Sara, who was a first-time mother at 19yrs when her first child, Isaiah suffered a birth injury due to medical malpractice. He was diagnosed at 7mo. old with cerebral palsy.

Arizona’s child welfare system began tracking him and his mother right after birth and seized him at 14 mo. old with the false allegation of medical neglect.

CPS entered Sara’s name on the Central Registry within two weeks of his removal, denied her a court hearing, and without an investigation, labeled her a child abuser for the next 25 years. CPS subsequently removed her other three sons, Freddy, and Josiah directly from the hospital after birth and Jayden at 8 mo. old. Judges in every Arizona court suppressed, ignored, and struck from the record Sara’s exculpatory evidence, which proved her innocence.

They also conspired, colluded, and covered up the crimes of child welfare workers, police officers, court-appointed attorneys, attorney generals, and other judges.

The maternal grandmother, Karla was targeted by a CPS supervisor, Rhonda Cash who had a personal vendetta against her. Cash
submitted false allegations against Karla to the courts. which excluded her from participating in the court hearings, from defending herself, and from all
contact with her grandsons.

Neither CPS or the Attorney General’s office produced any evidence to substantiate their allegations, nor did they provide an expert witness to validate their allegations against Sara and Karla.

On A Conversation with Joshua T Berglan & Sara and Karla Johnson, we aim to put a spotlight on the horrible corruption present in the CPS system and aim to offer a hopeful solution to all that have been victimized by this agency.

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Joshua T Berglan

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Joshua T Berglan, aka The World’s Mayor, is a voice for the voiceless and is driven to elevate the passion, purpose, and mission of those he serves. Joshua is the Chairman of the Live Mana Worldwide Foundation & Live Mana Network, Shock-Jock Evangelist, International #1 Best Selling Author for the Book “The Devil Inside Me“, a Producer, and Filmmaker. Joshua is an expert in the future of media and loves supporting others in helping make their dreams come true.



Joshua T Berglan
What’s up everybody, my name is Joshua T Berglan and we are live for the very first time on the live mana Network. Thank you so much for being here. Actually, I’ve even done a real live broadcast, and I think a year. So this is going to be fun, I look forward to seeing your comments, I can’t promise that we’re going to get to them. Right away, I have no idea how the flow of this conversation is going to go. And this is something I’m definitely going to pray about. As you guys know, by now, if you’re here, you know that we got deep platformed off of two networks, right, when you thought streaming TV was safe. And unsensible that evidently is not the case. But by the grace of God and your support, I kid you not there, the amount of support that you all gave us, helped make this network possible, like literally on Good Friday, our network died. And we were resurrected on Monday. And I’m not mocking the Lord Jesus Christ whatsoever when I say that, but I gotta tell you, the timing was something else. But thank you. This is the this is the note the digital Noah’s Ark. Meaning that we intend to be a lifeboat for all truth tellers, people that are sharing the unfiltered gospel, we are very excited that we we actually have a channel dedicated to ministries, all over the world that preach the True Word of God. And, and it’s, we want to highlight those ministries. So we have one channel out of the 10 that we’re starting with, that will be dedicated to the unfiltered gospel. And then of course, where we are now, you will find this program along with many others. And I want to spend a lot of time on this because I want to get to our guests, but I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for you being here.

You know, talking about CPS Child Protective Services has been something that I never actually thought that would be a subject that I would be talking about. I dated a girl several years ago for a couple of months, and we just remained friends. And


that program, sorry, my phone’s ringing for some reason.

But I watched what she went through, to get her child back was one thing. However, after we started interviewing different trafficking, human trafficking survivors, all of a sudden the subject of Child Protective Services kept roaring back. And we’ve interviewed quite a few people now that are in this fight. This story hits home a little bit closer than I would, I would like to admit. And the only reason why is because, you know, I grew up working with children with complex disabilities, and to hear how the state of Arizona took advantage of I don’t even know what the right words are. But to hear how they use this system, to take the custody of this poor woman’s child and then other children is one of the most disgusting and heartbreaking things I’ve ever seen in my life. And here’s why.

Children with disabilities don’t exactly get cared for the same way.

In the foster care system. In fact, a lot of children don’t get taken care of in the foster care system. But taking on

taking on

I see you now I can see him in the background. I’m taking on the responsibility of caring for a child with a complex disability like cerebral palsy is an undertaking that takes a village. And I just that in itself is heartbreaking to me because there is a special connection with a disabled child and the mother that I can’t, I can’t again don’t even have the words to describe. So I’m going to let her do it. Look, this has got I’ve got piles of evidence that we will not be able to go into but the end of this broadcast, when we publish on live You’ll be able to see all of these documents and you’ll be able to see the evidence that proves that what they’re about to say is real. And the other thing this is to wake you up to is that this can happen to anybody. This can happen to anyone, not not just them, not just the neighbor down the street. You

So this is important you pay attention because they’re gonna give it a lot of tips they are here to bring attention and awareness to the subject so it doesn’t happen to you. So with that said, we’ll be right back after this I’ve got a brand new technology so I hope I don’t mess it up we’ll be right back after this.

ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Sarah and Carla Johnson.

There they are. I see him.

Oh, really? This is why I stopped going live. Are you kidding me? Oh, no. Oh, that’s a barely Are you kidding me?

Oh, no.

They keep disappearing. All that build up. Oh, my goodness. All right. I want you to check this out. So I’m not going to waste time here. Let’s get into this.

