Terrified and stalked by an oppressive fear of death, John David Latta was a single dad with two children facing rock bottom, loneliness and

Hard work, arguments and logic were getting him nowhere, the competition was tough, and he was in over his head.

On A Conversation w/ Joshua T Berglan, John David Latta joins the broadcast to talk about his new book, The Synchronicity of Love, where John shares his extraordinary
stories of what happened when while at rock bottom, and how he threw himself into Unconditional Love with sincerity and earnestness.

His stories about his journey inspire, uplift, heal, shock, awaken and transform. They contain the seeds of potential to change habits, beliefs, and one’s deepest
assumptions about what is possible and have the power to radically
transform anyone’s life.

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Joshua T Berglan 0:00
What’s up everybody? My name is Joshua, and welcome to the final conversation with Joshua T. Berglan. I’m so excited to have you here for this last broadcast. No, I’m not done broadcasting whatsoever. But one of the beauties of having our own network and getting to create shows for a living. We’re not Well, yeah, I guess it’s for a living, I get to do for a living, I get to do a lot of cool fun things. I mean, that’s what the power of media does, it just allows you to have endless opportunities. And, you know, with each opportunity, a new creative, you know, something is born inside of me. And anyway, long story short, I’ve created a bunch of different programs, done them all loved them. And then I get to a place it’s like, okay, I’m bored, I want to do something else. But in this case, wasn’t about boredom. This was, it was just time. And I’m really excited for what I’m going to be doing next, it’ll be on this network that live on a network, which Wait, I did it again, that barcode right there, you can find links to download our app, on your phone, your phone’s app stores, but also your smart TVs, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and you can find our app there and watch us on our TV. And my wife says I look bigger on the big screen, but I don’t know. Anyway, so happy to have you here, this is going to be a lot of fun. And really, it’s the perfect ending. This is the perfect show to end with. Because of all the subjects that we’ve covered on a conversation with Joshua to Berglan, and really even gratitude, unfiltered and the other programs before have all kind of, you know, bubbled to the surface into and it’s kind of shaped and like how’s the rocks are formed. And, you know, just nature is shaped the way that it is. And boy, I need to watch more of the nature channel anyway. So I could do better on my descriptives there. But that said, it’s, it’s, it’s really come to this, this place to end on the topic of love and love, I love in a way that I believe God intends love, to not just be talked about. But to be embraced, to live, to be to live out to walk out to be a mindset, it’s, it’s perfect, because we’ve covered all of these crazy subjects. We’ve I mean, we’ve been a part of what we thought were good broadcast and come to find out we’re elevating a scam artist. But we’ve learned something from that. We’ve learned from dealing with frauds, we’ve learned from dealing with fake human trafficking victims and real ones. We’ve learned from working with people that say they were you know, victimized by CPS and we worked with the people that really have and one, there’s been a lot of lessons learned here, a lot of growth, a lot of clearing of the eyes. And, and it’s time and I’m excited. And I’m excited because it’s all come to this. And I am so grateful that you guys have been so supportive of both spoken word and this program, because we’re leading into something which is really a Full Spectrum version of everything that I’ve wanted to do creative creatively. And it’s going to be a lot of fun. So I’m super excited for your support. And I’m really, really excited about what’s next. Also, last thing, before we do our commercial, we have a media training. And I don’t like to timestamp these interviews, but this will be an evergreen training. But we’re doing it live today is the 26th. So it’ll be the 27th at 1pm Central. So you guys will be seeing this, you know, today, tomorrow and whenever just know that this training will be available on our website, which you can also find by scanning that barcode, or just go to live mana.org. But this is a full media and broadcasting training. So we’re going to show you everything that’s possible. With new media where we’re going with the new technologies where technology is taking us. It’s going to be a very powerful training, it’s going to be very thorough, and there’s going to be a lot of bonuses in there, there’s no charge for this, they’ll never be a charge for it. This is part of the work that we do at the live mana worldwide Foundation. We believe that media is the most powerful thing in the world that you can learn other than the fact that God loves you and God has a purpose for you.

Media is one of the most power is the most powerful thing that you can learn and coming into this new world where there’s a lot of uncertainty, financial uncertainty, and also well I guess today they announced that there’s a recession, whatever that actually means, because they’re going to change the definition anyway. The point is that, you know, with media, it creates opportunities. Multiple earning opportunities. And we’re very passionate about teaching this because for people that don’t have an education for people that have bad troubled past like myself, that really can’t get a, you know, a decent well paying job to provide for my family, when especially with jobs becoming so scarce, I do have the luxury of knowing media and knowing everything that’s possible with media. And of course, everything that’s possible changes and grows every day. Because with media, there’s just endless opportunity available for each of us. And the best part about it is you can use your intellectual property to, to really provide for your family, you can use your intellectual property and life experiences to live the life of your dreams, regardless of your past, regardless of your education level. I started cheating in first grade, like I don’t even know I barely know basic math at this point. But I’ve been very, very fortunate to learn media and and see what’s all possible for that. So I want to encourage you to be a part of this training, because it is going to be powerful, I actually put together a PowerPoint for this. And which I normally don’t do, this is my first one. And I got really excited about it. And that’s kind of what inspired some of these new changes. Anyway, I’ve gone on too much. But ladies and gentlemen, you guys are in for a really special treat today. Because I think right now the only chance that we have of healing this earth and healing the people that dwell on this earth is with a supernatural love. But I believe with all my heart that it starts with us and we have just an incredible human I checked out his website for a little bit yesterday and was just blown away with what he’s up to what he’s about. And in Look, I can’t tell you that I agree with every single thing that he says or believes it’s not about that but what he has to say is important and I feel like what he has to say is going to click for a lot of people and I think it’s going to break the walls off around that or that is surrounded people’s hearts right now. Because I think people are afraid to love I think people are afraid to trust I think people are just have just forgotten really what love is and we need that desperately. And I believe in the next coming months we’re going to need it more than ever before. So this is a timely message you guys are in for something really extraordinary and this is just a beautiful way to end it so ladies and gentlemen we’ll be right back after these messages.

