God, The Garden of Eden, the pineal gland, Kundalini, the fiery serpent, The Bible, the spirit realm, Jesus Christ, Moses, this life, truth, the third eye, symbolism, the snake, and a great lie?

Ryan Zehr, is a follower of Christ Jesus, nature enthusiast and thru-hiker, polar explorer in training, philosopher, historian, and antiquarian joins Joshua T Berglan for a powerful, polarizing, insightful and mind-blowing conversation that points to the Bible to learn that the Garden of Eden is our brain (and still could be a physical place too) and the Forbidden Fruit that is spoken of in our creation story, is our 3rd Eye…. or does it?

The evidence presented makes a great case that it is indeed true that our brains is the Garden of Eden.

With that said, with the evidence presented, you will be able to make up your own mind on what is true about the Bible, our creation story and who we really are.

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Joshua T Berglan 0:01
Welcome everybody. My name is Joshua and welcome to do i goof up my intro pretty much every time it doesn’t even matter. Welcome to a conversation with Joshua T Berglan on the live mana Network. Thank you so much for being here. We are broadcast all over the world, you can find our app by clicking Oh, I did it right. This time, you can click that barcode and find links to every one of our apps, whether it’s Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, we’re gonna give a shout out to buy go Believe it or not. And also want to give a shout out to everyone that’s listening on Mixcloud thank you guys so much. We are no longer broadcasting on social media. There’s a lot of reasons why it’s because we want to speak the truth. We don’t want to have to censor our speech. And this is not talking about dropping F bombs and things like that. We just want to tell the truth. And then we want to seek the truth. And we want to have honest conversations. We want to have conversations that are uncomfortable, because I believe that uncomfortable conversation are not only bring us out of our comfort zone, but more importantly, they stir things up. And they break us out of the box and force us to see things differently. Yes, I’m an evangelist, yes, I love the Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart. But that does not mean that I will not talk to people with opposing beliefs. In fact, I would suggest that there’s probably more people that share my faith that have opposing beliefs than I do. The non believers, which is kind of a mind, it’s a little weird. But more than anything, more than anything, I want us to be able to unite on truth. I don’t want to be stuck in a box. I don’t want to have just a, I don’t only want to see life through the lens that media shows me, I want to pull the camera back and pull it back and pull it back to see the whole picture. The whole picture that God created. Now one of the things that is super important to me in my relationship with the Lord is reading the Bible. And I and I’ve been very, very open about my frustration. Sometimes with the Bible, I get mad at Paul, pretty much every day. I have so many questions, things just some things just don’t make sense to me. But you got to see our you got to understand that my faith is in the Lord. My faith is in Jesus Christ. My faith is in what Jesus did for me. And I understand that man has their interpretations, man has corrupted so much of God’s beautiful creation. And we have been so divided by truth we are lied to about healthcare, were lied to about education, were lied to about why we go to wars, we are lied to about medication that well may really save our life, and other medication that will kill us. There’s just so much disinformation. And all I want is the truth. So I’m going to ask the questions. And I love it. It is such a privilege. And I’m so excited to have Ryan zero on today. Because I love it when I get to talk to another man of God or even woman of God, that also is seeking the truth that loves the Bible as much as I do. But can look at the Bible and see it as there’s a lot more going on in the Bible than what our pastors tell us. And the other day I was reading Genesis, I picked up this book, it’s upstairs, because we do our quiet time in our front yard. But I have this book, it’s called one and then another one called I Am Second. And they’re both devotional books, and they both start in Genesis. And as I was reading Genesis one day, or it was it’s been only a week, I think I was reading Genesis, and then all of a sudden, pineal just jumped off the page, and I could hear God almost scream at me that the brain is the tree of life. And then as soon as I heard that, I started to wonder, does that mean that the third eye the pineal gland? Does that mean that it’s the forbidden fruit? And I don’t know the answer. But every since I’ve gone on this quest to research and to understand and I came across Ryan zeros video discussing this subject. And I gotta tell you, I don’t necessarily know for I can’t disguise an expert, and this is why I want to bring on more knowledgeable people than I do. To be able to ask these questions and have this, the these these discussions, to better understand. But I gotta tell you, when I start reading Genesis, and I read it from the lens that our brain is the Garden of Eden, the Bible dramatically changes and all of a sudden the Bible tends to it become the Bible starts to make sense in a way that it never did before. And that doesn’t discount the power of the Bible at all. In fact, I believe this makes the Bible even more powerful, and I believe it is the greatest book ever. written. So you guys are in this is this the I believe the ramifications of this can change billions of lives. I really believe this, because this very thing changes the starting point of our discussion about faith, about creation, about God about who we are, and beyond. So I’m so excited about this, I may even wet myself because I’m like, I’m nervous. I’m excited. And I’m probably going to be a little bit too hyped up for this, because I know how important this subject is. So I pray that the Holy Spirit speaks through me. I’m calm, I’m collective and I ask all the right questions. And the last thing that I ever want to do is be blasphemous to the Lord Jesus Christ to our Creator. And the last thing I also want to do is ever mock anyone else’s faith or religion, but I also really want to know the truth. I am tired of being lied to. I’m tired of prosperity, gospel and everything else. I just want truth and I want to live my life the way that God wants me to live. And that is serving my fellow man and the way that I get to do that well is a few ways but this way is helping deliver the truth or help break people out of their box. So we will be right back after this quick break.

welcome back everybody. My name is Joshua and this is a conversation with Joshua T Berglan on the live mana network. This is going to be fantastic. A polar explorer, an anti Aquarian a philosopher, historian and a follower of Jesus Christ. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome I think he’s my spirit animal. I really do. Ryan’s here everybody. Welcome Ryan.

Ryan Zehr 8:43
Hey there, Joshua. Thanks for the intro and glad to be here with you.

Joshua T Berglan 8:46
Man, I am so excited so nervous, all the above. But before we get into all of this Ryan, what are you grateful for today and why?

Ryan Zehr 8:58
Well, today I’m grateful for for health and ability to spend some time and up in the mountains. You can see behind me sawtooth wilderness here in Idaho and I just finished up a 6060 mile trek through the mountains six days long and I was definitely the whole time thinking God that I had the physical ability to to go up and down those mountains and and spend you know, spend a week out there with just you know, just just between me and God so really grateful for that today.

Joshua T Berglan 9:38
Oh, you went solo.

Ryan Zehr 9:39
Yeah, solo through hiking did basically from the southern end of the sawtooth wilderness to the northern end of it from Atlanta, Idaho up to Stanley, Idaho. So it’s been a week out there. Didn’t see anybody until the sixth day so it was you know, just me and then The brown bear that I seen and you know that God’s nature man, I love it up there.

Joshua T Berglan 10:06
I God moved me out of the city. I’ve always been a city guide la Miami Boca Dallas, you know, I mean, that’s those are the main areas that I’ve always wanted to live. And I had the opportunity moved to Minneapolis when the riots were breaking out. And well, the gunshots got a little close. So he moved us out to the country. And I’m not used, I’m finally getting used to the quiet but there’s, there’s something when I every time I look at my backyard, I just hear God say Bill, be still a no I’m God. In other words, go hang out in nature to sit there. And listen for me to talk to you.

Ryan Zehr 10:41
There’s something about it. And there’s a reason Moses went into the, you know, up onto the mountain for 40 days by himself. And Jesus did the same thing. 40 days, not necessarily on the mountain, but in his area. It was out to the out to the desert, right? But getting out to the wilderness for a time by yourself is definitely definitely something there and brings you closer to God. There’s no doubt about that.

Joshua T Berglan 11:08
Amen. All right, well, let’s get into this because I’ve already shared this epiphany, I believe or I believe with all my heart it was God showing this to me, but and I when I went searching after that, because it just was like, this almost makes too much sense. It’s hiding in plain sight. I found your video you were the very first video I watched and you have the most thorough explanation about this. And so I am really honored that you agreed to come on and to talk about this. But what led you to go down this I don’t want to call it a rabbit hole. But this journey of the Garden of Eden the brain and beyond?

