November 11 2022

Episode 10 : “A Word for prophets” by Joshua T Berglan

Dear Prophets, a Word for you

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Joshua T Berglan has a Word for Prophets and it is one they must hear. In this broadcast, Joshua also discusses the following…

  • is it a mistake to leave our teacher?

  • The problem with testimonies

  • How can we preach the truth when we do not have the whole Truth?

  • The Titles we give ourselves

  • Praying in tongues

  • Who are you going to exercise?

  • Is that Word from you or God?


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Be blessed!


Joshua T Berglan

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Who is Joshua?

A Voice for the Voiceless, Media Missionary, and Producer, Joshua T Berglan aka The World’s Mayor is driven to elevate others passion, purpose and mission. Joshua is the Executive Chairman of the Live Mana Worldwide Foundation, a non-profit media organization with a passion for truth and a heart for multiplying others’ God-given gifts and purpose. Joshua is passionate about supporting others in living their best lives, the lives God created them to live. Along with his wife Jessica Linn, they wrote and created the award-winning film and best-selling book The Devil Inside Me and look forward to creating the full-feature film franchise that will transform the Faith-based film industry. Joshua is an award-winning talk show host and voice-over artist however his greatest passion is elevating others in a way that supports them in making their dreams come true.. the same dreams that God placed in their hearts at a young age. Joshua’s broadcast do not fit into any one category, although you will hear him speak a lot about Media, Faith, New Media, Sexuality, HIV, Mental Health, Addiction, the Occult, Relationships, Jesus, Purpose and Destiny, Civil Rights Issues and anything else he is led to speak on.

Hey, everyone, my name is Joshua, I want to thank you so much for being here today. And if you’re watching on YouTube, or rumble or any other platform like that, I would be super grateful. If you liked and subscribed and even said, Hello, that’d be awesome. Anyway, I do want to thank everyone who’s downloaded the podcast, this podcast that I’ve been doing is really not even a show. And I don’t want to label it a podcast, even though you’re hearing it through my podcast platform. This is not meant to be a show. In fact, any of the new content that I’m creating, you can find at Joshua t It’s not really about a show, or anything like that. It’s just content, very focused, or sometimes not focused nonsense that’s meant to entertain and enlighten.

But then there’s also educational content and informative content, other things like that, but it’s not really a show. It’s just me, my name is Joshua. And I kind of liked that. Because now I get to do whatever I want. I don’t have to organize anything, I’m not gonna make you wait through intro videos and bumpers. And, of course, I think some of the podcasts are probably as commercials, but I didn’t put those commercials in there. It’s just one of the ways that I get to monetize my content now. So I do apologize if you’re getting commercial breaks. But that’s not what I want to talk about.

I’ve been talking about a few things, and one of them was the kingdom journey that I’ve started. And look, I’ve been on a kingdom journey for several years. Now, of course, I thought this kingdom journey meant that I was supposed to serve and only serve. Because that’s what hit me in my spirit. When I started feeding my mind with these teachings and lectures and, and learning about the kingdom way through people like Graham Cooke and Dr. Myles Munroe, and then other people. So I started taking this new course, because I knew that I missed some, right, like, it’s not all the serving that we’ve done the last few years and not actually, you know, working a job job, but just volunteering and serving and helping people through our nonprofit. You know, because that didn’t bear the fruit that we expected. But we weren’t doing it because we expected it to be, you know, all of these millions of dollars, anything, it was just that this is what we felt that in our spirit to do. And while I can look at it, like a mistake, I won’t, I just know that there’s more to the picture than what I knew.

And so I’ve apologized also in those videos by saying, hey, like if I encourage anyone just to go out and serve and only serve. I mean, it’s an insane proposition. But in fairness, God did provide, like, we’ve never gone without, we just didn’t have access to things, which we really need access to. So while I’m not prepared to say that the method of serving and only serving didn’t work for us, I will say that it did not get us. It did not supply for us in the way that he had hoped to be able to further our mission. And our mission is deeply personal to us. And it’s a huge mission. It’s a huge goal. And you can read all about it. It’s on my website, and also the live mana worldwide Foundation website.