welcome back everybody. My name is Joshua and we are on a conversation with Joshua T Berglan on the live mana network. You can scan that barcode and find all of our links. But thank you for being here right now. apologize about that a little longer than usual intro I was actually talking around Under the words that were going to make me cry because lately I’m a sentimental boob. And I can only think that is because God has been working on my heart in teaching me how to love in new ways. And dad gummit I freakin love it. So if I cry today, oh, well just deal with it. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome John David Lada the the author of the synchronicity of love stories that heal, transform and awaken this again, like I said, this is going to be timely. It’s going to be powerful. And you might want to grab some notepads because I feel like he is full of wisdom. And you’re going to want to take notes, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome John. David. Lot. Hello, sir. How are you?

John David Latta 10:46
I’m doing great. How about you, Joshua? Good. Thank

Joshua T Berglan 10:49
you for being here, sir. Yeah.

John David Latta 10:51
Thank you so much for the opportunity. Love it. I love the Emerald City behind you. Looks gorgeous.

Joshua T Berglan 10:57
Thank you. Oh, you know, I was trying to find images of where you’re actually from. And I was getting, I wasn’t getting what I was hoping to. So a nice background and make you feel comfortable and remind you of home.

John David Latta 11:10
So you did great. It’s beautiful.

Joshua T Berglan 11:13
Well, thank you, sir. Um, before we get into talking about, I think the most important subject of all, can you tell me what you’re grateful for today? And why?

John David Latta 11:25
You know, it sounds really funny. I’m grateful for the feeling of being grateful right now. I just feel gratitude permeating my body, and I’m grateful for it. It feels like love to me.

Joshua T Berglan 11:37
I think gratitude is an expression of love. So yeah, kind of works together. It’s an easy segue. Yeah. All right. So I just off the bat. And I haven’t had the opportunity to read your book yet. Although you actually have two books. I haven’t had a chance to read either of them. But I gotta tell you. I mean, just the title alone is something but my first question is, typically, it’s not. You only hear men talk about love, for the most part, and I would guess is a majority is if they’re trying to, you know, be romantic trying to get in someone’s pants, or they’re, they’re trying to sound like the romantic so they can draw in the ladies or whatever they’re attracted to. And so it’s not a common thing for men to speak about love, especially in such a supernatural way, which I believe that you’re speaking about it. So I want to know what got you to this place where you want it to know, feel and experience love on a deeper level than most of us really even try to experience as humans.

John David Latta 12:52
I’m sure you can appreciate this Joshua, but I the doorway into it was through pain and suffering. And 20 years ago, everything that possibly could have gone wrong in my life all went wrong. At the same time. I left my early secure job, started my own company and managed to dig myself into a hole $650,000 in debt. Around that same time, my wife got cancer decided to leave and suddenly it was parent custody of two kids 911 facing bankruptcy. And weirdly, I was also having this unbelievable fear of death. I don’t know where it came from. And so I was running around behind closed doors, terrified of death and didn’t even know who to talk to about it. And, and, you know, it just got suddenly a mom and dad to my kids and my company suffering on being like bad dad, bad husband, bad everything all at once. And so, I’ve managed to keep what I called anything remotely related to spirituality and religion as far away from me as possible at that point, and I went and signed up for a spiritual retreat out in the mountains. Because Michael Creighton, the author had done the same retreat 20 years earlier. And I liked Michael Creighton. And and so I had to trust that the guy leading it wasn’t some strange guru guy and he was actually an eminent physician. Everything in my life started to change after that. And when I went there, I didn’t have a lot of crazy spiritual experiences. But the first thing I realized I didn’t realize how much I kept people at a distance. And they just kind of stereotypical guy thing. And I realized, I excuse my French I fucking love getting closer to people. I fucking love being open and vulnerable and freaking honest, you know? And so that was the doorway into where I am today. And so I think behind that documentary earlier, being afraid of love being afraid of trust, that’s been the journey more and more because it’s just setting aside the Fear moving into that vulnerability, being straight and honest with people and you can be that way. Because you’re, you’re loving, and you are love, it’s hard to put into words. It’s just kind of this vibe. That makes sense.

