How do you deal with guilt?

How do you deal with shame?

What is the difference between guilt and shame?

We discuss on A Conversation with Joshua T Berglan & an expert in the field of guilt and shame, Lois Hollis.

Lois Hollis, RN, BSN. REV. shifts our opinion on one of the most forbidden subjects, shame and guilt. Her passion is to show the way to self-love by alleviating the suffering of shame guilt.

Depression, anxiety, 30 years of migraine headaches, and pain were Lois’ way of life until she learned about the dangers of shame and guilt. She realized that shame guilt was within everything she felt. The good news was that she could heal her anger, depression, migraines, guilt, rage, fears, and pain from neck, head, rib traumas. The solution to her emotional and physical problems was in confronting shameguilt.

She shares her 15 years’ experience as a ShameGuilt Educator, Counselor, Filmmaker to give us an effective lasting way to health, wellness, and spiritual maturity. Lois comes to us with a life-long background in health. She began as a Nurse’ Aide at 12 and continues today at 77. Lois experienced several spiritual encounters that began with a near-death in childhood from physical abuse.
Lois is a trailblazer. She started by developing one of the first Kidney Hemodialysis centers in the United States. Today, Lois brings shame and guilt together as a new field to study. She is the author of three books and a video on Soulspeaks, an original process that brings peace to our inner personalities. Her newest book, “Now is The Time,” contains her Light Language readings direct from Spirit, that expand our spiritual development. Her new film “I’M Good” illustrates shameguilt trickery.


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Joshua T Berglan




Joshua T Berglan 0:01
What’s up ladies and gentlemen, my name is Joshua and welcome to a conversation with Joshua T Berglan. Today we’re going to talk about shame and guilt. And I don’t know if you’ve ever had shame or guilt about anything, but that was pretty much my life for about 36 years was having a lot of shame, a lot of guilt, and constantly running from myself because of that. And from my experience with shame and guilt. Sometimes it’s, it’s just not necessary. And of course, with my beliefs, you know, believing that Jesus died on the cross for those, that shame and guilt, it was easier for me to release it because I guess I had something to model after of, okay, I’ve been forgiven now. But even with that, I gotta be honest with you, I still carried shame and guilt with me for a very long time, which got in the way of my development of my growth of my healing and so on. Because anytime someone said, you’re always going to be or you’re, you’re, you’re a junkie just like are, you know, any of those things that people can call you. And we all know what those words are, we know the things that we say to ourself, which can be sometimes worse than what anyone else says about us. But even with that, even with, you know, turning my life around, giving my life to the Lord, it took me years to be able to offload and just surrender the shame and guilt that I carried with me. I never believed that I would be able to be good enough I never believed because of that shame and guilt because of believing that or no, I knew I had HIV but because of having HIV I told myself well, I don’t deserve the woman a woman of my dreams, I don’t deserve to have all the things that really I was created to have and to experience and to be so anyway, I could go on and ramble about this forever but the fact is that shame and guilt is one of the most deadly things that I think that we can ever carry with us. So today we have Lois Hollis on that is going to talk about shame and guilt. She’s dedicated her life to this subject and helping free people from well what I just said something that pretty much poisons our soul poisons our spirit and really has no place in our lives regardless of what we’ve done. So with that said we’ll be right back after this short message.

