Meet Thomas Watchorn

“I joined the US Army at 17 yrs old and spent the next 12 +years as a Combat Medic and then a Drill Sergeant for initial entry basic combat instruction.
After being honorably discharged from the Army I found myself looking for that adrenaline high that I missed. Got caught up using crank(methamphetamine), the side effects of which was some shady behavior and shady aquatint ices- the short version is that I ended up catching a case and doing 6 years in a level 4 prison.

You see I was raised devout Catholic, even attending Catholic school until high school. I had had a born again experience at 16 but my faith was planted in shallow ground.
As I shared at the beginning, I joined the Army at 17 having left school in my Junior year.
While it is not impossible to live out a relationship with Christ in the military, that is not what the prevailing atmosphere promotes. ( no excuses just the facts) I was a backslider.
Just before getting into trouble after getting out of the Army (even while using drugs) I felt the pull of God on my life and that I needed to seek out the pathway to being used by Him. I spoke with a local Pastor at the time who was going to help get me some formal Bible training for ministry until the question came up as to my being married and divorced previously – he politely informed me that he could not help me with what I Felt was a call of God on my life.

Feeling like what’s the use! I fell even deeper into drugs and alcohol and caught the case that I mentioned previously landing me in state prison.

But I found that while captivated there behind bars I could not escape the feeling that God was pulling my life into a position where I could be groomed and trained to be used by him to further his kingdom here on this earth. As day after day went by where I spent our upon our in the word of God I felt inspired to write letters to several national and even international ministries to see if there are any opportunities for me to receive training even though I was locked up.

My answer arrived when I received a letter from Pastor Kenneth Hagin Senior offering me a three-year scholarship to Rhema Bible college via a correspondence course that would be proctored by the prison chaplain.

During my course of studies as I begin to gain knowledge and understanding of the word of God I became active in ministry within the prison itself witnessing untold miracles that I have never experienced in my life there was no doubt in my mind that God is still a miracle working God, how can you deny miracles when they happen right before your eyes with multiple witnesses.

Fast forward to 1998 when I was discharged and then had my rights restored to me by the state. I found myself having become a licensed and ordained minister of the gospel in full-time ministry all while working full-time to provide for my family. I have had the privilege of planting several churches and seeing them grow all while seeing God perform miracles signs and wonders through ordinary people.

In 2005 I felt led to reach out to the founder Pastor Fred Z of bikers for Christ motorcycle ministry, I became a patched member that same year and founded the Central Sierra Chapter in California and establishing unshackled Church Under Rushing wind ministries which overseas Bikers for Christ Motorcycle Ministry international.
In 2019 my wife Jodi and I relocated to fountain Hills Arizona east of Phoenix and transferred to the Phoenix chapter of Bikers for Christ where I help oversee the East Valley section.”

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Joshua T Berglan



Joshua T Berglan, aka The World’s Mayor, is a voice for the voiceless and is driven to elevate the passion, purpose, and mission of those he serves. Joshua is the Chairman of the Live Mana Worldwide Foundation & Live Mana Network, Shock-Jock Evangelist, International #1 Best Selling Author for the Book “The Devil Inside Me” a Producer, and Filmmaker. Joshua is an expert in the future of media and loves supporting others in helping make their dreams come true.




Joshua T Berglan 0:01
What’s up everybody my name is Joshua T Berglan and welcome to a conversation with Joshua T Berglan on the live mana network. You can scan that barcode right there and find links to all of our different apps across Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, your favorite podcast networks, you can find links to our book are Foundation, the work we do as a nonprofit organization. Anyway, you can find all all this there. So thank you for being here. Today is going to be very, very special. I’m very excited to have our guests on Mr. Thomas, watch Warren. I know his wife, and his wife is one of the most powerful women of God, that I’ve ever interacted with in my life. And everything I’ve heard about Thomas is powerful. And the little bit I know about him, I gotta tell you, it inspires me and inspires me because, listen, I grew up in an upper middle class home, I grew up with every privilege you can possibly imagine. I mean, not like billionaire status or anything like that. But I grew up in a lily white neighborhood with, you know, there was no gunshots, there was no, you know, really crime to speak of it was a safe area. It was just it was upper middle class. So I didn’t see a lot of crazy stuff growing up, except for the things that it was happening to me. So my impression of Christian men or godly men, and other things was a little skewed. Because everything that I saw was there wasn’t much adversity, it looked like everybody was successful. Everybody’s rolling up in Range Rovers and all that stuff. And just people you know, they were successful. And of course, my life spun out of control anyway, and became a maniac and you know, did a lot of evil things. But the men that I was around were, I, for lack of better word, and don’t like, quote, this place, actually, which now everyone’s gonna quote it. But it was like goody two shoes, like Leave It to Beaver fathers and things like that. Now, of course, we know things happen in the shadows, and things happen behind the scenes that you don’t see. But in my younger life, I didn’t see any of this. And when I saw bikers, and I saw thugs in that looked differently than me, you know, my parents taught us to love and respect everybody. But, but I didn’t know that other people went through hardcore crap. In fact, I didn’t know anybody that went through, you know, addiction, like hardcore addiction, hardcore, gang life, any of that kind of stuff that gave their life to Christ, and turn their life around. In fact, everyone I knew like that either in front of dead or they were killing people and stuff like that. So anytime. And of course, now that I’ve been walking with the Lord for a few years, and I have my own nasty story to tell about myself, I’ve been able to meet, you know, different people that have gone through a lot of hardcore stuff that gave their life to the Lord and were radically transformed. That said, I don’t really get to talk to that many people that do that. And these are the kinds of people that not only do I have a heart for, but these are, these are the kind of men and even women that go through it to that inspire me. They inspire me, because the one advantage that I always had over really anyone else that I dealt with, or that I encountered, is that I knew what success look like. I knew that even after losing everything that I eventually I was going to get back on my feet, and I was going to make it. But when I had the opportunity to start doing the Saturday night service at Word of God Church in Oklahoma City, and shout out to all of you that are watching, I got to see life through a different lens. And I realized even more just how fortunate I was to see what success look like to see, you know how to well just to be successful, and I had those influences in my life. And, you know, when I when I was speaking to these men and again this you got to understand that night like 96% of the congregation is either an ex convict or convict like I love that ministry. I love that church I miss it so much. But the stories that I heard that it were coming from these men and women that were a part of the program, My Brother’s Keeper, the that has just burned

