A Conversation with Joshua T Berglan and Zero Dark Tony is DIFFERENT…

In this conversation, we cover JFK, Satanic Royalty, Inbreeding, Addiction, Charles Manson, the Queen Mother of Darkness, Racism amongst white people, The Anarchist Cookbook, Record contracts, Madyson Marquette, Master P, King George, the Duponts, Biolabs, and much more.

While the subject matter is a little intense, this is a lighthearted, enlightening and humorous conversation that you surely will enjoy.

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Please welcome Zero Dark Tony, an investigative creator, a disruptor, Emmy winner, retired rock star, Hollywood exile, and a survivor of SRA and Scientology to a Conversation with Joshua T Berglan on the Live Mana Network!

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Joshua T Berglan


Joshua T Berglan, aka The World’s Mayor, is a voice for the voiceless and is driven to elevate the passion, purpose, and mission of those he serves. Joshua is the Chairman of the Live Mana Worldwide Foundation & Live Mana Network, Shock-Jock Evangelist, International #1 Best Selling Author for the Book “The Devil Inside Me” a Producer, and Filmmaker. Joshua is an expert in the future of media and loves supporting others in helping make their dreams come true.


Joshua T Berglan 0:00
Hey, what’s up everybody, my name is Joshua and welcome to a conversation with Joshua T Berglan. I gotta tell you, today is going to be, I don’t even know. I have no clue what to tell you about what this broadcast will be. Because if it’s anything like the conversations that I have in private, and even publicly on Twitter, with my friend, you might want to sit down. For this, you might want to have a glass of wine, have some camo meat, milk, chamomile tea, something, some calming agent, I don’t know, it’s going to be what I can, I don’t even know what to say, except for the fact that it’s going to piss off some people that I’m talking to Tony. But Tony is my friend. I’m gonna call him a friend we’ve never met. But I’ll tell you one thing. I’ve never had more honest conversations with anybody in my entire life other than my wife, and those that’s a different type of honesty. That said, you know, ever since we started diving down this world and fell into the world of human trafficking, not we’re not human, we’re not trafficking humans. But we fell into this world of people that are claiming to be survivors and claiming to be rescuers and all this other stuff. And it wasn’t my intention at the time to get caught up in this world. Even with it hitting home. For me personally. You guys know my story, but you don’t know the full picture. Because I’ve talked before about someone very close to me being trafficked, and all that. And I’m not going to go into who that is. But the fact is this, there’s a lot of people in this world that are pretending to be good guys, and they’re not my wife and I were deceived by one of the these people, and I’m not gonna give her credit and say her name right now, because I don’t want you to Google her. But through that, we discovered a lot more people that were pretending to be good, and or not. And this gentleman that’s coming on today, has been very, very instrumental in helping me detect BS, how to ask the right questions. Because I think I always thought I knew how to ask good questions. But then there’s another level of things. And one of the things that stuck out to me and I’m gonna say this before I before I play the intro video and bring Tony on, don’t even know Tony is lasting. Doesn’t matter, Tony dark, Zero Dark Tony, Tony de, it’s got a lot of nicknames. But he’s been through it himself. And I’ll let him talk about whatever he wants to talk about. But one of the things that Tony said to me and it’s stuck out, and it has been very, very impactful in my life, I can think back over the years, words that were given to me by different people that stuck, and helped and made a huge difference in my life. And in Tony has done the same thing for me. And it’s as obvious as it seems, it’s not obvious to everyone else, that when I say you’re gonna be like, Yeah, no kidding. But do we do it? And that is the people that are saying that they’re good guys, the people that are talking good, you know, claiming to do this and that and be heroic, even the people that pretend to be wealthy on social media. Those are the ones that you need to question more than the ones that you have your doubts about the ones that are like, I don’t know, they’re a little screwed up a little crazy. Because a good chance to just really screwed up and crazy. But the ones that are pretending to be the heroes and saving children and all that other stuff, we need to scrutinize them more than anybody else. And he’s right. In every sense, I’ve applied this to my life. It’s like the veil keeps falling away and falling away and falling away. The reason why I said that this is going to piss some people off that I’m having Tony on my show. And by the way, don’t care is because Tony calls people out. He calls them on their stuff, he calls me out. The only difference is these other people like to block him and run away. I can take it and I don’t mind being questioned because with my intention is to always tell the truth. Everyone else doesn’t like to questions. And he has a way of getting to the core of that and exposing that and really rattling people because he will rattle you. He’s I seen him do it to people on social media. And he’s even rattled me before

just because you don’t always know where he’s coming from. That said, Whatever his exterior is, and whatever his impression is to other people and those of you watching on social media right now whatever platform. Those of you that know Tony, and you don’t know me, welcome, thank you for being here. But I will say this that Tony has is proven to be somebody that I like to imagine this I can, I can see Tony’s angel wings, sitting at the bar, even though he’s sober. Smoking a cigarette, I don’t even know if he smokes. But I just picture him with like this, I can see his angel wings, and he’s a little roughed up tattoos. And he’s just been through it. And the reason why I have this image in my head is because sometimes the good guys have to be a little nasty. Sometimes the good guys out there their methods you don’t necessarily agree with, but at the core of what they’re doing matters. And I believe what Tony does matters. So with that said, I’m gonna play the commercial now and get into this, and I don’t know what to expect. But Tony is a survivor himself. And Tony deals with some real stuff. He’s seen some things that would probably cause most people to want to put a bullet in their brain. But I have been blessed to get to know him. I know his heart, and whatever he the things that comes out of his mouth can be really shocking, sometimes and sometimes offensive. I don’t care. I’ve gotten to know Tony’s heart, and he’s somebody that I can truly say that I’m blessed to know. And you guys, I think you’re gonna love him too. Especially my, the audience that likes the edgier material. You’re going to be in for a treat so Alright, I’m gonna I’m gonna shut up now because I want to hear Tony talking about myself. We’ll be right back after this.

Welcome back, everybody. I’m Joshua T Berglan. And this is a not spoken word. It’s my other show. A Conversation with Joshua T Berglan. Ladies and gentlemen. Listen, he’s one of the most interesting interviewers I’ve ever heard. He is definitely a personality. He asked tough questions. And at the same time I think he speaks to everything that he speaks about. He’s speaking from a place of personal experience. And and I there’s something to me that’s really really special about that. I don’t think that he pretends to be anything he’s not. And frankly, again, I’ve learned a ton from him and I’m grateful to call him a friend ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the one the only I don’t even know what the column zero dark Tony, Tony D. How many nicknames Do you have, man?

Zero Dark Tony 9:36
You know, most people know me as the doctor. But yeah, what was that movie? It was a Billy Crystal movie with the De Niro about him being a psychiatrist anyway.

Joshua T Berglan 9:51
Oh, what was that call?

Zero Dark Tony 9:53
Yeah, and that’s a speech he gave Codsall yesterday. You want a fresh one? Hey, how’s everybody doing?

Joshua T Berglan 10:03
Movies? What’s that? I forgot to say that you were a former retired rock star to correct? Definitely. Your personnel?

Zero Dark Tony 10:12
Uh, well, you know, I’ve done I’ve done a lot of stuff. I mean, you know, I’m a little bit older now. You know, and I gotta say that I’m no less affected. I’m no less angered I’m no less frustrated by, you know, seeing some of the things that you were talking about in the intro there some of the people that you know, you got me heated up already. You got the engine’s going. It’s like, just shit, man. Can I Can I curse on your network just in case it slips out?

Joshua T Berglan 10:46
You can curse. Okay, cool. You. You may offend my mother, but that’s okay.

Zero Dark Tony 10:50
Okay. I’m gonna try not to, I’m going to try not to because my mom’s gonna watch to

Joshua T Berglan 10:59
my mom.

Zero Dark Tony 11:03
So, Mom or your smoothie now.

Joshua T Berglan 11:09
That is a good movie.

Zero Dark Tony 11:11
That is. So you know, when you’re talking about some of these? Look, I just saw a tweet the other day and I’m just gonna cut right to it because I saw it and I gotta say something about it about the what’s her name with the devil girl with the Jesse Jesse. Jesse Jesse. Jesse is avatar. Oh, her? Yeah. Okay. All I could say is people like this. I mean, I saw a tweet that said she claimed that there were you know, this is just what we see all the time. Dude, we this is what we see. This is what catches our eye. Right? When we’re when we’re looking when, when we’re looking in our feeds. And we’re looking at okay, so what what is this community kind of, you know, and then every once in a while this community just pops its head up, you know, and it’s like, we need money. You know, and, and you start to hear stories of 36,000 ritual murders, from the time one was four to 10. Well, let’s look at that for a second. Let’s look at that statement. That would be an average of 16 murders a day was this. When did you have breakfast? Then there were like, four, you know, and then you’d go for the lunchtime. And then they’d really lay them on after that. Because you’ve you know, you’ve had two meals already. You know, by the time dinner hits, by the time dinner hits, that’s another 12 that you had by dinner, then you go back, you know, you relax, and, you know, you sleep on your bed and nails. With the with the rest of the of the demonically inducted children. I mean, which, by the way, yes, it does happen. It does happen. But they weren’t fucking there. And that’s what’s offensive. Now. Do I doubt that some of these people have experienced some very severe trauma of some sort? I don’t doubt that at all. And, you know, look, I wish nobody any harm of any kind, you know, I mean, maybe like, maybe like, walk into a screen. You know what I mean? Like, I wish that person would walk into the screen. That’s about as far as I go. Now, I used to go a lot further. But but, you know, when I, when I questioned something, I look at something and it rubs me the wrong way. I’m the type of person that I gotta say something. You know, I can’t can

Joshua T Berglan 13:44
you do you called me?