Welcome back everyone to a conversation with Joshua T Berglan. Me, I’m gonna reach I don’t really read bios. I don’t even really read them before the broadcast. But I want to read it today. I definitely don’t read them on air typically. But I’m going to read this to give you a little bit of context of who we’re speaking to, and why you should listen to her about shame and grief. Give me two seconds my phone versus ringing. Why didn’t turn that off? Lois Hollis is an RN BSN. And I don’t know what are you V stands for is that a reverend shifts our opinion on one of the most forbidden subjects shame and guilt. Her passion is to show the way to self-love by Olivia alleviating the suffering of shame, guilt, depression, anxiety. 30 years of migraine headaches, and pain were Lois way of life until she learned about the dangers of shame and guilt. she realized that her shame guilt was within everything she felt. The good news was that she could have healed her anger, depression, migraines, guilt, rage, fears, and pain from neck rib and head traumas. Wow. The solution to her emotional and physical problems was in the confronting of shame, guilt. I’ve never actually heard the words put together before but I guess we’re going to learn some new things today. She shares her 15 years experience as a shame guilt educator, counselor and filmmaker to give us an effective lasting way to health, wellness and spiritual maturity. Love that word. Lois comes to us with a lifelong background in health. She began as a nurse’s aide Wow at 12 and continues today at 77 Lois explained several spiritual encounters that began with near death and childhood from physical abuse. She is a trailblazer, she started developing one of the first kidney Hemi dialysis centers in the United States. And today lowest bring shame and guilt together as a new field study. This is I’m excited about this. She is the author of three books and a video on her soul speaks the original process that brings peace to our inner personalities. Her newest book now is the time contains her light language readings, direct from spirit that expand our spiritual development. Her new film I’m good illustrates shame, guilt trickery. So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Lois Hall is to the broadcast. Hello, Lois. How are you?

Lois Hollis 7:09
I am good.

Joshua T Berglan 7:12
Well, you’ve picked a very interesting topic to make it your your wet not way of life, but to pursue down this path of helping people heal from shame and guilt. Because I don’t know, I don’t know what your religious background or any of that stuff. But I will tell you believers and unbelievers alike, have a habit of carrying unnecessary shame and guilt. And so I’m really, really excited to have you here. I’m honored to have you here. Because I think that people are going to find after this interview and after this conversation that they’re really hanging on to things that don’t belong to them. But before we get into all that, Lois, what are you grateful for today, and why?

Lois Hollis 7:59
I am grateful that you Joshua, are giving me the opportunity to reach more people. People need to know what we just talked about. Every per every person has the shame, guilt experience, and it’s not human. It’s not part of our humanity. And if I can leap off of that and tell you some new stuff that you haven’t heard before, I would love to begin because we got some area to cover here.

Joshua T Berglan 8:36
So with that said, then I will I will spare my possibly trivial or juvenile questions about this subject to have just to allow you to go into the new stuff, because you’re right, I haven’t heard a lot of new stuff about shame and guilt, in ways that we can just, you know, get rid of it to alleviate ourselves from it. So I’d love to hear what you

Lois Hollis 9:00
have. And it’s possible. It’s a doable thing. I’m the Howard I’m the half person I’m not going to talk about the physiology and how it distorts the brain and how the Mendola gotta and all the other stuff, but that doesn’t help you kick it out of your personality. So I’m the health person but I call myself an educator because we don’t know and because we don’t know the shame guilt energy is taken us hold. Remember what they say the guy NP

Joshua T Berglan 9:35
Wait, say that again. Ei

Lois Hollis 9:37
ne se ensues Know thy enemy. How can you do? Enemy Okay, yeah,

Joshua T Berglan 9:43

Lois Hollis 9:44
how can you defeat your enemy? If it’s invisible and you don’t know about it?

Joshua T Berglan 9:50
Well, so the way I go about it is a process of surrender. Well, I operate with the belief of where I’m weak. He is strong. Oh, so I just surrender things to God and then go about my business. That method has worked really well for me actually,