not I don’t want to say burned a hole in my heart because that wouldn’t be correct. It is it’s it’s it’s changed me. It’s changed my heart. It’s taught me compassion and a brand new level, like a whole different level. And it’s taught me it’s show me what adversity really looks like. And yet I know from my own walk with the Lord, how tough adversity is, and yet again, I know in the back of my head that I’m going to be successful. I know all these things. I have those tools, but not everybody grew up that way. Not everybody He knows that. And so the journey is very, very challenging for a lot of people because they don’t have this price. So or they don’t have that, that that visual to be able to look at and say, I know how to do that. And I don’t know anything about Thomas our guest and that that’s what his life is like, I don’t know any of that. But just what little I’ve heard of his story. And it already inspires me because I have this feeling that he came from a place I did. And yet to see the work and hear the work that he’s doing for the Lord for the kingdom, and people that came from the same place. It inspires me and I think you’re going to be inspired to. So again, I don’t know a lot about him yet. But I’m excited to get to know him in a story along with you all. And I’m so grateful that you’re here. You know, I’m gonna pray really quick. Because I think that that is appropriate. Heavenly Father, thank you so much for this opportunity to broadcast. This is my favorite thing in the world to do. And so every opportunity is a gift. So thank you for this. And thank you for the opportunity to be able to learn from other brothers in Christ that I can learn from their journey, learn from their hardships, learn from, you know, maybe the setbacks that they had that became setups or whatever it may be, it’s just such an awesome opportunity to not only get to know other people, but to get to know you, Lord in different ways. And that happens with conversation and asking questions and, and just shutting up and listening and hearing wisdom. And every one of our walks is different. And I know that and we’re all in a different place with a relationship with the Lord if we even have a relationship with the Lord. But these moments are so special to me, Lord, and I thank you for this And Father, I pray that your name is elevated in everything that we say I will hope that we glorify Your name and I hope that we inspire everyone that’s watching that doesn’t have a relationship with you to commit to having a relationship with you today. We love you in Jesus name, Amen. All right, folks, we’ll be right back after this message.

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Joshua T Berglan 9:03
Welcome back, everybody. My name is Joshua T Bergland. And this is a conversation with Joshua T Berglund. And for the record, my monologues are never prepared. Don’t plant what I say. I don’t script questions. I don’t do any of that stuff. So sometimes I start talking about stuff. I’m going gosh, I hope that made sense. But I felt led to say it. And I don’t even know if I made a point. So if I didn’t make a point, forgive me. Hopefully I’ll make up for it later. Anyway, guys, you’re in for a treat. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Mr. Thomas Watson. How are you sir? Oops, wrong one.

Unknown Speaker 9:37
How you doing, man? I’m doing well. Josh, how about yourself?

Joshua T Berglan 9:41
I’m doing well. Thank you so much for being here. Very first question before we get started. What are you grateful for today, sir, and why?

Unknown Speaker 9:50
Well, I’ll tell you what the scripture says. This is a day that the Lord’s made and I choose to rejoice and be glad it asked for me and my house we we choose to serve Him. And I’m just so grateful that you know that Christ died on the cross for me, no matter what I’ve done, no matter my faults that still pop up, you know, I’m forgiven. I’ve been blood bought and see a man and my destination is heaven right along with you, brother.

Joshua T Berglan 10:18
Amen. Well, I gotta tell you, you have a speaking of your household, you have a powerful household, your wife is a force and so inspiring. So grateful for her. But her courage inspires me because of the content that she puts out, is really just, it’s just a matter of fact, like, it’s you can’t argue with it. It’s just there, and you have a choice. You can accept it, or you can run from it. But nonetheless, it’s there. And I love that about her,

Unknown Speaker 10:52
man. Yeah, that’s me.

Joshua T Berglan 10:56
So why in the world did you join the army when you were 17?

Unknown Speaker 11:02
Well, it’s an interesting story. I shared of course, a brief bio with you. But you know, I was raised in a devout Catholic home, I’m the oldest of six kids, I would say were middle class when it existed and be the bottom of it. You know, Dad worked all the time on took care of us. And in high school. I just didn’t tolerate bullies. Well, we lived out in the country. So I got along with most people, but wasn’t really with the in crowd or anything. Some of my friends were probably a little bit nerdy. And I remember one of my friends getting jumped and beaten up by a group of individuals and I just wasn’t gonna have no part of it. It didn’t matter that they were bigger than me. You know, my daddy taught me to defend myself. He was special police in the Air Force during the Korean War. And, you know, I basically took them on and that escalated to a couple of incidences, and one of the incidents that dinos came up behind me while I was getting busy take care of business and he caught one with kind of an elbow you know, so I got expelled. mistake on his part now being grown, but you know, not condoning fighting, but I believe that my my reasons were, were justified at the time, you know, and with me being expelled, my dad says, you know, I know exactly what to do with that aggression. And at 17 He took me down and I think he fibbed to me on purpose and told me that the child was better than the army than the Air Force, which is absolutely not true. Any other veteran will tell you, but not no one is 17. I got signed up. I was going to military police basic training in Alabama had fairly high test scores, and military has a tendency to send you to whatever school they need at the time. So on graduation day, the drill sergeants told me watch one report to this bus. And I looked at him I said, drill sergeant, I thought I was going across the quad. He said, Watch and I said get on the bus. They need combat medics, you’re going to Fort Sam Houston and I went through a combat medic school and served four years as a combat medic. In the army, I’ll tell you, I did a lot of growing up there made a lot of mistakes as well lived, you know, a pretty backslidden life there’s, you know, no excuses. You can’t I never stopped being a believer, but I wasn’t a what would be stereotypical of a Christian behavior while he was you know, in the army, and got married at the age and had children while I was in the army got out. 40 days later, they asked me to come back in wanted me to go to the drill sergeant Academy, which I thought was kind of humorous, because I hadn’t done terrible but I hadn’t done the best. Got in trouble a few times. The Army made all that go away if I could pass the entrance exam, which I did. And in 1986, I graduated a drill sergeant Academy and became a basic combat instructor for the infantry in the United States Army and taught initial entry soldiers basic combatives and weaponry for for the next. So just just over 12 years are discharged. So I mean, the story goes on from there but

Joshua T Berglan 14:24
yeah, what So did your in your upbringing? Did you have a good relationship with your parents?

Unknown Speaker 14:32
Yeah, I’d like to think so. You know, both parents. I was blessed man. Both parents were in the house. You know, my dad worked all the time. My dad’s hobby was was flying small planes. So I spent a lot of time around planes with him and when we’re going to Disneyland and fun plastic dumbbells, I was flying in a real plane with my dad, you know? So it’s my my decisions to be rebellious and stuff didn’t stem from You know, poor parenting on my parent’s part or anything. And it kind of comes to that old saying, though, the older I get the smarter my dad is, you know, you know, because being a teenager, I think all of us, we told the truth, you know that we were pretty rebellious and hopefully would whip me a lot more times, and I got what do you know?

