A Conversation with Joshua T Berglan & VB Eufracio brings it!

When I say it, I mean a Holy Spirit kick in the teeth, for all of the right reasons.

VB has one of the most powerful testimonies we have ever heard and the message he brings in this broadcast is Holy Spirit fire…

Regardless of your beliefs and no matter what you have been through, this broadcast will bless you.

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Joshua T Berglan



Joshua T Berglan 0:00
My name is Joshua and welcome to a conversation with Joshua T Berglan on the live mana Network. Thank you so much for being here today. And of course, you can skin. This way, you can scan this barcode and you can find links to our nonprofit media organization that live mana worldwide foundation. Also find all the links for our network where you can find past episodes. And really all of the content that we are involved in creating, whether it’s what we create for ourselves, or what we help others create. So want to say thank you so much for your support, no matter what platform you’re watching on, even if you’re not watching on our network, or listening. Thank you so much for being here. Today is going to be powerful. And here’s why. Because I love gritty, raw, nasty and ugly testimonies. I love them. You know why I love them, because we need more of them. And I believe the uglier testimonies that we can get out and get heard by the people. I believe with all my heart, we can start to shift the atmosphere. Listen, I’ve had one of the uglier testimonies that I’ve ever heard. I’m not proud of it well on a murder phrase that I am very proud of what the Lord Jesus did for me, and has done for me and continues to do for me every single day, grace upon grace upon grace upon grace, I it is been one of the most amazing experiences of my life, walking with the Lord, it’s also been the most difficult and most challenging, but also the most rewarding. In fact, there is no life for me without Jesus. That said, I know for a fact that I’ve always known that my testimony is evil and dark as it is, and somewhat gross as it can be, as depicted in our book the devil inside me. I know that there’s worse testimonies are crazier testimonies are scarier testimonies. And I also know that not all testimonies resonate with some people, like my testimony scares people. I’m pretty sure that BB his testimony is going to scare some people too. But it shouldn’t scare you. Because all the people that have been through every type of trauma that you can imagine if done all of the evils when God gets a hold of you, for all of the evil that’s done in that old life. When you give your life to the Lord, God gets to do so much more like for every bit as horrible as your life was before Jesus, what Jesus gets to do with your life is 10 times more extraordinary. It’s mind blowing. Like it is, it is one of the coolest things I could ever explain to you. And here’s the funny thing. You can only know by doing it yourself. Because me talking about how awesome Jesus is. I’m gonna sound like every other bible thumper that’s ever heard you. And I’m not I can’t do that. I can’t force you to love Jesus, I can’t force you to surrender all of your fears and worries and addictions and afflictions and everything else. I can’t force you

to give your life to Jesus. But what I can do is share my testimony and bring other people on this platform. And we listen, we interview all kinds of people here. And from all walks of life, and there’s even a lot of non believers that we talked to. But that said, when we have another believer, and we have somebody that’s going to share their heart, I get really, really excited. Because I believe with all my heart that is one more person that God is using to open up the heavens, for others. And your testimony matters. I don’t care how crazy it is. I don’t care how wimpy it can sound, or your belief of me, like who wants to hear that? I’m going to tell you this right now. And then we’re going to get into the commercial and intro video and then bring VB on. But I want to say this. There’s people literally dying right now. waiting to hear your testimony. Your testimony has the ability to save lives. How do I know? Because other people’s testimonies saved mine in mind you it may didn’t happen right away. You know, when I just go Okay, the first time I heard a powerful testimony gave my life to Jesus and everything was fine. No, it doesn’t work that way. But a seed was planted and the seed was planted and a seed was planted. And, and I gotta tell you, in my experience, following Jesus, it has been the most life giving most amazing, extraordinary experience of my life. So I hope today whether whatever, regardless of what your beliefs are, and we have people from all belief systems here, and thank you for that. Thank you for listening to us talk about Jesus. That said, I just want to let you know that God has a huge plan for your life. God can use everything that was meant to kill you for your good and also God’s glory. And it’s kind of an amazing experience. And I hope today He moves you and inspires you to at least say hello God have ran away from you for a long time. But I’m here and I’m ready to listen. I hope that happens for you today because God’s plan for you is incredible. We’ll be right back after this

Oh, we’re back. What’s up everybody? I’m Joshua, and welcome to a conversation with Joshua T Berglan. Today, I pray that VB story in VB message hits you right in the heart, even if it scares you, even if it makes you sad, depressed, whatever it may be, I hope it hits you right in the heart. Because it’s not just about VB it’s how God’s using VB. But more than that to is you got to know that there’s other people like VB, there’s other people like myself out there. And there, there are people out there that you want to give up on that are actually God’s warriors. There’s people that are being rejected and Shawn that are trying to crawl to the footsteps of the church. And they need a place. They need a place to feel safe. They need a place to feel loved. They’ve been abused. They’ve been ridiculed. They’ve been mocked. They’ve been shunned. And mind you some of it’s because of their own choices. I understand that.

But the people that go through the biggest struggles and then go through the most diversity or not diversity, adversity, are God’s chosen, I believe they’re all everything that they’ve gone through is to prepare them for what’s coming. And when you hear Vivi story, again, I pray that it inspires you to not only share your own testimony, but if you’re one of the people that are like him, or like he was like I was and you’re just sick and tired of living the life that you’re living, just know that there’s a solution for you. And I hope today inspires you, ladies and gentlemen is a pleasure for me to welcome my new friend. I’m going to set you phrase you VB you phrase you did I say it right VB Yeah. Praise God. Good. man. You gotta Good. Well, welcome to a conversation with Joshua to Bergland VB First things first, what are you grateful for today and why?

VB Eufracio 9:37
And I’m grateful just to be able to breathe, man. And the reason why is because there’s been many times in my life that I should not even be here. And I say that with humility and confidence. I shouldn’t even be here right now. And so I’m grateful for just a breath that I get to breathe, to be honest. A man

Joshua T Berglan 9:58
you lived a life And I look, I got into some really dark and evil and scary things got involved with a lot of the wrong people. You know, you know about that life too. And I don’t even really know where to start. Except for maybe let’s talk about your childhood. Like, tell me about where you grew up and what your home life was like, when you were young.