Joshua T Berglan 15:18
No, it makes a lot of sense. And it actually, it sounds similar to the the knot retreat, because it was a three month intensive course that I did. But it was similar. It was an emotional intelligence course that broke me. And I was already a man of faith. But I wasn’t broken, broken, broken, broken, like I needed to be become stronger, because my heart was still pretty closed off. And so yeah, it makes a lot of sense, and the work that we did, and the pain and suffering that we led to the breakthrough of love. That’s what it was. But you know, thinking about that, this is my closest friends. Like, even though I wasn’t really capable of loving, loving in the way that I can now, I think about over the course of my life, all of my closest friends, I’ve been through some type of pain and suffering with my wife and I, you know, we’ve, it’s been, we had this amazing marriage, thank God for that marriage that we have. And I was the worst in relationships. But we’ve experienced more hardship and craziness and in traumas in our relationship together, but they weren’t self inflicted. They were external. And somehow that that has brought us closer, and has taught us a deeper understanding of love. Is that kind of like what this retreat was for you is like this exercise of breaking you down, and to make you whole again.

John David Latta 16:55
Yeah, I think part of it was, yeah, it definitely happened. I think I had this view of life that I needed to be perfect, or I need to be better. And I thought that everybody else’s life was perfect and better and what an eye opener to find out. Everybody’s struggling. And, and so that was, and, you know, having the trust to reveal myself, you know, things I never wanted to do in my life, like, ask for help. Things I never want to do, like, show what I’m really feeling. You know, it was kind of like coming out of hiding. Really. There’s a there’s a chapter in my book, true story. I was dating a gal. And I had this chest cold for like six weeks, I couldn’t seem to shake and I was kind of an athlete at the time. And so she and so we went for a run on our first date, but couldn’t keep up. And she goes, You should go see my nutritionist. And I was like, I think I eat okay, but Okay, I’ll go see your nutritionist. Well, the nutritionist turned out to be a psychic. And she just heard a little cover is nutritionist. And I went there for 20 minutes. And there’s like this awkward silence between us. And this, she suddenly blurts out, she says, You have grief trapped in your chest, and it goes all the way back to earliest childhood. And honestly, this is a gal that that’s going to tell me to eat more vegetables, you know, but you know, it rang true. And I knew it and she hands me this homeopathic remedy called lung it says, I want you to go home and do whatever you can to try and cry. You got so much grief in there. You don’t even know what to do with it. And so I didn’t know I was sometimes tear up during certain sappy movies. So, and I was single at the time, and I still went home and started watching sad movies. And it took a little bit of practice, but all of a sudden was like the floodgates like I was on my hands and knees just crying. Good. I don’t know what the hell I was crying up, it was just all pent up. And I remember getting done going, Wow, this feels really good. But wonder people do this. You know, it’s like this huge catharsis. And so, you know, I kind of have the, the rigid man face on I think a lot of times and so a lot of the journey has been into feeling and being okay with that. It’s still not easy for me to cry openly in public. But I’m not afraid of it anymore, either.

Joshua T Berglan 19:14
That’s, I’ve been crying. I knew this crying thing is new for me too. I remember, it was a it was about a year and a half ago. And I was you know, my marriage was new to my wife, like literally brand new. And I remember her two daughters, which I claim as my own now. But I remember when they broke my heart, and I’ve never liked kids. I’ve struggled in every relationship by you know, love has been such a foreign thing. And I remember when they broke my heart and I was like, Oh no. Because normally when kids would do something that was mean I’m like, You know what, go after yourself. A little brat. Like what have anything to do with you? And that’s kind of how I had that attitude of my own kids. Like, I mean, honestly, I’m not proud of that. But I just didn’t like children. They were annoying. They got my way. But I was selfish. Like I wanted life was about me. And of course, you know, I couldn’t even really take care of myself. So how in the world was going to take care of kids? Well, God worked on my heart, you know, then I wanted a family. And then I really wanted a family and I really wanted a wife. And I wanted to do things the right way, finally, but I remember that day, they broke my heart. And I was like, oh, no, I’m done. And sure enough, every sense, i My heart gets broken, I cry, and then I feel better. But I but I’m crying. And my wife is a crier. But most women, I think most women are. But my point when she cries, she goes, I just need to release it. Well, I started hearing her say that, it made sense to me. I just need to release it like this crying is an emotional breakthrough. If I stop myself from crying, because I’m a man, and I’m macho, and I’m six foot two and 250 pounds on not gonna cry, and then. And then all of a sudden, I have anxiety, my heart hurts. I feel like I’m gonna have a heart attack, if I stop it. But if I just let myself cry, I’m finding that it’s strengthening. Do you know what there’s like a psychology behind

John David Latta 21:31
that? Yeah, well, I can tell you, well, two things. There’s a lot of really, really amazing spiritual books out there that say, that is the journey, that we all have the sort of wounds and traumas buried inside of us. And they actually don’t want to hang around they want to release. But being that you know, that free flow of emotion, it’s hard for a lot of people. And as you know, I’m going to Gen generalize, it’s generally harder for guys, but I think it’s harder for some women to, you know, to kind of have that rigid, masculine kind of mindset, don’t want to reveal themselves out of fear. And it just one thing after another, it gets buried. And there are some cod, all sorts of books about letting go and surrender. It’s about half the experience, let the emotion come up, feel it completely and then let it go. But you don’t want to get stuck there. Either. You don’t want to get stuck in that trauma. You know, the thing that made you cry, and recreate it over and over again, but you also don’t want to tamp it down to suppress it either. And I think in I learned much later in Chinese medicine, certain emotions that are unexpressed, get trapped in the organs and cause all sorts of problems. And I realized later, there’s a number of medical systems that say unexpressed grief, can create problems with the lungs, and memory. And I when I gone to see the psychic nutritionists, I had had a whole history of colds dropping down into my chest and hanging out there for a couple of weeks. I just thought that was normal. It took me maybe two years to be a little more free flowing with my emotions, but the chest colds are 99% gone now. And you know, they have you know, unexpressed anger, I think causes problems in the liver, and unexpressed, I think all too much fear can cause problems in the kidneys. And so there really is something to be learned about just letting the emotion come, let it pass through you let it be an experience, because you need to tamp it down, it can cause health problems over time.