So there was more to the picture that I needed to learn, like in other words, you can apply eight principles. But if there’s 10 principles, and you’re not using the other two, is it really going to work? To use you to use a different analogy, and I don’t know how appropriate This is. But it’s almost like a distillate of cannabis. Well, I would rather have a full spectrum than an analogy. Okay, another analogy so I’m from Oklahoma, originally, even though I say La is home for me because I was born in Oklahoma. And then I live in Minnesota now because of the cold air so called in Minnesota. Oh my gosh. Anyway, Beer Beer in Oklahoma, is 3.2. And that’s like eating half baked bread is the joke about the beer in Oklahoma. You know, it’s not six point, which is real beer supposedly. Anyway, Like, who wants that? Like, you want the full effect, right? That’s the point of the joke. And like I said, I have no idea how appropriate it was but it’s the same thing. It’s like applying God’s law. Well, you’re only going to use 80% of it, like California’s are gonna really get you there. It’s like telling the truth. If you tell 99% of the truth, is that still the truth? Or is it a lie?

Because you didn’t tell the whole truth? No, anyway. So one of the mistakes I think a lot of us make is the point of saying, all this is one of the mistakes that we all make is that we leave church, we leave our teacher, we leave our course. And we’re like, yeah, I got all the information. I got all the information because the preacher gave it to me in that 30 minute sermon. Or if you went to a church, like, go to a church, like I went to three hours, couldn’t get the whole Bible in three hours, you can’t know.

But we take this information and run with it that we get from other people. Or sometimes it’s even a word that we get in our own spirit, or something that we get to download. Right? Okay, well, this is it. This means I’m supposed to do all this now, not knowing that it’s really a vision for the future. You know, like, you can start taking the steps now, but it doesn’t mean that just because you saw yourself flying on a private jet, or taking a nap on a big boat or speaking in front of millions of people. Just because you saw it doesn’t mean it’s happening today. I mean, it could, but probably not. So my point is this. And I made this mistake also with wanting to preach, I mean, not really be a preacher, more of a shock jock evangelist. But I had no business doing it. You know why? Because I don’t know the whole Bible. And I think anyone who preaches, you should know the whole Bible. And you know what?

I don’t think anyone should preach, because I don’t think anyone knows the whole Bible. Because the whole Bible is not given to us. Not at all. And so there’s nothing anyone can say to me. And I love Jesus with all my heart, you can say that I’m going to help. Okay, you don’t I mean, as soon as you want to say, I gave my life to the Lord, serve the Lord faithfully every day of my life. I love the Lord. But guess what? We’re not given all the information. The church isn’t giving it to you, the Bible’s not even giving it to you because the Bible has been changed and modified, and everything else. And there’s so many different versions of the Bible that say different things. I mean, this Bible alone is completely different from the rest of the Bible in my house. One day, I should do a video of like, just showing how different it is. And you could say, well, it really means the same thing.

But it doesn’t really. I mean, in Revelation, the one thing that I’ve noticed, it’s pretty consistent that very, about the last chapter is that it says, If anyone changes the words of these text, you’re in big fat trouble. Mr. didn’t say that. Exactly. But it does imply that the word has been changed a lot, at least the words in this text. So anyway, that said, we gotta be very careful about taking information we get from other people thinking that that’s the whole thing, or even the whole truth. Some of these Kingdom teachers, especially those in prophetic prophets, book, I think that a lot of them meanwhile. But the problem is, they’re not giving us the full picture. I think the problem with giving testimonies in general is that we sugarcoat them, we hide them, we don’t give the full truth about our testimony, therefore, it loses it loses its power, the teachings of attacks, any any, any philosopher, any teacher, any holy religious text, you’re not given the whole truth, there’s a layer to it, there’s a depth to it, there’s more. And you got to believe a lot of what a lot of what we need to know has been hidden, and only a few know, have that information.