VB Eufracio 10:24
Okay, um, well, just just, just FYI, what I’m about to tell you is, is a story of encouragement to give whoever’s listening hope. Because of where I was added, as a child. You don’t have to take that into your adulthood into the rest of your life. So So I’ll give you the basic summary. I grew up in a home with a single mother and a brother. I grew up in a home where my dad wasn’t around. I grew up in a home where my mother worked, worked hard every day, to take care of me and my older brother. I grew up in a home where my brother was seven years older than me. So there was a gap to where I was about eight or nine years old. And he was already in his teens. So he was already hitting the streets. Yeah, so I grew up, I grew up in a home 90% of the time, by myself, my mother was working hard hours, my brother was in the streets. So I grew up in a home where I was isolated. within myself in the four walls. I had a big family. Now the family that I that I had, it was a big family. But what my immediate family, it was just me and my mom. And there was nights where I will be up all night, until three, four o’clock in the morning, by myself. There will be nights where where the lights will go out, and the bills weren’t paid. And I will be in a dark house by myself. There will be nights where a lot of times I would be beginning babysit by my cousins and things to happen, things happen at those moments and other times. But I never grew up with a dad. My dad left about five years old. He was out of my life, because he gave my mom a ultimatum. He told my mom, you can, you can me, and my mom and him can leave my brother because that wasn’t his dad and take off. Or he can leave and my mom chose my brother. So my dad left. My dad was was really in a dark area in his life. He was part of some, some organizations, you know, my dad is Hispanic and my mom is white. So, you know, you can kind of put in the puzzle pieces that he ran with certain groups. And so my dad was never around. But my household was very lonely. But my mother loved the best that she knew how. And my mother was she was there and she’s not there today. And I’ll tell you later on in my story, what happened then. But basically what a summary my house the house that I lived in, was that I was bullied as a young age, bullied, ridiculed, mocked, picked on. But I did play a lot of sports. I played baseball for many years. A lot of things happen. So that’s just a basic summary of how my how the household was 90% of the time, I was by myself at night. Yes.

Joshua T Berglan 13:33
Now I know that you got involved and you started running around with gangs. Was it your brother that introduced you to that life? I mean, I know he was in the streets, or was it someone else that took you under under their wing and brought you in?

VB Eufracio 13:47
Well, yeah, so being my my brother being in my life, he was my father figure. You know what I mean? Because my dad was never around. So I looked up to him. So yeah, he was the one that introduced me. I’m not saying he did it intentionally. But But seeing him in that lifestyle. I was intrigued by it. Because I want to do what big brother does, for sure. So my brother grew up in the gangs. He was he was part of the five nine power rule bounty hunters, the Bloods. And he grew up in that lifestyle. So seeing it at a young age, it intrigued me, because I seen the connection with friends. I seen the lifestyle of excitement, and and things like that. And yeah, man about the age of 1213 years old is when I really really got into a real tough

Joshua T Berglan 14:35
Why would imagine if you’re spending a lot of time alone, that the brotherhood of a gang is very attractive. I mean, I I grew up playing sports like you, and all that was great, but I gotta admit, like I was friends with a couple, you know, gangbangers and even when I got older, I became friends with some guys that were mobbed up and involved in some other things. And of course, I got involved in some other things. The point is, though that brotherhood, the camaraderie, but also it felt safe in his that may sound insane to the audience like going, getting involved with a gang sounds safe. But when you’re scared or your fear, you’re alone, that’s scary. And then when you have a brotherhood around you, that you feel safe with, regardless of what they’re doing, I found a brotherhood with the people, I did drugs. And when I was acting out in my chem, sex addiction, I thought a brotherhood there, I found a brotherhood with the people that I ran little scams with and other things. So I get it. And there’s that thing they call a covenant that I know the church talks about covenant a lot, or maybe they don’t talk about it enough. But there’s never been a better expression of covenant that I’ve ever seen in my life than amongst or within gangs, whether it’s a drug dealing gang, or whatever it may be. They’re, they honor covenant better than anyone I’ve ever seen. Did you get that drilled into your head, when you were coming up in the game,

VB Eufracio 16:08
we’ll see, I want to touch on something real quick. With that, see, whenever I was in baseball, and I was hanging around with kids, it was like, I didn’t fit in, you know, even though I play sports with them, and I was good at playing sports. For some reason, because of me being poor and poverty, and then being at a level with with money and, or them having a dad, I really didn’t fit in well, so I didn’t really embrace the love and the Brotherhood, as whenever I got into the games. And see in when I did, when I got into the when I got into the games, they drilled loyalty, respect, respect, was a big key respect was a big, big like, like, like, you’re going to give me my respect, one way or the other, you’re going to give me my respect, you know, and there’s, there’s levels of that. And I was the type where my level, it was at a high level where you’re gonna give me my respect, if I can’t, if I can’t get you with these, I’m gonna get you with this. You know, if I can’t beat you on my hands, I’m gonna twist you with my words. And a lot of times, because I wasn’t really too much of a fighter, I can admit that I really wasn’t too much of a fight. I’ll get out there and fight. But my words I can, I was sad to say, manipulation and twisting and bending, I will build someone up and break them down in a heartbeat. You know what I mean? And it was drilled in loyalty, respect, loyalty, respect, loyalty, respect, and a lot of honor with the two. And what what was what was it what was what was, what was intriguing to me about it was it was it was the accepting them accepting me, bringing me in allowing me to be me. But but but I guess you could say, a counterfeit love.

Joshua T Berglan 18:04
Yeah, that, gosh, that brings up something I’m going to ask later, because I didn’t the acceptance part is, is a big, it was a big one for me. So I understand that, but I want to talk about that later. Um, and you know, you have the people that are joining gangs, are broken souls, for the most part, because of a missing parent, or even abusive, even if their parents are there, if they’re being neglected or being abused, they might as well not even be there. Because of the damage that’s been done. Like you’re almost better off being gone. So there’s a lot of that of people getting gangs, and that fall into gangs. So I understand and I, and I was weird. And so even though I was a good athlete, I also understand what you’re saying, I’m not really feeling like I belonged. And I should have, and I think there’s reasons for why I felt that way and all of that. But the fact is, I didn’t, I felt like an outlier. I felt alone, I felt too weird to be around them. I understand that and in the end, all I really wanted was to be loved and accepted. And I found it in the drug, you know, in all the places that I was doing drugs. So the one thing that I think about when I think of criminal activity is that you know, other than the fact that it’s organized you don’t want to get caught and I do know that in even people that the dealers that I’ve been around in my life you know, they’re not really wants to get high on their own supply. So I’m thinking if I’m running a criminal enterprise and I’m running gangs and or I’m involved in a game and I’m committing crimes and doing other things like that. I want to be sober minded because if I’m messed up, I’m going to get caught. did drugs and gang banging go hand in hand or was that something that you got involved in later?