Zero Dark Tony 13:47
Yeah, I was I was I was really a little bit but.

Joshua T Berglan 13:50
But here’s the thing, though, I do appreciate that. And I value that friendships. Hold my feet to the fire because I want to be held accountable. Because one thing that happens on social media, especially Twitter, is that you can get real loose with the retreats, and you know, and liking stuff and it but you can, it’s easy to get sloppy. And And also, it’s easy to get caught up in some of the stuff that you’re reading and you forget to go, Wait a second, how is this statistically possible? And that can happen and one thing that you’ve helped me do is be able to step back long enough ago, something’s not right here.

Zero Dark Tony 14:32
Right, whether it’s the you know, whether it’s something about the math or the money or, or something that has been heard before, because a lot of these, you know, different individuals are involved in all in these larger schemes. Whether it’s some kind of tour or whether it’s some kind of, you know, there was one where everybody had like a web sight that it was some Patriot thing and everybody would buy stuff there. I’m sure that’s still there. And oh, yeah, you know, look, making money online. There’s nothing wrong with it. Nothing. But if you’re somebody who comes on and you’ve made several $100,000, but you keep calling stuff and the goalposts has to get moved to move the moved. Oh, no, I, I don’t want to I’m gonna talk about canceling anybody, but definitely, you know, you go in the penalty box for like, five minutes, you know, I’m saying, like, some kind of, if you’re, if you’re just clearly lying for money. I don’t like that. You know,

Joshua T Berglan 15:41
because a lot of people are being preyed upon with that, because there’s a lot of people that are bleeding hearts and just want to help. And that’s how we fell into it being completely naive. That will, Matt will just say Madison’s name. I mean, we, I was at an event with her that we produce, and got to meet her and we were around her. And we spent a lot of time together over you know, two days, and then became friends and just completely naive. And all we wanted to do is help anyone here’s the thing that was really trick me. I’ve, in my experience, especially with, you know, being online and broadcasting and doing the stuff that we do. We get a lot of people that want to use us for stuff. She never did that. Like she just wants she helped she put us over to use a wrestling term, more than no one else had ever done that. She was the first person to go, hey, you need to pay attention to what they’re doing. It matters.

Zero Dark Tony 16:44
She plays she put you she put you on is what Yeah, okay.

Joshua T Berglan 16:48
I’m in full gratitude. My wife like, oh my gosh,

Zero Dark Tony 16:51
everybody. That’s the difference between the Midwest and the West Coast. Okay. They put you over like it’s some sort of fencing. Like, you know that there’s some sort of livestock involved. Okay. That’s the Midwest in California, they put you on. All right, that’s just a difference right there. And they have pop. We don’t there’s no pop here. There’s no pop in California.

Joshua T Berglan 17:16
When he was a soda, or I’ve lived in California

Zero Dark Tony 17:20
soda, only the Midwest people call it pop. But

Joshua T Berglan 17:23
I thought I would call Dr. Pepper coke. Like, I want to drink a coke. But so what kind of coke you’re gonna get? Oh, Sprite. Root Beer. They don’t know they’re that sorted.

Zero Dark Tony 17:38
I just remember I’ve spent time in the Midwest. And you know, what a beautiful, what a beautiful place. I mean, definitely. I’m in California right now. And a lot of people like, coming Fornia I mean, you know, the only thing I see now is that a couple of people are still wearing the masks. That’s what I’m most I’m and they’re wearing them outside. Okay, so a couple of people are still wearing them outside in their car. And you know, today I was at the viata the Mexican market. Right. Love this place. Anyway, let me call the fresh shots, tortillas and all that stuff. Anyway, I go in there. And there’s just a lady with her kids. And they she had a mask and it was like one of those Russian dolls called that you? Yeah, it looked like that. Inside the Yeah, it looked like that. But with with the bass son, and probably not Russia. Not Russian at all. No, they would go they there’s another there’s another market that they would go to that’s close that I also go to because you know, I’m someone I also have a cooking channel, the Rockstar kitchen. Anybody can go see that? Twitter. You know, I don’t have enough file subs yet on YouTube. But we’re getting warmed up. We’re just getting started. I just made my first meatball recipe. And now I realize I have to go back and redo the whole thing. Because I saw somebody else do when I was like, Oh no, that’s good. I have to steal that technique. And you know, it’s like that. I mean, I did meatballs. I did sun dried tomatoes.

Joshua T Berglan 19:15
I saw your sun dried tomatoes. Those looked amazing.

Zero Dark Tony 19:18
Yeah, man. And you know, you don’t actually sun dry them in the sun. You do it in the oven. But what I what I do is I’m in California you walk outside you hold the tray up out in the sun for like 3040 seconds. Boom. Now the sun dried back in. It’s exactly what I do. What I give them some of the energy of the sun man. Their sun dried tomatoes. You got to put them out in the sun for at least a few seconds for them to be legit. Because I drive in the oven. Yeah.

Joshua T Berglan 19:53
How did we end up here? This is why there I when I open the show, I’m like I have no idea. We’re going to talk Talk about because every one of our conversations

Zero Dark Tony 20:03
if it does the same thing goes to a million places.

Joshua T Berglan 20:08
It goes that way. Oh, it’s exhausting. But I love it. I love

Zero Dark Tony 20:12
for sure. Well, one of the things one of the things that I’m working on or do you have, do you have something? You have a talking point? Okay. One of the things, one of the things I’m looking at doing is I’m doing a series coming up on elite and royal inbreeding, it’s going to be separate. Okay, so elite inbreeding is going to be a different series than the royal inbreeding because you’re not just talking about, you know, Spanish King Charles the second, or can I pull a picture up in here? Yeah, I can’t hold on. Yeah, let me share it. Let me see if I could share. You got to see this guy. II. Now what they had was this. They were the Habsburg sort of Clan, Royal Family. Maria Antoinette was the last one of the Hapsburgs. Interestingly enough, so what they had through their inbreeding, was this jaw see this here? Can you see this jaw line?

Joshua T Berglan 21:24
Oh, I have to pull this over. Now I can see it. Okay.

Zero Dark Tony 21:28
See this jaw line that they had. That’s that’s that’s a painting of Charles the second. So this guy couldn’t eat his tongue. He had problems with his tongue. Like all the inbreeding that was done historically before him with like Joanna of Castile and, you know, Queen Maria of Portugal, and all these things that go back through Europe have now brought themselves to places like the UK and all over Europe where when you start to look now you start to find that inbreeding is all or marrying, you know, marrying is not inbreeding, it’s called consanguinity is marrying the person who you’re related to is called common Sanguinetti. Right. But the actual act of breeding the incest and inbreeding has gone on for centuries. It doesn’t just go on with royal families. This just goes on and I’m going to cover the Rothschilds the DuPont Okay, and if people know about the DuPont, the DuPont are the people who planted the financial seeds for the Biden’s they are war profiteers. They are families of war profiteers. That’s essentially why you see all this stuff with hunter and the family getting involved in all these bio weapons labs and all these weapons deals and weapons, weapons weapons, because they are war profiteers that that their route started back in the in the 1700s in France, and then after that in the French revolution when they escaped, so the du Pont’s escaped. They were gunpowder manufacturers, they came to the States settled in Delaware. And lo and behold, they find a young 29 year old Joe Biden. Right, who gets elected to public office. And then what happens with his $40,000 salary, he buys a multimillion dollar mansion from who the du Pont’s, let’s smash cut to when Beau Biden was alive, Joe’s son, the heir apparent. And now you’re going to see all through that time when the DuPont basically provided and then later on, along with the deals that Joe Biden made making money with explosives, chemicals, gunpowder sales, right the DuPont brand. So they were the first ones to make, you know, good bombs and missiles and things they have been involved in fine. And in the financing of every single war that has been out there. There is no gunpowder without Dupont. Anywhere in the world, mind you, weapons, chemical masters, whatever they are, they do not happen without Dupont. Okay, DuPont, and you could look this up. You could look up how Joe Biden was purchasing real estate from them. You could also look up on the CIA website how the DuPont are actually listed in the declassified section as, quote, satanic royalty. Now, ipso facto Everything that one could assume becomes much more the the validity quotient raises quite a bit when you start to add some of these factors. So now we’re talking about things that we could actually look through history and prove, right. And now the departs going all the way back to France, and then it comes to the Revolutionary War. And that’s when you’re talking about King George of England, and the house of Hanover. The these people were buying, you know, the same gunpowder, the British or the Americans are buying the same product. Okay. So that’s when you see DuPont being always on the list of one of those companies that is involved in on those big maps that you see. Yeah, a bunch of those companies are DuPont companies. Wow. Because they are the they’re the chemical. They’re the biochemical branch of what one could classify as the Illuminati. Like factually, like I like I could, I could prove that with documents, but also, you could look them up yourself, because they’re very easy to find. It’s not like you have to go very far.