Pretty interesting. So I used to dabble in some occult practices like on the evil side. And not even really knowing what the word meant. I was just drawn to it. Which is terrifying. Because part of the weird and crazy and evil stuff I did was playing in that world. But really, the occult, is just hidden information is really what it means. So you can use it for good or bad. It’s in the same way that you can use the gifts that you were born with, like each and every one of you. Were born with a gift, a very special gift that is meant to tie into your extraordinary purpose of how you get to make a difference in the world. But you can use that same gift for evil. I did. You know, one of the things that could never figure out was what’s the difference between the Holy Spirit and the great spirit that gave life to everything on the planet? I don’t think there’s any difference.

I think the Holy Spirit is that same spirit because it’s God’s Spirit. So totally right if Jesus came to earth, to the dead and God’s Spirit was released out of them, and that’s what we have to be your guide or healing power and so on. Like, how we think that’s where our gifting lies. I think that’s where we discover truth. And look, it’s a work in thought it’s not exact. And don’t take it as gospel. Because it’s not, I don’t know if it is or not. I just, this is what I’m coming to believe I can’t. I’ve never been able to figure out that difference, in that I have a supernatural experience with the Holy Spirit. Oh, it was so supernatural. It changed my life. But I, that same spirit has led me to ask a lot of questions that well, had people question my faith and my sincerity in it. My religion doesn’t look like yours.

Because it’s not religion. I have a personal relationship with the Lord. And that’s a personal relationship. But my days of preaching and trying to tell people what’s right and wrong for them are done. Or at least matter of fact, statements, I’ll say, I’m done. Look at that, right. There was a matter of fact statement, I just caught myself. I may say it again, because I’m human. And I have opinions. And sometimes as a talk show hosts share opinions that maybe I should keep to myself. I’m working on it. Because you know what, I don’t believe in absolute truths anymore. I think there’s only one truth and that’s God’s truth. Can we not have all that yet? And so all of these videos of all these preachers like the John Maxwell’s and forgot that dude’s name is the V. Neck, it’s all well and great that this is a literal word of God and what they’re preaching then they’re in, they do their thing. But they’re speaking about our faculty. And it’s not right, because they’re not preaching from the full Bible. So that makes them wires. But there are unintentional wires.

They’re doing what they feel is right, doesn’t make them bad. And those don’t agree with it. At the same time, I appreciate the fact that they’re calling out the Benny hens of the world. I appreciate the fact that they’re calling out all these fake prosperity gospel Mother Truckers, because they’re not telling you the whole truth. Because more to it. So anyway, I want to say this really quickly. I’ve been hurt by a lot of profits. And that’s why I’m gonna read from the Bible today about something I saw in Jeremiah blew my mind. Like it spoke very loudly to me. And I’ve been so busy building up the new website, the media company in a box this week that I haven’t had time to do an episode on this. But I felt led to do it right now. This way, no broadcast is talking to you. I know a lot of people have been hurt by profits. And I was really angry and all those profits, because they hurt me. But here’s the thing. I also know, what they were saying to me was partly true. Wasn’t 100% True. But it was true enough. It’s been a while since I got mad, and I think they’re bullshit.

Some of them. Some of them are evil. I do know the messages I was given. Pre accurate, like, not all the way, but pretty accurate. And I was able to take from what I knew was true. And so by getting on any platform and starting to call people, false prophets, you’re just setting yourself up to be one too, because we’re all false prophets. Because you can’t preach something, when you don’t know the whole truth. And we don’t have the whole truth. But what we get to do is love. We get to forgive, we get to be kind to people, we get to do the best we can do. And you know what we get to love God with all of our heart and soul to and get to be that love for other people. But using our platform to call people out, I’m done doing that crap. And I may slip up and do it again. But in the end, I don’t think there’s really, I mean, I’ll go. I know there’s evil in the world because I was evil. But this infighting that Christians get into, about what’s right and wrong, is ridiculous. Because at that point, they’re no different than fighting over which religions are right, which God is real and so forth. It’s all just like when you’re fighting like that, amongst Christianity, it’s not helping anything. It’s not helping anyone. It’s not bringing people to God or Jesus. Not at all.