Joshua T Berglan 23:38
Yeah, I, you know, I, the reason I like I like talking about this and how our pain and emotions and lack of forgiveness is shows up in our body. And that is a taboo subject amongst a lot of believers, which is, I have half of my audience that has an audience of believers because I’m a follower of Jesus. And then the other half is Buddhist, atheist, Hindu and click in a new age and everything else. It’s a very interesting mix of people. And I love all but one of the things that gets and I think the reason why I do have a diverse audience in that respect, is that we do talk about these subjects. The church doesn’t like to say that like talk about this subject because it sounds New Agey, but that’s not the case at all, like our cancers and these other diseases show up that really have a lot to do with our emotions, the emotions that we’re holding on to the anger, the resentment all all this low vibrating crap. And of course believers don’t like to talk about vibrating music, but that’s another conversation anyway. Um, but these are real things that that are true and proven. One of my friends is her name is Pamela Gregory. She’s known as the forgiveness queen, and she literally goes to cancer. hospitals in works with people and just walk them through the forgiveness process. And you know what happens? Terminal cancers go away. Yeah, hamsters are gone. Or it heals to a point where they no longer need to take the medications. Their lives are extended, in a lot of cases, all from just forgiving. So there’s something to this that we need to be paying attention to. And, and I and so I love these conversations. So for you, though, when she’s telling you in your chest, like you’re hanging on to this stuff, like did you look at her like she was insane? When she told you that? No, do weird

John David Latta 25:41
thing is I kind of had that ring of truth in an instant. Because you know, to be honest, Joshua. I had gone when everything. So this was probably two years after everything had fallen apart my life. And I was my first time I went into therapy, and my therapist put me in a group. And and the first thing that came out in the group was when I was an infant, I was four months old, my mother was in a near fatal car crash and in the hospital for six months, wasn’t even expected to live, I went to live with relatives, we were living in Southern California at the time, I went to live with relatives in Seattle. And, you know, my therapists in the, you know, the group is like, oh, that probably had a profound effect on you. You didn’t bond with your mother, you’re connected to your mother and say, I can’t be I don’t remember any of that I was a little baby. But maybe it did. Because the nutritionist said, there’s something there’s early, there’s grief chapter in your body all the way going, go back to early childhood, something with you and your mother. And it just popped in my head like, Hmm, you know, because I talk about there’s a conscious mind and unconscious mind. You know, if I had some kind of, you know, let’s call it a sense of not bonding with my mother or abandonment or whatever you want to call it. He was entirely unconscious to me, like, I don’t remember anything prior to age three. But you know, the more I’m kind of opened my mind, the more I went, you know, maybe that’s a possibility. And, you know, my dad was he was a marine engineer, and neither my parents expressed a lot of emotion or tears. And, and so let’s just say it wasn’t encouraged, or it wasn’t something that that my family did. It’s ironic. My dad’s Italian was like, where’s your where’s your passion? So, but it’s not true. Not my case. My dad’s case now, they miss a northern Italian southern Italian thing. So. But anyway, I’m not sure if I’m answering your question. But there, you know, I want to I want to segue into this. You know, listen to you talk about your audience, believers, non believers. So Edgar Casey, is the greatest Christian mystic, probably in history, but a lot of Christians don’t read his stuff. And a lot of them do. And, you know, he was a great healer. And a lot of people came to Edgar Casey and asked for a reading, when they had some kind of medical difficulty that that regular doctors couldn’t solve. And there’s literally I think, almost 10,000 recorded readings and the other case museum. And one of the things he it, they call him today, the godfather of holistic medicine, because one of the things is reading said, problems come from some really basic things, crappy diet, there really weren’t clients that he read for that ate nothing but white bread and bacon all the time. Exercise, exercise, but what he really called movement, just moving the body, undiagnosed injuries. But here’s the big one. Coming back to talking about forgiveness, He had people that, you know, one lady said, you know, had all Africa with her health problems were and he said, You’ve been angry at your ex husband for 20 years. You gotta get what up, you’re killing your body. And so kind of be full circle, coming back to this thing about forgiveness. And we all have kind of little buried wounds and traumas and stuff like that. I think the more the best way to put it. If you really want to know God intimately, it’s more a question of letting go and forgiving than it is chasing anything. There’s just a bunch of stuff we all have in us that’s blocking it. Okay, does that make?

Joshua T Berglan 29:26
Oh, I’m so glad you’re here because you reminded me of the word mistake. And this first of all, how do you define the word mystic?