Lois Hollis 10:06
it worked because you allowed other information to come in. So that’s ground number one. What you did was the first foundation, that’s good, I surrender. I don’t know how to fix it. I don’t know what it is your Jesus there, God, whatever word you want to use, please bring it into me. And that’s what I’m doing. I’m doing the second thing. I’m bringing in the information that you can get smart and avoid this situation. Okay, so you’re on the right track, I’m just giving you a little bit more info. Somewhere in my 50s, I was told that I would probably live about another year or two. And that was quite quite logical because I had severe brain traumas, a leaky mitral valve as severe scoliosis, many head traumas. And my neck was broken in childhood, c one, c two and three. So, you know, that carries some problems with it. But God sent me back. That’s another long story. I don’t remember it. But I just remember things around me that helped me to live until I could get well, I was so depressed that suicide was the answer. And I can’t believe that that would even enter my mind when I’ve been such a incredible starter of the dialysis unit and open heart surgery and hepatitis epidemics. And I. So shame, guilt can take down the best of us. Now, how did I get out of that? I was in a counseling session. And someone said, what do you do about chain? And I went off? That’s an odd word. I don’t know. So I went to the library. This is in 1999. They didn’t have computers, they don’t go on the internet and say, What is this? You go to the library, and the only thing the library was John Bradshaw spoke that said, it’s a sickness of the soul. So my detective mind I got a detective mind. It just keeps working until it gets an answer. So my detective mind kept on going and going. And to make a long story short, somehow was able to piece it all together. And to learn that I didn’t have to go to therapy for anxiety. I didn’t have to go to therapy for anger. I didn’t have to go to therapy for not good enough. I mean, I’d be dead before I finished them all because I had a mole. I just had to get rid of shame, guilt. Because it caused everything. I was like so happy. Now, how did I come to that conclusion? Okay, we all know we have the love energy. And what does love give us? happiness and joy, and confidence, compassionate. We are indestructible. We know we can do it. We’re just happy and joyful. And for no reason we get

Joshua T Berglan 13:24
oh, Worcester.

Lois Hollis 13:27
Now well, the other side. We have shame, guilt, energy. That’s a distorted negative energy. And what does it give us? It gives us depression and anxiety. And the little wing procrastination. I have. I have the DSM diagnosis Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for medical disorders.

Joshua T Berglan 14:00
Is that which version is that? Which version is that? I can’t see it. It’s back backwards on me.

Lois Hollis 14:10
I’m sorry. Anyway, it has 915 pages of mental disorders 915. And guess what? Those are made up? I have no idea to so they paid for it. Anyway. shame guilt is never mentioned.

Joshua T Berglan 14:34
But that’s the root of I would say a majority of the mental illness is it not

Lois Hollis 14:39
everything. That’s why I became a genuine educator. I’m not an anxiety coach and not anger coach. I’m not a depression because I want to get rid of it. All our emotions have a positive side and a negative side. compassion turn brings to depression when shame guilt hits.

Joshua T Berglan 15:09
I believe that

Lois Hollis 15:11
passion turns to anger. Intuition turns to anxiety when shame guilt hits it. So if you’ll get rid of the shame, guilt, click, your emotions turn positive. What a great way to do that. Why mess around with each little thing? Because you’re never ever, ever, ever, ever going to get rid of the negative emotions until you get rid of the shame, guilt that’s given it energy. What do you do?

Joshua T Berglan 15:45
To do that, because some people turn. This is where people turn to religion typically. But religion doesn’t necessarily remove the shame or guilt. Sometimes it compacts it, okay. Of the list of rules. In your opinion, how do we get rid of it?

Lois Hollis 16:01
Okay, Joshua, what happened? I have to digress. What happens to your computer when it gets a computer virus?

Joshua T Berglan 16:10
Well, depends on the viruses, but it gets completely out of whack.

Lois Hollis 16:14
Now I get the same virus as you but my computer, my market software goes down yours, your hard drive goes down. It’s different in all computers. That’s why you can’t make sense of it. comes into us. Because of the way that you spoke this morning. Rather before about you know what people say to you. It’s not the words, it’s the energy of the words that come to you. Energy of words.

Joshua T Berglan 16:46
So that’s why intent should matter,

Lois Hollis 16:50
of course. And what you say to yourself, the inner critic, the energy comes off of that. So it’s energy and Joshua, you know about energy. We are energy beings, we are beings of energy that have lines and meridians and not have to go into what happens to negative virus that comes into your computer. It goes off. What happens to your body, your mind, your soul, your emotions, when shame, guilt energy comes into you. It goes off. shame guilt is outside of us. So we can get rid of it. It’s not inside you.