It’s insane. And you’re fighting over pre and post trip. Like does it matter? Should you be living your life waiting on a pre or post trip? Should you be living your life worrying about when the rapture is going to happen when Jesus is going to come? back. No. Now we’re all live, that we should be living our best life now, living to the best of our ability now in full gratitude, and thankfulness. In doing what we were created to do, we should be doing it every day, not getting up in people’s business telling them that they’re going to hell on the wrong because they interpreted the Bible wrong. But yet, doesn’t that mean your interpretation was any more right? People fight over the dumbest stuff. And I’ve been guilty of it too. I’m done. I repent from that. I mean, I want people to know the truth. I want to help lead people to truth, and to God’s promises. And I want to help elevate people into their God given purpose and what they were created to do. No matter what they’ve done in this world, and I know that Jesus changed my life. But he changed my life without me knowing all the truth. He changed my life without knowing two words of this Bible. I still barely know the Bible, and I read it every day. You know why I barely know it? Because it’s different every day.

The Bible is different every day when you read it. It’s not the same. I don’t know how it works. It doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe it’s about perception. Maybe it’s about mood, I don’t know. But I know it changes every day. So we got to quit beating each other up about what we think is right and wrong. Because you know what, you don’t have a freaking clue in and you go, Well, the Bible says in the Bible. What did it say before they changed it? What did they say? And you know, what? If the simple fact that each one Enoch is not in the Bible is mind blowing to me. And I don’t know the whole history of the Gospel of Thomas.

But I’ll tell you what, every time I read the Gospel of Thomas, where I listen to it hits me right my spirit, because instead of listening to the commentary, opinions and the stories, I’m hearing Jesus talk, and it sounds like something that’s very, very true. So we don’t know the whole truth, so to speak in absolutes is insanity. There’s got to be truths, enough truth and everything that we’re told, because that’s what we believe because of our spirit, I think that we have the ability, but where the mind F comes in, is when we question the other part of the story. And then we see contradictions like, well, what’s true? Well, you’re supposed to live by faith you’re supposed to trust. Okay? I don’t know if we even really know what faith really means.

There’s a lot of opinions about it. Like even what I believe about faith wasn’t right. But learning. So we should give each other more grace. And so while I’m going to read something about prophets, right now, I want to make this clear, this is not to attack, it just means that we should be very, very careful about the titles we give ourselves. And I’m saying that as the world’s mayor, and we should be very careful about claiming that we are speaking for God. Because even if we are, we don’t know the damage we’re doing, even if given our opinions. We don’t know the kind of damage we could be doing. I’m learning a lot. And as far as this financial journey that I’ve been on, it’s getting better every day. But even though the Kingdom teaches, they’re not telling the whole picture. They’re not telling the whole truth. Or in it, then maybe they’re not doing it on purpose, but they’re not giving us the full picture. But I will tell you, shifting my mindset and applying the principles is already paying off for me. And when I understand it more, I’m going to teach it, but I’m not there yet. I’m still learning. And I want to prove that it works before I start going, Okay, this is how it is and because I know that there’s still more to it is the point there’s more to the picture. And so while I wanted to document this financial journey, in some way, I mean, I have done but

as I get further into it, I’m realizing that there’s so much more to this. I want to be very, very careful about when I start telling people what to do, because it’s I gotta be real sponsible Okay, So Jeremiah, let’s go with boo the Lord will punish unfaithful prophets. Jeremiah 2311 The Lord told me to say that’s a dangerous statement. I am not saying that. You prophecy, you prophets and priests think so little of me the Lord, in my own temple. I personally think our body is the devil that God dwells. I don’t know if it ties into the same story, the book because I know the order of things matters. But I believe that we are the temple, where the Holy Spirit, God, and Jesus resigned. Now I’ll punish you with disaster. And you will slip and fall and the darkness I the LORD have spoken. The prophets in Samaria were disgusting to me, because they preached in the name of ball and led my people astray. Immediately when I said that, I just hold tongues wagging. Prayer in tongues. The prophets and Samaria were disgusting to me because they preach in the name of ball and lead my people astray. And you prophets in Jerusalem or even worse, you’re unfaithful. By the way, have you ever heard about the American Old World theory? Meaning that the old world is actually America and it’s not the new world? And that Jerusalem, this holy land, talked about the Bible, that Jerusalem is actually Chicago. Have you ever heard that one? It’s a fun wormhole to go into, okay. You are unfaithful in marriage, and you never tell the truth. And the marriage that it’s referring to, and this is actually marriage to God, not marriage to a spouse. You’re unfaithful in marriage and never tell the truth. You even lead others to sin instead of helping them turn back to Me. You and the people of Jerusalem are evil like Sodom and Gomorrah. You prophets in Jerusalem have spread evil everywhere. That’s why I say that’s why I the Lord promise to give you bitter poison to eat and drink. The Lord gives a warning. Don’t listen to the lies of these false prophets, you people of Judah, the message they preached is something they imagined. So I’m stopping there really quickly. So in some of these prosthetic classes, I mean, those of you who don’t know, I will give you some insight. But those of you who have ever gone to a prosthetic class, two things that you learn, they teach you to pray in tongues, just move your tongue around. It’s an act of faith and like, the Holy Spirit doesn’t drop in you and you go into, like, the Holy Spirit’s not doing that. That’s not how they’re teaching them. That would make more sense, if you had the gift of tongues, that your tongue would just start going, like saying something.