VB Eufracio 19:51
Now now smoking weed and maybe maybe problem couple pills here and there or whatever. You know, kind of covers antics here and there. What I suppose the newer doing doing the cocaine and doing the other things not Not really. Because my my active activity in games was breaking into a lot of cars, my activity and he was doing a lot of thieving and stuff like that. So my downtime, I would have a smoke a lot of weed and I will take a lot of Xanax. But whenever I had to take care of what I needed to take care of, then at times, I would have to be at the level of a sober mind, I would have to be at a level now now. Now, it did get to the point where where drugs took over. Could be because I have this thing that a lot of people might have. It’s called an addictive personality. You know, if I take something and I like it, then I become custom into it by being addicted to it. You know what I mean? So so once I started getting added at the higher level of drugs, when I started smoking PCP, or, or whenever I started doing cocaine or doing ecstasy, the gang kind of faded away a little bit. Now, I was still in it, but not as I was, at my younger and my younger days. So yeah, it really didn’t go hand in hand. Because I became a loose cannon. Sure, I became I got on with drugs, man, let me tell you something, brother. When I got on drugs, I became a loose cannon. You couldn’t tell me nothing, you couldn’t control me. I got a lot, a lot of altercations a lot of disciplines behind it, because I was a loose cannon.

Joshua T Berglan 21:36
That’s I and I can relate to that, too. I mean, I was in a professional setting. But my drug use took over my desire to wanting to do my job and excellence and make money I didn’t even really, I got to the point where I didn’t care about the money so much. I just wanted to be able to get more drugs, so I could go do my thing. Like nothing else mattered. Like that is how much drugs took over. And I used to say that I was a functional meth addict, but that’s really not true. It’s no I sometimes like that. It’s amazing how with walking with the Lord, for as long as I have, like, I think back to my years living in Florida, and I always look at Florida as the best years of my life, because everything was so glamorized to me then. But the reality was, that’s when the wheels started to come off. And that was my early, it was 1920 years old. That’s when my addiction started to become this beast that was out of control. And you know, and I did really well hiding it. But eventually, that became all I cared about. And I don’t even know if it was so much or even about the height at that point. I was just trying to quiet and that demon inside of me that was like, give me more, give me more. And it could never, ever be quenched. The thirst that this Bloodlust this demon had for all the excess that I can do. Let me ask you this, going through all the things that you’ve gone through, how much did the mental health aspect along with drugs come into your overall destruction, which led to you being reborn?

VB Eufracio 23:14
And let me tell you something, man, I was so broke. I got raped and molested as a young kid. Okay. And I mean, let me tell you, I want to share this to where my mental stage was at. Okay. I was raped, molested. Sometimes, in one night, I will get raped and molested by two different guy cousins in the same night. My dad left and five years old. I will go I will go to my grandma’s house and get raped by one cousin come home. My mom will hit the bar. Because my grandma was going to sleep. Another cousin will come over and I’ll get raped again. My dad left at five years old. My brother was never around. I was in and out of gangs. I was in and out of jail. I my second home was juvenile detention centers.

I was getting bullied. I was getting bullied by kids spit on, beat up. Stolen from but I didn’t care as long as they were my friends. As long it was because I was so hurt, right? Misery loves company. I was so miserable of where I was at. You can do me any kind of way as long as you stayed my friend. That’s the mentality that I had. I didn’t care how you treated me. So my mental stage when I added drugs to that I went from from living in a home to living on the streets. I became homeless. I began digging out of dumpsters bouncing from place to place. Burning every bridge. Every bridge I was I was a destructive force that went through town. What especially when I what I tried what I tried meth and the first time I ever put it in him arm when I put a needle into my arm. Whenever that two plays broke. Let me tell you something. It was destruction. Because of I was hurt, I was hurt. I was in pain, I had a lot of trauma. And my, this was one of the scenes that I had, you have never been in my shoes. So don’t talk about my life, you have never been where I’ve been. So you don’t have nothing to say about what I’m doing or why I’m doing what I’m doing. Okay, you ain’t never felt my pain. So based on the pain that I had in my life, I wanted to show people my pain, I want you to feel my pain. So I will go around houses. And I will literally demolish the setting of the house, I will walk into a home and literally change the whole atmosphere, the demonics that was in me, it reminds me of a story in the Bible where the man of Legion was in a cave, and even change can keep him down. Every time they change on him. He broke free from him. And Jesus came and asked him and he told him, he said who are you say I am Legion, right? And he casted him into the, into the pigs and they fell out. You know, that’s where I was at. I was sort of so destructive that I will go into homes, and the whole atmosphere was shift. People will get quiet people will leave the house, all kinds of things, because I carried over an aroma of hatred, envy, evil, destruct jealousy, vindictive, manipulation, all that it was just him especially, especially being on meth and shooting up meth. And getting out there. And I share these share these detailed stories with with with whoever’s watching, because if you’re in this area in your life, you have to understand, and I would encourage you like brother said earlier, I can’t force you. I can’t make you. But I can encourage you by my testimony that there is a way out. There is a way out. And his name is Jesus. He is the only way that he can give you fulfillment of eternal life. He’s the only way. And I’m uh, I’m carrying on to my, to my close. So I’m gonna bounce back. But But the answer the answer your question is that I was destructive. I put my hands on my mom, I put my hands on women. I used to beat women. And I don’t say that to brag. I’m not here to boast. I needed let you know my story. So you can know that if you’re in this area, there’s freedom. There’s freedom. He was to the point, bro, when I was on drugs that I thought women they want me. So I tried when men I got so corrupted in my head. When I was in Indiana of North, I tried to have relationships with men. Because I believe the lie of Satan that women didn’t want me that I wasn’t loved that, okay, they didn’t love me. They didn’t let me go travel somewhere else. You understand what I’m saying? And the reason why I can fully talk about this, because I’m I’ve been fully redeemed and delivered from all this. Because you never know what someone might can can gain or hear from your story. You see what I’m saying? So know this, that you are loved. And that you have a purpose. And you are chosen before the foundation of the earth you already loved. You already love you know, they have a song that says you look for wrong. You look for love for all the wrong places. That was me. Yeah, that was me everything. So my mind answer your question. Brother was, it was it was far out there, far out there. And I was taking everybody with me whoever I could, whatever I can do, I would hurt anybody around me My motive was to to have people feel my pain.