Joshua T Berglan 17:42
Interesting. Why did Why does it feel like it’s inside of us then because when I if I feel guilty or shame of course, now I know just to go confess it, whatever is bothering me. I’ve not learned that by saying it and confessing it, then it goes away. I mean, I beat myself up a little bit, I should have done better, but then I move on from it.

Lois Hollis 18:06
The reason that that works is because shame guilt energy. Some people call it the shame guilt leech. Some people call it the shame, guilt alien, I don’t care what you call it, but it’s not part of humanity. And we could have a whole talk on that one. Shame. Guilt is not part of our humanity. It’s a foreign substance upon us.

Joshua T Berglan 18:34
That’s inherited. Guilt start and originate from that, in your opinion.

Lois Hollis 18:39
Well, that you have to go back way back. And it’s beyond Adam and Eve. It’s at this earth of Earth. It’s the basis of civilization on the earth. And I got a long story about that, but know that you just need to know it’s not human. Okay. It’s not all our humanity. Everybody uses it, and it’s in everybody. But that doesn’t make it normal.

Joshua T Berglan 19:13
I mean, okay,

Lois Hollis 19:14
it’s not normal. And people you won’t find this on the internet because they said as part of humanity, how can a virus that makes your brain twisted, confused, turns your emotions from positive to negative turns your physical body your meridians off so your heart doesn’t work as well. Your digestive doesn’t work as well your lungs can that being normal? Give me a break.

Joshua T Berglan 19:50
Yeah, I mean, I can recognize that that is not normal. What I mean normal,

Lois Hollis 19:54
but a lot of common. It’s common. Right? But not normal self it’s not normal and it’s outside of us. We have to know what it is and how to kick it out of our personality now shame guilt energy only has one defect. The only way you can get it one defect it dissolves in detection.

Joshua T Berglan 20:27
Explain that in layman’s terms, please.

Lois Hollis 20:30
It dissolves in detection, it has to go away because the jig is up. And that’s what I’m doing. I’m exposing it not hiding it. We have been taught to hide the shape. Never say by shame. Never own it. It’s not my shit. It’s not the guilt. It’s not part of you. And once the jig is up, it has to leave. It’s so cool.

Joshua T Berglan 21:00
So what is the okay explain to me this though. Because if I do something like say I, I don’t know steal your purse? I should feel guilty

Lois Hollis 21:12
for that. No. No, you should not. You should feel regret

Joshua T Berglan 21:21
doesn’t regret lead to shame.

Lois Hollis 21:23
Okay, let me tell you a story. Please. digress. You’ve heard of David Hawkins? No. Okay, David Hawkins lives in heaven now. But he gave a numerical number to each emotion. Very, very interesting. And I can send that to you. Enlightenment is the highest, like Jesus rose. That’s enlightenment, or Buddha’s or, you know, whatever. That comes in at 700,007 00 comma, zero zeros after that to the 30th power. There is a number. It’s humongous. 700,000 to the 30th power. That’s how much energy is in enlightenment.

Joshua T Berglan 22:23
There’s a lot of energy.

Lois Hollis 22:25
Right? Okay, after that you have love and compassion and joy. And that’s a no win order. But essentially, it’s all our positive feelings of in light of joyfulness and happiness and respect. Honesty. Now at 200 202 00 You begin the negative sequence anger

depression, anxiety and guess what the last one is? Shame and then guilt and it comes in to guilt is 10 So you’re vibrating at a 10 energy when you’re in guilt now you know why you feel so crappy.

Joshua T Berglan 23:34
Yeah, it’s the worst. So

Lois Hollis 23:37
what is after guilt? Death. Right. Right. Oh, that’s it. Human body can only be at 10 and still be alive. That’s how dangerous guilt and shame is.

Joshua T Berglan 23:58
I have a wild guess. But with the I forgot the type of dialysis that you those centers, your

Lois Hollis 24:06
dialysis kidney haemodialysis.

Joshua T Berglan 24:09
So my I’m guessing here, but shame and guilt attack your kidneys, right.