Joshua T Berglan 15:20
Yeah. How did you? So? I would think, and I don’t this is I didn’t serve. So and by the way, thank you for your service, sir.

Unknown Speaker 15:27
I absolutely, it was an honor. Yeah,

Joshua T Berglan 15:29
thank you for that, um, how do you my impressions of going to the military is that they pretty much break you down, and then rebuild you back up and turn you into a soldier? So how do you go from that to smoking, crank or shooting, crank doing crank? How does that happen?

Unknown Speaker 15:50
Well, you know, it, obviously the enemy walks about, like a roaring lion to destroy us, you know, he probably knows more about the plans that God has for our life than we do until such time that we enter into a real relationship with God, you know, and well, I got especially at the level that I was at as a as a high level trainer in around advanced weaponry all the time jumping out of helicopters, you name it, there’s a there’s a high adrenaline level there, you know. And when I got out and came home, you know, I had, and mind you, I was I was a functional addict. And I went to work every day. I never called in sick, you know, had responsibilities. But it didn’t change the fact you know, and, you know, just drinking whiskey and, you know, hanging out with friends, that next thing, you know, you’re Thank God, I never got into shoes, or anything, but it’s dangerous nonetheless, you know, to snort crank, and which nowadays, I guess it’s crystal meth, or whatever else, that’s pretty much I think all the same thing. You end up in an altered state of mind and get caught up around the wrong people. And then it only takes being in the wrong place at the right time, you know, to get caught up in something, you know. Yeah. And be a law abiding person, your whole life and, and, and find yourself in a situation, you know, you can find yourself behind bars, and I know it, you know,

Joshua T Berglan 17:24
me to, and it happened to me six times. And I, it’s interesting about meth too. I mean, they’re all they all are mind altering. Yes. But there’s something about that demon. It’s like it takes your common sense part of your brain and just throw it away. Oh, yeah, just flips the world upside down. It’s just in the things that people do. And I’ll just speak for myself, because I don’t want to speak for other people. The things that I was doing, like, I think about it now, and I What is what was wrong with me? Like, why would I do this? Yeah. It’s just poison. I know why I was doing it. Because I was miserable. I was broken, and I hated life. And I wanted to die. So I chose meth.

Unknown Speaker 18:09
Yeah, you know, everybody has has what drove them, you know, to something for me, it seemed like, Wow, man, I gotta leech responsibilities and kids, and, you know, it seems like I can get more done, you know, and that that’s, of course, you run in circles thinking you’re getting a lot done, but you’re finished doing anything, you know. It’s kind of like that old rock song. You know, I used to do a little but pretty soon, the little bit and do it. So it became you know, and pretty soon, you don’t even want to go to work. Unless you get some more. You go get some more, until your teeth start rotting out of your head. And it’s like I told people when I found myself on the other side, you know, locked up, and guys are like, oh, man, I got violated isover by my attorney, I’m like, You know what, you’re just like me, you got rescued, God rescued you, and snatched you away from the environment that you’re in and placed you here. Now you have a fresh decision to make. What are you going to do with this time? Are you going to run with the gang elements out up and catch more time? Or, you know,

Joshua T Berglan 19:14
so you are a believer all through the army. So when you got caught up in meth, you were you were already a believer, right? You just backslidden

Unknown Speaker 19:22
I won’t. I was, I wish testimony was one of those that you hear, you know, of a miraculous transformation. I know that there was a transformation but again, like the Scripture says, Choose this day who you’ll serve, you know, and we have a constant choice to make. And, you know, I know I had been delivered, you know from things and you know, I chose to open those doors and get caught back into you know, into those areas. addiction is addiction, you know, you know, the vehicle may be different from alcohol or weed or whatever it is. But one thing leads to another thing and next thing you know, you’re you’re caught up thinking that you’re okay. And, you know, I wonder sometimes if some of the people down on Skid Row thought that they were okay until they woke up one day they’re, you know?

Joshua T Berglan 20:14
Yeah, it is. It happens fast, too. I, it’s kind of like really becoming a drug addict is very, it’s a microcosm for sin in general. Because it’s like, Oh, I’ll watch a little bit of porn, or I’ll do a little bit of drugs, or I’ll just get wasted on weekends. And then you go from that to seven days a week, four days a week, and then then you’re stealing and you’re you’re you’re stealing from your parents, or I mean, it just like it happened. It snowballs so fast. But at the same time, it sneaks up on you, and then all of a sudden, it’s become this monster that’s out of control. And I have so much compassion for anybody that gets gets caught up in addiction, because I understand it. I mean, I was a 20 year Chem sex addict. So I understand that that when that demon calls in that, and it starts pulling you in taunting you, and I recognize how hard that is to say no to. But my goodness, thank God, I learned to say no. And it was so hard at first. And meth is one of those things that has a 97 I think it’s a 97% relapse rate. I forgot if that’s smoke, I don’t want to go into all the ways to use it. But it is one of those drugs that has such a hardcore relapse rate. How did you kick it?