Ryan Zehr 11:50
Well, you know, I’ve been I’ve been a Christian my whole life grew up in the Christian church. And without going into too much detail there was there was kind of a revival. What when was it around the night? The late 1990s It was in there was a lot okay. Yeah, I think so. And there was a there was quite a bit of slain in the spirit going on. I remember being in Toronto, at some, some of the bigger kind of mega churches and seeing large amounts of people slain in the Spirit. And at the time I was, you know, I really was seeking God for that experience that seems to be biblical of slain in the spirit and, and it never happened to me at one point, a pastor just pushed me to the ground, you know, he was praying for me and I, I wasn’t falling to the ground. And he so he just pushed me pushed me down. And I said, What is this it’s some kind of a hoax you got you know, and so I just immediately got up and left the church and and kind of had a negative you no tinge there for the for the Christian church after that. But at the same time, I know that Christ Jesus is King and Olivia and God and so so I kind of started to seek God and, and Jesus Christ. More on my own study the Bible and saints. Sometime during this I had a, an office of mine was real close to a Masonic Temple in Boise, Idaho. And I’ve seen a lot of weird stuff going on there. Guy guys in full red, kind of satanic robes with the hood that comes on, you know, way over up here. They would go into the Masonic Temple, late at night 10:11pm And I started investigating what the Masonic Temple was, and of course, with Freemasonry, you have the third eye, you have the all seen I like we have on the $1 bill. And so my investigations into who those guys were what you know, and what are they up to why are they dabbling in stuff that seems synonymous with Satanism, and and that was kind of the you know, that was where my initial research into the third eye and that all scene I began, but like with you, I, you know, I started to read, reading the Bible and I started to see this trend that the Bible is talking about this, Oregon of sight, the, you know, the third eye and so and, you know, that’s where I’m at now, which is, which is I do believe the Bible is talking about this and I think it’s a topic that the Christian church doesn’t discuss and just brushes it over. Like it’s like it’s evil. cultism and this type of thing, but I believe that that that interpretation is probably wrong.

Joshua T Berglan 15:11
Okay, yeah. So now you’re in familiar territory for me, which is questioning everything. I mean, like where did like when we went from the way in that and when the weight started to transfer into call thoughtless ism? I think that’s where everything started to fall apart. But maybe it was sooner than that. I’m not really sure. But there’s something. Okay, I want to ask you this from a just a complete layman’s question. When I read this in Genesis, and if it’s saying the third eye is the forbidden fruit, if that’s what it’s saying, for real, then the New Testament seems to talk about us. Well, encouraging, using our third eye. So those seem really we at a contradiction in at war with each other. Can you explain it? Can you break that down for people? Because that’s the part for me that I get stuck? Because it makes me want to say, well, what’s the frickin truth? I mean, I know that one Enoch out, I know that they took other books out of the Bible. But this seems to be so important. So important, because it, it can unite us. If we discover this as true. We can unite the world on this truth, because it changes everything.

Ryan Zehr 16:31
Yep. We can also live much closer to how Jesus Christ lived. And yes, you know, without, without this knowledge, it’s, it’s to live like Christ, I believe we’re falling short of that, because of not studying the Scriptures enough, or misinterpreting what the Scriptures are saying. So here’s my explanation. And let me flip my, I’m going to share my screen here. And switch over here to well, Genesis right with the Garden of Eden, and, and the forbidden fruit and the tree. And before before getting into this, I think it’s up to take just a minute to explain my, what is my understanding that the third eye, or the pineal gland is, is an organ of sight that God has given us and is built into our brain? Now for? Now, for anyone who says, No, it’s from Satan. And it’s only to communicate with Satan and evil forces. Then, my interpretation of that is that what, what happened during the creation process, when God created man, did Satan come to God and say, Hey, God, I need a way to communicate with my followers more closely than you communicate with your followers. So we’re you put a pineal gland, a third eye, at the direct center, the brain, the pineal gland is in the very middle of the brain, like you can claim is the most important part really insane sitting God, would you put this in the human brain so that humans have a way to communicate with me and demons? And Gods said, Well, sure, okay. Let me do I mean, it doesn’t make any sense that God would create an Oregon of vision or a communication device in our brains, that its sole purpose was to communicate with demons. And on the contrary, to add to that, if there is an Oregon in our brain that allows us to communicate with Demons, demons are from the spirit world, and angels are as well. So if there’s an Oregon that allows you to communicate with beings of the spirit realm, demons, then it should have the equal ability to allow you to communicate with angels, because both of those entities reside in the spirit realm. Absolutely. Now, of course, there’s Genesis 32, where Jacob wrestles with an angel, and he physically has an injury after this. So there was I mean, he, you know, he was wrestling from him, but it says that Jacob called the place I kneel, the saying, If I saw God face to face, yet my life was spared. So if we look into the meaning of this word, pineal or pennywell, it’s here’s the Strong’s. And you’d notice the L and of course, that’s the from the Hebrew That’s the God part of it. So the literal translation of Pei new al or pineal is face of God in the Hebrew. So when the Bible talks about seeing God face to face, here’s the first hint that that you would do that with the pineal gland. Because, you know, anyways, the meaning of the word pineal means the face of God. Now, let’s see here, this one is Masonic source, Manley P Hall. So, you know, if I encourage everybody who dives into a subject like this, to fully equip the armor of God before us, you know, you look at or talk about things that may be a deception. So if you haven’t equipped the full armor of God, now, I, you know, I encourage you to do that, because this is a source for that is written by a Freemason Manley P Hall. And, but but there is a number of, you can see, it’s just photographs of the paper, there’s a reason why I think that this information isn’t published widely, but you can read the whole text if you know if you’re interested. But

the essence of this document is explaining that there is a or that the pineal gland, which is an actual gland inside of our brain is an organ of sight. And that’s what it’s explained here. He calls it the fourth dimension, I call that the spirit realm. But there is a the Third Eye named by this guy, so it would be interesting to look into this guy and why he named that gland after that same word that we have out of Genesis 32, but it’s an organ capable of mastering the other two origins of vision the eyes, which are the positive and negative polls of visual perception. And it talks in the paper how you know, various reptiles, some frogs, toads, snakes, they have a non parietal lie probably I’m gonna misspell this one but here we go. The non parietal lie here’s a Wikipedia article on it and it’s it’s a third eye that is connected to the same neocortex of vision that that these two eyeballs are so if the brain you know this organ a vision and you can see it right here in the middle between the the toes eyes if that organ a vision was telling the brain that it’s that it sees something the brain wouldn’t know the difference. It’s just forming an image you know, the urine is on the snake you could see their eye

Joshua T Berglan 23:09
is that why visualization is so powerful? I

Ryan Zehr 23:14
believe so. And you know what, these what these animals this one, it’s very easy to see because he has a ring around his third, third eye. And what are these animals using? You know, using this eye for? I don’t think science has an answer for that specifically, but they’re definitely using it as some sort of sensory device to see and, and there’s one more I’ve got one more article on it here. This is again from Manley P Hall. This one’s the pineal gland, the eye of the gods. I don’t agree with Gods of course, there of course, there’s a singular God but Amen. Interesting article here where it where it talks about here the other the non the pride ally, which is a sense, Oregon, in some reptiles, and that the anyways, there’s going through these texts, we can establish that the pineal gland is most likely an Oregon a vision and that the image formed from that organization, your brain couldn’t distinguish between that and the image coming from your regular two eyes.

Joshua T Berglan 24:35
Do you believe that? Because it’s it pineal, as you said, or however you pronounce it pineal fit meaning face of God, pineal right. When we hear God speak to us or their intuition speak to us, do you believe that it’s coming from the pineal or the third eye?

Ryan Zehr 24:56
Yes, yep.