Lois Hollis 24:15
It could tax every organ your kidneys, your lungs, your heart, your brain, your nose. It depends what’s more set More. More. has a weakness. shame guilt affects the weakest part of you Wow. Like any virus huh?

Joshua T Berglan 24:50
I mean, I’ve heard about it and I don’t I’m not an expert on this subject at all. But I’ve heard about when we have worry how it affects us physically. Oh, yes, of course it does. Forgiveness can bring cancers and things like

Lois Hollis 25:05
that. Right. And

Joshua T Berglan 25:08
that backs all this up. Not that I believe every scientific article I see. But I mean, have there been studies that can show how,

Lois Hollis 25:16
when, when they have some research when I did my book that showed the measurement of shame, and they separated. But I’ll tell you why we can shame does when a test error, they’re told, your father said, You’re really a shithead. And you probably are, you know, so. And they then they say to the other kid, your mother told me, you’re the best in the class, and she’s so happy, you’re her son, he gets the 100. And the other one gets the 50. That’s proven over and over and over and over again, we don’t I mean, I can show you statistics, you know, but that’s true. So what we’re doing in the world today is overriding the shame, get with positive emotions, and that’s good. But you’re always going up a hill with a ton of bad stuff on your back and you’re like, I can’t do this anymore. I’m saying, can we just get rid of the shame, guilt and make life easy? Because you can get rid of it. So I say in something today that maybe the if you’re feeling guilty about something, well, he did something wrong? Well, you know, you should, you know, have some remorse. But don’t be guilty, because that’s a dead end to nil regret. I should have not sold that packable. But maybe I’ll say a prayer for or give her purse back or, you know, whatever. I had a client a couple of weeks ago who had severe guilt because she couldn’t help her mother heal from alcoholism. And her mother passed away. And you know, when I know that if someone doesn’t want to get well, no matter what we do, but she took the guilt on and that’s what we do. We’re taught that way. culture teaches us. You’re the problem. You did it wrong. It’s all because of you. The church tells you you sin. You did it wrong. Your parents do the governor, the president, everybody tells you, it’s your fault. Okay, so of course it’s your fault. So I recommended her to feel regret that she couldn’t help her mother. So with the regret she saw a solution can unstarted gram for people who were alcoholic see how to help them to heal. Regret lead her to a solution he’ll lead you to

Joshua T Berglan 27:57
regret gives you an opportunity to look at it and say, Okay, well I can do it better this way. Next time. Exactly. What what

Lois Hollis 28:12
you say?

Joshua T Berglan 28:14
Would you say?

Lois Hollis 28:15
I said What does guilt do to you? Yeah, you should be dead.

Joshua T Berglan 28:21
Yeah, I want to put my I want to hide it. I want to put the mattress on top of me and Hi.

Lois Hollis 28:26
So get out of guilt. I don’t care what you do get out of debt guilt, put a song Goins tap dance. I’m a tap dancer. now was the time and it’s on my website. And it’s, you can download it for free. These are my readings from spirit that bring your energy up from guilt. No, that’s the lowest so by reading the words, it changes the frequency changes your energy and you can get out of guilt.

Joshua T Berglan 29:04
Well, which website it’s not I’m good It’s

Lois Hollis 29:08

Joshua T Berglan 29:10
Lois Okay. And I have

Lois Hollis 29:13
written from spirit soon as I got rid of some shame, guilt, I will start writing from spirit and it’s beautiful words. It’s not telling you what to do. It says the expression of the joy and the laughter and the love and it is i i It’s hard to explain my words.

Joshua T Berglan 29:32
I haven’t been on all the time actually about myself.

Lois Hollis 29:35
The earthquake of love will now absorb the darkness and we will be shaking into who we are to live the dance of freedom and joy that will always become it always was so easily upon these joys in singing to the world that has awaited for its stream to be realized. In time. It will be noted when the cracks of the dark Allow the freedom of love to explode within each of us. So it’s just, it’s, it’s, you know, you can’t think this guy talks I right. That’s it.