Unknown Speaker 21:35
Man, I’ll tell you, brother, like I like I said, I mean, I was raised Catholic and some type of a born again, and just before going into the army not long before, and but it wasn’t on solid ground, you know, but I had a God conscious that I had been raised, you know, in the, in the, you know, fear of God, we weren’t a Christmas and Easter Catholic was, you know, you’re going to confession, whether you liked it or not, you know, old school Roman Catholic, and it’s kind of interesting how it happened. Because before I started to live, you know, be backslidden, if you will, I had gotten an opportunity to minister to my mom, and she got born again, which is what I know, kept me all these all this time, because I’ll tell you the power of a praying mother, and she just prayed in an army all those years in the service. And, you know, my dad, God rest his soul, he passed away at 45. But he was not only born again, and we’re talking grown up in hardcore, old school, Irish Catholic home, born again, baptized in the Holy Spirit. You know, and the Lord took him home at an early age or leukemia, probably from being around and stuff in the military. You know, mom just continued pray for me all that time. And this brings me to, hopefully the answer to your question. When I found myself behind, in an overcrowded jails, Hill, you know, a waiting transport, if you will, to the main facility. I just remember, somehow other convicts find out what you’re about in there without you saying anything, you know, from what you share it, you know, and, and so somehow they were like, leave him alone. He’s got military on his, you know, and I’m holding the bars and I’m like, if anybody comes near me, I’m gonna kill them. And, you know, I’m still in like, this mentality, like, I’ll break you and without even thinking about it, you know, and I heard and I swear to you, I heard God audibly speak to me and said, Where are you going to run now? Well, him on my part, and I looked around in the sales, like who said that and they’re like, under the bed and corners of the six by two foot, you know, there’s like, five of us crammed this thing, you know, and all of a sudden, I just got quiet and got calm. And you know, fast forward, you know, some time i i find myself in California and Tracy prison, which was once nicknamed the gladiator school, it was a level four not a not a pretty place. And, you know, I just made a joke that I wasn’t going to get caught up in the in the gang element in the race wars. And I just really knew that God had was, was trying to get my attention. And I was like, You know what, I know that I know of you. But if you’re really real take all this away from me the cigarettes to everything. And you know, brother, I had no withdraws. No anything, the tobacco, the, you know, the desire for the drugs because, yeah, I’m sure you know, you can get that stuff in prison. If you’re your taste, you know. And I just like God had a tug on my life. And he did, he miraculously delivered me, a man and I had a miraculous experience where God had brought a husband and wife medic team in to pack chapel in the state prison with over 300 convicts in there. And he points me out in the back of the room, never seen the man never met him and starts reading my mail. I’ve never been around any of that, you know. And he’s like, God wants to baptize you in the Holy Spirit. And he’d been doing it in your cell, the Lord says, But you thought it was nonsense. And if you really want to experience the reality of it come right now. And in between this chapel, and the Catholic Chapel was an old fountain and concrete fountain, both water. Now this is wintertime, it’s cold and foggy outside. And you know, but there’s steam coming off the water brother, I stripped down to my status issue box. Just like almost like I couldn’t help myself, they’re baptize me in the water. And I came up speaking in another language, you know, and he just told the chaplain just leave him out. And I guess they said I was out there for two or three hours. You know, not able to speak English, and not even cold, you know, I felt like hot oil all over my, my whole body the whole time. And that was the beginning of the end, you know, for me, you know, of that lifestyle.

Unknown Speaker 26:22
From then I just felt like, you know what, alright, I’m all in. It’s kind of like, I’ve always got this little note written here. And it’s a paraphrased version of it. It’s really an old saying, but it comes from CZ estes 910, the task is once begun, never leave it till it’s done. Be the labor greater small, do it well, or not at all. And, you know, I’ll tell you, I started pursuing avenues. Why get the kind of training I need to do what I’m feeling led to do. And I wrote letters, and, you know, on my little nine inch TV screen that I purchased myself, I watched you in program that I could watch. And I remember old, old, you know, Pastor Kenneth Hagen, senior when he was still alive, and kicking. And he was talking about remote Bible College. And, you know, you know, there was an address, and I wrote a letter and told him, you know, you Pastor, you might think I’m crazy. You know, I’m locked in state prison. This is my situation. And this is what happened to me. And I believe that God has a call on my life. What should I do, you know, kind of thing. And I got a letter back, you know, letters of valuable thing when you’re locked up, you know, and I was thrilled just to get a response. We sent a three year scholarship to Rhema Bible college, we expanded as long as I had the best proctored by the, by the prison chaplain and sent them in. So I went to brainwave IO and caught up in prison.

Joshua T Berglan 27:54
That’s amazing. I loved one of the things that you said, you may have loved a lot that you’ve said. But when you were talking about how God audibly spoke to you, coincidentally, the very first time that I heard or at least that I recognized God’s voice, and God talking to me was when I was in jail, my sixth time. And this is the time that I was actually facing prison. And it the two things that he said to me with by far the most powerful words that I’ve ever heard in my life, and it’s dramatically, even to this day, when I come across similar situations, I use it when I was screaming and cursing out God. And there’s a whole story before that I’ll just fast forward to this point. And I was screaming at him, why won’t you fix me? Why would you change me like you change everybody else? Because you have to forgive your father. Well, how am I supposed to do that? After what he did to me what he did to my mom, would it? Because it happened to him too. Yeah, and those are the two things that I heard him say in that moment. And it’s changed my life forever. I mean, I ended up getting out of jail with no charges, four days later, but every time I’m faced with a situation because the one thing that I had to work through the most was, I mean, other than being insecure and not feeling worthy. I mean, I had some, some issues, some worthy issues. But I you know, I was also angry and full of rage and and just and I you could set me off like that. So anytime someone ever mocked me or got said bad things about me or lied to me or did anything that I mean, they could have just farted next to me, you know, I mean, and then all of a sudden, it’s like, Ah, I just was walked I was a walking resentment is the best way to describe it. And because of that moment with God the Lord every time I’m faced with something where someone comes at me I’m I mean, it takes it I’m getting better about it, but I bounced back quick in the sense of going, this is really not even about me, they’re lashing out at me and it’s not even about Me, and in, I take my set myself to a place of compassion so that I’m able to forgive. And so that I love what you said about that. And the other thing too is when you gave your life behind bars, and you made that commitment of like, I’m all in. That’s what it was for me. Because I had realized also in that moment, that I had been given every chance I had every opportunity. And, and I had wasted it. And I and I, and I remember, when I finally said, I surrender, God started giving me all of the childhood visions that I had in every vision that I had had he compiled into one long movie. And the visions all started when I was molested, like the very first time I was molested, I got a vision. And every time of abuse or anything like that God would show me something. I didn’t know at the time. It was God showing me what was possible for my life, if I chose him, so here we are, fast forward into the jail cell. I finally it dawned on me all of those visions and all of those dreams and everything else he placed in my heart, or put in my mind, was God showing me what was possible and what he had for me if I just chose him. And I also realized in that moment, I had no other option, but to be all in 99% wasn’t enough. So I love that you said that. Because to follow Christ to to be who we are created to be. It takes being 100%. All in, in my writer. Yeah. Absolutely daily. Yeah, I don’t think Jody, I don’t think your wife would be very happy with you if you only paid attention to her on Sunday. Why? Why either? Nothing. Because right now, I think we have an epidemic of what’s the word lukewarm? Yeah, we have an epidemic of Luke warmness. Where I’m gonna get another Sunday. I’ll go next Sunday, all all read the Bible tomorrow, all prayed next week? How do we, because it’s what like, if you’re going to be evil, just choose to be evil and be evil, because at least we know what team you’re on. But if you’re gonna say that you’re a Christian, you’re gonna say that you love the Lord, then be all in. So then you got this wide margin of lukewarm. How do we fire up the lukewarm to commit?