Joshua T Berglan 26:28
Is that an example of how the bloodlines, I there was a young girl that was able, she’s like, it was a high school project or something where she connected all of the bloodlines, and basically found that pretty much every president is related. Is this is this where the incest comes in? Or is it something else?

Zero Dark Tony 26:52
Well, that’s very possible. That’s very possible. I don’t know how she did that. So I can’t, I can’t say, you know, that’s true. I know what you’re talking about. Yeah. And, and, and it’s similar that some of the presidents, you know, by, by proxy are also related to some Hollywood people. Right? Like, like Brad Pitt, and that, that map that you’re talking about? Yeah. Okay. Okay. I understand what you’re saying. You know, without, I don’t know, where she got her research, that’s all I could say. But, you know, I can’t say she’s wrong. But I can’t say she’s right. But I can say that she raised some very interesting questions in what has happened, because these are all European bloodlines. And if we want to talk about, you know, Hawaii and Obama and that side, you know, that was that was King Rama the fifth? No, no, that wasn’t that was a that was that was the Philippines. Okay. Yeah. This was Princess Princess nine, aka Diana nahi. Naina. Princess nine. Naina. Right. So this was like, you know, she, this was in the early 1800s. She was accused of incest. And the missionaries were really upset about it. So they kicked her out of the church. And it was all about, you know, she was romantically linked to her brother, who who was King Kamehameha the third. Right. So there is there are there are in sexual accusations along those Polynesian bloodlines as well. This is not just European, this is their this is this is you know, this is where my people are from, you know, like the Roman Empire. You know, Caligula Nero, right. And then you have people like King Rama, who had five, five wives or something like that. And he only could be in public with one of them. And it was like a real young one. She was like 50 is you know, the stories are crazy that you hear. And then there’s also the musicians and you’ll see some of these and some of the shorts that I have on my Youtube. Some of the artists and musicians who were involved with underage women like Ted Nugent, and you know, the guys from Aerosmith and I mean, the guys from Aerosmith because not just one Elvis. You know, Elvis being friends with Jimmy Savile

Joshua T Berglan 29:33
was a creep. I watched documentary and then went down that wormhole.

Zero Dark Tony 29:38
Oh my god. YEAH. YEAH. Jimmy Savile was gross, but he would be able to walk right inside the palace. Now talk about you want to talk about inbred bloodlines? He though you got you got these are people that aren’t related to King George. You know, I mean, King George the Third was, you know, like he’s king of England. Man like It’s like their it’s their relative. Like they have inbreeding in the in the castle right now. And if you’re wondering how take a look at Prince Charles fucking ears and his head take a look at his ears in his head. I’m just telling you Look, I’m no doctor or paleontologist or whatever. But that dude’s head looks a little fucked up to me. You know, and when I when I worked at Trump’s Polo Club when I was a kid, Prince Charles was there. And he was a weird look. And I was like, 13 years old dude. It was my first job. I’m shoveling stalls, bringing the ponies around putting the saddles on him. You know, I was kind of, you know, I didn’t really know what the fuck I was doing. But I learned fast. And, you know, and then Trump would come out sometimes, and he’d never I never saw him get on a horse or anything. But Steve Wynn was a member there. A lot of the guys that were in the casino business, were there. So Prince Charles came one day, and you know what, dude? I can’t. It’s almost like, and this was Trump. It was Harrah’s Trump Polo Club. It was like a thing because it was right near Atlantic City. It was in Smithfield, New Jersey. I was there. My mom knows I was there. You know, my Aunt Clara knows I was there. Pretty much everybody else. My dad knows I was there. But they knew I was there. And there’s so much. So. point being that I can’t really find anything about this on the internet. And I’ve searched for it. And I can only see these little blurbs and everything of the Harris Trump Polo Club, like Harrison Trump casino did like a collab on a Polo Club. It was in like the early 80s. And I have not been able to find anything in particular, and especially Prince Charles visits there. And that to me is very, very unusual. So right there. I feel like that’s being scrubbed for some reason. And I don’t know why. Because there should be way more stories about that. I mean, there were two of the most famous polo players in the world. Were there. Alfonso and Gonzalo. Pierre, this the Dominican, they’re Dominican, or Argentinian one of the two. I can’t remember. But they actually taught me. They just liked me. You know what I mean? Because I didn’t bother them because I didn’t know who they were. I didn’t. I didn’t know who but everybody else there knew who they were, and kiss their ass. And I, you know, I was I was young kid, I didn’t know who didn’t give a shit. Like, I don’t care who these guys are. And there was this cage there. And it’s, it’s basically a cage where they put a wooden horse inside this cage. And you can sit on it with a polo stick, and people drop the balls in. And you could hit the ball, like a coach would drop balls into this cage, and you’d hit with the Polo mallet, right? So you hit the balls, like and you can go over on the other side, this side backside, but, you know, they could drop the balls into like, four different points around the thing. And, you know, one day, they’re like, do you want to go to K? Right? Do you want to run a K? You want to show up, bro? Do you want to go in the cage? is what he said? Do you want to go on? Okay. So, um, like, I heard that they were like really good at the Polo. And it kind of looked badass to me, you know? And I was like, All right, this is like the shit they play with like people’s heads and stuff like Persian Wars. This is deep. I’m getting into some deep shit with these homies. Right. I’m learning something like super voodoo. Crazy, you know, polo magic stuff. You know, I was a kid I didn’t I still had that fantastic imagination attached to the reality that I am shoveling shit. Sleeping on a bales of fucking hay for a living. But it helped me It helped me and every once a while my boss would be like, you know, let’s you know we’ll take you down the hotel and you know, you get to hang out and have a couple days like have some cool time but for the rest. You get a blanket you sleep on the hay bales. You wake up with the horses, you know? Yeah, yeah. And then there was like a locker room where everybody would shower and have their locker and get ready and stuff. You know, whenever you would bother to shower anyway. I was like, I was basically a feral child raised by horses. Essentially.

Joshua T Berglan 34:56
Your mom’s watching you kids.

Zero Dark Tony 35:00
Uh, well, you know what it was for the summer and like, what when you’re when you’re away from home, you do learn a lot. You grow up quite a bit. You know, she’s she’s sorry. She’s gonna be like no meatballs for you next week.

Joshua T Berglan 35:16
All you guys share? That’s right, just delivered in Minnesota.

Zero Dark Tony 35:19
Oh, listen, she will dry, he will pack them and dry ice and send them. So, you know, seeing a lot of that stuff just like, you know. Knowing that that is not there. And you know, then when I was a kid, I was, you know, this is sort of how I sort of got these, you know, ideas of something was wrong. I saw the Bigfoot footage, you know that Bigfoot? I was like, I must have been like, for living in Michigan, is like, you know, it’s like, right after the wild, the wide, wide, wide world of sports, the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat. Yeah. And then they had the commercial that would come on. That would be like, almost like, you know, it was like the show? I don’t know. I don’t think it was Nightline. I don’t think Nightline is that old? I’m not sure. But it had that urgency. You know, and then I saw this Bigfoot thing. Walk across the screen, I forget the name of the guys who made the footage, but whatever. You know what I’m, you know what I’m talking about? Yeah. And I saw that. And then, you know, several years later, I was walking by this construction site. And it was right after John Lennon got killed. And I saw spray paint and like a stencil on one of those construction trailers that they make, like an office, you know, yes, on the site. And on the side of it, it was spray painted, I think I was like, 10 or 11 years old. Because he was killed in like, 1980. So I must have been 10 or 11. And it said, the CIA killed John Lennon. And I was like, 1011, I was like, the fuck does that mean? You know what I mean? And I’m like, and I’m like, and then and but they did it in red paint. And it kind of dripped down like blood. And this image is seared in my mind. You know? And that’s when I started to realize that something was really wrong. If somebody would do that, why? That was my question. Why would somebody do that. And I never mentioned it to anybody. I just started to look it up. And then I, you know, mentioned it to some people a little bit here and there later. Some of them brushed it off. And then some of them were like, oh, no, let me show you this. Kennedy shit. You know, and then I was later on in my life when computers came out, so I was able to see that stuff. You know, and then when I saw the, the Secret Service agent get waved off of Kennedy in that turn. And now I realize, you know, there’s a lot of different things, and I believe something different happened now. But I did see that secret service agent get waved off. And, and the guy go like this, you know, he put his arms out like that. He’s like, What are you doing? You know, wow. And that’s what I really, really started to go and then into, you know, just some deep, different alternative types of knowledge and and, you know, I had people in my life that were very much conspiracy theorists, early on. I mean, they’ve been around for a long time, and

Joshua T Berglan 38:55
conspiracy spread back then, like when you’re talking about because when I, for me, I got interested in the singularity. And, you know, basically man merging with machines and all that after seeing the Terminator when I was a kid. Like, that’s where my brain goes. This is a this is a documentary, this is really going to happen. Like I was convinced that this is where we were heading. When I saw the Terminator the first time and I can go in all my stories. That’s what perked me up to things, but there wasn’t, the information wasn’t super easy to find back then. Now it’s in the internet, which, you know, half of it’s fake or more of it’s fake. But how were back then were these theories and these? Well, yeah, these theories how around?