Joshua T Berglan 30:13
I know how that goes,

Lois Hollis 30:15
okay? So if you’re in guilt and can’t get out and you don’t have a friend to talk to, you got to get out of guilt thing today just get a guilt, we can fix it later just get out of guilt.

Joshua T Berglan 30:33
I like it. Okay. Tell everybody where they can buy your books and where they can support you.

Lois Hollis 30:41
Lois And since I’m a teacher, and I’m helping people to learn this subject that nobody wants to talk about. I have sign up for my newsletter. You’d receive a book 500 questions, one answer. I show you 500 ways you shame yourself. And other people shame you. 500 ways I’m teaching you like when the bones you know, you just don’t take it. Just say no.

Joshua T Berglan 31:25
Well, Lois, I’m going to check out that book. I mean, I don’t live with shame and guilt anymore. And I’m very fortunate for that. But I want to check this out. Because I do. I it’s it’s interesting. Sometimes people don’t have the ears to hear what’s coming out of the Bible. I know, I was like that for a long time and even date those days to like, I mean, there’s days that happened even now that I’m like, I don’t want to hear it right now. And then just being honest with you, that said, one of the most common things, the most common messages I get from people, will you please pray for me, because I feel really guilty and I’m feeling a lot of shame. Those are that is literally the number one message I get from people. And, and I kind of tie him, there’s times that I’ll give them a Bible verse. And they’re like, that’s not what I was wanting. So I’m going to check out your book, because I promise you, I know what that’s like to live with guilt. And I know what it’s like especially the life that I learned and shame ashamed, my family ashamed all these people that tried to love me. Anyway, I could go on for an hour about that alone. And I’m not. But that said, this is something that I know people that have killed themselves. I know people that

Lois Hollis 32:49
when you’re in guilt, that’s it. You have to get out of guilt now

Joshua T Berglan 32:55
because that’s what people end up killing themselves. And shame

Lois Hollis 33:00
and guilt are the same. Now this is important. We have two nervous systems. We have the unconscious nervous system and the conscious nervous system. We have two nervous systems. Shame operates on the unconscious nervous system works when the conscious nervous isn’t. But it’s the same thing. When you say shame and guilt your brain does it. Shame is one thing. Don’t increase his shame. It’s a merry go round. And that’s why since Adam and Eve we’ve been going goofy. Well, it’s shame it’s not feel that skilled. It’s the same thing. Now why did they do that? Okay, if you have a virus in your brain, they call it meningitis. Right? If you have the same virus in your kidneys, they call it nephritis. Do you have the same virus in your stomach? They call it gastritis. If you have the same virus in your, in your lungs, they call it pneumonia is the same. It’s just a way of marketing and insurance. The same thing with all these 915 pages.

Joshua T Berglan 34:28
We are in agreement there. That is okay.

Lois Hollis 34:32
So, I’m telling you that you have to say shame, guilt, not shame and guilt because your brain goes it splits and you can’t do that. We have to be whole we have to be shame guilt energy. That’s what it is. Now remember, the Wizard of Oz

Joshua T Berglan 34:54
I didn’t see the movie but I know who you’re talking about.

Lois Hollis 34:57
Okay, Dorothy COEs to see the Wizard is in great anticipation to tremble and Toto the doll pulls the curtain back. And what is Darcy? See? A little Minion doll engraved with a big machine making smoke that’s what shame guilt is a big puff of smoke

Joshua T Berglan 35:26
interesting that’s why I became a filmmaker I know it makes your head spin that’s all because I I know the perp like the when we go against what we know is right. It’s interesting that because that’s usually the very thing that leads to shame and guilt. US turning away from choices. So what Tell me again, like say if I wrong you? What is the proper emotion to have if I’ve intentionally or unintentionally wronged you?

Lois Hollis 36:19
I regret that I did. And make amends. We are taught to feel shameful we are taught to feel guilt. But guess what? That makes us stupid victims.