Sarah, who was first, a first-time mother at 19 years old when her first child Isaiah suffered a birth injury due to medical malpractice. He was diagnosed as seven months old with cerebral palsy need to scroll down here. Arizona’s child welfare system began tracking him and his mother right after birth and seized him at 14 months old with the false allegation of medical neglect. CPS entered Sara’s name on the central registry within two weeks of his removal, denied her court hearing and without an investigation, labeled her child abuser for the next 25 years. CPS subsequent subsequently removed her other three sons Freddy and who’s Hosea. directly from the hospital after birth and Jaden eight months old. Judges in every Arizona as Arizona Arizona court suppressed, ignored and struck from the record Sara’s explanatory evidence which proved her innocence. They also conspired colluded and covered up the crimes of welfare workers, police officers and court-appointed attorneys and attorney generals. The reason I’m not going to just read this whole thing is that this goes on and on and on. And look, we’re going to have to do this interview again. And unfortunately, I’m going to have to kill it. But I’m just going to sit here and talk about this for a second. Don’t get it twisted.

Are we have people in our government, we have people in our foster care system, we have people that work for CPS, we have people that work for the police department. We have people that work on the border, we have people that are firemen, we have people that are teachers, we have people that work at the hospital, that are all part of a very evil messed-up system. This is not conspiracy. This is not that what I just read in that first few paragraphs or whatever, is something that those words about police and all of the different people that are authority.

They are they’re responsible for wrongly convicting people of a lot of different things.

At four o’clock this morning, when I woke up, this has been a wild fun day. And at four o’clock in the morning, I started texting with one of the other interviews I did from a guy that was wrongly convicted of a sex crime. And when I and you should see the evidence, like I have no journalistic training at all, but I have this curiosity. So when people send me like legal documents, I want to read them.

And it’s amazing to me how these these authority figures will work together and collude to get what they want to be done. And it doesn’t matter what whose innocent life is at stake. And here’s going to CPS here’s a crazy thing about CPS and what

bizarro says, my sister made a CPS report for giving me my children CBD oils to help them with their anxiety and trying to get my son’s taken away. I had a doctor’s report stating that I could give it all because I didn’t want to deal with her drama any more cheese. You know what? CBD is in breast milk? Fun fact, anyone out there that’s criticizing CBD

is a clueless moron. And here’s why I say it is because literally CBD is in breast milk. It is essential for brain development and bone development and many other things. In fact, most of us as adults, have. Most of us have a CBD deficiency. I think they’re trying to come back. They just need a stronger Wi Fi. They’re frozen again. Move around for me. I really do want them to come on. Let’s try this. Let’s hope for the best here. Say a prayer for the technology. I really want to finish my rant too. We’ll do that later.

Ah, no.

It’s not working.

Tech come in. I don’t know why.


CBD is essential. And of course, I’m also a cannabis activist and all the fight to the death on that because I believe it’s God’s medicine. And I don’t believe that God created a single thing. That’s bad. I just do. I do believe that man corrupted. And that’s a problem. Susan says my babies were taken away from me when I was 19. Because I was drugged and raped by the father of my daughter and his friends. Holy freaking crap.

Are you kidding me, Susan?



They keep trying to come back and I don’t I maybe it’s the Wi Fi. I don’t know.

Really don’t anyway. But with CPS, one of the things that blew me away. So when I was doing I did this really short, like five or six episode broadcast called Live life free, then it’s when we were working with this traffic in Oregon anti trafficking organization. And one of the things that I learned when I was doing research on human trafficking, and that’s tried again, was that they look for children that are born with disabilities to take them why? Because they’re an easy target.

And because their body parts and their organs are sold.

So this system, like CPS, I’m sure that some of them have like, I’m sure they do some good things. But I’m telling you the nightmares that come out of this are just awful. Let’s try it one more time. And because I really want you guys to hear the story.

It’s you got home one day, gosh, dang it.

This is why quit going live by the way.

Are you using the Chrome browser?

Or on the right light?

My lot going back live experience spearmint may have been put on hold, Dad gummit.

So look, we’re gonna have to do this all over again, I appreciate you being here. It’s rather disappointing, because I want them to get their message out because their message deserves to be heard. But this is like this is a problem. But this is also part of what’s happening where the light is now being shown on the shadow worlds. All the stuff that they’ve tried to hide is now all coming out and get prepared for it. The next few weeks are going to be insane. In fact, the next next week, the next round of Pfizer dumps comes out. Pfizer meaning you know, the jab manufacturer. The other list of their findings and side effects are about to show up. And I don’t know if you saw the other side effects, but there’s a reason right now that you should be getting your CD for and CDA checks count. CD four and CD eight counts checked. You should be doing that.

This is not conspiracy. As a man living with HIV. I am very well and very educated on this subject. I’m telling you, that you if you’ve been jabbed and boosted you need to go get your CD four and CD eight counts checked. Why? Because it will show you how strong your immune system is. That’s what you need to focus on right now. I’ll leave all the other words out but you need to check it Susan says that Kate my babies for a year. See this system is broken.

It’s broken

And it needs to be fixed. Let’s try one more time.

Nope, that is disappeared again.

Nope, they’re back again. For the love of Jesus, please make this work.

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Well, that was fun. I don’t know what to tell you. I we were talking and everything was working when we test set this up

Hold on It’s trial I want to try. I have a hard way Oh, there you are.

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Can you talk? No, she’s not working there. Is that Wi Fi is not good enough. Dad. GUP CD four and CD eight. That’s right. Go get them checked.

In fact, I think most doctors now if you’re going in for a wellness check, I think they’re gonna make you do it. Can y’all can you talk


No talky?

Mother Teresa


I Oh no, I don’t want to do that. I didn’t

Can you talk

Are you there? Yeah, I’m here. Oh, praise the Lord.

Sara and Karla Johnson
Okay, hey, we’re

so glad you’re here. Now you’re Sarah. Correct. I’m Sarah. I’m the mother of the four boys. Sorry, we weren’t able to hear anything from when you first started.

And my mother, Carla. Hi, Carla. Hi, I’m gonna try logging into the computer again and see if it works. I

we were duking Satan and his minions. Yeah.