And maybe it is an exercise of faith. Maybe it’s a vibrational tool. In other words, to raise your elevation by vibrating your tongue because you are energy and you vibrate. So maybe there’s something to do with that. But, but when you’re in these classes, they tell you, Oh, you just start moving your tongue around and you do it and faith. And you know what, I believe that it took me a while, but then I believed it came like, well, if it’s just an act of faith, I’m gonna do it because I’ve done dumber stuff, like marrying somebody I didn’t know as an act of faith. That’s a long story. documented. Interesting. But anyway. People do some stupid stuff and faith. It’s more to faith than just operating faith. But the other thing they do teaching your prophetic words, is they tell you I should be ashamed of myself. Anyway, God capably, like I’m not making fun of it, but it’s just it feels wrong. But they’ll tell you like, I’ve heard the words make something out to be an act of faith. Like you know, the thought you have is like the word you just gave to him. And I kid you not I was told this one time. And, and I was like, but my thought was, she had nice boobs. Is that what the Holy Spirit wants me to tell them?

Cuz that was thought it doesn’t make sense. But here’s the deal. Some of these preachers say that no one’s prophetic. Well, I think there’s a big difference between getting visions and downloads, and then being a prophet of God, because we all get visions, and dreams, and download every one of us. Every one of us. The word doesn’t make us a prophet. And I don’t know if there’s real prophets or not. But from what I understand is that to be considered a prophet of God, that you’re always accurate. And these prophets could have become very popular, or not exactly accurate. If you learn some of their tricks, you would understand why, anyway, okay. These profits go to people who refuse to respect me, and who are stubborn, and do whatever they want. The prophets tell them, the Lord has promised everything will be fine. No, everything’s not going to be fine. I mean, it will be, but it won’t be too late mortgage shits gonna hit the fan. Things are gonna get crazy. But there’s an equal, equally opposite reaction to anything that happens. So for all the bad, they’ll be that much good. And vice versa.

To you, you have just as much evil in you, as you do good. What are you going to exercise?

Because of both the present, I gave my life to Florida, and I’ve changed a lot. Really, I’m still the same guy. Same, same joy, same things that make me happy. I mean, for the most part, it’s not 100% because they enjoy family time now. And I enjoy my life. And I enjoy my kids. And I’m not a cheater. And I’m none of those awful things that I was. But my interest, my passion. My turn ons, my turn offs. Yeah, pretty much the same. Don’t change much. Still the same guy. But what I exercise and what I work out, what I feed my mind with plays a massive role in what comes out of me. But I, the Lord, tell you that these prophets have never attended a meeting of my counsel and haven’t. People go into the courtrooms that haven’t, that one’s still weird to me. I still don’t understand it. I’m not making fun of anybody. I just don’t understand it. But I’ve heard people like I’m going into court and having to fight your case. So I don’t know if this Bible passage is talking about that or not. But I find it very interesting. But I the Lord tell you that these prophets have never attended a meeting of my counsel in heaven, or heard me speak. They are evil. So in my anger, I will strike like I will strike them like a violent storm. I won’t calm down until I finish what I have decided to do.