Joshua T Berglan 36:34
So when people are taking your mistake, and they’re weaponizing it against you? To make you feel shame to make you feel guilt. shame, guilt. What it’s it’s made mistake. I’m moving on.

Lois Hollis 36:57
Yeah, well, you just don’t take it. It’s an energy. You remember the hot potato thing that everybody? Okay? Potato gets the shame, guilt. You’re not holding it?

Joshua T Berglan 37:12
What is remorse? Is that the same thing as shame, guilt?

Lois Hollis 37:16
Yeah. If you can think of another one, let me know. But that’s so anyone I

Joshua T Berglan 37:21
know you have a book with 500 of them. So no, I don’t I’m, I’m just gonna read your book and then figure it out from there. And then I’m going to email you Okay, what about this?

Lois Hollis 37:31
Now, we didn’t talk about the inner critic, the inner critic is your best friend. He’s your best friend. Except he was taught when you’re two when three to shame you and guilt you because your teeth and the mothers and your Edie shamed you because that’s the way it is, right? We’re a lone wolf in the desert here, Joshua, but someone’s got to start. So we have to educate the, the, our inner critic and tell them, You’re in 1950, I’m in 2022, you have to come into my timeline. I’m not the little kid that doesn’t know anything, you can do that. And that’s what I do is to help people, they bring their inner critic to the tenant. And my inner critic is called King, he while he calls himself king, of course. So instead of shaming me, he changed his job. He goes around the universe in the world to getting a podcast like you, Joshua. Theoretically, so my king is my friend, my partner. I can’t chop him off. I said, Oh, shut up your way. I don’t want you I don’t need you. How can you cut your head off? How could you cut your handle? You can’t do it. He’s part of you, or she’s part of you. And God made us with this part to help us balance ourselves out. It’s not a bad part is this that they learned the shame way? And they nobody told them it’s different.

Joshua T Berglan 39:07
Do you believe that voices are spirit? Part, do you? Voice is our spirit. Okay?

Lois Hollis 39:16
Our emotions, including the king or inner critic, is this right here? This motions are between the physical body and the spiritual self. They are the bridge between our emotional self and our spirit self. So yes, they live in the spirit world, but they also Daniel in the physical. So they’re beautiful. They’re perfect. They’re wonderful. We need our emotions. And that’s what I do is I help people talk to their depression, high depression, high anxiety. How are you? I make friends with them. Instead of talking to the therapist, I talk to myself I got a lot more answers. Anyway, it’s another love story.

Joshua T Berglan 40:03
Well, that’s interesting, because that is pretty much the path that I took to heal as well. It was, I mean, talking on my broadcast, but also it was talking to myself.

Lois Hollis 40:15
Yeah. And I have a movie out of discord into harmony, where I teach people to talk to their depression, anxiety and their inner critic, and they all become a family. And that’s when I became a family of my emotions. That’s when I healed from all the scars and then the long problem build inside. That’s the secret. De

Joshua T Berglan 40:48
sure makes it easier to love yourself when you don’t have shame.

Lois Hollis 40:50
Okay? When they say you have to love yourself, you have to have someone to love like, I love Sally, my depression, emotion, who’s now my compassion, I have to have someone to love and love me back. And we can love our inner self, our inner critic, Katie King loves me, I love kings. So there we have self love. I don’t love myself because I got a fur coat, or I got money. I love myself quest King loves me. And I love King, that self love, we gotta have someone to love.

Joshua T Berglan 41:27
I gotta tell you, I’ve never thought about half of what you’ve said today. And I always appreciate that when I hear something new, and a new way of looking at things, I appreciate that about you very, very much. And I can’t wait to check out your book. Because that again, like it to me, this sounds like a very, it’s very important to have a book like this that will help us prepare ourselves and have like the be able to give ourselves a little self triggers that are good triggers, to remind ourselves of why we would shouldn’t feel guilt or shame.