Joshua T Berglan 24:57
If we odd is it in our pineal and It is so if you if that is true, then it makes perfect sense why there’s fluoride in our water, the all the medications from the psychiatry, not all the medications, but a lot of the psychiatric medications, they, they they calcify our pineal gland, there is an attack on our pineal gland they want to dumb us down is because they don’t want us to know how powerful we really are. Is that true?

Ryan Zehr 25:23
It shuts off. Now, calcification of the pineal gland is a fact with fluoridation. So if you’re drinking, if you’re if you’re in a city where they fluoridate the water and you’re drinking fluoride, or you know ingesting it with toothpaste, you’re at the dentist or whatever, then there’s a fact that the pineal calcifies it gets hard. And that would account for not being able to hear God’s voice not being able to have a spiritual connection. And I don’t have the graphic right now. But one time I, I pulled up a graph of atheism, the rise of atheism, corresponding to wow, public fluoridation of the water supply. And it was a one to one match, you could see that really, the public fluoridation of the water atheism went straight up. And and I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I think it’s because the mass most people’s pineal was becoming, of course calcified. And that would explain a complete lack of any spiritual experience whatsoever. And then believing that there is there is no God, there is no spirit world. You know, it’s just the Big Bang. And and here we are.

Joshua T Berglan 26:46
I would I wouldn’t believe spiritual world if I hadn’t been possessed by demons, and spirits. I probably, I mean, I pretty have lived a pretty evil and dark life. And for most of my life, I just gave my life to the Lord six years ago. And that’s been a journey. But even within, even even given my life to the Lord, I had deliverance to go through and deliverance to go through and deliverance, deliverance and deliverance, and I’ve had demons trying to attack me in my sleep. And I, I wouldn’t believe in the spirit world, if I hadn’t experienced all that stuff for myself. But my goodness, now I believe the spirit world is more real than this world. Yeah,

Ryan Zehr 27:26
that’s, and that’s the reality it, I think, when we, when we’re done with this life, and we move on to this to the spirit realm, we’re gonna see how real it was and how much of a dream this life you know, this life is. But the I’ve also heard the same account, and I don’t ad advocate for any psychedelic drugs whatsoever. But I’ve heard the same account from people who have taken DMT they’ve, I’ve never taken it, I never will. But they’ve they’ve, they’ve said like, before, I was an atheist. And once I had taken DMT, instantly, I knew that atheism was a complete lie. And I’ve interviewed lots and lots of people who have, who have done DMT experiences and, and it’s, it’s very clear to me that they are at least peeking somewhat into the spirit realm, and they certainly had communicated and had some interactions was with something from the spirit realm, likely demonic. And however, that convinced them that atheism is a lie. And that God that there is a God. And so it’s, anyways one other account of basically demonic encounters, or likely demonic encounters, bringing somebody away from atheism to to the belief in God. And DMT, of course, connected to the pineal gland in some way or another.

Joshua T Berglan 28:58
Yeah, there’s something and I I’m more of an advocate for cannabis and mushrooms. Because I I am a firm believer that everything God created as good only man corrupted it. Right Man did a lot of things. So I’m an advocate for it now, for the therapeutic use, I believe in the medical benefits of it. And honestly, I would put mushrooms up against any any psychiatric pill ever. And I would do the same for cannabis. If you’d have to know what you’re doing. I don’t think it’s something Yes, you can abuse it. Absolutely. But that’s man corrupting things. But cannabis and mushrooms to me is a gift from God. And but again, it can be abused, but I gotta tell you my mushroom experiences that allowed me to see into the spirit world where it was very, very convincing. So

Ryan Zehr 29:50
I believe that I did mushrooms. You know, it’s been it’s probably been over 10 years, but a handful of times and I’m There was definitely, I definitely, I didn’t have any, you know, visual distinct, anything visually distinct, like people who have done DMT describe, but I definitely felt much closer to the spirit realm. And I don’t have much negative to say about either one of those. And if God is, like, if it’s coming from God, it’s it’s not bad God made both of those. And there’s nothing wrong with either one, either one of those. But to go back to your question of kind of what’s the opposition between the Old Testament and the New Testament? Before I answered that question, I wanted to first establish that, that the pineal gland which God created in our brain, and wish he wasn’t courtiers by Satan, to, to install in our brain, so Satan had a means to communicate with us. But but it is a an Oregon of sight. And it can provide images and I and most likely audio, right the voice of God, to the brain just as well as these two eyes cannon, and actually, better than these two eyes, Canada, there’s supposed to be colors in heaven that we can’t, that these two eyes can’t see. And those colors may be visible, of course with the pineal gland. So having established that it is a gland that allows you to literally see and hear into the spirit realm. And that’s why Jacob, you know, that’s what Jacob was doing here. He likely was using his pineal gland, to see God face to face and to have these interactions with the angel. But turning back to Adam and Eve. First of all, I want to make a note that here in the Garden of Eden, we have a snake going up a tree and

Joshua T Berglan 32:06

Ryan Zehr 32:07
that’s called the that’s called the staff of Hermes. There’s symbolisms for this, right, the Caduceus, the staff of Hermes, and then there’s the rod of a separate lease, which is, you know, these are both very important symbols. When we’re talking about the pineal gland, so, the staff have Hermes in the rod of the CIPA lease, and then Moses had the same thing, right? It’s, it’s called nephew 10, where Moses raised a bronze serpent pole with a bronze serpent on it in the wilderness, the hill is people. So it just interesting that we have this symbolism right off the bat in the Garden of Eden because we have the tree right the rod, and we have a snake going up, and a lot of historical paintings of the Garden of Eden, you’ll see the snake wrapped around the tree like that. So but anyways, I don’t think that Eve had Adam and Eve, originally, I don’t think God made humans originally, to use these two eyes, I think he made us to reside and interact with him in the spirit realm. And, and so looking at the story of Adam and Eve, it says, God knows that if you eat, if you eat from the tree, your eyes will be open. And here’s the first hint that these eyes are closed, and that the eye that they were using in the Garden of Eden was the pineal gland originally. And they couldn’t, they could they didn’t know that they were naked. They couldn’t see their physical bodies because you can you can ask, you can ask somebody who’s done a you know, I hate to go to DMT but you can you can there’s also people like Gopi Krishna who have you know, seen the same thing without the use of DMT but but if somebody says that they see themselves during a DMT trip, they say that they’ll see themselves kind of as a maybe a ball of blue light or you know, but you definitely don’t have this flesh this fleshly body and so if you were seeing yourself you’re kind of looking at your soul more or less who you are not this not this flesh body that we have that we associate in the known Ryan’s in your or Joshua right it’s your soul was somebody different than that really and and you can see that but I’ve never seen it for myself. I’m on the on the quest for that but but when you You see yourself of course, in the spirit realm, you don’t see the physical body. And that’s what I believe is being described here that they couldn’t see their physical body. But once they ate from the tree, both of the eyes were opened, and they realized they were naked. So for the first time, God opened up their two physical eyes. And they were like, Oh, wow, we, you know, here’s our physical body that we have. And, and, of course, at this point, there was a veil created between man and God. And God kicked, kicked us out of the Garden of Eden. And it’s interesting that it’s a flaming sword. Which is guarding the way to the tree of life. Because the flaming sword, we’ll see, come up with the symbolism of the of the snake wrapping around that, that pole or the spine. This is this is often described as, as a flaming sword. But But But yeah, that’s my interpretation of, of the Garden of Eden. And the Garden of Eden may be a physical place. And if it is, I, from my research, I think it is at the North Pole. But, but it is a location, obviously, in my mind, I believe that the Garden of Eden is, is a location in the spirit realm, and that we as humans have been kicked out, because God’s seen that this, you know, the serpent deceived, deceived, mankind deceived the woman. And, and because of that, God said, I can’t let humans have such free and open access to the pineal gland. Because they will be deceived by these beings of the spirit realm, whether God, you know, calls a serpent, whether that’s demons or Lucifer, just evil, you know, beings of the spirit realm.