Joshua T Berglan
Let’s see if it’s gonna go to jail backstage.

Yeah. Okay, so we can leave it on the computer, but just like, I guess,

Sara and Karla Johnson
the phone’s backup. Yeah. No, you’re

actually on the screen this time? No, the

computer won’t work.

Joshua T Berglan
Okay. Well, all right. We’ll kill that. Mmm hmm. I said, Well, just get rid of that screen then. So are you there? Are you okay? Can you turn the phone the other way for me? Can

you both? Alright, we’re ready. We’re ready.

Okay, can you turn the phone horizontal so I can see both? Well, there you go. Nope, that’s not gonna work that. Oh, okay. Okay, I can see you both. Yay. All right. So correlate the best we got. No, we’re gonna go with it. And because this is important, and the fact that social media hasn’t killed her at the feed yet, that’s amazing. So we’re gonna keep going. So, Sarah, once you start from the beginning, what the heck happened?

Sara and Karla Johnson
Yes. Um, well, it started when I went to go and deliver my first son Isaiah At Arrowhead Hospital. Dr. Don Jenkins, that my OBGYN her in the hospital commit medical malpractice. Sorry, my mom can go ahead and go into deed more detail because we’re on such a time frame because of the internet trouble but go ahead, mom.

Well, what had happened was, I think Sarah’s 18 or 19, when she was admitted to the hospital to give birth to her first son Isaiah, like she said, and what we found out from the medical records was that the doctor had ordered Sarah to be given Pitocin to accelerate her labor. And then we we found out that her doctor had left the hospital to go to another house. middled to deliver another baby. And when she was delayed in returning to deliver Sarah’s son, she ordered the administer administration of two burly teens sulfate to stop her labor.

So they were given me the Pitocin and the turbots. That’s relative and sulfate at the same time. So it was putting not only myself my body in shock, but my son also

sraight. And then I think she was in labor for like, 36 hours, and she was finally taken in for a C section. But the problem was that Isaiah was actually as as fixated in the womb, because the umbilical cord was actually wrapped around his neck. I think it was two or three times. Yeah. So when he was finally secretly moved to this special room after delivery, I peeked through the curtains, and I knew I knew, in my heart of hearts that the doctor screwed up. So I was upset, you know, as a mother as a grandmother. And I told the doctor, I said, You know what, you better get your checkbook out because you just committed medical malpractice. Well, there were some cuss words involved, but we’re not. We’re not sure if we’re allowed to say those on your show. No, we’re not. So what Sarah’s OBGYN Dr. Jenkins did was, she called the social worker at the hospital to provide Sarah with emotional support. What we realized over time was doubt. The child welfare agency plants, these social workers, specifically in the hospitals, and that’s what we found out later is when they that’s when they started tracking Sarah and Isaiah. Isaiah was after several doctors and neurologists and tests and jumping through all kinds of hoops, we finally got a diagnosis that Isaiah had cerebral palsy, and that’s a birth injury.

He had multiple neurologists, because I wanted second opinions. So he had multiple neurologists, multiple therapists, you know, pediatricians?

Well, initially he was misdiagnosed by the medical professionals, because they, they actually thought that he was having seizures. So they prescribed Phenobarbital, and come to find out, he wasn’t really having any seizures, because he went to a neurologist at the Barrows Neurological Institute, which is a very prominent Institute in Arizona. And he also went to neurologist at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, but he wasn’t having seizures at all. And the doctors also thought that he was blind, but he wasn’t blind after all. What he was having his behaviors that appear to be seizures, were actually tonic spasms, and tonic spasms are involuntary muscle movements from from the cerebral palsy. So you know, fast forward, you know, from the time he was born, until he was 14 months old. He was getting doctor’s visits, tests, physical therapy,

Joshua T Berglan
going through a Foundation for the Blind, ddd services.

Yeah, he was getting all kinds of services. They were all coming to our home. And we always got really glowing reports that we were doing such a good job.

Let me ask you something really quick. When all this was going on? Did you have like a voice inside your head or like this, like a gut feeling that something was going terribly wrong? Because it seems like and correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like this is almost like a cover up to keep them from getting in trouble for malpractice. Because what they’ve done, and I’m not a pharmacist, and I won’t pretend I play pharmacists with myself sometimes. But um, because I don’t trust my doctors. But that said, it seems like all of those mistakes that were made during labor are they know it and that’s in the medical record. So it’s almost like they know they’ve got to cover this up. Is that is that was that a part of your intuition? Or well, workers coming to you? At what point did you start to go something’s about to go terribly wrong, as if it hadn’t already?

No, we really didn’t. We were so concerned about giving Isaiah the pitch trying to figure out what was wrong with him and make sure that he had, you know, Will, a life full of quality that we had, we all we had no clue that something bad was gonna happen. But

let’s put it this way, we had no idea that anything was necessarily wrong. Until we went on to the TDM. The team decision making meeting after CPS got called on us because one of the therapists thought that he was having seizures. And so we knew something was wrong when that was that. That was the day when when all hell broke loose. The gates of hell just went wide open and just just had their way. But we took all of Isaias medical records, everything I could fill in launch that respect right now. And, um, you know, it was bins of stuff of all his records and

going clear back to his birth records, right. And the fetal monitoring strip, I got everything.

Yeah. And so my mom said one thing that pissed off the CPS supervisor, Rhonda cash, and Rhonda cash, threw her hands on the table and said, You know what, your mother’s pissed me off. I’m gonna take your son and make sure that you never see him again. Well, she told me that she was never gonna

never get to see Isaiah again. She was gonna make sure I never saw him again. And she told Sarah, she says, I don’t care what medical documentation you have for Isaiah, we’re, I’m we’re taking them because your mom’s pissed me off. So those are hers. Exactly. Yes.

So there was a you will you go ahead and finish?

