The Live Mana Worldwide Foundation & Live Mana Network A Digital Noah’s Ark Is driven to elevate the passion, purpose and mission of those we serve, worldwide. 

We accomplish that through Like-Minded PARTNERSHIPS SPONSORSHIPS By Providing Customized NEW MEDIA SERVICES, CONSULTING As well as MULTIMEDIA DISTRIBUTION through our OTT Network, News and Blog Sites. 

The Live Mana Worldwide Foundation is a 501c3 Non-Profit focused on serving the Youth, Non-Profits, Ministries and Purpose Driven Individuals unable to afford services offered by traditional media and broadcasting organizations. 

Our journey has enabled us to build the foundational pieces needed to make a much BIGGER dream come true And Every Great Journey always started with a vision…

The Vision

As Joshua T Berglan was walking down Sunset Boulevard on a random Saturday afternoon, after leaving the Magic Castle, he came across a very unique building.  

There are many one of a kind buildings in Los Angeles, however this one stood out because it was the only abandoned building on this Infamous Sunset Strip.  

However, Joshua kept on walking. 

But right before he hit the entrance doorway to the corner Starbucks, he heard “turn around”.  

As Joshua turned back to head towards the Morgan Camera Shop, he started to see this old decrepit, yet beautiful, building transform into a community center similar to Boys and Girls Clubs however with advanced technology inside to create the world’s first Media Literacy Center. 

There was something special about this building, however it is not just this building that Joshua saw in the vision.

 There were many more of these buildings, located all over the world in the heart of inner cities, impoverished, and gang infested land that would serve as the Light in the Dark.

A safe place for the youth, abuse victims, the mentally unique, and people in need of a second chance at life while being fueled with a fresh dose of hope and endless opportunities.  

More importantly than that, we will also provide all of the necessary resources to Help Victims of Abuse, Neglect, Those living with Disabilities  And Individuals who hold Special Mental  Uniquenesses  with the Resources needed to live their Best Life Possible.  

Our Community Centers will also have Food, Clothing, a Congregation of sorts Featuring Speakers and Guests Whose Purpose is to Speak life into audience, as well as Our Virtual Audience on the Live Mana Network, a Global Multimedia Broadcast Network.  

That is what we believe Learning Media, New Media and Broadcasting can do for all, not just some. 

Media Knowledge allows people to Monetize anything, and in this case it will be intellectual Property, Individual Gifts and Talents, and most importantly Their Testimonies of Redemption.

After a little digging and asking around, Joshua learned that the Morgan Camera Shop has been abandoned for 19 years at that time, and it is still abandoned today. 

While we have no idea if we can ever acquire this building, our Vision remains stronger than ever and we believe that we can accomplish this DREAM on behalf of those who need this most by taking over abandoned theaters, strip bars, or any other vacant space that allows us to make a safe place for others to go. 

We also partner well with other organizations who need media services for the people they serve. 

Live Mana Worldwide Foundation & Live Mana Network 


The Live Mana Worldwide Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit Media organization & the Live Mana Network A Digital Noah’s Ark is driven to elevate the passion, purpose, and mission of those we serve by providing customized media services, consulting, and multimedia distribution through our broadcast network, and news and blog sites

We provide media and broadcasting services to those who normally do not have access to them.

This includes those who do not have the finances or the education to know what is needed to take their intellectual property and use it in such a way that provides multiple revenue streams and even helps make their dreams come true.

We work well with ministries and non-profits, and our heart is for human trafficking victims, the abused, mentally “unique”, people with criminal records that keep them from getting opportunities for well-paying jobs, and the youth.

Our trainings and services are customized to the person or organization in need, and if you are interested in learning more, please book time with Joshua and Jessica by clicking here.

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