Someday you will understand exactly what I mean. I did not send these prophets or speak to them. But they ran to bind you in to preach their message. If they had been in a meeting of my counsel and heaven, they would have told you people of Judah to give up your sins and come back to me. Every one of these prophets right now. That’s what they should be screaming, the ones telling you about Nezzer and Jazeera. The earthly riches that are to come King Solomon’s gold, and all that other bull crap. That’s the beast system. If it’s anything, it’s the beast system. God doesn’t give you just dump money and riches in your lap because nothing like that didn’t work that way. And if it I don’t know if you’d want it if it did. So these people are hanging on and waiting out for the Nesra & Gesra . Same people that follow Q probably. Yeah, that’s all false light. That ain’t gonna that’s not gonna lead you anywhere good. I did not speak to these prophets or speak to them, but they ran to you and to preach their message. If they had been in a meeting of my counsel in heaven. They would have told you people of Judah to give up your sins and come back to me. I am everywhere both far and near. And heaven and on earth. There are no secret places where you can hide from me. These unfaithful prophets claimed that I’ve given them a dream or a vision and then they tell lies in my name.

Everything they say comes from their own twisted minds. How long can this go on? They tell each other their dreams and try to get my people to reject me. But as their ancestors left man worship ball, their dreams and my truth are as different as a straw and wheat. But when prophets speak for me, they must say, only when I have told them I gotta stop there. That’s on that’s 2823 28 I’m going to stop there, because there’s something to this. And I have to admit to this. So I get downloads, I see things. Why I do what I do. Because of what I saw as a kid. My visions and dreams have never haven’t changed much. And I see to him to basically ICU amazing, but also see do lots of doom. Lots of heartache, lots of pain, but suffering, I see all of it. That’s why I started warning people two and a half years ago and I’m not gonna say what it was you can find my meat the beast episode learn all about it. But it’s got kicked off YouTube and multiple other places. But it’s sitting on rumbled actually meet the beast. When I started first started talking about this, and I started warning people about what was coming in what was in something, something. Try to be nice to YouTube, so don’t get kicked off again. But I’ve been warning people. And you know why I can warn people, because I already have HIV. I know what to look for. I know how to read it because I’ve been trying to find my own dead GM cure for it. So what I want to say is about these downloads and these words. The mistake I’ve made is I absolutely have added on my own words to what God showed me. And I’m not supposed to do that. This convicted me of that. I was convicted before but this made me go, Okay, I gotta be careful with this. And it’s easy to do. Because there’s an ego.

Your ego can come into play in giving any word for God 100%. Because it’s exciting, because you It’s like a magic trick. It’s not your magic trick, though. It’s God’s. But we act like it’s ours. When we go, Hey, I’m supposed to tell you something that then you add on to it. Right? That’s what this is talking about. My words are a powerful fire. They are like a hammer and shatter rocks. The unfaithful prophets claim I gave them their dreams, but it has. But it isn’t true. I didn’t choose them to be my prophets, and yet they babble on and on speaking in my name, while stealing words from each other. And when my people hear these liars, they’re led astray instead of being helped. So I warn you that I am now the enemy of these prophets. I the LORD have spoken. Words it’s crazy. It’s almost like those years like gambling advice to sportsbooks on the weekend on the sports radio, and they’re like, Oh, I got my guaranteed lock for the year. If you know, that system and how it works. It’s wild. It’s so it may have changed. But basically, these recorded messages, these free pet giveaways. They split them down the middle, there’s different recorded messages. And they tell them and it averages things out. I mean, there’s more to it than that. But it’s just a game. It’s a game. So they borrow other people’s stats, other people’s Artistics they use a mess of their own.

I mean, its profits take words, gamblers borrow from each other. You know, they’re still each other’s picks, or they’ll give out two different picks to two different sets of people. But they do it like hey, well I was right with one half. So if you piss off half the audience, well, no big deal because you got the other half really happy, right?