Zero Dark Tony 39:44
Well, you know, there are a lot of books that were out. I do remember one in particular, that, you know, if you put this on any platform, I would edit out what I’m about to say any any other You know, a platform that is I know interesting commercialized in a network fashion. It was called the it was it was a book called The Anarchist Cookbook. Yeah, that was another one that was, you know, one of those old school things, it was along those lines. And also, a lot of the, of these conspiracy theories were in the mercenary magazines like Soldier of Fortune. I, I always, you know, I had, there was a new stand near me in, in, in town, and I would always used to go there, and I’d read the magazines and shoplift and steal money from from there, you know, look, I was a kid, I was, I was, I was a street kid, you know, what I mean? Who was who was living in a nice neighborhood. You know, like, just for a little brief part of my life. And, and then, and, you know, them crackers is slow. So they slow, they can’t see. So, you know, and that’s, I would read some of these. But, but these were the magazines that were like, special order. Okay, so there was a section inside, but I was able to come inside and hang out, eat the, you know, and I guess by stealing, okay, yeah, maybe I stole some money once or twice, but it was mostly just eating Swedish Fish, and reading the magazines with our friends there. So we were stealing but you know, it’s not like I was making a killing at the place. You know, it wasn’t robbing it like that. Except when that one time, but anyway, the the, the magazines, Soldier of Fortune, all those mercenary magazines. And then there were just some ones that I’d never seen before and haven’t seen since. These are all kinds of, of military based, you know, things all over the magazines that I didn’t understand at the time when I don’t quite remember the images because I wasn’t paying attention enough. I do have a bit of a photographic memory, but I wasn’t paying attention to stuff like that. It would, it would have been something more advanced. So it looked like some kind of special room and it was in stuff like that, you know, you could find it in, in, you know, you could find people talking about stuff and like, all kinds of different you know, digests and things like this, you know,

Joshua T Berglan 42:40
I love the skateboarding magazines because I when I was growing up, I remember the trapper keepers that they had. And you know, people put stickers on them, or they drew and I used to sit next to you know, the wannabe gangbangers that could have been real, I guess, I don’t know. But we were in a pretty much upper class white, you know, area, so I don’t really think they were banging anyway. But also like the anarchist. So you mentioned the Anarchist Cookbook. I remember that. But the skateboard magazines have all the weird voodoo evil. Oh, yeah, that’s right. Yeah, that was the first wormhole that I went down as deep as I can go. And I was really drawn to the whole

Zero Dark Tony 43:24
man. Oh, damn. And a lot of those heavy metal a lot of the heavy metal magazines and stuff to Thrasher. And like Metal Hammer. Yeah. You know. And you know, it’s weird because I’m watching. It’s funny should say that, because I think you and I were talking about cream magazine the other day, which is an old school rock magazine. And they are now having they have monetized John Hinckley fine Jr. While I was sitting there wondering where my monetization was. He’s, he’s collected money. From Youtube. When a when a psych team is moderate, he wasn’t even fully released yet. So now what happened was he had somebody representing him, which is probably part of his shrink team. Now he has an email where you could reach him directly. You know, you got to interview him. I’ve tried, he won’t come home. He won’t come on with anybody who’s not major network guy, or somebody with, you know, like a million subs who can somehow have people help listen to this guy hasn’t earned anything. You know, and all I would ask is look, look, John, when you were when you were in and you were locked up in the in the mental hospital, which is where he was for a long time. Then they released him with conditions. Now he is on. He is a completely free man today. Okay, he has no Oh, no conditions whatsoever. He’s a bush. Anyway. Anyway,

Joshua T Berglan 45:09
you think he really spent time in the mental hospital then? If he’s a bush

Zero Dark Tony 45:17
let me get to that in a second. Okay, cuz, all right, because what I’m about to say is that’s serious. And what I’m gonna say is funny, so I’m gonna do the follow up. Okay, so the funny is that, that the question would be John, if you’re in there and like you’re playing your guitar, and you’re, you’re doing once a week with the boys. You know, when there’s like, look at the windows. I mean, that counts. That counts, bro. But other than that, okay, you haven’t earned shit. So don’t come out of here. Thinking that you are going to move right into a paisley palace and start, you know, dropping your hits onto Madison Square Garden, bro. You nobody’s gonna who is going to fucking book this guy. Nobody’s first of all, the nuttiest of the nutty are going to pay to see him. I mean, the most crazy people. Right?

Joshua T Berglan 46:18
Yeah, but you would go see Manson. What? Yeah.

Zero Dark Tony 46:21
No, you wouldn’t we now do we used to we used to rehearse right next to him. Or them?

Joshua T Berglan 46:29
You know, I always think that we’re the same age and we’re clearly not.

Zero Dark Tony 46:33
I’m 52. Yeah. Nine years old. Yeah, I got a couple. I got a couple years. But the first makes the Manson. Yeah, well, Marilyn Manson. Yeah. Maryland. I’m gonna tell you a quick story to me tell your girls man and not Maryland man. Oh, Charles Manson. Okay. No, didn’t rehearse next to Charles Manson. Oh, damn, it’s really funny that you should say that. Because I just hold on when I got

Joshua T Berglan 47:02
a fight. I saw Manson a troll not Charles Maryland and concert. See that? You’re confused. Nightmares from that. Alright, so just one are you popping something up?

Zero Dark Tony 47:16
Yeah. Hold on,

Joshua T Berglan 47:23
tell me when you’ve done it

hold on. I’ve never done like a hang conversation like this. It’s a bargain around searching the internet. Well,

Zero Dark Tony 47:37
you know, this is kind of you know, look this kind of how I like roll with the live stream. Sometimes it comes up you know,

Joshua T Berglan 47:44
it’s actually kind of digging it so it’s fine. Okay.

Zero Dark Tony 47:48
All right, hold on a second. Wait, that’s not it. Don’t put that one up. I gotta put up a different

Joshua T Berglan 47:55
play Charles Manson on the Brian.

Zero Dark Tony 47:59
Yeah. Well, I mean, you know, you were mentioning him and he’s somebody that I’m about to cover, but it was him in 1993 You know, so what you’re seeing or hearing what you’re seeing is him in 1993 you really get a sense of wow, this is probably the craziest person that you will ever see

Unknown Speaker 48:27
me though. I’m not dumb. Explain to me simply Diane Sawyer why that house that night? Which night the house on cello drive the Statehouse Why did they go there that night?

Unknown Speaker 48:38
Because checks had been there before and he went to a familiar place

Unknown Speaker 48:43
and why did they kill people that night? What did they because for you they

Unknown Speaker 48:47
freaked out man they Tex was stoned he wouldn’t you know you got everybody was loaded miss

Unknown Speaker 48:52
any wasn’t he said he was coming off and LASD handled speed.

Unknown Speaker 48:56
Low speed when not around me didn’t have no speed because I wouldn’t download speed on that ranch or kick ass over there. Romney I take little grass a little LSD. But that was destructive. And you can ask any of them other girls that will tell you that the other side of this game I don’t play I don’t play drugs.

Zero Dark Tony 49:17
So they’re you know, basically you see, you know, just he is purely a madman. I’m going to be doing a video on him. And also, uh, you know, I had one of the things that got me kicked off I mean, you know, look, I started to do this I really liked had an idea for like a cooking channel and everything and then I started to see some shit and I know some stuff and you know, I’ve been in Hollywood a long time. And I started to see some people just sort of like bullshit around with some of the some of the q&a and stuff and and then I just saw it become like this money making thing and you know, I don’t know if you’ve had this happen before but I’ve had some people come in, you know, maybe the law offers and this and that and you know, like if you say this, that and the other thing you know or, or say something about this event? You know, like I’m not, you know, look if I like it, I will do some kind of paid proper sponsorship deal if I like something and I think it’s good. Like wild have chips. Have you ever had these things man wi L D? They’re like potato chips, but they’re made a chicken.

Joshua T Berglan 50:23

Zero Dark Tony 50:24
Man? What?

Joshua T Berglan 50:26
I gotta check them out. I’m trying to eat healthier. Yeah. So anyway, it gets harder to keep the weight.

Zero Dark Tony 50:34
Yeah, but the kids won’t know the difference. I got a bunch of protein and I’m anyway, they’re called wild with it. That’s something that I would I have. Yeah. Do you have anything that you would be interested in having sponsor you, because you actually use it and enjoy it. I don’t know what sponsorships you have now or whatever you deals you’re working or this or that. But you know, if this is a tricky question, we can go on to the next one.

Joshua T Berglan 50:56
No, it’s not a tricky question at all. Actually. I don’t believe in promoting anything I don’t own. And I Yeah. When I first got into this, I learned about affiliates and sponsorships and I did all of that. But I was very fortunate. I was so after getting hurt playing college football. I didn’t make it past the summer. But I got hurt. I became a position did you play linebacker?