Joshua T Berglan 28:36
I cannot even begin to tell you how much I relate to all this. I was a 20 year Chem sex addict. And for me it was the first time trying drugs that the nightmares of what happened. And mind you I think that there there was a part of me that may have wanted it to happen. And that’s a whole other conversation. But when I was molested the first time it was by people I trusted. It wasn’t a family member. But it was it was two people I trusted. And then of course the female babysitter and then the other men that had molested me. I had nightmares about it and I think the nightmares came because they said bad things were going to happen to me if I said something and that was a little confusing. Then I go to my guidance counselor because I’m acting out and they like when you talk and I tell her what happened and she said all that’s normal for little boys to do that. Which now looking back at it and looking at where we are now with things I’m like, Well of course the guidance counselor said that like it makes me think that were some part of an agenda but whatever that mess with me bad and it made me self hate made me feel more unloved and more disconnected from people and more weird and every time I heard the word faggot yo cuz back then you people said that word and it wasn’t offensive or it wasn’t supposed to be but though I’m hearing it going man that feels ugly. I don’t know. What does that mean? Why am I being In call the faggot, and I didn’t know any of this stuff, I didn’t understand any of it. The very first time I tried ecstasy, and which then followed by ketamine and meth and cocaine, and everything else all in the same night, I, it made the nightmares turn to fantasies, and I immediately became a chem sex addict. So everything you’re saying, I understand, and the nightmare turning to fantasies, where now all of a sudden, I want to go recreate my rape scenario. And I did it over and over and over and over again, I didn’t get HIV from eating Froot Loops, that’s for sure. It was because of my behavior. So I understand everything what you’re saying. But I want to ask you this. Once you’ve gone there, and you’ve opened that door, and you your brain, and and your brain associates pleasure with drugs and sex, and it’s like that combination, that is a mother, it’s a beast and a demon in itself to get rid of. Can you talk about your healing process from that part alone? Because here’s why I’m asking the question. There’s a lot of preachers, there’s a lot of worship ministers, there’s a lot of people inside the church building that are suffering in silence, because they haven’t healed. I know, because I used to see preachers in the bathhouse. I know because of my behavior that people are suffering in silence. And I also know the messages I get. There are people that are leading people to Jesus right now that are sneaking off from their wife, and go in and having sex with men off of apps or in bathroom stalls or whatever else. Because in their suffering, and they don’t know how to stop it. They don’t know how to let it go. They know it’s not right. But like an addiction. They gotta keep feeding this beast. Can you talk about how you healed? And you were delivered in you were delivered from this?

VB Eufracio 31:56
Yeah, yeah. And that’s, and that’s a good question, um, that it’s possible. Let me let me let me let me show that it’s possible. The only way, the only way that is possible, is allowing the Lord in those areas. That is that is the only way that it’s possible. You see, transparency is not really being expressed in in the church. Yeah, no, transparency. You know, you’ll have you’ll have and I’ll say this, and I’ll get to you, you’ll have people that will preach but only preach from Asana as everything is good. Right? Yeah, everything’s good. Right? Preach it from a perfected, right. So so if they’re preaching that way, that makes me think they talked to God that way. Right, meaning that they don’t allow the Lord in, in those areas. They don’t allow the Lord in in those areas. So so my process was in 2017, I’ll give you a story. I was at Freedom House in Freeport Texas, in in, in Texas, it’s a discipleship place. And I’m not saying that for any reason, just to share the name. But I got on my knees I kept hearing people talk about the altar, go to the altar, you know, come to the altar, your arm, you know that song? You know, I kept hearing I keep hearing, and I’m sitting there in mind it is. I never grew up in church ever. I’ve been to church, maybe two or three times. I went to the altar. And I confessed everything that I’ve ever done. confessed everything. Father, I’m sorry that I I beat on women sorry that I that I carried on me being raped and me turn around and doing things to others. Because you know, they say once one, you tried others, and I try to round things with my nieces and nephews. So I confessed everything to the Lord, everything father, and when I confessed everything to him, it gave him access to come in. Oh, the only way the only way to healing can take place. And that demon can get shut down is that if you allow the Lord by confessing the Bible says at first at first John one nine, If you confess, come home and he Baba, If you confess your sins to God, He is faithful and just to forgive you. And forgiveness takes a process of healing. See, a lot of times what happens is that they’re embarrassed to confess. Come on now check this. James 516 says this. If you confess your sins to one another, you will be healed for a prayer of a righteous one. Come on, man. So that there’s two two scriptures that these preachers know. But but they’re believing the lie that they’re Too embarrassed, or people are going to judge or people aren’t going to understand and things like that. So we sometimes people will want to confess to the Father but never to one another. And that’s why transparency is not playing apart. See, I can talk to you about the things that I deal with and where I’ve come from. Because right now I am going through in this moment, right now, whoever’s watching, the reason why I’m speaking Foley is because I’m still going through the process of healing. Yeah, so as I continue to talk about these things, it’s not hidden in the dark. So so it these pastures will do James 516. and confess to a brother, confess, there’s forgiveness, but there needs to be confession to one another to be healing. And that’s what I had to understand. I had to understand that I had to confess. That’s why Transparency is key. Brother transparents key with me, when I’m behind the pulpit, or I’m talking to you on on, I don’t know who’s gonna watch this. But it’s not about me. It’s about letting people know that there’s hope. Through through Jesus Christ. So if you’re a pastor, and I’m speaking to the pastors, and I’m speaking to the ones behind the pulpit, pray to the Father and ask the Father

to reveal someone that you can confide in and go to them. Come on, man, you know, I’m talking to you right now. Go to them. And say, this is what I’m doing. I need help. Yes. Walk me through this. And at that moment, supernaturally, something’s gonna lift Yeah. See, when the door is closed, there’s a weight to it. But when it’s open, air gets to it gets through the house. So yeah, that door shut, there’s no access. Come on, man. But if you have that door, open, there’s access. And the father says, I am knocking at the heart of your door, the door of your heart knocking, let me in. So whenever he’s knocking, because you know, he’s tugging at you, you know, he wants you to confess, you know, he wants you to free from that, you know, that he wants you to go talk to that brother, or your pet, or your or your assistant pastor, or your friend at pastors at another church, you know, he does. But the enemy wants to lie to you. So the process of the healing, it comes with, first of all, confessing, you have to let someone know what you’re dealing with, you have to let someone know, because you never know. You don’t ever know that you can tell them something about your deepest secret, then they turn around and tell you something about third deepest secret. Yeah, and not only one, but two people don’t get healing, or the process of healing. And no, this healing is a process. It takes time, allowing the Lord to work in you in that no allowing the Lord to work in you and to know. So I had to just learn that I had to be real transparent. And who I talked to, and if people judge me, my father would judge them. If they run their mouth and let them do what they do. You know, okay, that’s fine. But I’m still gonna be open and honest and transparent about my who I am where I’m at. Because you never know, man, you just never know who’s listening. And confessing is a big key part of your healing.