Sara and Karla Johnson
Well. Sarah and I were out that office. And we didn’t bring Isaiah. We left him at home with Sarah’s older sister. And so all of a sudden were surrounded by 14 Cops and seven police unit. Well, we didn’t understand why they were there. They didn’t tell us why they were there. And after fighting with the police department to get the records from that day, someone from that office called the police and lied and said there was a fight at that office. And there wasn’t a fight. They just wanted to unlawfully detain us, so that they could go to our home and and kidnap Isaiah. Right. And then they told I was on the phone with Sarah’s older sister, her name’s Erica. And Erica was just she was just parents on the phone. She said, Mom, they’re, they’re banging on my door. They’re, they’re telling me they’re going to arrest me and throw me in jail. If I don’t give them Isaiah. Did they have to work out? And that’s where it started? You know,

they have a warrant, though.

No, no.

Joshua T Berglan
So then, so then they take they take they take,

wait a second, you know, Arizona doesn’t use warrants. But the thing is that there was no emergency. There was no probable cause. There was no imminent danger to that child. And there was no extended circumstances. So that’s the criteria according to according to federal law, which gives the child welfare the authority to snatch a child if there is imminent danger or extended circumstances. But there wasn’t.

So as I saw with going to court, right, we look at the court document that says that the court was making Isaiah a ward of the court to prevent abuse and neglect. So there was never any abuse and neglect, which this then took us down a whole rabbit hole of how they are. They are child trafficking through the foster care system. And our government officials, like Governor Ducey and attorney general Mark Brnovich are profiting from it. It’s our legislators, some of our legislators are actually running their own group home. In my particular case, there’s a total of 168 government officials, and I’m naming all their names. I want to make sure that they are all held responsible.

I have reviewed those are those documents you sent me, right?

Well, yeah, well. There’s a total of 30 cases. We spend a lot of advocating for, you know, trying to expose the foster care system and these government officials. And we’ve put together a total of 30 families.

Do me a favor really quick. tell people how CPS foster care and human trafficking and government officials all intermix to make this work. I was trying to explain it at the very, very beginning, when we were trying to get you on. In your words, where you explain how this is happening, because I wasn’t doing a good job of connecting the dots for people who will you connect those dots? This is

one big well oiled machine. Yeah,

I call it. I’ve coined the phrase, it’s a state sanctioned cannot for profit scheme. What they do is, this is how it works is a child who snatched from a parent under false allegations a healthy child, okay. And then they’re brought into the courts. And they’re usually in court for about two to two and a half years while that child languages and foster care. Immediately when they take when they see the child. They are looking for an adoptive family. What I found out when I went down this rabbit hole was that Arizona’s court system excuse me, has a department for specifically for adoptions. Arizona’s Department of Child Safety, which is our CPS also has a separate department for adoptions. And I went further and found out that children that are taken and put into foster care, there is a special department in the Social Security Administration that gives these children brand new social security numbers. Oh, wow. I mean, that is complete fraud. Because when you only get when you’re born, you only get one social security number. So, you know, it’s Arizona brags, because they have the

largest national adoption day. Yeah.

So, you know, going further down the rabbit hole, I’m telling you, it is it is

deep, it’s very deep. It’s so deep, because a lot of the children that end up in the foster care system go missing. And these children, a good majority of the time are being used for the Hollywood elites for the Adrenochrome the organ harvesting the sex trafficking. You know, this goes this is law that when I say it’s one well oiled machine, I mean, it all connects together.

Yeah. And you know, I can’t just blame the stairs because our federal government has a lot to do with this. In the Code of Federal Regulations, which is written by DC officials. It says in there, that children that are Ward’s of the state basically can be used as guinea pigs in medical research.

Yeah. Yeah. Governor Ducey. He’s on the board of directors of T Gen, which is a medical research facility that does drug trials on foster care, children, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, they have a contract with the department of child safety for every child that they refer to them. They get $865

per child. Yeah, we’ll see. I mean, every time every time I went down the rabbit hole and exposed the criminal organization of Child Protective Services. Arizona has gone to great lengths to hide this information. I found the contract between our child welfare system and Phoenix Children’s Hospital and Arizona took it off the internet. It’s not there anymore. It’s gone. As well as other contracts that our child welfare system has with other agencies. And this isn’t a violation of Starks law.

You know, they the state of Arizona after they first took Isaiah. They put my name in the central registry for child abuse, without even giving me a hearing So now I’m a child abuser for the next 25 years of my life,

but didn’t even do an investigation. They didn’t do an investigation with any of our children never came, the only time they came to our house was when they use the place to take the one of the boys to take the voice

really quick, just to connect it in a different way. If you go watch any of the Jeffrey Epstein documentaries that have been done by Netflix, and I think there’s one on HBO, one of the things that they talk about, very, very explicitly, is the connections to hospitals and universities and contracts. And so one of the things that was brought up in this Epstein documentary that I watched, is how he had a contract hit one of his organizations had a contract with a hospital. And this is how they were getting some of the children funneled into this system. It’s everywhere. It’s not just foster care. It’s not just orphanages, in Africa, a prime example. In Nigeria, they have factories where this one just got exposed. I just saw this on YouTube, actually. And this is new. organ harvesting, child trafficking, human trafficking, labor trafficking, there’s a lot of forms of slavery that exist. But sometimes it’s not when you think, Well, why would they want organs? What well, there’s the Adrenochrome side of it, but there’s also the body parts. This sounds disgusting, and maybe hard to believe. But there’s certain parts of witchcraft and spells that can be done. They need human body parts to be able to form the spell. And if you think that this is some small, obscure thing, you’re kidding yourselves, because how many millions of kids and people go missing a year? Like it’s an insane millions a number and every time you hear of some giant natural disaster, Clinton Foundation and Haiti prime example. Oh, yeah. Whoa, whoa, that and look at how many people went missing. It wasn’t because of the storm. It’s because of trafficking. These there’s body parts for sale, they want to journalize blood you think I’m crazy about it, but it’s it’s been a news articles for years. For instance, stem cell media, in your skincare products, when they’re saying stem cells look at the source that it’s coming from. It’s it’s it’s like so this is not this belief of drinking blood and vampire crap. You think Vampire Facial, which I know some doctors, they talk about what it is. But to think that the concept of drinking or consuming someone’s blood is some foreign bullcrap fantasy, you’re out of your mind. It’s a proven fact that this is real. But what no one ever asked questions where it all comes from? This is an example. Sorry, ladies continue?