John David Latta 29:35
Well, a lot of God that’s a great question. So how I define it is I’m able to get information from something other than just my memory or my mind and so some people call it God some people call it Jesus. Some people call it your higher self. Some people messages from results. Some people call it I get messages from guides or angels. But these this information that you can’t get from a book or from just irregular head is very helpful. Yeah, so now for some people mystic means they can tune into oneness and its beauty and peace. But that’s, for me. It’s more like like this Edgar Casey, there’s, there’s more information out there. Can you access it?

Joshua T Berglan 30:20
Yeah. And so I, this is, again, why I love having these conversations that break outside of the walls of the church. Because it’s important to have these conversations because first and foremost, I want to make this part clear. And I think some of my audience knows this. But the Bible that most of us read is not the complete Bible. And if you think it is, then you’re, you probably believe what you hear on the news. The I got ahead, this, this started with what originally started with having flat Earth Dave and I, it’s not even about if the earth is flat or not. But it was like, okay, like, you know, what, maybe it could be hollow could be shaped like a pair of boobs, I don’t care, it doesn’t matter. The fact is, I don’t really believe anything that I’m told by our government either. So I went from that and kind of escaped out of it. It’s like, yeah, this NASA stuff is, you know, whatever. So that’s what I started with this attitude. And then I’m reading Genesis the other day. And I started this new book, new devotional book, and it was had as the verses in and I’m reading Genesis, the very first thing it talks about is pineal, which is not the pineal gland, but not the gland, but the place. But in the word that I saw, it just jumped off the page, and it said, the brain is the Garden of Eden, and the forbidden fruit is the third eye. Now, I don’t believe that the third eye is bad for us to tap into naturally. I do believe if we go and take a bunch of psychedelic to experience that could be the part that’s forbidden, like you can naturally access this. But if you’re trying to force it and manufacture it, that’s you trying to play God, but that’s a sidebar conversation. But when it just screamed off the page, the brain is the Garden of Eden. And I couldn’t shake it, it was bothering me. I’m like, okay, that actually makes sense to me. But I gotta sit with this for a while. And I did. And then I kept reading, and it kept jumping off the page and jumping off the page and jumping off the page. And I’m like, I gotta pay attention to this. So I went started researching. Now I’m at this place of like, okay, now the pineal gland, or the brain is the Garden of Eden. And so when I go back and read Genesis, from that viewpoint, all of a sudden, Genesis begins to make sense for the first time ever, because the creation story to me is like, something’s not right, because I think there’s two creation stories in Genesis, that so like, there’s, there’s some parts that have always bothered me enough to question it? Well, when I think of it as the brain, I all of a sudden change. So then with that, the Bible is making a lot of sense, but then it feels incomplete. I’m not being blasphemous, people chill out, it feels incomplete. So I’m starting to go What about these other gospels that were taken out of the original Bible? So I went and spent some time in one Enoch, and the Gospel of Thomas, and I’m, you know, what it’s like my spirit up is much as anything else that I’ve read in the Bible. So then I go read some of the Gospel of Judas. And I’m like, that government that sounds like what Jesus would say to point is that there was a disconnect, like, you know, it’s kind of like what they wanted us to separate with maths six, six feet apart. And it’s almost like they if they know that if we can put the whole piece together, then we’re going to figure out the truth. So if I divide us and separate us as much as possible, and they put all these wedges between us so that we don’t realize one that we’re more alike than different, but to that there’s some truth in

the spiritual but not religious, and the followers of Jesus and religion. There’s some truth in there that has been cut enough that it has us at odds with each other where we’re fighting over theology, and we’re fighting over interpretations and we’re fighting over books of the Bible and religions and other things. So I’ve gotten to this place if my faith in Jesus has not changed. Following Jesus is what is a lot is is is at my life of hell, and evil and destruction and the pain and suffering that I caused other people and myself. It was following Jesus that freed me from that life. And that renewed my mind and changed my heart and has changed everything. So I’m not walking away from my faith. However, there is more to our faith more to God than we Believe and this is my final point is that I think that religious people and even Christians, and most followers of Jesus look as God as only this external thing, where we have to go, God, come here, where are you God, when the whole time, he’s sitting right here inside of us also. And the way that we treat our temple, the way that we treat our body where God and the Holy Spirit dwells, has a lot to do with how much we hear from God. What do you think about that

John David Latta 35:36
was a damn good sermon. So Well, one thing I love, you kind of ended with your hand right over your heart center there, and

Joshua T Berglan 35:47
my sweater I’m trying to?

John David Latta 35:51
Well, so you can have a lot of really awesome things. You know, a lot of really wise people and say, everybody’s at their own level of understanding. And so it’s why it’s sometimes so freaking hard to communicate with people, because I heard somebody say, you know, if you’ve ever heard the term, there’s an old soul or a young soul or middle aged soul, or soul out of people that say, On earth today, we have kindergarteners and elementary school and junior high, high school, college PhD levels, all together. And so it’s difficult to communicate with all these different what they call levels of consciousness, and you I’m sure you’ve run into it, you can’t talk some people out of these things, until they’re ready. And you’ve I know, I’ve experienced and you probably have in your own journey, there was a time probably when you were 20, when you thought you had to figure it out, then 25, then maybe you changed your mind a little bit, and then 30, and then 35. And so actually, you know, applaud people who use Jesus as their teacher their guide, because he is what I think at some level, we’re all aspiring to, at our own pace. Does that make sense? And yeah,

Joshua T Berglan 37:13
we’re given the grace to go at the pace that we go. Yeah. And that’s the amazing part, like we have, I think what you were saying is, and I actually posted something very similar the other day, that, you know, we walk out what we believe is true, we live in the truth that are these, some of those that are intending to walk in truth, because some people want to live a lie. But those that intend to walk in truth, sometimes walk in that truth long enough to figure out that that’s not really true. And but God gives us the grace to figure that out. And I think that is a beautiful thing.