Joshua T Berglan 38:22
I love this so much. I gotta give you a really quick story. So when I gave my life to the Lord, I mean, I confessed everything to the Lord, because I knew he knew anyway. And my father’s in jail, and I thought I was going to be there for five years, but I was all getting ready to do a but create a Bible study in the prison and into all this stuff. And, and anyway, I ended up getting out of jail. And in that was a lot scarier. All the promises I made to God after giving my life to him. That was a lot scarier when I was on the streets of downtown LA going, Oh, crap, this now what now? What do I do? But the thing is, is that I was still very scared about talking about being an abuser, because I’d been in jail six times. And I was afraid to talk about two of the times and why. And so while I was getting all of this applause and cheer for for being so vulnerable, in all in my show that I was doing, and the fact is that I was not telling the truth, because 98% of the truth is not the truth. It’s great. I gave my testimony, but I’m leaving out that oh, by the way, I’m an abuser. And oh, I have HIV. If I’m leaving that out. That is part of my testimony. That makes me whole that God can’t use because I’m keeping it a secret. So here we go. And I’m still struggling with my sexuality still struggling with drug craving, still struggling with all that stuff. My first few years walking with the Lord because I still didn’t believe that God loved me completely. I thought I wasn’t perfect enough. And I was still mentally weird and all this other stuff. So God couldn’t possibly love me. He, you know, you hated those parts of me. That’s what I always told myself. Anyway, long story short, I go, you know, I, you know, how would with the spiritual high wears off after giving your life to the Lord, it’s like oh crap now reality is hitting me now bad stuff is happening how am I going to handle it? Well, I ended up letting life come at me pretty hard. I was still in a very toxic relationship because we stayed together through jail and everything else. And even when I’m walking with the Lord, like I’m in this toxic relationship, what do you I get kicked out of a leadership class, I did this emotional intelligence leadership course was there for three months get kicked out. And it’s because I get in a fight with my girlfriend in front of everybody. The very last week in this course. I was the leader of the group. And I didn’t get to graduate with everybody. And I was so angry. I was angry at God, because I didn’t have I was angry at God because I didn’t have the courage to leave her. Because I’m like, Well, how am I going to you know, we’re dependent on each other financially, we’re dependent on each other for all of these things. How am I going to how am I going to leave her so I was mad at God mad at her mad at myself mad at everybody. So I relapsed on meth. And I go on a month long bender. And without getting into all the gory details, it’s an it’s an AR book. But it’s it all this bad stuff is happening. Well, finally, towards the end of this month long meth relapse, I’m on day four, I just got a drink in my own urine. Because I can’t find drugs. I’m on an I’m set on a sex app looking for more meth looking for for, you know, sex and all this other stuff just completely out of my mind up four days straight. And all of a sudden, I don’t have my phone on me. So here’s my phone, I’m looking at my phone book in a score. And all of a sudden, God drops down, like right here. And I can see him out of the corner of my eye. And I’m terrified to look at it at all. I mean, without going into everything he said, he said, I’m not done with you yet. This is gonna suck, but I’m not done with you yet. And he said, You’re going to put a spotlight on your shadow world, you don’t get the luxury of keeping secrets, you’re going to confess everything. If you relapse, you’re gonna go talk about it on your show. If you lost or you do any of these other things you cheat with man, you’re going to talk, you do drugs, you’re going to talk about it. And I’m like, Well, maybe I’m tripping. But I was scared. As soon as I heard it, he gave me the name of the show. Coincidentally, it was the one that you’re supposed to do gratitude, unfiltered. That’s when I was the host of it. He goes, you’re not going to do morning gratitude anymore. You’re doing gratitude, unfiltered. And you’re just going to tell the truth about all your stuff. And you’re going to document the journey this way. Scariest thing of my life? Well, if it wasn’t after I fall asleep, I kid you not five days in a row, because I’m sure that I would have talked myself out of that being God because you know, being on meth four days straight. You know, I could be hallucinating. But five days in a row, God sent me a different person to send me the same message.

And if he would not have done that, through this has been three years now I think, if he would not have done that. None of the miracles that God has done in my life, like, re rehabilitating my life, reinstall everything I’ve lost God has put back in my life. Like there is no redemption without that moment. And and so everything that you’re saying about the truth and confessing, look, I go overboard. But I don’t feel like I have a choice because I have a command. This is how I’m supposed to be. I don’t tell everybody hey, go tell everybody. You’re cheating on your wife. Don’t go on a podcast and tell everybody that I’m not saying that. That’s what you should do. But I will tell you, if you’re somebody that has big aspirations, and you want to go to the mountaintop, you want to be an entertainment, you want to have a successful ministry, you want to have anything that we’re your face is going to be seen places. If you don’t build your, your platform, your foundation on truth, it is going to be a very painful crumbling. And that’s why your message to preachers Vivi, and people in the church is so important, because all that’s hidden will be revealed. And you sure as heck don’t want someone else revealing your stuff for you. It is much more effective and much more powerful and it also shows God that you trust Him when you’re willing to publicly confess and remove everyone’s bullets to it. What can they take? What can they shoot you with? If you if you confess yourself, so what you’re doing, but my point is VB is this, what you’re doing aligned so much with what God has instructed me to do. I think it’s so powerful, and so needed. And I’m so glad that you’re sharing all this stuff. Because you know what? Not everybody’s gonna hear it from me. But other people are going to hear it for you from you how important it is to share those painful secrets. And the stories that we tell ourselves about what they’re going to, they’re going to judge us, they’re gonna mock us, my wife is going to leave me I’ll never see my kids again. You know what, yeah, there’s consequences for our actions. Absolutely. But you know what, you also don’t really know how God is going to do it, and how God could step in and heal. Maybe that relationship isn’t the right one for you. Maybe God’s got someone for you. That’s different. You don’t know. But one of the things I’m going to be quiet and let you talk, I’m sorry about this. around you, if you’re living a lie, and you’re keeping secrets, I promise you, those people in your life aren’t your people. Because they don’t know who you are. And you want to talk about lonely. You’re gonna have 100 people around you, but if they don’t know you, how good does it really feel? truth matters, Truth will attract your tribe. And I promise you one thing I’ve learned better than anything else, is God will not bless lies, but He will bless your truth. Amen. I saw you really, you really ticked me off because you’re speaking a language that I understand. And it’s so needed. Let me ask you this in the church community, though, because you’re getting to speak at churches. How, how is that received in the church when you share your truth?