God says, I can’t let humans have this free and open connection. Unless they’ve gone through a long and arduous process of fasting, prayer, cleansing. And that’s where Jesus came to remove the veil. When God created the veil between man and him, he did it in the garden, because he couldn’t allow such open, free, you know, communication between us and beings of the spirit realm. But Jesus came to remove the veil. And Jesus taught us that if we live like Him, if we live like Christ, with fasting, prayer, sexual abstinence is absolutely a part of this. You can’t be letting that

Joshua T Berglan 37:56
power go out of your seed, like wasting. Yes,

Ryan Zehr 38:00
exactly. And that’s talked about in First Corinthians where it says, Don’t deny your partner, except for a time of fasting. And what you know, the church doesn’t talk about that much. The church doesn’t say, Oh, by the way, when you fast, make sure that you and your wife abstain from six, they don’t say that, but but, but the Bible does. And and so that it’s a part of, it’s a part of, of, of, I guess, going back to the garden of eating, and, and this flaming sword that is protecting the pineal gland from you know, I think originally, God wanted us to have full and open communication with him and be a part of his world. And when he realized, you know, not to say that God is wrong in any way or but but he said, Okay, I’m gonna take away this vision, and it will only you know, you can get it back but we have to follow very closely the teachings of Jesus before we can use that. That tiny hell again,

Joshua T Berglan 39:13
well, I would think that the knowledge of good and evil and just thinking about this go with this go mystical for a second talk about vibration and energy, like that kind of stuff. When you when you know, evil, will evil down. Like, if you’re feeding your eyes with evil, you’re your mind with evil, you’re seeing evil, and that’s what you’re around that’s going to dole your spirit. Yeah. And the same way that wasting your seed will dole your spirit. Yes, in the same way that drinking will dole your spirit. So like those things that we do. It’s like almost like everything that we consume is an attack on our spirit, meaning the TV we watch

Ryan Zehr 39:58
and everything thing that comes from the five senses. And when you say the TV, that’s perfect, because TV is just a big stimulation for the eye and the ears. That’s it, you know, and of course, the brain a little bit, but really, we’re just stimulating the physical sensations. And with the, and with, you know, sexual encounters, of course, you’ve got the physical sensation of touch. And that’s what people want so badly, right? They, they want that, that physical sensation of touch. And so that’s the, I think it’s the suppression of, of kind of the five senses. And Gluttony is tied into there, right? With the smell and the taste, wanting to eat that sweet or that delicious thing, you know, instead of just feeding your body what is good and healthy for it, right? We, so there’s, I think in a way, all sin and all things that bring us away from, from the spirit realm, all come from the five senses, and that’s why the New Testament is so strong about the night of the night deny the flesh, you know, and the New Testament, there’s always that. What does the Bible say about denying the flesh and over and over again, we’ll see that the Bible is telling us to stop, you know, you need to completely deny the flesh. And I think that means the five senses. And that’s the beginning of getting closer to the getting closer to the spirit realm.

Joshua T Berglan 41:39
I’ve never wanted to put a blindfold over my eyes and earplugs in my ears so bad not to not listen and look at you. But all my gray. Yeah, I am. I’m getting better. But I really struggle with sitting still. I’m sitting down right now, I typically don’t like to sit down when I broadcast because I like to move around and fidget. But I’m doing it to make me sit still. I don’t want to sit still. Don’t even want to be quiet. But I’m learning and and your video that I had watched on YouTube before I got kicked off of YouTube. Which was the next day after I watched your video. Oh, man, I really Oh, yeah. Cuz I, you know, I know that medical truth.

Ryan Zehr 42:31
Lost the channel as well. So I’m, I hear you.

Joshua T Berglan 42:33
Well, and we are so blessed to because God gave us we were blessed with our own network. And, you know, we call it the digital Noah’s Ark for a reason. Because it’s it’s censorship free and I don’t have to worry about it. I can play as much music as I want and all that stuff. But I, you know, I got tired of playing social medias game because going back to knowledge of good and evil, it was frustrating me knowing that they were suppressing the truth. It was enraging me. It made me want to fight. It made me want to lash out none of the none of the fruits of the Spirit, by the way. So that kind of stuff was robbing my spirit of joy. And I love being a joy. Happiness is overrated. And it’s fleeting, I want to live in joy. And I noticed that it was doing that and I go, You know what, God, all right. Yeah, we’re gonna distribute to less platforms. But that’s okay. You got me, this is good. This is not worth the frustration. This is not worth the anxiety, I’m going to be free. I’m going to do what I’m gonna do. And I’m gonna broadcast with the network You’ve blessed me with. So that’s, that’s how we’re handling it. And of course, we’re the Ark for other people to join, and there’s no cost in it. And we do that because we want the truth to get out. We want these conversations to take place because they matter. They matter so much because we get in the way of ourselves. There’s people that think the Bible is something that you read literally like it’s a James Patterson novel. I that frustrates me. And it’s in the other part, too is and I said this in the beginning, they they’ve hidden so much truth from us, even giant bones at the Smithsonian, they’ve hid so much they took one Enoch out of the Bible and dead gum it that belongs in the Bible, and I’ll die on that hill. Because if you read one Enoch right now you’re like, oh, that’s where demons came from. That’s where giants came from. Oh, this is what’s about to happen. And they don’t want us to know that there’s the attack on our pineal gland, all while by the way, every major religion in the world has, Oh they’ve got some this is not I don’t even know. I think it was a pineapple, but it’s close enough. They all have these giant staffs in giant. Oh, yeah, what you might call it in a It’s all in our face taunting us nonstop. Why is it that these major religions, the occult, Hollywood, and everyone else is always rubbing one eye symbolism or pine cones symbolism in our face?

Ryan Zehr 45:15
Yeah, that’s where the biggest statue of a pine cone is. At the Vatican, you know, it’s so why, why is the biggest statue of a pine cone there. And for the viewers who don’t know, there’s, you know, there’s the connection between the pineal and the pine cone. The that’s that’s described, right here on the first page of this. It takes it’s the pineal body takes its name from peculiar shape, the Pinus or the pine cone, which arises in the fifth week of the human embryo. So anyways, the, if you see pine pine cone, or, like we have at the Vatican with the large statue of a pine cone, that, just be aware that that is related to the Pinus, or the pineal gland. So yeah, and it’s like you say, there, they get the one I symbolism, it’s even on the $1 bill in that, yep, you know, and the Revenant and fit in our face, but then, you know, and I always thought that was evil, because it’s, it looks, it’s like a masonic symbol, right? And but then, How perfect is it that they would take something that is sacred for communication between us and God, and distort the truth, turn it into something that everyone wants to stay away from, and you see that symbol, and you just instantly say, oh, that’s occultism. And that’s bad. Stay away from it, you know, that’s, that would be that would be the ideal situation. So

Joshua T Berglan 46:49
this is to wild man.

Ryan Zehr 46:52
The next part of this is kind of where I have one video, that’s a Bible study on the pineal gland. And, you know, there’s, there’s 45 minutes, I think in there. So there’s quite a bit of info, but it kind of ends, more or less where we’re at right now. And since then, I you know, I’ve really studied deeper and, and believe I’ve uncovered much more truth behind him behind this topic. And it’s tied into John 314, where it says, just as Moses lifted up the snake in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up. And this verse was always troublesome for me because I said, What? What is this thing like a snake? And, you know, why does God need to be lifted up like a snake? Well, so let’s, let’s get into the Moses. What happened with Moses, Moses went out into the wilderness. And the is called an SU 10. So exact verse of this one, you can find, you know, NES YUTAN is the bronze serpent, right? Or it’s also called the flaming serpent. Here’s an image of it. And we’ve got the snake wrapped around the pole and here the wall, we get across kind of, you know, cross shape. And you know, what is this? What is the story about? Like you had said earlier, just people who want to just read it and take it directly, like everything the Bible is saying is word for word, it means exactly what it’s saying. But over 1000s of years of language and translation, maybe we should take a little second, you know, second look at that. But here we get Second Kings 18 Four, where it’s talking about su 10. And when and when Moses raises up the the serpent, so for those who are not familiar, they’re out there in the wilderness there and the people are getting bitten. Let’s see if I got I might not have the right see here. Yeah, let me get the right verse here. Sorry about that. No worries, man. Second Kings 18 418 Four, here we are. Oh, yeah. This is when he broke. This is when they when they broke the bronze serpent. And oh, that’s right. It was numbers 21 four through nine. So numbers 21 four through nine, there’s the bronze snake and an NIV. It’s been translated to venomous snakes. And I think that’s completely wrong if we go back to the Geneva Bible, that’s not here, but let’s just use the King James or the New King James that are called not venomous snakes but fiery serpents.