John David Latta 37:50
I think it is too, and I don’t think you can Okay, from my point of view, I don’t think you can really see that, unless you’re here, I got a little taller my hand over my heart center there, you know, I used to see these beautiful paintings and pictures of Jesus and Mary with their heart of flame and kind of leaping out of their chest. You know, as I understand it, the heart center is the center of God’s love or divine love, or Christ’s love within us. And it’s got it. It’s a unique function. You know, you might be familiar with the chakra system and the third eye, but the heart is unique because it unifies the body and the mind. It unifies all the shockers it kind of opens you up completely. It unifies the upper chakras that they sometimes call heaven, and the lower ones they call Earth, at some, you know, unifies masculine and feminine it. You know, I heard somebody say it loves the whole show. And it’s the seed of compassion. And you know, a lot of these people that are seeking mystical experiences and psychic stuff from Third Eye stuff, if they spend more time in the heart, the third eye will open quite naturally. But it’ll be from a place of love and compassion, not from a place of fear and control. Does that make sense? Oh, it

Joshua T Berglan 39:09
absolutely does. And that I believe that’s the dangerous part of people playing God and trying to open it themselves by, you know, forceful techniques or drugs or hallucinogenics. Like I and again, I don’t have a definite opinion yet on this or something. I’m willing to stay this back. It’s just a belief that I’m walking in. But I I’ve noticed that since I’ve kind of gone on this journey now with the Lord and where he’s, he’s taking me and showing me to look into read. It’s answering these questions. It’s like, yeah, that third I put there for a reason. I put your pineal gland there for a reason. And yeah, you know what? The government puts fluoride in water and they don’t and the foods that we eat can calcify your pineal gland and those are those are dangerous things. Absolutely. And then I had this thought of like, well, why are all these religious leaders waving? On every statue, they’ve got a pine cone, like, this may be a pineapple, but whatever work with me. So I’m gonna pile up. So there, and then they have the Third Eye symbolism and everything and in the entertainment industry in Hollywood. So it’s like, okay, so are what’s going on, where’s the contradiction? I and I, I believe that this is God’s gift for all of us. However, he wants us to go about whether it’s obedience, like walking in obedience, living the life treating our body as a temple, like watching what we consume, what we listen to, watching the words that we say, then we can get to a place where our pineal or third eye will open naturally, and then God will speak to us from that place. And that’s how we know that it’s truly God. But when we start channeling other spirits, or tapping into it with drugs and other things, well, we could be opening a portal to something we don’t want to open. That’s kind of where I’m at with it. So I don’t really recommend anyone go off and try to open their third eye, especially if they’ve got a bunch of resentment and anger and other things going on in their heart. Because you could be setting yourself up for some very interesting demonic experiences, at least in my experience.

John David Latta 41:33
Yeah. I am not a, I was raised Catholic, but I stopped being Catholic when I was 14, when I was going to church, and my mother went to church and wasn’t covering her head anymore. And I said, Hey, Mom, it’s a sin if you don’t cover your head, and you know, oh, the church elders changed the rules. It’s okay if a woman goes to church, so I like covering her head. And I was so aghast, I just suddenly occurred to me, like, What the hell, you mean, men make all these rules, I thought God was making all the rules. So I was very resistant. That was the end of my religious education. So I’m not a good Catholic. But you know, in my book, I have a number of chapters, one in particular, a long one, where I went through what I call the Jesus phase, and Jesus showed up regularly teaching me and so try and run from it. But there he was. And so there was a quote, and I’m not going to get this exactly right. But I think effectively, it was, you know, Seek first the kingdom and that all will be given to you. And so, for me, that kingdom feels like divine love. And because I felt like that’s what Jesus was really expressing that was his fearlessness about going to heal and be with people from all walks of life. And, and so I think that applies to anybody, not just a Christian, Seek first the kingdom and that all will be given to you. And

Joshua T Berglan 42:59
the principle, it’s a universal principle that applies to everyone,

John David Latta 43:04
you are exactly right.