VB Eufracio 47:08
Man, there’s a there’s a, there’s a variety of receiving man. I’ve had people leave me alone behind it. I’ve had people embrace me. I’ve seen people be set free and be more vulnerable and sharing. I’ve seen people judge me. I mean, it’s both ways I’ve seen it. I was talking to someone one time and they told me I’ll give you an example. I was talking to this girl one time and she told me her family was believers. And I walked in and shared my testimony and I get a phone call later on saying that I need to leave her alone. Because there’s no way that God would have brought me from there. And they were believers. Well, from what she said that they were believers. I’ve had it where I get around people and I share my testimony and they just quit talking to me. But then I’ve had crowds to where they they embrace me. They love the authentic they love the the the realness behind it the open up to transparently and encourages them to be the same way. Because this is no judgement zone. This is no judgment. So I’m gonna I’m not here to bash you or are here to throw stones or how can I worry about a speck in your eye? We’re not going to log him on. You know what I mean? Like, you know, and but, but I’ve learned this is that we’re in this walk together as the Body of Christ, we’re in this together. And when we’re in this together, we have to lean on one another. You don’t I mean, there’s they share some man there’s no everybody. I’m pretty sure a lot of people have seen the movie Forrest Gump. And in the movie Forrest Gump, there’s a scene that that speaks volumes to me that the body of Christ bubble in forests was at war. And bubbles are forests, forests, let’s lean on each other. So we don’t have to sleep in the grass. They’re in the same war at the same time, but they needed each other to lean so they won’t have to sleep in the grass in the mud. And I believe that we’re in the same war This is a spiritual warfare that we’re dealing with you all right, there’s a spiritual there’s demonic and there’s angelic there’s angels or demons going all over the place. And if we don’t learn to lean on each other and and be able to support one another and honor one another love one another and submit to one another will sit there and be on the on the grass and being prideful and leaning on the grass and stuff like so. I mean, I’ve seen people embrace it so many different ways and, and it’s okay to share so it’s okay because that’s just what they’re at, you know, that’s where they’re at. And that’s where they’re at. And then later on the Lord will, will reveal it to them and, and maybe chastise them in an area. And because you’ll never know how many people out there need to hear, what, what, what needs to come out of that person’s mouth. And if they judge me, the father would judge them, it will be equally just as much as it does, like, if I go judge judge you or just someone, I’m gonna be equally judged. And it doesn’t feel right. You know, it just don’t feel too Right. You know? And so yeah, I mean, I’ve had all kinds of, and I want to share something real quick before, before I forget about it. I love movies. So I will compare a lot of my things to movies. As Spider Man three, we know, we know Peter Parker. Venom got on top of him. And when they don’t get on top of him, he took over his whole body. And he became someone that he didn’t want to. That’s what sin and unforgiveness does. It hit you, it takes over your body, and you become something that you don’t want. Right? You become some in during the day, he’s this way, but at night, and eventually he starts changing around people. His girlfriend, is people started noticing that he was a little bit different. And see, and that’s the thing when it comes to sin. And when it comes to things holding in. With a little by little people, people can tell some people can go tell like when somebody somebody, somebody writes, I’m just, you know, babies that can differ was going on with him. You know, and they’ll even maybe ask you, you know, but it takes the freedom behind it. But yeah, I mean, I’ve had people to answer your question. Back to your question. I’ve had people embrace it, or have embraced it every see people in different ways. You know, I’ll be transparent on that. I’ve had people tell me stories. I’m like, you don’t I mean, like, you know, and not even receive. But what I’ve learned is that, if I don’t receive it, then

Joshua T Berglan 52:02
I put God in a box. Oh, that’s good.

VB Eufracio 52:05
I put God in the box. And if if, if someone comes in here, say, Hey, man, I just had an encounter with the Lord, I went to the heavens, I did all this. And I’m looking at like, Hey, you must be on some acid or something. I just say, I just put God in a box. Because God can do anything. He’s omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, pretend. He’s in all things of all things. He is the same as yesterday, today forevermore, is Alpha and Omega. He’s beginning he’s outside of time, he could do whatever he wants to do. You know, he is centered Enoch and Elijah. And, you know, he did all kinds of things. So who am I to say, Well, God can’t again? I do. Yeah, you know, so. So yeah, man. It’s. And yeah, that’s just where it’s at man is that you? Don’t you don’t want to ever put out in a box, man. You know, going and going. Alright,

Joshua T Berglan 52:56
I want to ask you though, because I kind of jumped her. I just went where I was led, calm. But I want to go back to what was the breaking point for you. Like, for me, it was being put in isolation, and there was no running and no getting out of jail and nowhere to run. So God proved that you cannot run God. Get you one way or the other? There? He got me track me down. How did God get you?

VB Eufracio 53:24
All right, man. For anyone that’s watching right now, if you’re at this point of the video, I will, I would encourage you to place close attention. The Bible says, if you draw nearer to him, he’ll draw nearer to you. I didn’t know this at the time. I was about almost nine years on the streets homeless. And I was talking about God. A lot. I didn’t know about Jesus. And I didn’t know about the Holy Spirit. And I sure did not know about speaking in tongues. I didn’t know none about all that. I just knew of a God. And I had this, this idea that I can do, do something better, have a different life. And I started talking about God, I will go into the dope house and shoot up go in and tell everybody what are we doing? Let’s go to rehab. God loves us. Let’s pray. Let’s do something. I don’t know what was going on. I just know it was it was it people like man, you’re tripping? You’re messing up my heart. Some people were like, Yeah, whatever. But August 17 2017, I was in front of a dope house. And, and I talked about God so much that He manifested Himself in my in my existence of around me. And he chose me in front of a dope house with an even more. John 1516 says that we don’t choose him, he chooses us. And he met me at and this is the this is the principle of The whole point behind this brother is that he met me at my lowest point. When I was at the bottom of the bottom, my mom moved out, I had nowhere to go. I haven’t took a shower. And in a week or so, I stunk I haven’t ate. You know, I was shooting, I was grabbing us needles off the ground using them, made me Mr. Lowe’s, it was so bad that I couldn’t even knock at the dope house, the drug house went for the dollars, and they were not letting me in. Nobody wanted to be around me. And he met me at my lowest point. And when I shot that at you in the shot up here when it meant and I did not fill it, I heard the audible voice of God telling me that I was done. I heard a voice that wasn’t mine. And I’m here to tell anyone is listening. You’re not too far gone. You’re not. He met me at my lowest at my lowest point in my life. And when he met me, he he made me one of love that fulfill me, it gave me hope. It gave me it gave me sad, it gave me a fulfillment. And because that’s all I ever wanted to do was be loved. All I ever wanted was love. And he knew that about me. And when he knew that about me, he met me. And he and I had an encounter. And then I went from there, I went to rehab and I went from other things. But he met me at my lowest man. And I strongly believe if you’re if you’re watching right now, if you don’t believe or however in this story is such you just start talking about God, man. Just start talking about God. Start talking about him. And I promise you, he will manifest himself in your life. He will. Because you draw nearer to him, he’ll draw nearer to you. He’ll manifest himself man. And, and, and I’ll say this as a challenge. I read a sign one time. And this is what the sign said. And literally word for word for Batum. You don’t try to everything else. Why not? God? I read that sign on. In Baytown, Texas. It was a black background with purple letters. They say you don’t try to everything else. Why not? God? Why not try? You did the games. You did the drugs you did the women. You did the homeless? You did all this jails and all that. But you haven’t tried God yet? Try him and see what he does. You’re you’re talking to Oh, go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. That’s it. Go