No, you’re fine. Um, you know, I would just like for your I’m sorry, talking in your face on just for your your listeners to know that me and my mother, we have definitely dedicated our life. This this precious life that God has given us to ending destroying child trafficking that’s happening. And not only not only Arizona, but everywhere. We know. It’s gonna be a domino effect. And right now,

I believe that Arizona is the hub the epicenter of this child trafficking. You know, another contract that I uncovered is, a lot of times when parents are going through the process of trying to get their kids back, the judge will order that the parents get a psychological evaluation. Well, lo and behold, the good Lord led me to find that contract. And you know what that contract says? It says the court is the client. Yeah. So if the courts the client, and my psychiatrist or the psychologist is being paid for by the court. You think that psychologists is going to rule in that parents favor? I don’t think so.

And anyone’s first I mean, people are for sale all the time. Your judge, your attorney, your doctor, your scientists doing research to you know, trust science. All it’s all for sell. It’s all for sale. People are for sale. Whether you like to admit it or not. This the even the The judicial judicial judicial system, as a whole is corrupt. It’s not built on truth or God or the Word of God or any of that stuff at all. In fact, God says, Don’t swear on anything, including the Bible. And yet, what do they have? You do? It’s a mockery. It’s a rigged system. So content

these days aren’t even courts of law. They’re administrative courts. And we went, we went to every single coordinate Arizona, the the Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court, we went to federal court, we went to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. We even filed documents in the US Supreme Court in DC. And all these judges,

there’s a total of 35 judges, in my case, just in

her lower court cases. But what these judges do is they just conspire, collude and cover up the crimes of their buddies. Yeah, they don’t care about evidence. They don’t care about the law. They don’t care about justice. And they probably have the Constitution hanging in their bathroom.

Well, we just filed a notice of claim. You know, we’ve been fighting for going on 14 years. And it’s actually third, third 12 1314.

May 4, it’ll be exactly 13 years,

we’re going after their bonds 16 government agencies, including Governor Ducey, and Mark Brnovich, and I would really, really appreciate anybody and everyone out there to please share our story and the links that we have, because these dropbox link contains all the evidence for everyone to see, because I have been blocked by the government censored on I’ve had several social media platforms silence me. And you know what, no, I got the grace and the mercy from God, for and put all of this information out there for every i to see in every ear to hear because it’s we the people that are the government now.

You know, the government is for the people by the people. And they tell us, you know, when they violate their oath of office by committing crimes, they have a bond in place. That any person that’s been injured or aggrieved can file a claim against their bond. Well, I file my notice of claim because I am Sara’s durable power of attorney. And I did a Freedom of Information Act and got the blanket bond information for the state of Arizona, documented an affidavit declaration of truth and sent it to the government officials, state actors.

We actually did get a response from one.

Well, we got we got a claim out the Arizona risk management that nobody else responded. So now they are in default. So now we are entitled to file a insurance claim against the state of Arizona for the crimes that they committed against our family,

Governor Do you see and Mark Brnovich know firsthand, and they are guilty of high high high treason.

Because what I realized going down the rabbit hole is that the child welfare system is organized crime. It’s Rico. Our Arizona well child welfare system is actually listed on Dun and Bradstreet. They’re a privately held company. And they have a contract with the state of Arizona so they are for profit. I just looked today and found out that the state of Arizona has over $8 billion in their general fund.

You know, I do want to put this out here because, you know, to two years ago before we went into lockdown for COVID I found out just recently from John Shattuck. He’s a US Navy SEAL. He went up against Hillary and he was on Tucker Carlson when the Americans were left out in Afghanistan. Oh, I know this guy. John Shattuck confirmed that President Trump I banca Trump and Mike Pence all received my case two years ago, but nothing has been done. And I mean, I don’t know if President Trump has been secretly working on my case, but he’s he’s definitely had my case for two years. And, you know, I believe that I’m hoping at least that he’s really been running a sting operation behind the scenes. But I just really wanted to put that out there that yes, my case, these 30 cases have made it all the way up to President Trump.

I want to say something really quick. Because I got this this morning, I felt it my spirit almost did a post about it. And I’ve been sitting on it waiting on God to confirm, but I can feel keep coming back up is that I think you know this, because you guys are like you guys are about to win. But there’s a lot of people that are watching or listening or are going to watch or listen, that need to hear this because you’re you know, obviously you know, this as well as anybody, you’re not the only people going through this, right? But injustices will be made, right? There’s a lot of people that have been wrongly convicted of crimes, there’s been people that have had their children taken for no reason. I mean, look, there’s some people that absolutely need their heads taken from them. But this system, I don’t know what’s worse. But I really, really felt this in my spirit. And again, I don’t claim to be a prophet or anything. But all injustice is will be made right? In all the hardship and the pain and the struggle and the time that has been has been taken from you. All of that is going to be restored. keep fighting, keep doing what you’re supposed to do. And you know what you’re supposed to do, because you’re doing it. Amen, because you guys, you too, specifically, I believe that this is for you, you guys are going to set the path and show the path for other people to all over the world, especially here in the United States. And I look, there’s a problem. This is a global problem. It has a different name. But you guys are going to be like the Forerunners for other people. And you guys have been in this fight for a long time, like 1520 years.