Joshua T Berglan 50:26
And that’s a really different thing.

Ryan Zehr 50:29
Yes, very much different. See, I think in the NIV, they said, well, there is no such thing as like a fiery serpent. They must have been talking about venom. So they replaced it with venomous snakes, but I think that the this the fiery serpent is, is much more accurate now. I’m gonna dragon. Well, I’m gonna say a word that most people that a lot of people aren’t going to like. And that’s good. It’s kind of like the third eye, okay. Originally, initially, you should be repulsed by it. But if you really study the Bible, there’s are there’s, there’s a much more significant meaning there. So and then that word is Kundalini. Now, Kundalini. Kundalini is called the fiery serpent. Oh, we’re gonna

Joshua T Berglan 51:24
get stones thrown at us now, man. Yes,

Ryan Zehr 51:26
yeah, we Kundalini, the serpent fire. Okay, so now there’s people who are gonna say, This is New Age, that’s incorrect. Kundalini has been written about 3000 years before Christ. To call it New Age, is completely incorrect. It is prior to the Old Testament, the first writings on Kundalini come prior to the Old Testament. Well, not not, not the creation of the world, of course, but right the store but Moses, I’m talking about Moses, that comes prior to Moses and, and you can go look at the historical texts on Kundalini, but they definitely go back before Moses, and it is called the fiery serpent. So it’s interesting how, when Moses is out here in the wilderness, this one right here, we have fiery serpent, Because the Kundalini, if you’re not familiar with, you know how that looks, it’s a pole. It’s the same thing that I mentioned earlier, the rod of SIP least the staff of Hermes, or niching, down that Moses is raising, it’s a rod with a snake wrapped around it. So when the Bible is talking about fiery serpents, and that it’s on a pole, we should be taking a peculiar interest in kundalini here, because this is the exact symbolism that that the Kundalini has. So it says here that the people were getting bit by these fiery serpents. And in my research on Kundalini, I’ve learned that if, if someone were to try to raise the Kundalini, which is my interpretation of John 314, Moses lifting up the snake, just as Jesus did. We’ll find that if you do it with sin in your life, there are dire consequences. It can lead to insanity, it can lead to all kinds of mental and physical problems, if you were to try to mess with this Kundalini while you’re living with sin in your life. So when it says that there’s a lordship fiery serpents among the people, and they bit the people. You know, I don’t know if that if there was physically fiery serpents, biting the people or if they were trying to dabble with the fiery serpent or the Kundalini. And they were doing it with sin, and that because of that, it was, it was harming them. And God, you know. And it even says here that the Lord him take the SERP. Take the serpents from us. So God told Moses to make a fiery serpent, put it on a poll, and that everyone who is bitten, if they look at it, they will live. Now, this is interesting. And I have a hard time believing that this physically happened. Because the Lord told Moses to make a fiery serpent and said on a pole, that’s a graven image, right? And God says before this, no graven images. Thou shalt not make Auntie any graven images whatsoever. And this, this comes prior, you know, Exodus 24, then the the incident with Moses, so did God contradict himself? Did he make a rule and then change his mind and tell Moses to do something completely in opposition to that, because that’s what it looks like to me. He said first don’t make a graven image. And now this versus saying that he has to make a graven image instead of on a pole. And that is what they have to do for healing. Why didn’t God just say, Turn to Me for healing Moses? Why would he tell him to make a graven image when he just got done telling them not to? And that’s where I think that there is a misinterpretation here. And even though it says that this bronze serpent was destroyed later, maybe, maybe it was, maybe Moses made it maybe he didn’t, I don’t know. One thing is, without a shadow of a doubt, that nests you 10 that Moses built with a pole with a snake wrapped around it, is the same symbolism that we have on the staff of Hermes and is the same symbolism that we have on the rod of assemblies. Hey, so interesting when it says, your rod, and your staff, they comfort me. I don’t know if there’s a connection there. Go ahead, Joshua.

Joshua T Berglan 56:22
Do what Bible do you read? Which which denomination?

Ryan Zehr 56:27
I prefer the Geneva, the Geneva Bible. Okay. It’s hard to get one in print. So not as easy as picking up an NIV or a KJV. But I don’t think translations are important people get hung up on, Oh, you got to have this one or that one? I think it’s much more important to get as many translations as you can study them all. And, you know, do your best to get to the source of the Greek, Arabic or the Hebrew, rather than relying on, you know, King James and his 58 People that translated it and or this translation or that translation, if I had to pick one, James? Queen James, correct, correct.

Joshua T Berglan 57:15
I’m glad that you know about that. I’m not gonna go down that rabbit hole right now. But

Ryan Zehr 57:21
when I look at the front page of the 1611, KJV, there’s Rosicrucian symbolism all over that thing, including all seen eyes, all over Moses, his robe, or I mean, Aaron’s robe. If you look at Aaron’s robe on the front cover, it’s covered with all seeing eyes, but there’s also the Rosicrucian symbology there of the of the Pelican, cutting its breast open and feeding that blood to its young children, you’ll see that on the very front page of the 1611 KJV, which means that that translation was done by Rosicrucians. So I definitely take the that translation with a grain of salt.

Joshua T Berglan 58:05
I’m glad that you said that. I agree with that. And boy, that’s gonna make some people mad. But if you haven’t figured it out yet, I don’t care.

Ryan Zehr 58:15
Hey, it’s Rosicrucian. And that’s the same people who put up the Georgia Guidestones. So, you know, the same group of folks that put up the Guidestones thank goodness, they’re gone. But they were the ones if we go back 400 years, who did the King James translation. So

Joshua T Berglan 58:32
you want to have some fun? There’s a list of all the satanic ritual sites around the world that’s floating around right now. Oh, it’s very interesting that one by one, they’re starting to get like taken down and destroyed. Praise the Lord. Well, I don’t know. It could be it could be a ritual. Yeah, that’s the other side of the belief. Because if you haven’t, I mean, obviously, you know this, but for the audience, if you can’t tell they really enjoy mocking us. They enjoy mocking and taunting, they enjoy all the they enjoy. They love the fake Christ. I mean, everything about it is counterfeit, every putting it