Zero Dark Tony 51:23
Yeah. And I never played hockey. I played I mean football, played soccer, hockey and lacrosse.

Joshua T Berglan 51:29
Nice. Those are cool sports. But I when I got into cheerleading, I got to do a lot of really cool things. So one of when I moved to Florida, and Sal was in South Florida, we got to do a lot of stuff in Miami. And I got to meet Master P I was a backup dancer and his son, little Romeo’s video, it takes or it was called take to. And Rob basis, it was a remake of the rock bass on it takes to

Zero Dark Tony 51:54
do you know one of the guys that actually for for the pod star x thing that I have? Yeah, one of the guys that I have on my roster that I manage their channel is a guy who was a mediator on the Dr. Phil Show. He’s a professional, you know, legal mediator. And he’s friends with Master P. And he actually interviewed Master P. And I feel like he’s one of those guys, that’s just not involved in any of that dirty, crazy rap shop.

Joshua T Berglan 52:28
I wanted to smoke pot with him so bad. I was a punk college kid. And I was just like thinking about getting high and all that. But instead I got a business lesson from him. And I wasn’t immediate never been an actor never did any of that yet, not had no entertainment aspirations at all, other than wanting to be a talk shows. But I didn’t think it was possible then. Anyway. He, his philosophy on the music industry, in business in general, really had an impression on me. And then of course, when Nipsey Hussle came out, he was a student a master key from what I understand, but they had the same philosophy on it all correct what you create own. So why I isn’t like I YouTube’s great, I use YouTube all the time. But why don’t so much care about our success on YouTube is because we have our own network. And so while I do understand products, and I’ve had my own products, made my own products, distributed my own products, helped other people make products. i That’s how I got into the entertainment industry was having a skincare line that opened those doors. So now is great as it would be to have someone say, hey, we’ll give you $10,000 a month for this and all that. That’s great. Unless if I could get a piece of the action, in other words, own it. I wouldn’t get involved in it. And I know that sounds crazy.

Zero Dark Tony 53:56
But I really wouldn’t want to be part of why wouldn’t you want to

Joshua T Berglan 54:00
own every everything I talked about? We why wouldn’t

Zero Dark Tony 54:04
you want to be a part of growth that you’ve created? I mean, that’s just business one on one, he makes sure that you get, you know some of the back end of what you’re doing.

Joshua T Berglan 54:13
But the other thing too is sponsorships. And I ran into this when I first started with my first show when I started treating a Facebook Live like it was a TV show. I had those sponsorships. I had all that stuff. But with that came well. You can’t talk about your Chem sex addiction. You can’t talk about being an abuser. You can’t talk about being a junkie and homeless and vulnerable. I couldn’t couldn’t talk about being in jail. And basically I had to be censored. To be able to receive this. I don’t want anyone ever to tell me what I can and can’t say I will only allow God to do that. My wife won’t do it even though my wife has given me free rein to share whatever I want to share. I only answered a god in the eye. There’s no price that you there’s no check that you can write that all except if I have to be censored, there’s no

Zero Dark Tony 55:11
Well, look, I think you and I would both agree that truth is one thing. It’s one thing. And, you know, to me to Bell, just a bell that goes ding in my head and out. And then it’s kind of like, okay, that sounds that sounds about right. And I’ve checked some people that I thought were dead wrong, sometimes. But what I also found is that they would weave little mini truths inside their little, you know, inside the thing, like, first of all, who is going to believe that a 115 pound for porn, sex worker, girl first of all, with with with a criminal record, take a gun, with Pete with other people that have guns, and then go and kick in doors. Get everybody down? You know, not like they’re not like, not like they’re not armed in there. And they’re told to absolutely protect this room with your life. And if you’re alive, when people come and raid this room, and it gets given up, well, guess what? Guess what you’re not going to be for very long. Is Alive. So. So then there was another girl who said that she was being tracked for the past several years by professional killers. And she’s on her phone and on Instagram. But she’s being tracked by professional assassins.

Joshua T Berglan 57:15
Now that you say it that way?

Zero Dark Tony 57:18
I mean, are you kidding me? Well, because I’ve had the very unfortunate experience of understanding how assassins work up close and personal, you know, because because, you know, a friend of mine got out of jail. And it took them two days to find him. So, two days to find him and then this she’s on the run for years. And then another thing that she said was, Oh, I just ran from the place that I was in. And I didn’t tell anybody where it was because I’m scared of them. So basically, you left a bunch of people behind your fear you’re scared for your life. You know, like you know, stop by stop. And then and then and then and then this just the separator with the with the I was a queen. The queen Dark Mother whatever Dark Mother a darkness.

Joshua T Berglan 58:15
You know Sarah’s gonna love you.

Zero Dark Tony 58:18
The queen, the Queen, mother of darkness. Are you kidding me? That sounds like a Ben and Jerry’s Halloween flavor. Okay, queen, mother of darkness. It’s got Peppermint Patties. It’s got all your Halloween candy in there. All right. It’s got frickin it’s got its Eve it’s got everything you got little pieces of Snickers bar, chocolate chip cookie dough. You have the Oreo cookies. Everything is in here. It is Halloween in a in a thing and it’s the Queen and it’s all chocolate. Ergo, Queen of darkness. Limited Edition. You know what exactly what I’m talking about. If you eat better Jerry’s, and you know what, I don’t care about Ben and Jerry’s politics. I don’t care about Jenny’s politics, the one that even Nancy Pelosi has in her fridge. I don’t care about that either. There’s Do you know that there’s one up the street from me a Jenny’s like jedes Calabasas right up the street? Oh yeah. They’ll scoop it out for you is delicious.

Joshua T Berglan 59:26
Our beef for 500 pounds ice cream and donuts man. Oh, me too.

Zero Dark Tony 59:30
Me too. And back in on the East Coast. When we would go down to shore down the shore for the summer. in Atlantic City on the boardwalk they had they would make these waffles and put ice cream in between them and make a waffle Ice Cream Sandwich.

Joshua T Berglan 59:49
Wow. Yeah, that’s good.

Zero Dark Tony 59:51
That would be such a popular food truck in the summer.

Joshua T Berglan 59:54
Oh, I agree. I agree. Now you are you from where you bought a New Yorker jersey.

Zero Dark Tony 1:00:00
Willie. Oh, you’re a Philly kid.

Joshua T Berglan 1:00:03
You know this whole time I’ve gone he reminds me of one of my really good friends. When I went to college in Boca at FAU, I was friends with a dude from Philly. His dad was like one of the top guys of Verizon. It sounds like

Zero Dark Tony 1:00:15
you went it sounds like you weren’t golf shorts to class. Yeah, well, he just like you like play through the classroom. Before

Joshua T Berglan 1:00:25
that and club clothes.

Zero Dark Tony 1:00:26
Oh, that sounds nice.

Joshua T Berglan 1:00:28
Rolling at 11am Straight from club space. Yeah, I’m here for history class. Um, how old were you then? Man? 21. I just turned 21 When I first moved to South Florida. But yeah, but anyway, my friend. He was the biggest freakin jerk and also the nicest human being. And, and I still what my impression of Philadelphia people are, they’re the nicest assholes on the planet. Absolutely terrible. But this guy would throw himself in front of a bus for you. It do anything for you. He’s the first guy if the fight breaks out, he’s jump in front of everybody. But he’s also the guy that’s going to constantly bust your balls. Like we

Zero Dark Tony 1:01:11
joke. We joke a little hard. Yeah, yeah, we joke a little hard. We bust balls, especially, you know, any kind of? Yeah, any Italians, anything like that. That’s how, you know, that’s how I grew up. That’s how I came up. And I you know, I grew up in a place where, you know, there were some days when I had to run to school. All right. Sure. So, and, and, and it was confusing, because I, I was never I never had any, you know, being someone of, of mixed culture, you know, and race myself being Italian to say in a maraca, and those cultures are all very different.

Joshua T Berglan 1:01:56
Very different, especially walking being Muslim. Yeah,

Zero Dark Tony 1:01:59
yeah, that’s thrown in there. That’s where the Arabic itself comes.

Joshua T Berglan 1:02:04
Now, that makes sense. So,

Zero Dark Tony 1:02:05
you know, getting all these different influences that we all have and come from and see and experience and these imprints that are made on us and because like I said earlier, these people that that I’m roasting them, I would never want them to have any harm brought to them. I’m not talking about that. Just because I say they’re a grifter, or even if I call them a piece of shit, you know, or a fucking liar. It doesn’t mean I want any harm to come to them. You know? Like, that’s what people don’t get. Right? They think that they’re, like, them’s fighting words. Like, it’s really just kind of commentary. Like, it’s just like, is what it is. Yeah, fighting words are, how about you pull up, and I put my foot up your ass, you know, like, those are that’s fighting words. Anything else is, is is, you know, debate and discussion. And if, and sometimes you got to floor it, because I’m telling you just sometimes people don’t listen, they don’t listen to things like, now, I see these influencers coming on, and they’re just like, they get on the yell at you. Like yell, it’s like, Man, I can’t. I can’t, I can’t, I can’t do the yelling. I can move my hands a lot. That’s fine. This is very good for the algorithm. All right. But I’m Italian. So I always move my hands anyway, this is great. I just let him loose. I don’t have to keep them confined.