Okay, I’m telling you, all that time that you’ve spent the suffering, the heartache and the hardship, all of that is going to be made, right. And I don’t know how God’s going to do it, but God’s going to do it. It’s not going to come from Trump, it’s not going to come from any of that other stuff. It’s going to come from God, like God is going to do miracle for people like for you guys, and for other people that are going through something very, very similar. And this includes people that have been wrongly convicted. I feel this so strongly that and because I know there’s people right now that are watching, like I can see their names. You guys have been suffering a long time. And I’ve put in a lot of different ways waiting on God, where are you at God? Where are you at God? God’s going to show up and show out. Please count on that. Please count on it. So I want you to continue, but I did not want to forget saying this to you. This is going to be made right Carla and Sarah, it’s going to be made right.

We believe that way. Sarah and I of course. You know, I mean, we’re

we’re a mother daughter duo.

We’re bonded. And we’ve always believed that. What this war that we’re in is a war of principalities. It’s a war between good and evil.

Well, yeah, you’re you’re up against bail and Moloch and Leviathan,

but we’ve always felt in our heart of hearts that Well, I’m sure everyone’s heard the saying that many are called but few are chosen. And, oh, I’m not gonna cry. You can as No, I want to. As tough as it’s been with this battle. We believe that God has allowed us to go through this heartache and trials and tribulation, because he knew what we’re made of that we’re grounded in his faith, and His grace and mercy. And he knew he knows, we’re not going to give up that we’re going to continue to fight until the war is one. And we’re not doing this just for our family. I mean, of course, that’s our number one priority is I want my grandson’s gosh, I want my daughter’s motherhood restored that was stolen from her by these criminal state actors. But there’s no family out there that that cannot succumb to being their next victim.

Right, which is where I want to go ahead and say to everybody If you do not feel the government, you know God says in the Bible 365 times Fear not. So I don’t fear the government. I don’t. They’re not going to Epstein, me. They’re not hilt, they’re not going to Hillary Clinton me because if, yes, if CPS comes and knocks on your door, you need to get out your camera and you need to you videotape them get their face in it. I want you to name their names, I want you to get a paper trails. Every phone, every phone conversation, you’re turning the camera sorry. Just keep everything documented all your emails, print them up, get a big ol industrial file. When you go to court, do not sign anything, because then you give them the power you enter into their game. Okay, you do not have to open the door for them, they do not have the the the authority to come in and search and strip your child down and make sure that you’re you know that there’s nothing medically going on with them. They don’t have that power police cannot assist to remove a child.

So yeah, go go go to the courts, get your dockets, it’s usually put on a CD, and put that all over the internet. That is that is what you needed. By putting it all over the internet. The important thing is to stop them at the get go. Exactly once they knock on your door. If you’ve got that video camera out, I’m telling you, they’re they’re gonna run like cockroaches when you turn the light on.

But, uh, you know what, you have the Lion of Judah on the inside of you, Jesus, Lord God Almighty, you know, if God before us who dared be against us, so I just hope and pray that, that we are all sealed in the blood of Jesus, you know, and I just thank you so much for giving us this platform and giving us this voice. And I hope that God uses this for the for His glory. I know that he has a massive plan for opening this door. And, you know,

bring it on. I know our you know, our new claim number has two to two in it. So which

is you know, God’s in agreement. So what that means for Arizona, I’m targeting the head snakes. And that’s Governor Ducey and Mark Burnage. And it’s all gonna come down like dominoes.

I want to say something to you guys, too, that I admire a great deal. A lot of this is like trying to fight human trafficking and or anything else like when you try to do it by yourself, you’re really easy to shut up. So all these anti human trafficking organizations until they start working together, unless they’re part of the enemy, because there’s a lot of that too. Oh, yeah. But until they start collaborating, they’ve got no chance to stop this. But what you guys have done, and this is why I love you. And I actually have I created a barcode for you guys, because you’re the gift send go link is no way the audience is going to like be able to decipher that. So I created a QR code I’m about to put it up for people to donate. But what is special about Carla and Sarah is other than the fact that they’re using their voice to fight and they’re on the ground they’re doing all the grassroots work is this. They have gathered other families into the fight that are just as committed to as them. This should be an example, for all believers, quit fighting over doctrine, and what you think revelations means and what this means and what that means. And you’re not praying, right? You’re not doing this right scroll that unite around the love of Jesus Christ, unite around what Jesus is for us. And what they are doing is being an example of the Body of Christ, but they’re doing it outside of the church. They’re doing it in the trenches, they’re getting other families, 30 families collaborating, fighting and taking this on, this is why they’re going to win. This is why they’re going to win and I commend you both for doing it.

Well, I feel compelled to let the audience know that we’re doing something even bigger than this. We’ve aligned ourselves with other individuals, because we are actually taking these cases to the International Criminal Court in The Hague. And those documents are being drawn up as we speak.

We’re serious when we mean we are going to literally take down with God going before us because it’s really him doing it through us. You know, we’re just the wheeling vessels, but we’re really, we’re going to, we’re going to target every single pedophile, every trafficker, everyone that has ever touched a child, it doesn’t matter if they were in office, no longer in office, it doesn’t matter. Does not matter, we’re going to find you.

So these cases are going to go to the International Criminal Court over in the headache soon.

Thank you keep us in prayers, everyone.

We’re gonna be praying for you. And really quick, everybody. Um, I want to put this up really quick for you guys to see. All you

do is no, no, go ahead. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

That’s the QR code that’ll go to their Gibson GL account. One of their friends created a fundraiser for them. And you can scan this barcode and go directly to Gibson go and make a donation to them. Would you tell everybody what this is for?