Joshua T Berglan 57:37
ahead. Go ahead. No, no, I’m deep breathing. Because, yeah, I just know, everything you’re saying is true. And I just, I’ve never heard anyone in my life, explain it this way, and it’s so beautiful. And it’s so and it’s so beautiful. Because it’s it’s just so you know, again, thinking about vulnerability. And what I would do, to go to a church to hear a pastor, be vulnerable and honest, and not just say, I was broken, and Jesus saved me. Like you do such a beautiful job of painting the picture of what broken is doing a better job of painting the picture of the majesty of God, and what he can do for us. And I just saw I didn’t have anything to say it just you’re moving me. You are

VB Eufracio 58:41
so so so I want to share something man. You’re looking at a guy that that didn’t have a fulfillment. You’re looking at a guy that grew up poor, that grew up broken, abused, neglected. I grew up with that, that didn’t have anything, right. That thought that I was gonna die with a needle my arm. And literally, that’s all I knew. I didn’t grow up in church audience, I did not grow up. I didn’t have the privilege to go Sundays and Wednesdays, my mom, all that my dad, you know the story. But Jesus loves you. And you have a purpose in your life. You don’t say the reason why your life is is is the way it is because it’s an artificial purpose. You know, deep down inside of you, that you have this void that has not been fulfilled. All the drugs you can do all the women that you can do all the things they all the gangs, you want to join all the organizations you want to it’s not going to fulfill you. Jesus Christ is the only one that can be able to fulfill you, and I’m speaking is from experience. He chose you and he’s appointed you and anointing you for a time as this where there’s a dying world out there. And if being corrupted, we see the news, we see these, these babies dying and being turned over. And we see how you know, homosexuality is common. We see how transgendered they’re having. They’re having a maid where eight year olds can decide if they want to be a woman or a man. You know, we’re seeing the leaders, the Presidents we’re seeing, we’re seeing all this, we’re seeing all this. But the Bible says this in Romans 12, it says, Do not be conformed to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. You don’t have to live like your dad, you don’t have to live like your mom. You don’t have to live like your uncle’s, you don’t have to live like your brother, you don’t have to live like they live, you’re not your daddy, you’re not your mom, you are a child of God who has been chosen and that he loves you. He got on the cross for you. He said that even though yet we were sinners, he died for us. Even if you don’t, even if you never believe in him, he still would have went to the cross. But the beauty behind believing in him is that you can have eternal life, he can give you a life worth living. I mean, I’ve been to three different states. I’ve preached at 12 different churches, I got my mom back in my life, I see my mom gets saved in my arms, I see my mom cry out to God and say, get these demons out of me come into my life. I seen what the Lord can do. I see my mom on her deathbed. And three days later, she goes to her liver and kidney transplant. And God says after being on the list for three days, three days, God get put her in, I’ve sit there and seen reconciliation with my daughter. I sit there and seen how God can take something so dirty and foamy and messy and that there’s no and give life. I’ve sit there and seen the power of God can sit there and transform you. And it’s not because he’s he’s wanting to take over you. It’s because he loves you is the authentic love of Christ, that he’s calling you right now. He’s calling you in a relationship with him. He already won’t hear anything like like brother said earlier. He already knows everything about you. So anything you tell him is not going to surprise him. He just wants your heart. He wants you to soul, your heart, your mind you willing emotions. He wants everything about you because he already created you. He just wants you to realize and recognize that He is real. He is the Alpha and the Omega, he is our Father. But before the foundation He created you. He said For I know the plans that I have for you says the Lord, to pray for you to prosper you not to harm you. He desires for you to have some to get out of that grave. Rise up and get out of that grave. Get out of that poverty. Get out of that mindset that you’re nobody. Because in God’s eyes, you’re a somebody, you’re somebody and he would do it all over again and do it again and again. And again. Satan has no hold on you, man. Satan has no hold on you at all. And it’s time to wake up. It’s time to know that you do have a purpose that you are loved. Period. I cannot talk I cannot stop talking about Jesus Christ. You know why? Because he radically encountered in my life and changed my life. I’m literally I’m right now I’m doing an interview in a church. Five, six years ago, I’d be the dope house. You know what I mean? Yeah, you can look, I’ll tell you something like this. You can convince me that he don’t love you. I’m sorry, here. You can convince me. Okay, but I’m here to expose the live Satan. He does love you. Try him? Why not? And see what happens.

Joshua T Berglan 1:03:16
I’ll give you a microphone to draw up real quick. That is perfect. It’s beautiful. And every single word of it’s true. And that’s the most amazing part. Is it sounds so fairy tale ish. Because why would someone die for me? Why would somebody care enough to take this from me. But that’s, I mean, thank God for Jesus. I can’t even I can’t even imagine my life without him. And it sounds like we were I mean, even though our gutters were different gutters nonetheless, that God freed us from and I got to ask you something. VB Do you have a podcast or anything?