Joshua T Berglan 1:03:39
Hey, I want to ask you about racism. Because, you know, right now, the white guy, white people are under attack. But But I want to talk about that. I don’t want to talk about that racism. I want to talk about the racism amongst the racist of white people. Because growing up in Philly, you know, even spending time in Jersey in New York, you know, the way that everything is laid out from Well, the way I understand it, is that there’s ways racism amongst white people based on Well, I’m Italian, I’m Irish. I’m Jewish. Can you talk about that? And what that’s like.

Zero Dark Tony 1:04:20
Yeah, I mean, especially being an Italian kid who grew up. At one point, I was in an Italian neighborhood, and then I was in more of an Irish neighborhood. And that, that right there, the Italians of the Irish toes are the biggest fights that ever happened. You know what I mean? Those are the those are the biggest fights that happened were to the Thai kids, the Irish kids when I was growing up, because those are the first ones to mouthed off. You know, and and, you know, the Irish guys like beach drunk or whatever. And I remember the first my first. My first fight with a bully that I confronted was with an Irish kid. And so I’m standing there. His name was Stevie Halstead. Okay. And then his buddy was this real tiny kid who looked like Spanky in the frickin Little Rascals. He’s like a little lollipop kid. You know what I mean? He’s a little kid. They, this is a little buckshot kid. They might be Fisher was an excellent. And my Irish buddy, Mike O’Malley was with me. And they called him monk. That was his nickname, Monk as an monkey. Because he looked like a fucking monkey. And nobody tripped out about it back then. They called him monk because it was short for monkey. It wasn’t short for fucking monk. He was an Irish kid. He had big ears and a round fucking head. We call them monkey. Like, okay, like big deal. They call the guy from corn monkey. Nobody trips out about that. It’s with a you. Okay, whatever. Yeah, that’s a different story. But you know, the point is, is back then. We also played a game called smear the queer. Yeah. You know, and, and yeah, and shows like, all in the family and the Jeffersons and those could never be made today, because of how sensitive people are to so many things. And hasn’t anybody ever been punched in the fucking face before? Like, people are so soft. I really think that everybody everybody should have to. Well, anyway, let me just finish the story with Mikey Fisher. So anyway, Stevie standing there. And he’s like, and I’ll do the Philly accent and everything too. He’s like, so go ahead. Go ahead, bro. Go ahead. Hit me. Punch me up there. Go ahead, punch me. And I looked at my friend Mike. And he goes like this. And I look at him and he wasn’t expecting a left. Let’s just say that. But I came across and I decked him. And then it was just a brawl. Right? It was just red, white and green and whiskey and red wine. I mean, it was Irish and Italian. It was just like, this is Brawl of Irish and Italian. Right? There was crazy. But you know what? We were hanging out the same day. You know what I mean? We were on the same day. It was like it was over. And that’s the way life should be.

Joshua T Berglan 1:07:52
Man, that’s something in your right. Because all the people that I’m closest to in this world I have fought with. And I mean, it hasn’t always been fistfights. But it’s been dead. You know, pretty close. I mean, especially as an adult, I’ve been to jail enough that I try to avoid fights now.

Zero Dark Tony 1:08:11
But unpleasant.

Joshua T Berglan 1:08:13
No, it’s Yeah, I don’t need to go back. I don’t know if I’d ever get out this time. Yeah. But I, I have an appreciation for that. And we should be able to, you know, be able to fight and then hang out later. And if we fight again, so be it but let it go. I don’t know when that changed. But it seemed like it was overnight because it wasn’t too long ago that I could punch my friends in the face and vice versa. And now you won’t even call them a forehead. Without

Zero Dark Tony 1:08:43
that. That phrase that you just said. It seemed like it happened overnight. That’s the point. Yeah. And that is the idea of any kind of persuasive technology or, or what people would call the the mockingbird media. Yep. The the hypnotic state of media that no one is immune to, but I believe you could build your immunity, which is very much like keeping your body healthy. You must also do the same with your mind and your spirit. And if you start to get down into these deep dark rabbit holes and looking into some, some, some dark, evil, awful, horrible you know, and I’m just thinking like all of all the awful things that I’ve seen and people have sent to me. And a lot of the stuff that I saw on the Chinese websites regarding not only Hunter Biden’s laptop but the cannibal be savior of a lot of different cultures, and you know, those images of I don’t even know what the I don’t even know what to call them, you know what I mean is horrifying. The things also on hunters laptop of seeing, you know, those pictures of the auctions, right? Of the of the human auctions and seeing images like that. And look, I go through like a Ukraine server to get into the Chinese, like you, you know, like, I am not looking for, or nor am I viewing any images of any thing with, with kids sex or anything, I do not look at that stuff. I have no interest in looking at it or seeing it. I’m not an investigator for that field. I’m not being paid to into, there is no fucking reason for me or anybody else to look at that stuff. Right? You’re right,

Joshua T Berglan 1:11:11
you’re absolutely right. And real,

Zero Dark Tony 1:11:14
right. There are people that are investigators and professionals. First of all, it’s illegal. And there’s a reason it’s illegal. to even look at that shit. Right to even look for it. But when you go into some of these, you know, you know, chats and boards and things like that on some of these Chinese servers and everything you just see some stuff that just comes via Bluetooth to weapon right by and you’re like, No, thanks. You know,

Joshua T Berglan 1:11:40
it’s playing around. It was like for me, when I first got access to the dark web. And I learned how to go down the what do you what is that Silk Road with the original Silk Road? Cheese? Oh, my God. I yeah, I mean, I can stop there. I don’t need to go into it. Because I also don’t want to encourage people to look at it.

Zero Dark Tony 1:12:01
Oh, I had some I had somebody killed because I had someone killed on the that you can do that. I know you can’t. I’m just joking.

Joshua T Berglan 1:12:11
See people for sale and you can hire your Hitman’s and everything. Anyway, I’m

Zero Dark Tony 1:12:15
not I believe that those are, those are setups. I don’t believe that. You really could do that. I know that people have reported and said that they could do this without the other but I think a lot of the ones that are the Hitman ones. I think a lot of those are traps.

Joshua T Berglan 1:12:29
Yeah, it says seem like that, doesn’t it? Yeah, but you can see it there. Yeah, yeah. See it there. And black tar heroin.

Zero Dark Tony 1:12:38
Yeah, I believe that the drugs are real, I don’t believe and the guns and all that stuff. I don’t believe that the hit men are real. I’m sorry. I don’t think I don’t think real professional frickin Hitman are going to put their shit on that. That’s that’s more of a word of mouth. You know, this is like a family business. You know what I mean?

Joshua T Berglan 1:12:58
My kids cousin Eddie knows somebody.

Zero Dark Tony 1:13:01
There’s an adage that says, you know, three, Keeper secret of two are dead. So if you said somebody to go, you gotta get rid of them, too.

Joshua T Berglan 1:13:10
I want to ask you something. Um, because I didn’t know that you were part Moroccan to go Yeah. And and I know that that is primarily a Muslim. You know, dominated nationality, whatever. But also, you grew up. You grew up. You grew up Catholic can’t be an Italian or all that that’s primarily Catholic. Did you have Muslim and Catholic influences coming at you as a child to influence you? Or how does that play out? Because I know that you aren’t weren’t ordained. And, and I know that you grew up Catholic, but I didn’t know about the most Muslim factor.

Zero Dark Tony 1:13:49
There was none of that influence your childhood? Yeah, there was, there was no Muslim influence. When I grew up, it was mostly Catholic, Catholic guilt. And friends of our family who were also Jewish. You know, so Italians and Jews get along great. You know, what I mean? Like, it’s, it’s really kind of, like very similar, very similar cultures in a lot of ways. They just call it different things. You know, food and guilt is essentially the, the roadmap for both cultures from a, you know, I’m joking, but not

Joshua T Berglan 1:14:28
where you’re kind of curious to. Yeah,

Zero Dark Tony 1:14:30
I mean, you know, I know that a lot of my mom’s friends were Jewish, but I also know that that, you know, my grandfather always told everybody in the family and he was like, you know, that’s like, my, my mom’s side is not the same as is all the Italians. Right? It’s my dad’s side. That’s more along you know, the other, you know, like the Sicilian blood and things like that. That’s what the sort of that came from, and it goes all the way down the You know, those, those those those Silk Roads there, you know, that go through all the way through to Israel. Right. And you have some people, you know that, that when you look at the DNA breakdown, you’ll have some Persian blood, you’ll have some, some Israelis and Palestinians some Egyptian, you know some of those North African cusp, all the way along those those travel routes, you know, and when you get into India, and when you get into play, people don’t realize that India is an Asian country. Right?