Unknown Speaker 32:40
You know, I’ll tell you, brother, you know, the Scripture says, and, you know, the Lord Himself said that, that all of these things that are gonna come to pass, won’t have to be a falling away. So if we’re about the mark of the end times, you know, that’s one of them. That’s a precursor, and we see it, you know, we see it happening, we see, we see an epidemic of the lukewarmness New Age being mingled in, you know, with the true church. You know, like, you hear God talk about her, I are on the same page, obviously, you know, with all that, you know, celebrity Christian identity, you know, you know, praise God, for those that want to be there 24/7 And get a salary doing it. I was ordained and licensed this time in 1995. I pretty much even inside a prison. You know, I’ve been in a pulpit of some sort or another, and multiple, since, you know, being out up until, you know, up until now, and I’ve always earned my living as an electrician, you know, to feed my family to be the first one. Well, Jody and I were pastoring. The church before we moved here to Arizona, we were the first ones to go and put the tie in the, you know, in the title box on the wall. I didn’t have to preach a five point sermon on tithing. We just said, Father, we just honor you with this, we’re believing that the bills are going to be able to get paid and we’d put it in there. Everybody knew the box was on the wall. And you know, brother, we we, we never came up short. The rent was always paid for the church and God counseling office. The power was always on. We were able to be there every Wednesday, Friday. And Sunday winging it. God has always taken care of it, you know, he’s never left his hanging. I just believe that. Well, how do I get man? I just believe that if the rest of us, man, I’ll just not be a gospel and just tell everybody, we can’t just be Christians in church, man. You know, I tell them in the workplace, we got to tell him at the gas station. And we got to be sensitive to the heat in the supermarket and be willing to, you know, pray with people. You know, Jody’s really you know good about that. She’s like, you know, we need to go around there. I Katelyn go and talk to this lady, and we’ve had the opportunity to lead people to Christ, give them word and they just, you know, begin to weep right there because everyone’s going through something. That’s why everybody seems so angry out there. It’s because they don’t even know why they’re angry. They think it’s because of the leadership of the Gen or the price of gas, you know, but there’s always something deeper than that, you know this. And I believe that will let God be God and work through us. You know, that he’ll allow signs and wonders to flow through our hands. Whether people believe that or not, you know, like when I’m asked, What do you believe, brother, I believe the Bible, the whole Bible, and nothing but the Bible. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, you know what he did? 2000 years ago, 6000 years ago, he still is willing and able to do now, are you willing and able to allow him to do it, you know, and understand that, that I’m just a delivery agent. You know, I’m not moved one way or the other, whether I see an instantaneous miracles, healing right then and there, or somebody delivered or whether whether it’s going to be something that’s progressive, I know that God hears an answer. There’s a man, you know, it’s what the Word says, right?

Joshua T Berglan 36:14
Yeah, by the way, speaking of Bible, which version of the Bible do you read?

Unknown Speaker 36:20
I have seven translations on my Bible app that I love to compare on a regular, they may take me a week or a month sometimes to get through one chapter, or book of the Bible. You know, just because I like to compare and dissect, I like to look at it in the old Hebrew and in the Greek and break stuff down, I enjoy being a student of the Bible. But as far as my regular reading, I read the King James Version, mostly morning and night. I’ve got to Brother, I got to start the day and finish the day with scripture. It’s hard enough even with it, I can’t imagine without it.

Joshua T Berglan 36:58
I am with you on that. And I’m, you know, I’ve gone through these evolutions of my Bible reading. I mean, I the one thing that I will say, and this is what I would wish for any Christian, any new Christian to hear, or that say, you’ve just been saved, and you’re still in the spiritual high will, the spiritual high will fade, eventually. And without that relationship with the Lord and the commitment to seeking the duck Bible every day. It it’s really easy to fall off, it’s probably one of the few things that I know. And then I’ve experienced in my own life, where you can fall off the cliff really quick, the minute you decide to step your foot off the gas pedal what I mean the gas pedal of seeking a relationship with the Lord. And when I made the commitment that I was all in, I can’t believe it to be I gotta be honest with you, I, I can’t believe that I kept the commitment. Because I thought well behind bars, this commitment to serve you and start Bible studies and all that was a lot easier. La going, Oh, crap, now what now? What am I gonna do, but I’m thankful for that. And I’m also grateful to and this is the thing about the Bible that is so unique to me. And I don’t understand it. And there’s some you know, sometimes I questioned some of the stuff in there, because I’m not I’m not a biblical scholar. I’m still learning sometimes I want to fight Paul. I don’t understand what he what some of the things that he’s saying. But nonetheless, without the Bible, I got no shot. And number two, I’m amazed at when you the more I read the Bible, the more I’m quiet before the Lord with the Bible. The deeper the revelations come over the same thing I may have read a week ago, but I see it completely different. And how it applies to which exact moment where the week before it may not have applied to that moment. And it’s it’s I hate to say the word magic, because I can’t think of a better word, but it’s just so It’s Supernatural. It’s Supernatural. And it’s such a it’s so fun to read when you get into it. But I gotta make this clear. I don’t believe you can read it like a James Patterson novel and get anything from it. It really does take the Holy Spirit to show you and to make the words come alive is that can you may ask you this as you are ordained and you know, you’re educated in this subject. Can you read the Bible effectively without the Holy Spirit?