VB Eufracio 1:04:03
No, no. I’m not really good, internet savvy kind of thing. I used to do a lot of Facebook Lives. But the Lord’s they have me in a resting area right now. But why do you ask? Well, because

Joshua T Berglan 1:04:18
when God speaks to you and says I want you to get out there, I want to help you do it. Meaning if it’s a podcast, TV show, whatever. Like I whether you take over gratitude, unfiltered, whether we create a new broadcast for you, whatever, I’ll do the work. But if God puts it on your heart that it he wants you to be a messenger and start speaking and get out there. I’ll help you do it. There’s no cost. It’s what we do as a service. But I gotta tell you, man, not to be not to pat myself on the back. Ever. But everything that I’ve ever done I have to get people to do or to bring out of people on either broadcasts that I’ve done, whether it’s when I was doing gratitude, unfiltered, or even this one is just to be honest, and to share from a place of that, that you can feel, you can feel the hurt, but you can also feel the joy. You’re the first guest I’ve ever had, that is sincerely done that, while expressing their love for the Lord. And anything I can ever do, my wife and I, but anything that we can do to help you, if it’s launching a ministry for you, like online, through the networks, podcast, TV, whatever it may be, we will help you do it. Because your voice must be heard by the masses when God tells you it’s time. But Just count me in whether it’s a year from now a week from now, a day from now, or five years from now. Just remember, I said that.

VB Eufracio 1:06:02
Amy, Amy, there’s so much confirmation in what you’re just saying. Once we get off, I’ll send you a couple of prophetic words that was given to me. Okay, cool. And you’ll see, you’ll get a giggle out of it. He’ll get it. I really do. I said, I really appreciate it, man. And I don’t mean to laugh. I’m just saying it’s a confirmation times 1000 You know,

Joshua T Berglan 1:06:34
praise God, I love when that happens. I used to be the first word that Pete someone got. I like being the confirmation much, much more. Being the confirmation is way more rewarding than being the first one anyway. VB please close it out any way that you feel led, the floor is yours.

VB Eufracio 1:06:59
Okay, so about the sound of my voice. I come in every demonic force to leave right now in the name of Jesus, I come in every assignment of the enemy to be gone and break off you right now in Jesus name. I declare it and I decree that you are set free in your chosen vessel by God, I come to you right now in the name of the Lord, that you are going to be called, He equipped you and sanctify you. And he’s going to appoint you four times now. I break all generational curses off you. I pray every every every word curse has been spoken over your life right now in Jesus name. And I want to let you know, I want to let you know today that you have hope today in the name of Jesus, I want to let you know right now in Jesus name, that he loves you. And he’s calling you drop to your knees right now, and beg and cry out for forgiveness. Because that’s his desire for you to do is to cry out and let him know that you need his help. And I promise you, I’ll give you my word, that transformation will start taking place that your even your descendants will be set free. Your descendants. It’s a ripple effect. It’s a ripple effect. And don’t let no one try to judge you or criticize you or really cool you. Because even the Pharisees and Sadducees did that to Jesus. They they ridiculed him and tried to tell him that he wasn’t this wasn’t that or him not this and this and that. Blah, blah, blah, Dee blah, blah, blah, are the Chosen vessel and Jesus died for you. And he loved you. And he wants to have a relationship with you. He wants to have a relationship. And right now the Bible says if you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord. And I want to say this right now. I want you to repeat after me and sincerely repeat after me. Because if there’s someone on here that has not accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior, today’s the day of salvation. So I just want you to repeat after me right now. In Focus your focus your heart on the Lord, to say, Father God, I thank you for this testimony. Father, God, I pray in the name of Jesus, that you come into my heart. Come into my life. I confess that I am a sinner. I confess that I need you. I don’t know what to do, or how to do it. But I’m gonna try you. I believe that your son died. And he rose three days later. Please, Father, give me your Holy Spirit and help me. I need you in the name of Jesus. And I’ll just tell you right now, if you did this prayer, he did his prayer. Trust the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding. Go to Him with all your ways, and He will direct your path. The world might be against you, but Jesus is not. And if there’s someone I feel that is to say, this brother, if there’s someone as misrepresented Jesus, because you grew up in church, and it might have been a dad or a mom, and they might have, you might have seen your dad preach and, and went home and beat on your mom or whatever, just know this. He misrepresented Jesus. That’s not the God we serve. I’m sorry, that’s not, that’s not the God we serve. Give God an opportunity and chance to let him show truly who he really is. Because we’re only human. So welcome to the family. And just know let’s get into a Bible. Open it up and read, go to John, start reading, John, start reading. Start reading and know this. You don’t read the Bible to understand it. You let it read you so we can understand you. If the Bible is there to read you, okay, we don’t read any read you. So just read the words off the page and allow the Word to to be embedded in you. And I promise you, brother and sister, whoever, whoever, whoever just accepted Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Just welcome and enjoy the ride. In Jesus name, amen.

Joshua T Berglan 1:11:18
Amen, baby. God bless you, my man. Thank you, sir. I’ll be in touch. All right, brother, I’ll get with you. Over take care, tell your path. Wow. I want him to host gratitude, unfiltered. The whole time was just screaming out. I guess I need to talk to my wife about that first. But I’ve never met a person more perfect host for gratitude, unfiltered. But he wants to do his own thing. But do that form to his voice has got to be heard. That’s the kind of preaching that I need in my life. I need a preacher that knows the life that I know. You know what I mean? And I know not everyone’s equipped for that, like you grew up and Leave It to Beaver land. You just started reaching may not work for you. This show probably doesn’t work for you. But I know a lot of former junkies and addicts and gangbangers and crime bosses and brokers and porn stars and everything else that want that kind of preaching. I want that kind of preaching. Pat, if you’re that kind of preacher, you have a spot on our network. Contact us. And I’m not saying that to be cute. But to me, this is what church redefined is that to me that message was church redefined. God bless, man, God bless him. That was awesome. You know what? I’m going to save what I had, because I had something I wanted to say to one of his comments. But I’m going to save it for spoken word. Because I feel like it’s my word to share on my show. And I don’t want to take away from his message. Because that was amazing. He loves you that much. And you know what, here’s the thing, even if you just gave your life to the Lord or you’ve given your life to the Lord, you probably are going to feel hurt from the church. Because guess what the church is their people to their centers to. But a lot of people have left the church because they were hurt by the church. And in what do you said is right, that is not who Jesus is. We get to do a better job of representing Jesus. All of us believers get to do that. Are we going to send Yeah, sure. But we can do a better job representing the Lord Jesus Christ has saved us from a life of destruction. And I Vbi blew my mind. I am so grateful for what God’s done in his life. And I pray that you were moved by that. I know I was. God bless you all. Thank you for being here. And we’ll see you soon.

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