Joshua T Berglan 1:15:32
I always forget that. You’re right. Yeah,

Zero Dark Tony 1:15:35
so that’s an Asian country. And, you know, having all those different influences, people don’t realize, I think how quite how mixed they are, in a lot of ways, and some of its very small percentages and mostly puts on people think that they’re one thing or something else completely. And that’s where a lot of that, that’s where a lot of that confusion comes from is actually from the inbreeding that I was talking about, you know, so some of that confusion of, of where people are from and is is, you know, a lot of those families that would come from other places, and they would be a cousin involved. And, you know, so you’re talking about people that would then travel off to other kingdoms. Right, because when, gosh, when? When the Spanish Empire ruled during Charles, I mean, they controlled they didn’t just control Spain, right, they they controlled Austria, they controlled the Roman Empire. They, Spain, was it? You know, Spain controlled everything, and this crazy inbred man was in charge.

Joshua T Berglan 1:16:51
Wow, wait a second. So they the Spanish Empire had power over the Roman weight. So they weren’t the Roman Catholic Church then? Correct.

Zero Dark Tony 1:17:02
They ran the show, dude. They were in charge. Okay. They controlled Spain, Austria, the Ottoman Empire, essentially, you know, all the old Germany and all that stuff, like the Austria back then was just gigantic. And the, the entire Roman Empire, they controlled it, the Spanish controlled it. And that’s where and that back at that time. That’s, you know, that’s where some of the relationships with the Vatican were really, you know, codified, so to speak. Since people have been hearing that name. Well, that word a lot, you know, being codified. So putting all those different things together, you have an incredibly powerful individual being, you know, that that Habsburg they’re called the Habsburg family. Right? So, the Hapsburgs, they were, like the most influential of all the dynasties for hundreds of years. Right? All the way up until the early 1900s. Like I said, Marie Antoinette was the last was one of the last European monarchs. And she was a Habsburg. She was related to King Charles the one with the jaw, Marie Antoinette, hip, let them eat cake. And, and, you know, Cleopatra, also, and these people were not the, you know, they told their painters and their artists and everything, you know, sometimes they kept like a real copy, and like, they did like the one that they wanted. So you wouldn’t see a lot of the actual portrayals of people like tooten comment or Cleopatra, right? They would want that image to be saved of their regal you know, made up you know, propped up because a lot of these people I mean, back to Henry the Eighth even you know, these people couldn’t stand right, Henry the Eighth had to be put on a horse on a fucking crane. You know, so So these people, these these qualities are qualities of inbreeding. How you are you’re, you’re like, you’re like a tall blue eyed Viking looking motherfucker. So Ain’t nothing wrong with that. You’re nothing wrong with you. Except up here, but that’s typical. That’s typical.

Joshua T Berglan 1:19:34
Crazy. So wait a second. So how did it all I know that embryos bed soon enough carnies in my day. But how did it survive and keep going if they were if they were having that many defects in these health issues where they couldn’t stand up? How did this keep going? Like, at what point did they go Hey, this inbreeding stuff is not working out. So let’s try the made, let’s just do it, we’ll do we’ll bring her in instead.

Zero Dark Tony 1:20:09
Well, you know, that’s a great question. And I’m going to say, within the last 100 years so people were, you know, and people still do it people still embedded I mean, there’s, there’s there’s famous American inbreeding families that have certain conditions that that make their skin blue, that make their urine blue, that that gives them organ failure, scoliosis, their jaw and their faces are all you know, over headed lobes. And, you know, if someone’s got a protruding feature of some kind, it’s usually a sign of inbreeding.

Joshua T Berglan 1:20:46
So they’re not reptilians

Zero Dark Tony 1:20:49
that’s a different story. I mean, could there be some alien influence that are hybrid beings? Absolutely. There’s a lot of stories and evidence and people that were reportedly in those places your your bill Cooper’s you know, your people like this that were actually hell horse Bill Cooper, yeah, you know, people that you’re your, your people that, you know, Phil I’ve done a bunch of videos on the guy. Anyway, my Phil is I can’t remember his last name. Anyway, you can go on my channel and see a bunch of videos. Yeah, you can see a bunch of videos about him. But, you know, people that have gone and worked in these places, and died soon after. This is these are some of the whistleblowers that have come out and talked about some of this stuff. I personally feel like when I was a kid, I had an encounter of my own, which, which, I tend to believe some of the things that are said, I’ve had several encounters with with several different things. You know, growing up in Pennsylvania and and back and forth to Italy. It just weird people that were around for some reason. It’s just like, it got so weird, man. You know, and you know, seeing I just remember going we were on this was like a church overnight. Right? Like a church. Like fall camp. Like camp like summer camp, a church summer camp.

Joshua T Berglan 1:22:34
Yeah. Where everyone had got saved and had sex. Yeah.

Zero Dark Tony 1:22:37
So anyway, you’re laying down and like, the counselors come out. Can we were real little. We must have been six or seven. And the counselors come out and they’re like, don’t open your eyes. Or the dancing monkeys will come pluck your eyes out. And then they go when they do this on your chest in the middle of the night. He’s fucked up people. Go do all this demented stuff, you know, do all this demented stuff to kids at camp, but they had this there was the legend of hatchet man. Yeah, hatchet man. He was out there in the woods. You had a hatchet man to?

Joshua T Berglan 1:23:21
Yeah, Bloody Mary. Yeah, and then candy man came out when I was in high school. Yeah,

Zero Dark Tony 1:23:28
it was already too late to fool me by then by Candyman time to get me with did they get me with Hatchet Man? They got we got it. But then we walked in and I remember what time it was. And we kind of snuck away. I mean, this other kids snuck away. We were like looking and we go, we’re in the woods. And we sneak and we walk into what looks to me. Like the counselors are doing like a fucking, like a ritual around the fire. Like there’s robes, there’s torches. There’s a circle, you know? And we come and look go up over the thing. And it’s just like, we start to just sort of look at peak over this thing and something like slips or falls. And then we got chased by all these people, and they just we were too fast. You know, but we got chases, which we and they never figured out who we were we got back to our sleeping bags and never said a word. You know, but there was like some some shit going on, like right near the kid’s camp like in the woods right there. That couldn’t have been more than I mean, I felt like we went 10 miles it was probably 200 yards. You know what I mean? For sure, just from the perspective of being a child at the time running. Yeah, yeah.

Joshua T Berglan 1:24:53
When did you move to LA like what? Like, did you go and then pick up music did you pick up music then? and go How did all that work?

Zero Dark Tony 1:25:02
I came out because, you know, we basically got, you know, there’s just a record deals on the table and, and things that had to do with writing songs and being, you know, being an actor and you know, all these agents and things like that I had had some experience and some had started to build a resume. As far as doing some acting, work, commercials, some television, then got out to LA and was cast in an NBC network show. And got to work with some really great people. You know, there were a couple of enemies involved in this whole process. Then I started to, you know, just have bands I always had a band. I’ve had a band since I was like, we played at the, my band played in like the sixth grade. You know, whatever. Fair, you know, the school fair. Yeah, we played there. When I was in sixth grade. We did like we did like a who song. And we did a Van Halen song. And then we did like this. Instrumental original instrumental bento original. Ah, I had I had parachute pants. Of course you did. And I had a bandanas tied around my ankles. A Rod Stewart. I just basically copied Rod Stewart what a Rod Stewart’s looks.

Joshua T Berglan 1:26:32
That is not when I picture Tony the Rockstar. I’m not picturing Rod Stewart that

Zero Dark Tony 1:26:38
humble beginnings bro. Humble. Humble beginnings. Who knew? Yeah, we went out we played jump. By Van Halen. We played Bob O’Reilly by the WHO. And I forget what the what the Space Jam was called. But it was was three guys. I was playing guitar. Rob wreath. Muller was playing bass was his name. And we were in sixth grade. This kid was like seven feet tall already. He was the bass player. Then there was Jimmy. He was like Spanish and Jewish. His name his name was like Jimmy Levin. Right. But he was like a dark Spanish kid with a Jewish name at a Catholic school. But he was the drummer. And and Gavin Bray was on the keyboards. That was my bad bro. Look them up. What happened to them?

Joshua T Berglan 1:27:43
Oh my god. Yeah. We are there was

Zero Dark Tony 1:27:46
like the rich kid. We always practiced at his house because it was like a seriously dude. This place was like, it was like a like like Batman says,

Joshua T Berglan 1:27:59

Zero Dark Tony 1:28:01
I’ll stone won’t driveway.

Joshua T Berglan 1:28:05
Oh, man in LA, you

Zero Dark Tony 1:28:07
know, back in Pennsylvania. Oh,

Joshua T Berglan 1:28:11
man. So you go out to LA? And what? When you first when you saw your first contract? What was that experience like?