Unknown Speaker 39:38
Effectively, I don’t believe so. I believe you can glean something from it. But I’ve known a lot of Christians I’ve had the privilege of pastoring a lot. It is a privilege and a responsibility. And you know, I always share with them and challenge them. I said let’s you know put us out of business because they’re like Pastor I fall asleep whenever you might word I said great. I said but if the first thing you see You know, the text messages that whatever alerts pop up on your bank account, no matter what it is, it’s going to be there in 10 minutes. But even if you get the Lord five or 10 minutes in the morning, right off the bat, brush your teeth, grab your coffee, read the word man know, when you’re going to sleep, let that be the last thing that you do. So that when you close your eyes, that’s what you’re doing, thus meeting the Word of God, you know, and I had an here’s a number to ask, Holy Spirit, the only person God had who is here on this planet right now he’s everywhere at all times. Right? That’s Kim holies helped me understand the word of God, when I read it. I have a hard time understanding things or retaining them, won’t you help me? There I had a GED. And granted, I haven’t a lot of military education. But, you know, like I said, up when I was, you know, 17, in my junior year, so I attained the GED, my higher level of education is through Rhema Bible college, but the rest is via life. And people say, Pastor, how can you quote chapter and verse and preacher to our message, and we don’t get tired, and you hardly catch a breath. And I said, it’s spending that time with the Holy Ghost. And allow me to write that word on your heart, like data, Thy Word, oh, God, have written on my heart so that I might not sin against you. You know, that’s the only thing that’s going to quit in us and help us catch ourselves before we enter into the sin and after repent for you know, and by the way, all these years, man, I still have to repent for something, whether it’s, you know, Word, or thought or deed, before I lay my head on the pillow every night, none of us have arrived. The Scripture says, The man says he has no sin than he is a liar. Right? I mean, that’s what the Scripture says, you know, I gotta say, and it’s the same thing. Jody night until we moved here to Arizona, three years ago, prior to that, we lived 50 miles up in the mountains above, up in a little area called Oak Forest, by outside of Yosemite National Park. And we had an open invitation to the Fresno rescue mission to their program. They’re under my covering with bikers for Christ International, to go and minister, the Gospel. And we were always asked to come back. Because the men in that program, you know, they’re there for a reason. They have major addictions going on, and they’re trying to be delivered, many of them have been mandated to go to the program. And they kind of get tired of seeing stuff, shirt Christians come in who may need, but they feel like they haven’t been anywhere. They can’t relate to them, you know. And one of the things I would always ask right after, you know, which I think amazed them to begin with that I was on the worship team, they’re like, wait a minute, there’s biker dudes up here, you know, on the worship team, and we have all involved in worship, and then I know, begin by, you know, asking them, so I gotta ask off the bat, how many here and then on time, and you could tell them their faces like, Oh, great. And so I raised hands right off the bat. And then all of a sudden, they start popping their hands. I said, so let me tell you, the man, everybody says that the recidivism rate is such and such and return drug addiction is this and I’m here to tell you that there is a high that is unlike any other and that’s there is no highlight the Most High and what you need is a double dose of the Holy Ghost and fire. And you’ll never go back unless you choose to. And and I said, I’m here to tell you, man, I walked out, you know, Sears in 10 months on level, four yard, I walked out into full time ministry had my family on the receiving end. You know, in 30 days, and all the credit goes to God, you know, he provided me with, as used me to multiple churches. Start a and found a chapter of bikers for Christ International, you know, up there, God is a miraculous God and he will take things that are imperfect to do His will, you know, and for one, that’s how he gets the credit. Amen, brother. I mean, look, you know what he’s doing in your manifesto? People think jailhouse religion. I’m gonna tell powerful examples of God’s power I saw where it’s a level for prison man where demons outnumber humans, you know?

Joshua T Berglan 44:32
Yeah. Oh my gosh, it that’s what inspires me so much, because you’re dealing with you know, I look, I know, there’s some glam bikers, meaning that you know, the multimillionaires riding bikes, there’s those but then there’s real bikers. And you know, real bikers come from a much different place than the glam bikers as I like to call them. And, you know, they’ve seen some stuff they’ve been on the road they know. They just know a different world and being an biker gangs and biker clubs. And when I have some friends that are bikers, and I used to just hear some of their stories, and you know, none of them. This is before I was a believer, and just some of the stories that I heard. I mean, we’re just wild. And then to think and then see the same men and even women, the same type of men and women get radically sold out for Christ. The beauty is, they’re the ones that have been beaten down, dragged through the mud had been outcasts had been labeled by society as misfits, and outcasts, and shunned from society. So the place that they’re coming from is a much more broken and isolated place. And to see them become who God created them to be. To me, those are real superheroes. And that’s my favorite. And I think this is my favorite thing about God, I don’t really know because there’s a lot of amazing things about God. But this one is that no matter how far bad you go this way, when Jesus gets a hold of your life, you get to go this far, in more the good way. Literally take the most broken, evil, disgusting, vile human being and make them shine, bright, light, Christ. I mean, not like crud, you know what I mean? You know what I’m saying? It’s amazing to me, like, I have a crazy story. It’s insane. But I’ve met so many different people that have had it far worse than me. And to see what they’re doing for the kingdom, to see what they’re doing for their fellow man is just moving in. It’s so inspiring. And I’m just like, our heroes on this world in this world. We got it backwards. The sports guys are not supposed to be your heroes, the people that turn their life around and come from the gutter. Like that. Those are the heroes. Those are the people that if we’re going to look for it, how did you do it? How did you do it? Those are the people I want to learn from, I don’t need to learn from Elon Musk. I don’t need to learn from him. I don’t need to have Trump or any of those people. I want to learn from the people that have been in the gutter who’ve turned their life around, wants to give their life to the Lord. Like that’s what we need more. Amen. And I love it. And I love the fact that you’re, you’re ministering to them. I want to ask you a question. Now I know why I went on that rant, the very beginning before I brought you on, you’re getting to meet people that have don’t know, like, paycheck to paycheck would be success. So you’ve seen and been around some people that really know what the gutter is? How do you help, like, it’s really hard to when you have worthiness issues or you don’t you know, you haven’t been able to provide for your family and you struggle there. And they’ve never seen success. They’ve never seen steady income, they’ve never seen those kinds of things. And I know that that’s not what serving God is about. Sure. But how do you inspire hope? In the broken, I understand using God’s word, but how do you help that word truly change their mind? And and show them that God has something so much better for them, and get them to lay down their old life to serve Him? Amen.

Unknown Speaker 48:13
Well, I think that, you know, Scripture says in Revelation, right, that we overcame him, that is the devil, by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of our test, and I think that’s the most powerful thing, wife has a powerful testimony. I’m so grateful for God, you know, that got brought into my life to be my partner. And, you know, I believe I have a, you know, a powerful knee, and we’re not ashamed to testify, you know, to these folks and say, look, look, man, okay, so 30 years old, for example, let’s just say, you know, you 30 years to the enemy, let’s just be real with it. You know, let’s just tell the game the devil here, man, you’re either for light, or if you’re in the dark, you’re either going to heaven, or you’re going to hell, there is no in between. So where are you living for God? No. Okay, so we’ve established that so you given him there’s a role in your life, I’ll tell you what, if you give God devoutly the next six months of your life, you will not recognize your life. And I said, and I’m living proof. That’s where it started one day to the next. And here we are 27 years later. So, you know, are there days that are good and days that are more challenging? Of course there are you know, we know that the scripture just says, you know that in him we will have tribulations you know, we will have trials to the testimony or the test are all gonna do get stuck in the middle and just have the Monese man, you know, we can’t get there. And so that’s, that’s what I use is by saying, Look, man, I might not yet be what I aspire to be in Christ, but I thank God I’m not what I was. I was there, and now I’m here and I can personally tell you that I’ve witnessed and like I tell them again, again, I was a Catholic kid, man, and I’m not down on that man. I know some people that just absolutely love the Lord, and you know, are devout Catholics. But I said, you know, this isn’t about religion. This is about a relationship with the Father through the Son of God, empower his spirit and him to change life and call out to him, right? He said, call out to me, and I’ll answer you and show you great and mighty things that you do not know. They’re like, Yeah, but I can’t be good. If you don’t have to be he’s already good enough. The Scripture says, when they tailor came running in, you know, that, that just, the Apostle said, Only believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you and your household will be saved. I said, it’s not difficult. Just trust him, you know, and give him all that you have. And give him as much devotion as you gave the other side. And I said, you’re going to change and we’ve seen miraculous testimonies come out of the commission program, right from the street, people that we’ve had the opportunity to pray for at gas stations, you know, we’re in a, you know, a big cut on a patch on your back that says bikers for Christ, many times they come up and when people ask, you know, we’re out there amongst the Outlaw. You know, that’s one of the things microsphere Christ does. I know you had sold the thing, though, the motto was on wish to live within the sound of church or chapel bells, but we want to run a rescue shop, within a yard of hell. We’re out there, Mary Berry, and pray for those that will probably never otherwise darken the doorway of a church. And we are received and respected amongst them. It’s been a long time building this ministry by its feta insky. If people go to the national website, they can see many testimonies, pictures, videos, from chapters all over the world. And again, they’re all people like myself that have powerful testimonies of where God has brought them from. Some of them used to be one percenter outlaw bikers that the rest of the world would fear. And now they’re just on fire and hardcore for Jesus. And I’ll tell you about it with a horn in one hand, and the Bible in the other, you know, changed the world for him, and it just be in bold.