Joshua T Berglan 43:07
That were given to live, you’re going to experience the kingdom of heaven. Like that. across every religion has remained true. So now, does that bring up a lot of questions for me? Sure. It does, you know, but, and I’m not ready, I’m prepared to answer any of it. Because I do know, I tried the universal God approach. I tried Hinduism, I tried to Buddhism, I tried all of these other religions. And nothing truly, nothing did it for me. But I had my experience with the holy spirit with God. And I mean, I won’t go into the story now, but it’s out there. And when I was in jail, and I, the experience was supernatural, and it was crying out for Jesus that didn’t, he was crying out for the Holy Spirit that did it. So that’s why my faith can’t be shaken by anything else that I hear, because I know the exact process who I was talking to who my heart was pouring out to in the process, and that’s what changed my life. But you know, what, for me to sit there and talk about someone else’s experience. That’s not fair. And it’s not right, because I don’t know what words they use. I don’t know, any of that stuff. And so, you know, maybe that’s why we have a diverse audience that talk about my love for Jesus, I don’t know. But I do know, that we we know less than we actually know. And there’s been a lot that we should know, that has made been made almost impossible for us to find. But we are in that time. And now in this in the this the in the history of our planet, that all the tension is being revealed. That means The truth that’s been hidden from us about not just religions and gods and, and and, and aliens and, and who, who our leaders really are and stuff like that, but I mean, it’s all it’s all been uncovered. And I think that’s what’s happening right now, amongst believers amongst just humans in general, whether you’re believer or not, they’re awakening to, oh my gosh, this world is not exactly what I thought it was. And that is a pretty special place to be, I believe.

John David Latta 45:32
I totally agree. And I think it’s happening individually too, because it’s not only are we seeing all the lies and things have been hidden and buried for who knows hundreds or 1000s of years, coming to light now, but also individually, I think. You know, I think each of us, collectively and individually, is learning to trust what I would call our own intuition. And so, for me, a lot of my intuition comes in the form of dreams, not all. And so I’ll give you an example of really one of my favorite stories in my book, true story. This is a dream. I am, I’m fishing. I used to love to fly fish, and I’m fishing and it feels everything about it feels like the end of summer. It’s like September and the sun is setting. It’s this beautiful warm beam and fishing. And I’m cranky, I’m sitting there empty, cranky about something anyway, somebody’s tapping I’m waiting waist deep in this river and somebody’s tapping my children is Jesus. True story. And it looks just like a Christmas carol. You know, like my ghost of Christmas past as well, he takes me upstream on the river we’re following it will go pass all these farmers where we go high up into the mountains where the stream is. And we see a bunch of crooks, thieves, cops, you know, graffiti billboards. You know, there’s like this war going on, you know, and Jesus just looks at me, and he says, John, this is not your TrueNorth. And they understand and he takes me all the way back downstream. We’re literally walking on water, and I’m waving to the farmers, even though they can’t see us. And to go all the way back down and fishing. I knew what he was trying to tell me I have this habit when I was young, of fighting and being really argumentative. And he’s like, Nah, no more. You’re an old man. Now you can stop, you can love you can be wise, you’re not that fighter anymore. That was back when you were a teenager. And so, so again, that was a very, but that’s an example where I am starting to trust that more than anything else. And so I get dreams, I sometimes get little voices in my head, just little ones. Sometimes a little song gets planted in my head, I just crack up. And and I don’t think it’s all that unusual. I remember Einstein said, he could never figure out why 99% of the time, and he was trying hard to solve something he couldn’t. But as soon as he gave up and took a shower, boom, the idea was right there. And he used to say, intuition is the gift logic is its faithful servant. But we’ve elevated the servant and forgotten the gift. And I would encourage everybody to try, you know, through that experience of love to open to their own intuition, their own inner guidance, because we got that down. What goes on in the news and politics and everything. It’s just not that important anymore, I guess it is. But it’s it doesn’t rattle you that much anymore. And that has been my 20 year journey is I didn’t believe in any of this. And now that that trust in that is rock solid.

Joshua T Berglan 48:46
And I believe that intuition is God. I don’t know any other thing to believe whether I mean, and I’m I mean, I I’m not saying this to brag, I’m saying this, because to emphasize a point, like my wife and I serve full time and give away everything, our broadcast network, the work that we do, I mean, we are in service full time, because that’s what we felt God leading us to do it, it makes zero sense. It makes no, right. None. But that’s what I felt led to do. And you know what, anytime I try to go against that, because I’m nervous about paying rent or nervous about bills, or how am I going to do this? Or how am I gonna do that, like, when I have faith, and I just trust it all works out. I’m doing what my intuition which I believe is God has instructed me to do over and I every time I tried to fight like I said something bad would happen. But when I’m in obedience, and I’m doing what my intuition God tells me to do. Things work out amazingly.

Unknown Speaker 50:00
That’s really extraordinary.

Joshua T Berglan 50:02
But and it’s true. It’s so but we that that same thing, that that is drawing us to something or trying to urge us to take a leap of faith and to do something scary, go up and talk to a stranger and say to them that God loves you exactly the way you are. And it makes no sense to you, but you say it. And in that moment you see their face go.

And you’re gone? How would I have known that? Yeah, how would I have known this? I don’t know who this person is. Like, where would that come from? I believe that that is God. And so you’re right, too many of us, we drown that out with our anger, our rage, or we’re or we allow fear to creep in, because we’re listening to everything external, instead of the only thing I believe to be true on this earth. And that is God that dwells everywhere, but also very much in silence.