Ryan Zehr 59:13
in your face, and then nobody realizing what’s going on. How many times have you seen this on an ambulance or a pharmacy and right and having them walk right past it like it means nothing, but this is actually the symbol if you don’t, you know, to solidify. Let’s look. Let’s look at an image of of Kundalini. And you can see that the oh, this is a this is a pretty good one right here, because it shows the two different ones but you can see the rod which is the spine, which has 33 segments, by the way. And yeah, we haven’t talked about that part as far as Jesus Christ goes, but there’s 33 segments in the vertebrae of the spine, which ends at the, you know, the brain. And here we have the spine with this, the snakes wrapping around it so so when they put this on pharmacies, and you know, hospitals, the ambulances and all that. The reason why is because just as Jesus healed, this power, this power from those given to us from God, is the power which heals. That’s one reason that that’s used in medical, the medical aspect. But, but yeah, like you’re saying, Here, it’s being shoved in our face. And people will walk right past us and not have a clue what this symbolism is talking about. Here, of course, the left and the right side is the Ida and Pingala. And that goes up to the very top, which is the round one here is the essentially the pineal gland. And that’s why there’s wings there, because the pineal is the one that gives you sight to the celestial realm. And if you are able to raise up the serpent like Jesus, and Moses did, and you get it to the Golgotha, of the place of the skull, then then you that’s essentially where the where the wings come from. It’s you have angelic vision or vision of the supernatural realm, but the looking at Jesus’s life. It’s interesting that he, here we have 33 vertebrae, right? Jesus decided to live to the age of 33. And that’s verified in the Scriptures because he started his ministry at the age of 30. And it lasted for three pass overs, and he died in the 33rd year of his life. And if it was, if it was an April, then he was basically 33.3 years old at that point, but 33 write yours representing the 33 vertebrae, and then Jesus decided to die at the place of the school Golgotha. And when you study a Kundalini, when you study the wound Kundalini from guys, like Gopi, Krishna here, here’s a book called the awakening of Kundalini by Gopi, Krishna, you’ll learn that when the once this is achieved, they what happens is called a complete and utter death to the to the ego. And that is the essentially what it’s interesting that Jesus called this being called in the, in the New Testament, being born again. Because if you go back to religious texts prior to Jesus, here’s some that come this, this one specifically predates Jesus. And if you, if you study that, it in the apana shots or the Bhagavad Gita, it has what is called twice born. So very interesting that that they have they have what is called twice born, if you get the, the Kundalini to the pineal gland, which is first it has to go through five shoppers, one to three, the fifth is in the throat. The sixth is the is the Pineal Gland. And the seventh is above is the above the head meaning that you’re basically out of body and into the spirit realm at that point, but but the

when Jesus lived to the age of 33, and decided to die at the place of the school, where there was a death and rebirth, and all of the texts which came before Jesus described, twice born, if you achieve this, this is definitely what Jesus is talking about when he’s what he calls being born again, because that is where there is a what is described here. The genuine mystical experience deals a shattering blow to the ego and melts down the walls of segregation from the individual from the rest of his fellow beings. And it describes that you essentially have an unconditional love for all humankind. Because you see that your fellow human that you that basically your fellow humans are a part of the same creation like we were created by God. He was created By God, this person I’m trying, I’m having troubles with was, you know, we all come from God and, and if you are able to achieve this, you see it and because of that there’s an instant death to the ego. And and I believe honestly that this is the born again that Jesus is talking about. And I believe that when Jesus decided to die at 33, at the place of the school, he was teaching us by example, that we also need to elevate up the 33 and achieve that death at the place of the school, where we have the death and rebirth being born again.

Joshua T Berglan 1:05:42
Okay, holy well, that I’ve heard about this before, but I’ve never actually heard it really explained. Could you would you suggest the act of surrender because I, I think about in this situation, because I, I’ve asked this question to a lot of people with a lot of different beliefs, and no one has an answer. But when I gave my life to the Lord, I was in LA county jail, and the psych ward facing getting ready to you know, when I saw the judge, I was facing five years. And, of course, I didn’t end up seeing the judge. I didn’t know that until five days later. Oh, I hate that jail. Anyway, but when I when I sobered up enough, from I just an excessive amount of cocaine, I mean, it was probably an eight ball. Or it could have been two who knows and a bottle kilo or more. Who knows. It took 24 hours for me to kind of wake up to go, Oh, I’m in jail. And I’m facing five years and I’m not getting out, oh my god, what am I going to do. And so it was in that realization that I started to wake up to go I’ve wasted every opportunity I’ve ever had, I’ve been wealthy lost it all. I’ve was blessed with into a good home. My job is abuse. But you know, I, but my parents like we had everything, the country club memberships, the vacations, we had all that stuff. And, and I had been afforded every opportunity. And here I was basically facing homelessness, everything else under the sun, that was not good. And I got to this place that I oh my gosh, I’ve wasted every gift. I’ve wasted my whole life. Everything God created me to be I’ve thrown away all this stuff. And that wasn’t enough to necessarily break me. But it was when they wouldn’t give me something to read. That really did it. And then I remembered because I’m hearing the screams of these Mad Men. And, and I’m losing my mind in this cell. I can’t see anybody but I can hear him in his small cell. And then I remembered I asked for a Bible. And it was when I heard the story or read the story of John when they finally brought me the Bible. Two hours later, I read Genesis, it made zero sense to me. None. I laughed at it. I go, this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. I said it out loud. I’m not being blasphemous, I promise. But that’s what I thought to myself. When I read it. I hadn’t accepted Jesus yet none of this stuff. Then I go to Revelation. Well, Revelation is not the book to read of the Bible when you’re in jail coming off of cocaine and alcohol. Proverbs a little bit easier to digest, especially the King James Version. But it was reading the book of John, that broke me. And I started like, Wait a second. So Jesus loved me this much. And you know, I started this dialogue. But then that’s what made me angry. Because I remember all the other times, I’m going somewhere with this, I promise. I remember all the other times that I tried to turn my life around. I mean, I’ve been in jail six times. So that’s at least six times I tried to turn my life around. But it was way more than that. And nothing would fix me my chem sex addiction didn’t go away. My anger, my rage, my hurt my brokenness, my unforgiveness, my anger, my anger is everything. And the minute somebody say would say to me, you’re always going to be a loser. You’re always going to be a junkie, you’re always going to be an abuser. You’re always just going to be a disease and I there’s expletives that attach to that, like all of the names, and I go, You know what, you’re right. And then I would go back to meth and go back to cocaine, and I would go back to cheating and abusing and all the things but they’re gone. I couldn’t run anymore. I was stuck in that cell. And I kid you not. This is the part I’ve been leading up to. I realized that when I had wasted every gift and every opportunity and and I and I started to get these visions and now I went through a forgiveness process. My dad and realizing I needed to be forgiven and all this stuff, and it’s a story. But when I finally got to that place of, I’m living the wrong way, and I’ve been running from you, God, and I’m tired of running.

My life is no longer my own. Take my life, it’s yours. I surrender. Those are the words I said, and I swear to you, I don’t know how any other way to explain this, except that I felt what I believe with all my heart to be the Holy Spirit, go from the top of my head, like lightning, shoot down to my toes, not me on my butt and lift me up at the same time. Like that. And the feeling the euphoria, the joy, everything. And here it is. I didn’t know I grew up in church, a Baptist church, I hated church, I blamed the preacher for cheating on his wife with, you know, I like I saw all this stuff. And I’m like, I don’t want any part of that the Bible is dumb. And here it is. I grew up in a Baptist church, my whole life, heard all the songs, didn’t know any Bible verses didn’t even know any songs. So I just started making up a song saying, I love you, Jesus, and just dancing around. Now I know what I was putting isolation, because that would have never happened in general population, especially in LA County. So my point is, do you believe that the act of surrender is what creates that death? And Rebirth? Rebirth?

Ryan Zehr 1:11:31
Probably not, probably not completely. Um Now, according to this philosophy, which I can, I can back up with scripture. There’s there’s basically five cleansings that you have to go through. And those are the those are the lower five chakras. Right? So the chakra is here. So it’s possible what that I, what you’re describing. From my, from the study I’ve done. There is a there’s a process to To achieve this, and Jesus taught it. But But I think that Amen. Well, let me just, I’ll go, I’ll go all out here. I think that I think that the process to achieve this is, is yoga now. Yoga is when the word that probably pops into your head, and the the idea of what that means is probably incorrect. For what, for what real yoga means. But the, but I think that the surrender that you’re talking about is, is a requirement for the cleansing of the Root Chakra. And that and that the power that you felt, or an energy or a fiery or, you know, going from the top of your head, your spine. That certainly was, was Kundalini, it, you know, from, from my understanding, now, there’s probably a lot better word we could use. But that’s basically the only one I have at this point. But

Joshua T Berglan 1:13:37
wait to get these emails. Fake crafted. Exactly.

