) program. The focus is to provide financial literacy and education to youth ages 13 -- 18 in the 75216 zip code which has the highest incarceration, STD and poverty rates in the entire state. TBOL has webinars, workshops, summits, in and out of school conferences and seminars for these youth. Our organization also works in partnership with National Youth Week, External Partners Inspiring Cultural Change (E.P.I.C.C.),Trinity River Mission Project, South Oakcliff High School and Lyles Middle School and other companies and organizations.


Aziz Partners, Inc. Chairwoman|Chief Executive Officer, a business management firm which provides essential services to the operational side of businesses and organizations. We help develop business cultures, strategies and implementation of goals. We connect our clients with million-dollar and billion-dollar companies for hands- on growth implementation. We help through our Capital|Marketing|Investments consulting method (CMI). As an administrative and operational support team, we are able to accelerate business growth.


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