Well, and this battle that we’re in, every time Sarah and I gain ground, we look at each other and we say, Okay, be prepared, because Satan’s gonna attack us. And he does. And you know, 13 years is a very long time to continue fighting for truth and justice and righteous judgment from God. But we’re at the point where we’re really strapped. I’m, I had a heart attack in October. I’m retired now, because I’m an old lady. But I’m, I’m still kicking on the still above ground. And Sarah,

I’m being treated for broken heart syndrome.

And she’s challenged us she’s on the central registry label as a child abuser. So it’s really impossible for her to get a regular job.

The Broken heart syndrome can it can kill you, it mimics a heart attack.

I’m one that has it. I know.

Yeah. So you know, our landlord, we’ve lived here in the same house for five years. And our landlord, like every other landlord out there has decided to raise the rent. So we’re just we’re just when

we can’t make our rent this month, and our vehicle, you know, is a 2006 and the catalytic converter went out and they know me, they won’t no longer make the parts. So we’re on borrowed time, right now. We’re hanging on to the garment of Jesus. Like,

God’s been good to us, you know, all all these years. You know, we’re just kind of, I guess, like Sarah said, at the end of the row, it’s

the spirit of oppression, and the spirit of lack that is attacking us.

I review their spirit

involved, you know, because fear. I mean, at my age, I don’t want to be living out of my car or living in the streets. And, you know, we just want to make you we just would like to raise enough money. I mean, we’re very frugal, you know, I mean, we shop at the Goodwill at the dollar store. Sometimes

I’ll go dumpster diving. Yeah, that looks worth it. By the way. I’m just being honest.

No, and it’s it. But you know what, I believe that God rewards that because you’re not giving up. You’re being grateful for what you do have. And you’re fighting the fight. It’s not just, you’re not fighting for yourselves. Like, again, you brought in 30 other families. Like that’s a leadership that is kingdom. That’s the definition of Kingdom, what you are doing. Well, I’m gonna put the link up again, for everybody, but I believe with all my heart, that you guys are gonna get everything that you need, and more.

Amen. I believe I received, you know, back in 2015, we had five families. And then five years later, now we have a total of 30 families. So I know that there’s more families out there but you know, I would tell them don’t fear. You know, they tried to Arizona judges tried to throw me in jail.

And you know, when I would report the abuse of my child while in a while in foster care, they would, you know, sanction me in court, I lose my visits. They’ll literally try anything but you have to be safe. long enough, and if you’re not strong enough, you need to go to God. And just know that it’s okay to have a day or several days where you feel like you’ve got to give up. But the most important thing is that, you know, a righteous man falls seven times and rises seven times, and weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning, that means that, you know, God’s gonna bring us through this. I didn’t mean to interrupt you, Mom, sorry.

No. And I have those days where I tell Sarah, you know, I need to pray. We need to pray because I feel that my faith is dwindling. And, you know, I mean, I have I do have those moments. I’m still human. But I want to let your listeners know that. And I should have mentioned this earlier. But when the child welfare system when those workers come in and take your children, they have no intention of giving them back. They’re not going to reunify your family. When the judge unlawfully and illegally took Sarah’s parental rights away from Isaiah and her second son, Freddie, um, he wrote in there that part of the reason why he was terminating her parental rights was because the children were in the adoptable.

Yeah. And then I had another judge say that, you know that it was

with her third son Josiah, the order rights terminating mother’s parental rights will speed up the adoption process. We went to court before Judge Jones and Claire with her fourth son Jaden. Sarah was telling the judge in court, you know, about her fiduciary duty to be a trustee of law, the law injustice. And this made Judson Claire really mad. And she told Sarah, she says, I’m going to change the case plan to separate some adoption. And Sarah says, well, where’s the evidence to do that? And you know, what the judge told Sarah, it’s not a matter of evidence, ma’am. And and that’s on a recording.

It’s pretty crazy to, to, you know, wonder why, and then you have like, government officials asking you Well, what makes you so special and why they came after you and why there’s so many government officials involved? I don’t know. Um, let me let me just figure that out. You know, I don’t know why. There’s 35. Judges, in my case, I don’t know why I went through 13 lawyers. But I do know that we went to go get, you know, search for other lawyers outside. And they’re all one, no one, no one will touch my case.

They’re all they all owe an allegiance to the crown, and they’re all bought and paid for. If they’re not bought and paid for it, then they’re

threatened. We were just trying to get my might be these 30 cases into the hands of Linwood. So if anybody can help us get in contact with whoever’s in charge, because we know it’s not Biden. So if, like, you know, cuz I was not Biden. But if there’s anybody that know someone that has that power right now, that can get signed that executive order to bring my son’s home, or that can get me on this do Peters show or, you know, Alex Jones or Joe Rogan, who I mean, I’m willing to go as as as as far deep and wide as possible, I want all of this evidence exposed and shared all over the internet. Sorry, I don’t mean to keep babbling, I’m gonna just

we, we want to make sure that another child in another family is not destroyed.

Right. So the more help that we get, the more exposure that we get, the better.

I mean, if anyone has any questions about how to go after the bonds of the state, you know, they can certainly contact me. There’s actually a website that has a lot of good information. It’s called bonds. That’s what the plural Bo N dS for the The thing I like about that website, they’re they’re incomplete. But they have a lot of the statutes for every single state to go after the bond, but they instruct people on there to write a letter of intent. And then they don’t give you any instructions after that other than, you know, to write a letter of intent and and do that Freedom of Information Act to get, you know, a copy of the insurance. We didn’t do that I kind of created my own process. We wrote the affidavit declarations of truth. And then we give them X number of days to respond. If they don’t, then we send them a note of notice of default in dishonor. And then we’re actually this is going to happen tomorrow. Because the deadline is up. And I’m going to file a claim with their insurance company tomorrow, the with the blanket bond of Arizona. So I mean, you feel free to give my email address to anybody that would like help on on going after their state for the criminal activity of taking their children.

