Hello, I’m Nicole and welcome to my Intro. segment of how the very people we put in office secretly create programs, rules and Laws that are blatantly inhumane and violate The Constitution of the United States.  This is what’s happening to American Citizens that have served their time for sexual offenses, then undenounced to them and their families were herded off at the end of their sentences with the promise of A court ordered Treatment and Rehabilitation program with a potential exit $r those who complete the program successfully. Let’s  take a look at some of the history of Civil Commitment to create public awareness about this program. It’s guaranteed to shock you.

As I progress through my Segments you all should keep in mind that these same injustices  could happen to you or your loved one in the future and if legislatures are being NON-TRANSPARENT  about the Bills that they sign into Law and what all that entails they are simply acting in their own self interest, not the publics. In my next Segment I will inform you on how they are fleecing taxpayers dollars, using a form of extortion for money in order to grant residents and their loved ones the privilege of residents getting basic Healthcare needs, nutritional needs, as well as basic necessities. In further segments I will inform you about how this program facility in Littlefield Texas is running an over capacitated, bodies for Dollars concentration camp. 


“Civil Commitment of Sex Offenders Pretends Prisoners Are Patients.” –Headline by Jacob Sollum article on Reason Magazine

Sex offense registries and civil commitment laws were created in the 1930s and 1940s during the previous wave of heightened sex panics that experts deem the “sexual psychopath ers,” but fell out of favor in the 1960s and 1970s as states shifted to treatment‐orientated programs. It is unclear if any specific case, political statement, or court ruling had inspired Texas to pass sex offense Civil commitment laws, but in the 1980s and 1990s, a wave of sex offense panics, largely fueled by Bias and Hatred along with the sensationalized media coverage of rare but tragic child murders (such as Adam Walsh) spa=Ed a renewed interest In sex offense registries and civil commitment statues. Washington state passed both a sex offender registry and modern civil  commitment(2) in 1990, which in turn provided a blueprint for other states seeking to pass Civil Commitment laws.

The evolution of the Texas Civil Commitment program has been more complex than Civil Commitment programs of other states

 The Texas program initially separated from the other civil commitment states by offering outpatient treatment. The outpatient program initially seemed like a cost-effective and humane way to balance the rights of persons convicted of sexual offenses with a perceived need for public safety measures.

It is often said that “the road to he’ll is paved with good intentions.” The road to the Texas Civil Commitment Program became riddled with numerous controversies  such as the ease at which out-patient registrants  were returned to prison for minor infractions, the challenges for finding housing for those in out-patient programs, and scandals perpetrated those in charge of the program. Actions taken by the Texas Legislature were heavy-handed and upended the lives  of hundreds of out-patient registrants and their families.

Eventually, Texas had created a lockdown facility just like every other state with a civil commitment program. Unlike the civil commitment program in other states, the t exam civil commitment program does not even bother pretending that they are anything but a prison. Civilly committed patients are represented by attorneys in commitment hearings. The Texas Civil Commitment Center in Littlefield was built and used as a juvenile detention center before,  eventually being bought by (MTC) MANAGEMENT TRAINING CORPORATION in Contract with overseer (TCCO) TEXAS CIVIL COMMITMENT OFFICE) IN AUSTIN, TEXAS. WE will discuss their roles in my Segments to come. The “Patient’s are called “Inmates” ,and program rule violations are criminal charges. (A change in Texas Law in 2015 removed felony charges for most, but not all, rule violations.) If the Texas Civil Commitment looks like a prison and it acts like a prison, calls their wards “Inmates,” detains their wards in a prison, and their detainees are charged with crimes for rule violations, the folks, that is a prison.

This article is intended to provide an overview of the history of the Civil Commitment program as used specifically against persons cited of sexual offenses. In my next Segment I will give a Summary of controversies and failures of this atrocious  program. Stay tuned guys as we get into the meat of this issue :CASH COWS, BODIES FOR DOLLARS,SLAVE PAYMENTS AND MORE. Please be more involved about what your Legislatures are doing. If you knew what they were really up to you wouldn’t continue to keep them in office. UNTIL NEXT TIME


Nicole Roberson


The information given and material’s viewed on my  blog in NO way implies that I condone any crimes or advocate for guilty individuals in any way, but to Stand Up in advocating for any and all individuals who are abused, treated inhumanely, or have their Civil Rights violated no matter what class of criminal offenses that they may or may not have committed in the past. I Honor the Constitution of the United States without bias. – Nicole Roberson