So it just averages out the profits. Politicians do it. Everyone’s doing it to us, not just profit. Use. Okay. So this last part is a nuisance. The Lord said to me, Jeremiah, when a prophet or priest or anyone else comes to you and ask, does the Lord have news for us? Tell them you people are a nuisance to the Lord and he will get rid of you. If any of you say, hear his news from the Lord. A lot of people say, if any of you say, Here’s news from the Lord, I will punish you and your families and even if you are a prophet or priest, instead, you must ask your friends and relatives. What answer did the Lord give? What has the Lord said? It seems, if you say, Here’s news from the Lord, you are twisting my words into a lie.

Remember, that I am your God, the Lord all powerful. If you go to a prophet, it’s all right to ask, What answer did the Lord give to my question? What has the Lord said? That if you disobey me, here’s the news from the Lord. I will pick you up and throw you far away. And I will abandon the city of Jerusalem that I gave your ancestors, you will never be free from your shame, or disgrace. So, man, that’s a lot. Thank you for listening. And, man, you gotta love this journey. Like whatever journey you’re on, because we’re on a journey. Even if you’re sitting still, you’re on a journey, a journey to nowhere, but a journey

nonetheless. I don’t have all the answers. I’m glad I don’t. Because I would imagine that that is quite a bit of responsibility. Now that said, I want to love responsibility. I love accountability. And even though it can be very humbling sometimes. But Jesus changed my life. I can’t explain it. I don’t identify with many Christians. Because I think differently than them. And. But I love the Lord, nonetheless. And without Jesus, I would know, I wouldn’t be here because that experience that I had, was everything was everything changing. That doesn’t mean I have all the answers. And know the whole truth. I want the whole truth. I’m seeking the whole truth. I mean, that would be a lot of responsibility to have, because even my limited understanding of what it’s like to have a truth that some people don’t want to accept, like, the burden that that was the burden. The loss that the last two and a half years has been, because it stands on truth and sharing truth. Absolutely. Even though I knew it. It’s still not the absolute whole truth. So it was losing all the people that I love to warn them about what was coming.

Was it worth it? I mean, warning people about the fourth industrial revolution, as if it was some scary thing to look at. There’s some bad stuff with it, potentially. I mean, God has the final say with everything anyway. So it’s not like we really know. I stand by the warnings I gave about certain medical treatments. Because all I mean, we’re all seeing that play out. I’m glad I gave those warnings. Because if I save one person from doing it, then great. But at the same time I don’t know if I came out on top of that or not. Because trying to force truth on other people that aren’t ready to receive it. You might as well kick them in the nuts. And if they don’t have nots, well, you know, you get it

I think that maybe we should start with giving each other grace because we don’t have all the answers and we’ve been lied to since the beginning, about everything, even our religion. This isn’t the whole truth about Jesus. There was a whole truth about Jesus that we would have every single year of his life in this text if we don’t it doesn’t make Jesus less awesome, but we don’t have that All truth. We don’t have the whole truth because there’s books and chapters and sentences in words modified in every Bible. And God did not hand write any of them inspired by God. Absolutely. But it’s not the whole truth. And acting like it is, is foolish. It’s naive. And it’s ridiculous. So we got to quit beating each other up. Beat I mean, look, in the extreme of anything isn’t right. extreme right, extreme left Extreme Pro LGBT extreme anti extreme pro abortion extreme not like any extreme isn’t right. It’s not right.

What is right? I don’t know. But it’s somewhere in the middle. It’s kind of like when you’re trying to get the truth from three people. And they’re all telling you a different story. The truth is somewhere in the middle. So we should give each other more grace, we should also forgive the people that said really, really awful things to the anti jabbers. We should forgive them too. Because you know what? People grew up believing that they could trust their government and their news. Just like religion I think we’re just doing the best we can do. I do believe that God provides all the answers that we ask and seek and ask for. We get that directly from heaven. No one else in my opinion. God bless you. Thank you for reading. Thank you for listening. Thank you for subscribing. Thank you for downloading. And thank you to everyone who has become a member of Joshua t And by the way, membership is free. I mean, there’s a free part of the membership, but there’s extra special stuff for people that enroll in the monthly membership which is $1.99 and that goes directly to the live mana worldwide Foundation. Thank you for your support. Couple issues. Awkward right there. I’m not going to edit this out because it will be not as fun bye

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