Heartfelt, powerful, surprising, enlightening, encouraging and inspiring are the words best used to describe this broadcast with Christopher D. Casson.

Christopher Casson, also called “The Autistic Guru” by some, is a photographer on the autistic spectrum that has a keen eye for details many tend to miss. A founder of a photography LLC company, host of the podcast Thru Autistic Eyes, and a champion for autistic adults facing unresolved issues of the world with his movement Autism To ARTism, he is dedicated to show that he is not his Autism and there needs to be a focus not on the label, but the person behind the label.

Contact Chris

Christopher D. Casson

Photographer/Owner of Christopher Casson Photography, LLC

Event / Portrait / Real Estate Photographer based in the Chicago Metropolitan Area.

Going beyond the limitations associated with his label of autism to discover and serve the world.

Facebook: @cassonphotography

Instagram: @cassonphotography

LinkedIn: @cassonphotography




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