Lois Hollis 42:10
Okay? Once you’re taking part, the inner critic turns and comes into your paradigm 2022 and not 1940 or 1950, it’s all timelines, then you don’t have to worry about being positive, you don’t have to say you’re this and do that. You just are, your are compassionate, you are loving, you don’t have affirmations and everything else dissolves in detection. So the more you know, the more you can get rid of

Joshua T Berglan 42:48
a lot. Lowest thank you so much for your time. I again, please one more time, plug your websites where people can buy your book and also in plug your movies as well.

Lois Hollis 43:01
The main thing is the movies because the book is like you got you see, you believe what you see. You believe and you’re a filmmaker, you believe what you see. And that’s why I went to film school at 60. Because nobody was understanding what I was seeing. So I had said I have to make a film.

Joshua T Berglan 43:22
That that is that is precisely why we got into what we’re doing is a big part of it. And that because media controls the narrative and we want to change the narrative

Lois Hollis 43:34
for go to I’m good and have fun. And that’s a great song.

Joshua T Berglan 43:41
I started watching it, and I’m going to finish it but it’s I thought it was I thought it was very, very interesting. And I think your whole mission in life is interesting. And I think it’s very important. Also, it’s vital. It’s fine. I agree. I mean, just knowing what I experienced with mon shame and guilt. So I’m with

Lois Hollis 44:01
saying you shame guilt.

Joshua T Berglan 44:03
Thank you, Lois. You have a blessed week and we will talk to you soon. Okay, thank you. Bye. You Bye. What an interesting, I’m never heard anyone that has chosen. Those are really the same thing. Never seen that before. I hear people talk about guilt and shame, but never together. I have to check out our book. I want to understand this more because look I don’t think I got rid of shame girl. This go along with what she’s saying. I mean, I’ve told you before, like I you know gave my life to the Lord. But it took over two years for me to go. God loves me exactly the way I am. And only then was able to start getting rid of the guilt and the Shame in the wishing that I could go back and fix things that I can’t go back and fix. I’m not going to dismiss one word of what she said, I’d love to know. Like how the Bible on that work to what she’s saying work together. And you know, you know how you guys know where I stand by now on a lot of these issues. But I want to see how it lines up and how it works together. Because what it is, I guess it’s made it easier going, Jesus died on the cross. For all of these things, the emotion, the sin, the guilt, the shame. And if that’s true, why does it take so long for so many of us to leave the shame and guilt behind? Are we overcomplicating it? Are we looking to the wrong things? Are we is it Is it as simple as because we’re separating the two. We’re not really healing any of it? Oh, no more questions than answers. But again, it took me a few years for me, my shame and guilt left, because I just would surrender it to God. And I would trust him with it, I would assume that he was taking it from me. So then I would just move on, mentally, or quit obsessing about it, quit beating myself up. But she may be on to something like she absolutely may be on to something she’s clearly more of an expert on it than I am. So I want to read her book. And then just for fun, I want to see how it aligns up with scripture. Because I do believe in the power of the Word of God. But you know what, I gotta say, I’ve read a lot of books that are considered secular or new age. And, you know, they’re what they’re saying makes a lot of sense to do they work together? Do they contradict each other? Are they really the same thing? I mean, honest to God, aren’t these the questions that most of us are dealing with day in day out of our lives? Like when we’re seeking answers and can’t find them, and then we find them in an unlikely source? I don’t know. Again, I don’t have all the answers here. But she’s got me curious. And I like leaving a broadcast and an interview. Very curious. Because now I’m gonna go learn more. And I’ll tell you what, what I learned. I’ll share with you. Alright, guys, please go check out Lois his website, check out her movie. I’m good. And, again, you can go to Lois And you can find her book find her books. But also I think she has a free 15 minute call. And if any of you are struggling and being burdened with guilt, shame, shame, guilt, any of the three. It may be worth checking out for you. Because sometimes for me, it’s as simple as picking up the phone and just talking to somebody and telling them and then it goes away. Sometimes I need something a little bit more hardcore. And it sounds like she’s the person to go to. We’ll see. Thank you guys so much for being here. God Bless.

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