Ryan Zehr 1:13:41
Well, so let me so look into here. What like, one thing I had to do is figure out like, what is yoga and here’s just a couple quick definitions. A simple definition of yoga, as found in the Bhagavad Gita, is described as equanimity in mind thought and deeds resulting in efficiency of action, done as service dedicated to God. Well, I, you know, that’s that sounds fine to me. There’s nothing wrong with equanimity of mind thought and deed, which results in efficient action, which is service done for God. Or down here, it says that we can see that yoga means the union or linking together of man with God, or more correctly, the disunion or separation of man from objects of sense from the phenomenal world and the Bible goes hand in hand with this it says you know died to the flesh and stop you know, don’t live for the world. So yoga here meaning the union are linking to gether of man with God, you could see that I’m not talking about going down to the club on the corner, paying them a monthly fee and in sit in the certain you know, doing stretches essentially that’s not good. But that’s not what this is talking about the

Joshua T Berglan 1:15:04
stick my legs behind my head.

Ryan Zehr 1:15:07
Exactly. The so here are some of the steps to yoga and and Yama here was one of the first ones signifies truthfulness, not stealing, not receiving of gifts. And then here we have in the Yama means cleanse, cleanliness, both external and internal. And this is where fasting comes in. Contentment, study and adoration of God. Now this adoration of God, I believe is is the surrender a piece of the surrender that you’re talking about? Because of course they have adoration for God, you will adore him you’ve you probably first would have surrendered for him or or maybe their reverse maybe you adore him and then right after that you have surrendered to him but but I think that the that surrender to God is one step. And let me switch over there’s one more here. I gotta pull up just one second. That has a good explanation of this. And they might have even it might even say surrender there. But the here we go.

Joshua T Berglan 1:16:27
What a trip this.

Ryan Zehr 1:16:29
Okay, so this one is this is called The Lives of a Bengal Lancer. But it has a fascinating. This is a fascinating book, especially the last chapter. Now this is written by a guy who is a Christian. I’m a Christian myself. And it seems to me clear that Christ based his teaching on the tradition on the tradition existing in his time and country, and that that tradition originally came from India. There’s nobody knows where Jesus went when he was 13. There’s I certainly believe that he, that he went to India, and that that he came back when he was after he finished his study of his, you know, religious study, of course, and he went out onto teaching but anyways, this book is written by a Christian. And so just because it’s talking about yoga, don’t say, Oh, this is new age or something. This

Joshua T Berglan 1:17:29
is you can do the menu.

Ryan Zehr 1:17:33
Exactly. So here he is talking about what is yoga, right? And it’s describing the same, the same thing that the other book was, and the first step is Right Thought, which is called Yama Yama, meaning death but not death. I think I think he’s trying to say death too. Like the Bible says die to the flesh. So you’re dying. But but you’re not dying. You’re, you’re actually becoming more alive. In the second part is asana and then Mudra, which is exercises and pranayama is breathing. But the anyways right thought, when you say, when you talk about surrender, anyways, I’m, I’m thinking that that probably lies in the first couple steps of, of yoga, which is maybe called right thought here or like the other book had called, you know, cleanliness, external and externally contentment, study and adoration of God. None of these Hudspeth explicitly say, surrender. But I believe that that would be one of the first steps of, of trying to raise the serpent like the Bible talks about the Bible tells us plain and simple in John 314, that Moses lifted up the snake in the wilderness. And so the Son of Man must be lifted up, that everyone who believes in Him may have eternal life in him in this lifting up the snake. I honestly believe in my heart, that it is the same thing that is raising the Kundalini and I believe that Moses did it. And Jesus also taught it not only with in the New Testament, but by example, when he lived up to the age of 33. And then he died and had a rebirth at the place of the Skoll

Joshua T Berglan 1:19:33
shaman Christmas, man. I this is such a powerful topic and i with respect to time it because I could talk to you for five hours easy because I we haven’t even got into that you’re doing Holy geez. And that that’s kind of what started this for me is I had flat Earth Day Have one and other opinions about it. None of that matters. I loved him. He was entertaining. And it blew my mind. And I still don’t know, right? I can’t even really comprehend everything he was telling me. But I really enjoyed it. And of course, why wouldn’t they lie about flat earth? Why wouldn’t they lie? They lie about everything else? Why would they lie about that? So that’s kind of what everyone said this, when you start to shift over to flatter thinking, the whole world is going to open up and life is going to seem and will, everything that you thought mattered will not matter anymore. And that has been true. And so it’s slowly but surely is allowed me to move away from TV. Like, I’m on? Well, I have about one show that I watch. And I love it. And I love games. Still, I’m guilty, but I don’t watch other TV. And, and I’m but I’m trying to even break away from even that and like, what I consume what I listen to, you know, and I’m careful even about what sermons I listened to, because I know how deceiving things are. But it’s dramatically changed my life and has given me this insatiable hunger to know the truth because I don’t want to lie to people. I don’t want to lead people astray. My neighbors are Hindu. I love them. As much as I love anybody. Really. They’re amazing people. I’ve grown up around Indian people, and like not knit Well, Native Americans too. But they’re the some of the most kind, beautiful, wonderful people, a Muslim woman taught me how to pray. When she took me in when I was homeless. I have all of these different religions, that I’ve been around different people, and I love them. They have jerks, and they have some people that are little deceivers and all of them. Yes. But you know what, at the same way with pastors and doctors, and talk show host and everything else, there’s a lot of deception. But that said, I like to judge people, not judge judge. But when I’m making a decision of do I want this person in my life? Do I want to be friends with them? I’m generally looking at them. Do they radiate? The fruits of the Spirit, regardless of the religion? Right? Is this

Ryan Zehr 1:22:14
what’s what fruit is coming from their life? That’s yeah, that’s the best thing to look at.

Joshua T Berglan 1:22:19
That’s all I can look at. I don’t care what you say. Because I know con artists, I was a con artist. I and that’s

Ryan Zehr 1:22:26
my, that’s what troubles me with flat earth theory. I don’t know if the Earth is sphere flat. I’ve done a ton of research, specifically around physics of the air. There’s that’s covered on my channel under what’s called Horizon. Oh, refraction. And, honestly, what that research blew my mind and no, there’s nobody on the planet or in history you’ve ever discussed those topics, specifically. But one thing I saw, I don’t know if it’s flat, or sphere. But one thing I can’t get over, that just keeps blowing my mind is the fact that when someone thinks the earth is flat, they instantly believe in a God and a creator. Because you can’t then they they don’t believe in the Big Bang, creating the universe. So I’ve seen Flat Earth literally convert people to, to believe in God. And then I just question myself, would God use a lie to bring people to him? Or is that Satan’s tactic? Oh, you know, because there, I mean, you will be hard pressed to find one flatterer there, who doesn’t believe in God, and doesn’t believe in Christ Jesus. On the other side, people who believe in NASA, and all this, you’ll find a plethora of them who say that God’s nothing and that the world came from a big bank. So anyways, that’s, that’s one interesting part of that is I just say, Would God use something that’s a lie to bring people to him? And but I don’t know the answer to that question. There is in in wrap up, I do want to share one last piece that I’ve feel is the last piece of the puzzle on this. And it’s going to be very quick. It is the fact that well, I’m turning back to the beginning of this book. It has to do with the chakras. I’ve already mentioned that, you know, the, you know, the seven chakras are and there’s 12345677 being the number of complete, of course, but we’re going to notice that there’s five of them that have nerve plexuses associated to a 12345. After that, it’s the pineal gland and in the crown, which is above the head that’s outside of the body. So but there are five there are five of them that have nerve Plexus. And the chakras are corresponding to. And if you see an image like this, I just, you know, put on the armor of God but this I don’t know if this is necessarily bad. It says the Kundalini, I’ll let you the Kundalini cricket in form is described as being quote like a serpent. And by the way, it’s coiled three and a half times. So if you’ve ever seen a Gadson flag or if you’re flying a Gatson flag, you should at least be aware of the fact that this is a Kundalini flag, there’s 33 sections of the snake you can count on 12345 33. And it’s also in 123 and a half coils, three and a half, three and a half coils is blew my mind is Kundalini, by the way, you can go to Kundalini Wikipedia page to learn that much. But the three and a half coils is Kundalini Long story short, the point I’m trying to make is that the there are nerve plexuses. At five locations in your body, there’s the root chakra, the and and you can see the nerve flex the nerve, right, and so there’s 12345, the fifth one ends at your throat. And after that, it’s the pineal and of course above that is the is the crown. So when, when we’re talking about the 12345, nerve plexuses, these are described in ancient texts here we got the Bhagavad Gita, right, they’re described as sacred fig trees upside down, by describing in detail the symbolism of the upside down ash vada. Tree, the fig tree, and how many times the Jesus taught in parables about fig trees. But the upside down fig tree is the