Oh, and you know, just to let everybody else know, I’m Wendy Rogers and Kelly Townson, Senator Kelly Thompson and Senator Farnsworth have known about my case, Kelly Thompson, she was actually threatened and she had to buy a gun. And her tires were slashed for helping my case. I just wanted to add that, you know, because she didn’t go and make a report to the FBI or nothing.

Yeah, we even went to the FBI and the FBI didn’t do any Oh, Timothy,

home sets, Timothy home stuff with the Pentagon, he did three articles on my case. Ah,

well, listen, um, anything and everything that we can do to help get this message out. And again, everyone that’s watching and listening now, whether it’s replay live, or whatever it may be, you can go to live And you’ll be able to see the media kit that we create on this episode. It’ll have the transcript and everything, but it’ll also have links to all the evidence that they’re speaking about, I’m going to embed that in there, you’ll be able to see it, see for yourself, and see what they’re talking about. Because the evidence is there. In fact, it’s exhaustive. So it’s all there. This is a legitimate, this is legitimate, this is not a, there’s nothing about this. That’s BS, and they can prove it. So we’ll have that media kit, all of these documents and the evidence that she wants passed around the internet, you’ll be able to find that on Basically, in a couple hours, and I guys, I Karla Sarah, I’m so grateful for your courage and your fight. Really quick, I’m going to put this back up. Folks, if you can donate into into their cars, they are fighting the fight, they’re fighting a fight on behalf of a lot of different people. And sometimes this kind of stuff does not get enough attention. So if you can donate anything, to help support their cause, and again, they are not lone wolf in this. They’re not just trying to take the fight to them for themselves. They’ve gathered 30 other families that are in the same exact situation. And I would expect that this is going to grow and grow and grow until something is done about it. But I believe everything that I said before, that God is going to make all this right. So ladies, I’m so grateful for your time. Thank you for being here. And I look forward to talking to you again and getting an update.

Well, I just want to say that I appreciate you having guests on. And I can tell you that just by being on invited to your show. We know that God is in the details. Oh yeah, God is in the details.

Watch. Oh, you’ll see he’s he doesn’t do things just for one thing. He’s got several reasons for this. We’re gonna see.

Amen. God bless you ladies. Thank you for being here.

You have blessed

gosh, I couldn’t even imagine. Again, I admire the fact that they’re not going at this like it seems like every one of these fights the people that are trying to fight child abuse, the people that are trying to fight human trafficking, the people that are trying to fight, you know, organ harvesting, and even even labor trafficking, and there’s so many different like levels to trafficking. But they’re all trying to fight by themselves or they start a nonprofit, but you know, nonprofit. Look, we’re a we’re a nonprofit. Like we like we’re nonprofits so I know how tough it is to do that to be a nonprofit and survive. But what I love about them is that They’ve gathered, they did the work and they’ve created something that is gathering the attention of other people going through the same things and like, and I don’t know if it’s all just an Arizona efforts national. But if you are in this situation or you are in the fight at all, with CPS, and I know several of you are because based off the messages I’ve been getting about this interview, contact them, reach out to him, If you don’t know how to get a hold of him, reach out to me, I’ll connect you. But you again, you can go to live, you’ll be able to see their contact information and everything else. But this level of corruption is something that’s gotta be stopped. But again, if you expose this does the whole house of cards crumble? Because when people see how this is all interconnected, and it’s this spiderweb of interconnectivity, it’s like, it’s a self contained ecosystem of evil. What we want to do with the live mana worldwide Foundation, in the live mana network, be the digital Noah’s Ark, is to create a different kind of ecosystem. A self contained ecosystem of people that speak truth, that fight for truth, that fight for what’s right, that want to spread the love of Jesus. And again, whether you’re a believer or not, what you say the love of Jesus would be pretty awesome. So anyway, I like this. I like what this is about, I believe they’re on the right path. And I believe that God, for all of you out there, all of the injustices that have been done to you being falsely accused, wrongly convicted, having your freedoms taken, having your kids taken, whatever it may be. All injustice will be made, right? And it’s happening faster than a lot of people can even comprehend. And no, I’m no Q movement guy. Don’t get me started on that. That said, I do believe that all evil is about to be exposed, everything that’s been hidden, the hidden, and the dark will be revealed. And we’re coming up on it quickly. So if you can, I’m gonna give it one more time. If you can do anything to support them. Please do just scan that barcode, you’ll go right to the website. And thank you all for being here. God bless you please share this out. And again, if you’re just now joining us the first part of the broadcast, we had trouble getting them connected. But thank God we did. So God bless you, thank you for being here. And I speak blessings over all of your life. And you know, one other thing and one last thing I want to say now’s the time to bet on you. And when I say bet on you, I’m saying bet on what God created you to do. You know, in your spirit, you know what you were born to? Do you know what you were called to do? Now’s the time to do it. Because everything of this world that we’ve put our faith, or values, or trust or hope, all that stuff, all of its going away, all of it, including the financial system. And I’m not saying this to spread fear because she said it pretty clearly. It says in the Bible, I forgot the exact number of times, but a lot. Do not fear. Fear when you remove fear. The devil has nothing. The devil doesn’t exist when you don’t have fear. And I’m not saying the devil doesn’t exist, but he will not exist in your life. If you have no fear, if you put all of your hope and faith in the Lord.

And if He the Lord says Do not fear, guess what? I’m not going to fear, financial insecurity, insecurity of your situation like in other words, getting your kids back from CPS saving a child from human trafficking. Defeating the disease. Put all of your hope and faith in the Lord. I’m telling you, it’s worth it. And he will make a way when there seems like no way and I’m not trying to sound like a preacher. But I’m telling you right now, my life the last six years of my life has been proof of that. And he will do it for you if you let him. Thank you for watching. God bless you, and we’ll see you next time.

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