Joshua T Berglan 52:30
I love it. I love it. I love it. I am being bold is necessary, I wish more believers would share their just authentic, real testimony. Because the world there’s people literally dying to hear their testimony. And not everybody can handle a testimony like yours or mine. But so that’s why it’s important for each of us to share our testimony because, well, we can you know, where you come from, as the language you speak, and where you come from you can that allows you to speak a certain language, that is a certain demographic, your testimony is not going to fit with everybody. But that’s okay. But that’s more reason why we should all be willing to share what God’s done for us. Because it’s all a miracle. I want to ask you one last question. And then we’ll have you plug all the websites and where people can find you. And you’d support your ministry, because I love what you guys are doing. But again, I want to go back to your wife and your relationship. I have my own quiet time that I do. But I have a quiet time with my wife. And we have not we have been become more faithful about doing it together. We’ve kind of done it independently. But I gotta tell you, and I don’t understand this. And I want you to speak from your your position and what you know. But when I started when we my wife and I’ve committed to doing the quiet time, our quiet time together also. Our whole relationship is I don’t want to say bulletproof, but our armor can handle a lot more bullets when we do our quiet time together. So can you speak to the importance as for couples, like whether if you’re dating someone, if you’re just now married, you’ve been married for 100 years? Can you talk about the importance of doing a quiet time and spending time in the Word with your partner for the audience please?

Unknown Speaker 54:27
Well, I can tell you for one another one guilty need to do that more. You know, my wife. We had opportunity to probably more before moving when we were pastoring together in ochre and unshackled church in our schedules are. So we’re kind of more independent in that area. Right from discussions and praying about a situation or something she’s got to go through at work and you know and praying together supper table, I’ve got to take the lead and make some more time for that. We have a healthy relationship, but I’d like to see it grow, I know that she wouldn’t go to the next level. And I know that’s the key to that. And that’s a factor that needs to be addressed. And we as husbands, as you’ve already stated, you know, we kind of have to take the lead and do that we’re both her and I are both secure in our relationship with the Lord and spend our own walk with him because she’s one of those that’s later in the morning up later at night. And I get up at four in the morning to go to work. So you know, I’m up first thing in the morning is have my quiet time alone with God down and, and have my quiet time alone before I go to sleep at night. So aside from, you know, church and ministry, we’ve got to figure out a way to finagle that in but to those that that may be dating, like you said, or regardless of how long they’ve been married, is absolutely I believe, important that that we both share. Share our faith in Christ together and share our viewpoints on regard. You know, I know many couples, at different churches and even in our own that the husband would go to one church and the wife to another because one likes it this way, and another likes it that way. And, and I don’t know that that’s conducive. I haven’t seen those relationships be be as healthy as either one of the, you know, mates would like to see it be. And I think that that is the key that we need to be on the same page with God is speaking to us and where he’s leading us. You know, if I feel he’s leading us to do something, and Jody gets such, I’d be a fool not to listen to her. And pray about that. And vice versa. She’ll bounce that off of me and ask me what she’ll share with me things that God gives her before she posts it. And even after she does, it’s not just her saying I said that six months ago. You know, even though I’m her husband, I will still tell the truth and and if she did say it when she sold it with that, by the way, I’ll vouch for the fact that she did. So I believe it’s absolutely essential that we’d be on the same page with our faith and our relationship and Christ with our mate.

Joshua T Berglan 57:25
I love that. I love it so much. Thomas, do you mind, please share your websites where people can follow your ministry where people can sow into what you guys are doing. Please share everything you want to share.

Unknown Speaker 57:37
Amen. So I don’t have a Facebook but Jody does, and I believe hers is Jody and Thomas watch worn on Facebook. And I do know that she has an Instagram and only to search her on that but for bikers for heist, which is one of my biggest evangelistic involvements right now with Jody as well. That one’s real simple. And that’s www. Bikers for Christ. All one word spelled together. dot o RG. Okay, cool. And that is? Yes, we are in 24 countries around the world. Now, with only well over 4000 members been around for 35 years, and growing. And it’s just awesome. We get invitations, I have to be careful mentioning names of any of the what would be known as 1%. Outlaw clubs, but we actually get called and even just recently, we were asked, ride two hours on our bikes a group of us and go and perform a blessing for one of the clubs that people shudder kind of when they hear the name. It’s one of the most most innovative also because Microsoft 100% neutral, we ministered to some that are the enemies of each other. And they know that we’re neutral via our testimony. That’s one reason I’m not mentioning names, but I’m sure people can you know, can put together Yes, into together so that’s really it man. I’m just here to promote Jesus. I asked that anybody watching and that yourself you keep Jody and I in prayer. We are feeling inspired and searching for a building and God to provide the finances to open another unshackled church in Fountain Hills we live and many of the buildings are very, very pricey and so we’re just praying that God will just open the doors and cause something to happen that will allow us to get in we just really feel inspired to go that route again and branch out the ministry. We knew he moved us here for a reason. And and he has used us mightily while we’ve been here but all So no, my call and my time in the pulpit is by no means Oh, either. So they can just that lift up in prayer, we’d really appreciate it.

Joshua T Berglan 1:00:09
Well, you know, if you, I’m going to be praying for that. If you decide that you want to start more of like a podcast, TV show style ministry, like that’s just digital and online. If you ever want to create something like that, I’m more than happy to teach you give you a spot on our network. However, we can bless we have a channel called church redefined. Where we’re wanting to, like ministries like yours, can, you know can broadcast there to get their message out to the world? And so we have a heart for ministries like yours, because it’s the people that you serve, and the people that you witness to? Are the people with the various people on our heart, too.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:53
That’s awesome. I really appreciate that question. I’ll be praying about it. And I’m sure Jody will be in touch with Yes, she just snuck in behind me. Here she is right there.