art of these nerve plexuses, the route the route goes up into heaven, and God, the truck, the roots, and then the trunk is your spine. And then these are the trees, and you can see how they’re upside down. So these are the each one of these five upside down trees are the five lower chakras. And the reason I brought this up, is because this is the Gospel of Thomas. And if you would like to learn about the Gospel of Thomas, I recommend this book, this one here, and this one here, which is interesting that the Gospel of Thomas is called Q. But here we have something interesting where it says, oh, boy, first of all, Jesus says, The kingdom is within you, okay? And he says, if you’re a disciple, listen to my words, for you have five trees in paradise, which do not change, either in summer or in winter, and their leaves do not fall. He who knows them, shall not taste of death. And these is G, these are Jesus’s words. This book, of course, is the source for two of the Gospels. But the when Jesus is talking here that you have five trees in paradise, that don’t change in summer, winter, and their leaves don’t fall. The five trees that he’s talking about, are the lower five chakras 12345. And so there’s, the last thing I want to wrap up with is that it is biblical, that Jesus is telling us that, to know that there are five trees, and that also that the kingdom is within you. And it is outside of you. So there’s Anyways, that was the kind of the final piece of the puzzle for me that this is not something evil or bad. And Jesus was was actually, I believe Jesus was a master yogi, and I believe he studied in India. So that’s all on that topic. And of course, I have two Bible studies. If you want to learn more, there’s the Bible study on my channel and the pineal gland and the Bible study on the Kundalini. And I believe that this is something that Moses did, and I believe it’s something that Jesus did.

Joshua T Berglan 1:29:22
Yeah, please plug all your websites and where people can find you and follow you and just get more information on this.

Ryan Zehr 1:29:28
Sure. Yeah. Not a problem. You can go to youtube.com/ryan Zim that ZTE HM. This is the right channel. You can see my just come back after. We didn’t even get a chance to get into destination Hyperborea.

Joshua T Berglan 1:29:44
But do this again. But yeah, absolutely. Let’s

Ryan Zehr 1:29:47
chat again. And, man, if you if you want to learn more about that, you can check out my website destination hyperborea.com. And one of my favorite articles on here is this one right here which is called the Inuit Philly and authoritarians are the last 10 tribes of Israel. But we’ll save that for another time. So far if, man, what a great topic, Joshua, I’m so happy to be here to chat with you about

Joshua T Berglan 1:30:11
it. Oh, I’m going to be email. So we create a media kit after this is done that will have the video, audio and the transcript and all of your links and how to follow you. I’ll send that to you when we’re done. But I mean this sincerely, there’s at least three different topics that I want to go discuss with you. But this has been so powerful, and I’m so grateful for your time, the the time that you’ve taken to research this, to understand it to be able to intellectually explain it. And I know some people, this is going to rub them the wrong way. But you know what, the truth is really uncomfortable sometimes until it’s in your heart. So I’m super grateful for you, Ryan, I will talk to you soon my man.

Ryan Zehr 1:30:58
Excellent. God bless you, Joshua, thank you very much for your time, and I’m looking forward to speaking again. And for everyone watching. Thank you for the time you’ve spent here and God bless you. I hope you he leads you to truth. He’s the only one who knows what that is. I don’t and I don’t think any other man does. So follow God and follow what he’s telling you. God bless. I’ll see you soon.

Joshua T Berglan 1:31:23
Bye, brother. Thank you. Gosh, that was beautifully said. Wow. That’s going to be one of those that I go back and listen to again, because there’s a lot of meat there. And it’s connecting a lot of dots. And I when I first gave my life to the Lord, I could feel you know, God pointing me this direction. But you know, discernment is this an evil spirit is a demon taking me down this road. And, you know, it’s just, I’ve been around people that practice Coeur d’Alene, D and then I’ve heard you know, Christians judge and say that they’re say that they’re evil, and it’s Satan. I’ve been a part of ministries, the fivefold ministries that, you know, believe in healing and laying hens. Oh, we didn’t get to talk about laying on hands. Oh, man, that’s another subject and tongues and all that. I got to talk about that with them do? Um, it’s just I don’t have the answers. I don’t have all the answers. I have more questions than I have answers. But I do trust the Lord and I trust where he’s leading me. And there’s something to this. There’s something to this, the guard the brain and the Garden of Eden. And if you can just try to read Genesis with the understanding that it we were talking about our brain in then Regenesis and see how it changes things for you. See if it does at all. Like I’ve said this over and over again. You can call me blasphemous. You can call me a fake Christian. You can call me anything you want. But don’t call me late for dinner. No, just kidding. It’s like, I don’t care what you call me. It’s a personal relationship with the Lord. It’s not a public. It’s not a community center relationship. It’s not a rave, although or rave church would be fun. I would love to go to an after hours church party. Place of gospel house music anyway. I’m like, I don’t have all the answers. But I’m not listening to man for instruction. I mean, yes, I’ll look for information. I’ll check in with God, is this right? Is this what he wants for me? Is this is this How does this feel in my spirit? And there’s nothing wrong with asking questions. I promise you, when I gave my life to the Lord, it happened right after I was cursing him out. Because I was angry that he wouldn’t fix me and he wouldn’t change me. And then he spoke to me. We should be asking questions. And if you’re one of those people that believe that we’ve been lied to, were lied to in our school systems. You know, the education that they teach us? How history has been changed and modified. If you know the history of the Catholic Church. If you know the story from when the way merged with Catholicism. You have to ask yourself, well, what else if we’ve been lied to? The Catholic Church controlled the Bible? They’ve moved books in and out. They’ve changed words. They’ve removed sentences, they’ve added sentences. I don’t believe for one second. One second. I don’t believe that God wants us being obedient to this government. This government is trying to kill us. And I’m not trying To be shocking when I say that it’s obvious if you pull your head away from the TV long enough and start just like looking and observing what’s going on around you. Evil in lies have been turned into some kind of truth. There is a President of the United States whose son is a traffic. What do you think is dad is? Boehner Hunter Biden emails are publicly accessible for the world. It’s not being hidden, like it was in the election two years ago, and bind you. I’m no trump guy. But I’m not being obedient to this government. Because they’re lying. They’re trying to kill us. They manipulate us. They try to control us, and they’ve tried to rob us from our God given gifts.

So I’m not being obedient to that government. So yeah, I have a problem with that part of the Bible. You can call me a fake Christian. I don’t care. My fruit will speak for myself for both speak for me. And I don’t mean that arrogantly, it just true. I’m blessed. I’m living the life of my dreams. And guess what I’m asking questions. And God will bring the answers. You should ask questions too, and quit just accepting everything you hear from the pulpit. Quit accepting everything you hear from the TV, quit accepting everything you hear from a podcast, and don’t even accept what I say. Go check for yourself. The truth is out there if you’re willing to look for it. God bless you. Thank you for being here. And we’ll see you soon.

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