Zero Dark Tony 1:28:30
Well, at the time, I felt like it was owed to me. So I was like, it’s about time. fuckers, where have you bet. So it started like that. And then and then it just sort of went to Okay, where we are now got we are now in a different realm. And when, you know, going into a network thing and being flown somewhere, you know, being flown across the country for for for a test to be filmed for like a test. They fly across the country, put you up in pretty much whatever hotel you want to stay in. Right? Whenever I would fly to New York, I would stay at the Mayflower on Central Park West. I was my favorite. I was the old school hotel. And there was like this suite. This junior suite that I would stay in like right on like the fifth floor and overlook the park was beautiful. Right? Always loves ticket trips. And, you know, being in those offices and seeing those people and you know, it was quite a different world because then I realized that people were paying for my artistic ability. You know what I mean? I was like how much what And then you look at that you’re like, No, okay. That’s very interesting. That’s very intriguing. And then you show up on the set of something, you know, where there’s someone known, and there’s something when you’re totally unknown. I mean, you go into a place where people are known, you’re like, wow, what it is, and you’re in the makeup trailer with them. And you know, I worked on Dead Poets Society, and I worked on a lot of films, you know, Oh, wow. And, yeah, worked on Buffy the Vampire Slayer man, dude, I worked on a lot of movies, too. And when you start to interact and meet a lot of these people, you start to realize some of these bikers are crazy. Some of them are absolutely certifiably crazy. And, you know, then moving on through getting, you know, different gigs and doing voice work, and, you know, then doing stuff with, you know, when I got to be on stage with Sinatra, and then work with, with Carol O’Connor and beyond a network TV shows just, it was wild man, it was really wild. And then And then, but, but you got to understand that that becomes the, the bait for the for the chase, you know, now you’re after the high, you’ve already experienced that. You’ve gotten that first hit, right? And just like a narcotic, no matter what you get, no matter how big it is. It’s never like that first one.

Joshua T Berglan 1:31:35
Never, ever. Which is quite the mind F, because you think common sense would kick in and go, Well, it’s never going to be as good you should walk away. But no, no, we’re just gonna double up and do more.

Zero Dark Tony 1:31:51
You got to? I mean, when you’re learning, and these are the lessons of life, I mean, what better way to do it? You know, when

Joshua T Berglan 1:31:59
did you finally quit?

Zero Dark Tony 1:32:02
You mean, retire?

Joshua T Berglan 1:32:04
Well, no, I’m sorry, let me rephrase it.

Zero Dark Tony 1:32:07
Here because Yeah, a couple years ago, quit drugs couple years

Joshua T Berglan 1:32:13
ago, made you quit.

Zero Dark Tony 1:32:17
I was falling up the stairs. If that makes sense, I actually got to the point where I had, I was so wasted. And I was so buried, I was burying my trauma, trying to avoid it. Because, you know, my father died, my uncle died, the girl left, you know, the business partner. I lost everything. Right. And I was thinking that drinking was going to do something about it. I didn’t lose everything. And I still have the business and stuff because it’s in my control. But you know, when you’re dealing with business partners that are out to fucking Screw you, right? And try and get everything for themselves. Instead of keeping the deal that, you know, that’s not, that’s not who I am. And when people you know, start to change, and you know, and you’ll see it, you’ll see it in life, you’ll see people change. And I always learned that money doesn’t change you. It amplifies you. It reveals you. Right. So, you know, that being said, I try and just keep my head on straight and try and do the next right thing, whatever that is, and how it’s put in front of me. And I just try and bring a little bit of light to, you know, this dark, insane place. It’s as beautiful as you make it and perceive it. Right? Because we certainly all, you know, can live a beautiful life depending on how we feel about it. Even Even if you have difficult look. Life is not all pancakes and blow jobs. Right? It’s just not. Yeah. And and if you if you can get to that point where you understand what’s going on around you. And you understand who you are. And you’re honest with yourself, then that radar will turn on because truth is like a vibration. You know. And once you understand what that frequency is, you understand it on a deeper level. It’s not just what you hear. It’s like what comes off of somebody’s head How their words might be something different than what they said before. Why? Right? This is critical thinking, critical thinking is understanding that I need to understand how flawed I am. Right? In order to be able to receive the information. There can be no arrogance, or repudiation of any kind. In Me observing something, you know, I just need to keep my mind quiet, quiet enough so that I’m not jumping to any conclusions. And then I’m not judging somebody else. But I’ll ask some questions. About that. Yeah. And we and, and all the people that we look to, we have to ask questions about them. We can’t just blindly follow anybody. Right? We can’t just blindly follow anybody. Because when you blindly follow someone else, you’re going to lose yourself.

Joshua T Berglan 1:36:10
You know, what, and I, to your point, us trying to help the people that we thought were doing a good work, you’re right, we had invested in this lie. And with that, the consequences of it other than heartbreak and like thought we had a friend and you know, somebody that I looked I could relate to, because we have speaking of Madison, like so much of the story was similar to mine, or there was enough parallels that it was like, Oh, I can relate to this, I understand. And, but got caught up in that. But after it was over, I gotta be honest with you, man, it took like two weeks to finally start to have confidence and just myself,

Zero Dark Tony 1:37:00
because I lost sunk cost fallacy. Identity. Yeah.

Joshua T Berglan 1:37:04
And because I put faith in something, I should have kept my faith and God and only God, period. But I, you know, we got caught up and perfect.

Zero Dark Tony 1:37:16
I mean, look, sunk cost fallacy is when you invest, it’s not just money. It can be money, you know, sunk costs, it’s originated in the concept of money, but it can be an ideology. If you’ve invested time, and especially if you’ve invested money, then you are looking at a situation where your, your judgment is biased. Because you have invested in that now your subconscious wants to protect you from it. So then you’re, you’re blocking from from from trying to protect yourself, you’re actually blocking yourself. Yeah. Okay, so, so the boundaries that we put up need to have some kind of receptive mesh that we could extract different energies from, to have understanding of where you know, of where people are coming from even the most screamy crazy people that are out there. Right, because we all have to be on this planet together. You know, I have no problem with going and interviewing you know, the guy from the I’ve asked the guy from the Church of Satan to come and talk he don’t want to talk to me I asked some people want to come talk some people don’t just is what it is gave him numbers man. You know, you just keep you just keep asking. Look, the way I do interviews is the way I used to hit on girls. Okay. Eventually someone’s coming home with me all right thank you good night

Joshua T Berglan 1:39:03
well, I listened to your interviews and I haven’t heard all of them but I’ve heard like probably five of them going where’s he going with

Zero Dark Tony 1:39:12
you know, I just want to you know, like you I just I just talked to people who I’m interested in talking to and then hearing what their points of view are and you know, this one was like a real casual conversation and we touched on a lot of stuff but you know, you’re gonna come on to leader the bad and you’re gonna come on to my show, too. So we’ll cover a lot of ground you know, and if something ever comes up you come on you come on to one of my live streams

Joshua T Berglan 1:39:39
you know what your I would do this with you? Do? I mean, anytime, like didn’t fun for me. And honestly, we could probably keep talking. But for the sake of the audience, let’s wind this down and we’ll do it again. But Tony, I, dude, I’m serious. I meant what I said in the beginning. I’m glad that we met and I’ve learned a lot from you. And, you know, and you’ve helped me get better at this because again, in you, you pit you said something in a private message to me, you know about meaning well and leading with our heart and like sometimes our, the lack of healthy fear is our worst enemy. Because, I mean, we just kind of lead with our heart with everything we do my wife and I, but I because I have, I have learned a ton from you. And, but more importantly, I just I love our talks and I can assure you a friend and I’m grateful man, I really am.

Zero Dark Tony 1:40:36
Well, thank you so much. I really appreciate you having me on and I want to thank you audience. And and you know, hopefully, everybody will come and check out the link tree that I think you’re gonna have up to catch my socials and follow my YouTube and videos and all that good stuff.

Joshua T Berglan 1:40:51
Oh, yeah, let mana.com I’ll have I’m gonna have everything for people to come find you. Your YouTube Channel, your social media, all of your platforms, even your rockfon

Zero Dark Tony 1:41:01
and all in that link tree. So it just makes it really easy. I love it.

Joshua T Berglan 1:41:05
I’m sure I love link tree. That’s such a great, great, great piece of technology. Well, Tony, thank you my man. I really appreciate you and we’ll talk to you very soon, brother.

Zero Dark Tony 1:41:17
Thanks so much. See you brother.

Joshua T Berglan 1:41:21
Frickin Tony D. I don’t we Okay, I’m gonna go. Just give you a little what we talked about. John Hinckley, Jr, JFK, inbreeding. biolabs. The du Pont’s satanic royalty, addiction, racism amongst white people. Master D, the music, business, human auctions, critical thinking, and so much more. Holy geez. Like we went down it. That’s why I like I usually know and have some idea what we’re going to talk about, but I promise you I can have him on every single day in every conversation would be just as schizophrenic as that one. But I loved it. And I hope you did too. Thank you for being here. And you guys go support. Tony. I’m telling you, I don’t care. Some captivating interviews. And and it’s not you can’t pigeonhole him into one category. Kind of like you can’t do me, because we’ll talk to anybody. He tried to talk to the Church of Satan. Well, I’ve had witches on. Same thing. You know why? We need to have these conversations. They’re uncomfortable. Sometimes. Sometimes they’re enlightening. Sometimes they’re inspiring. But we have to have conversations with people that think differently than us. How else are we going to learn? I don’t want to live in an echo chamber. Anyway. God bless Tony. And if you’re somebody that follows Tony and you’re watching for the first time, thank you for being here. God bless you too. Take care. See you soon.

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