Joshua T Berglan 1:01:02
Oh, hi. How are you? Good. I’m really good. It’s nice to read, talk back and forth on Messenger. But it’s actually nice to see you for the first time.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:15
Indeed, we’d love the opportunity to meet in person one of these days to shut the door, Terry, so that would be awesome. Brother, thank you so much for having me. And, and I will be reaching out. That actually sounds awesome. We’ll be praying.

Joshua T Berglan 1:01:30
I love that. God bless both of you. I’ll talk to you soon. Thank you. What a school story. I love that. I love it. And I And again, I’ve said this at the beginning. And I said it after I people that you just didn’t have an easy life. You know, I mean, and we all have different stories. We all have different levels of trauma and experiences we go through. Maybe just all all testimonies to me matter. And they do. I just I love stories like that. And then the people with to have a heart for a community of people that are normally labeled outcast and mitzvot, misfits, and outlaws. I mean, that’s actually some of their biker names. But it’s, it’s just so cool in it. Because it’s an extra level of loving the Lord, when you’re willing to go to the places that no one else will go and witness. Because it’s not easy. It’s not easy. I mean, think about and I don’t know how many of you can relate. I grew up in church grew up going to Vacation Bible School, where you would get saved and then lose your virginity in the same hour. It’s just crazy stuff. I mean, I’ve grew up around all this stuff. And I lost what I don’t even know what my point I was gonna make with that. But it’s just oh, it. Some of us just have this opportunity where everything is comfortable, and everything is safe. And it’s just like, oh, I go see the same people at church. And we’re all wearing suits and ties and everything just looks so Lilian perfect, and it’s all a show. And then you get to meet MIDI and gritty and rough and outlaw and evil and demon and all of that. And then you’re gonna go in the face of that, and you’re going to talk to him about Jesus. In the same way. The people that go out and do street ministry the same way that people that go out and serve the homeless and witness to the homeless. Because here’s the thing. God’s plan is not just for the lily, white people that grew up and Leave It to Beaver land. God’s plan for God has a plan for everyone. God has a plan for the homeless. God has a plan for the disabled. If you have cerebral palsy, I, someone questioned me on this one time, and I’m going to share it and I’ve told this story before. And we have a new audience. I understand this. But I want to share this story. Because I believe with all my heart God has a plan for every single person. I’m going to tell this quick story and then we’re going to end when I used to before I got into media and all the stuff that I do now. And before we had a skincare line. I worked with complex disabilities for 18 years. And as Thomas shared I was a functional junkie for the most part. But I was I was in the reason why I was a functional junkie is because I was so passionate about getting to work with the people. I got to work with spinal cord injuries, muscular dystrophy, ALS, cerebral palsy, but there was this one, this one older lady who had really bad rheumatoid arthritis, her hands are gripped up and she could barely walk. She was had horrendous I don’t there’s a technical term for it. I don’t think it was scoliosis, but she was massively hunched back. Okay, super frail older lady. Well, she was a full time caretaker for her 42 year old son with cerebral palsy. He’s never spoken a day in his life never walked in day in his life and fact he grew up in a crib. He grew up in a crib. And I remember it, I got I provided a wheelchair for her like a power wheelchair, you know, one of those. Now, it wasn’t a hover round, but it was another one like that. You’ve seen the commercials, I’m sure. And I asked her flat out one time, do you? Like, like, how has your son hung on this long? Like, how? How are you so happy to see him because he can’t talk to you. He can’t, he doesn’t do anything. Like he stays there all day. And she looked at me, she goes, when I come in to the front door. And he knows that I’m coming to the front door, he starts screaming. And again, it’s I don’t want to make the sound because it may sound like a mocking, and I’m not going to do that. But she would get so excited. And it would bring me so much joy after my hard day of work. And she you know, she could barely move, but she was working because you know, you only get so much money when you’re on a fixed income. And and I’m asking her like, what a cow? What is the what’s the deal, because I know if I was like that I would want you to kill me. She said, I used to pray to God, every single day for a kid I was told I would never have children. And God blessed me with him. And I get to raise him every single day of his life. 40 something years old, in a crib.

God had a purpose even for him. What what is our excuse to think that God doesn’t have a better life for us. And I know you’re like, Well, who wants to have cerebral palsy and be stuck in a crib the whole time. His purpose, one was being a gift from God, she got to raise a child for 40 something years. That’s what she wanted. She prayed for it. That mute, er knew he could make noises. Child brought her so much joy, and brought her so much closer to God. Because he answered her prayer. And his role in this life was to be an answered prayer, and to bring her help bring her joy and all the other things that come with parenting. If God had a purpose for him, what do you think he has for you? God, I don’t I don’t care. If you’ve ran from the Lord, you were a believer and you back slid as Thomas shared or, you know, you’re kind of like in the in the middle, you don’t really know what’s going on. Or you’ve just like I’m atheist, there’s no God. Or you’ve walked away from your faith. Because things got hard and God wasn’t answering your prayers or whatever it may be. I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart, that giving your life to the Lord. That’s the easy part. Because I mean, I know that sounds tough, because it’s like, I’m gonna have faith and I’m gonna surrender my life to Him. And I’m gonna ask you to Jesus to come in my heart. That’s actually the easy part. The walk is the challenging part. But that walk is the most joyful walk you will ever have, regardless of what you’re going through what you’ve been through and what you will go through. Because I would rather face hardship with God in my heart, then I want to face hardship without him. Because I know with Jesus with Christ in Christ, the outcome is guaranteed. I like those odds a lot, my life without Jesus. Read the devil inside me. That’ll tell you what my life without Jesus was like. God bless Thomas. God bless his amazing wife, God bless them both God bless their ministry would really really appreciate all of you that are watching if you pray that they get that building, because they’re doing the Lord’s work. And they’re doing the Lord’s work for a community that a lot of people just ignore and act like they don’t exist or only enjoy when they’re watching biker movies. But there’s communities and pockets of people all over the world that have been shunned and rejected. And I want you to know right now, that God will never let you down. He will never reject you. And yeah, maybe he doesn’t answer your prayers in five minutes. He’s not a genie. But God is never late. He is always on time. And his plan for you is so extraordinary. If he can take my life if you can take Thomas’s life, if he can take Jodi’s life, if he can take those our lives, from where they were, and turn them around and make them what they are now. What can they do for you? God bless you. Thank you for watching

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