John David Latta 51:05
All right. Damn, Joshua, that was your best sermon ever. You got a bunch of them today. But that was the first one. You know, those? I can’t think of any off the top of my head. But those have been some of my favorite books is are people walking your path? Exactly. That doesn’t make sense, for they’re following what feels like guides or intuition. And life was kind of hanging right thread. Sometimes it’s kind of on edge, but it keeps working. And I think that’s a lot of people’s journey is that journey into trust, and it can be frickin scary. There’s a book I love is a crazy name by Lorna Byrne called Angels in my hair, and she was raised Irish Catholic, and she sees angels and sees angels from from birth. In fact, she was labeled, I think, I forget not stupid or ignorant. But she would never be looking people in the eyes because she would see angels around people all the time. So they thought she wasn’t intelligent, couldn’t do well in school. And then, in her version of reality, we all every single one of us has a guardian angel. And every single one of us has that guardian angel whispering in our ear, but most of us just say, listen, but she and him out today, she wrote that book, it was a huge bestseller. She’s written a bunch of other she’s doing great, but boy, life was not easy. For the first 40 years of her life. She was kind of hanging by a thread, but I think she was kind of learning that saying, trust, trust, trust, trust, you’re not, we’re not gonna let you go over the edge. You’re not gonna die. Just trust and keep going. And so I love what you’re doing brother. And the part of me that likes to have a lot of money squirreled away get so squirmish listening to it, but I totally hear you

Joshua T Berglan 52:54
say I’m spoiled rotten. I mean, I grew up a country club kid, and I knew what is success look like, I was going to black tie events as a punk kid spending all day at the country club. I mean, that was my life. I mean, so I liked nice things. But the last car I owned was $105,000 BMW that I was homeless. And so I learned, you know, I got humbled, because I was like Rocky prick. I mean, I was, I was the worst. And I still work on it. Like I, you know, I’ve got ego that wants to creep in. But I really feel like, this was an important lesson for me, because it did help me break my ego. It taught me to learn how to trust God, not anyone else, I really have a hard time trusting people. I’m working. Because I mean, we live in a world that is full of deceit and lies and confusion. So it’s like, I’m not putting my faith and trust in anyone else. But I am going to trust enough to act in love and to try and do my best to be love. Because I do want to be not just Christ like but I want to be an example, to other people. I also want to be that example of somebody who lost everything publicly embarrassed themselves, has, you know, lived the worst, most evil, broken life possible, and then makes the decision to give his life to the Lord and then start living in faith by Well, serving full time and serving with media and broadcasting like very expensive things. Yeah. And you know what, I gotta tell you, not only is my faith muscle been exercised so much that there’s nothing that God would tell me to do that I wouldn’t do. And then the other part is that I get to see miracles every day now, and I like that, like you talked about, I don’t see angels. I mean, I guess if I was tripping on mushrooms or something. But I mean, I don’t see him now. I don’t necessarily see in the spirit world of the courtrooms of heaven and other things that other people say that they experience. I’ve never experienced that. But what I do get are some really interesting downloads, visions, or dreams, or all of them together at one time. God showing me things that are, it’s pretty amazing. And I get to go act on those things. And that, to me is quite the dream life. I mean, it’s isolating and lonely, sometimes even, you know, being married with kids, but the life we’ve chosen to live is, is pretty scary. But it’s also beautiful. Because again, we get to see miracles every day. And I don’t know about you, I love seeing miracles, because what else builds your faith? You know, I mean, but faith really, I’m sorry, but miracles have a tendency to really, really sharpen your faith.

John David Latta 55:52
I’m with you. That’s, that’s half my damn book. I mean, in fact, probably most of my book is just things that I was convinced weren’t possible or somebody’s imagination, make believe, you know, and one, you know, in fact, the title the synchronous they love, what I was trying to explore was, the more you to the best of your ability, try and be love, be in that state of love. It’s the more miracles happen the more coincidences happen, the more things my logical mind says, What the hell? What are the chances are that and that happens again and again, little things like you said, the trust your intuition to say something to somebody and then they break down and or even the reverse sometimes my little voice says, shut up, don’t say anything, just listen. Mouth, the ego too. And sometimes I override that little voice, he says, and are still learning to listen that quiet little voices, don’t say anything, just let them talk, you know, and just just love them. You know? So and, and so, I heard somebody say those sorts of miracles are so important for people who are thirsty, or those little Miracles St. Just like you, I get dreams, I get downloads, I trust them I follow that adds a certain level of enchantment to life. That wasn’t there before. And I’m very grateful for that.

Joshua T Berglan 57:24
I love that. And this synchronicity is another word. And I most it’s a it’s a common word, synchronicity. But I heard it used I had a guy on it’s been probably six months or so. He is a what is the type of scientist Neos neuro neuroscientist. Oh, fart. I forgot. It’s I’ve never actually heard the term. But it’s a new edek noetic scientist. Yeah. And I still don’t know a whole lot about it. But one of the things that they speak about are the supernatural, like synchronicities. Yeah. And so every since I had him on, I started to notice. And it’s also probably coincided with my heart opening up more, and so on, to go with the synchronicity of love. But I’ve noticed these very unusual, unusual and relatively foreign to me synchronicities, where I can think of a food and see it show up in my life, three different ways. That same day, I can think of a person don’t normally if you think of the person they call, I think of the person and next thing I know, I’m getting an email from them, then someone else is talking about them in another conversation, and then I’m seeing something about them in an article or TV again, it’s coming in threes in three different ways. Yeah, I’m seeing it almost every single day. And it’s been like this for the last month. I can’t explain it. I don’t know what it is. But it really trips me out every single time. Do you know what that is?

John David Latta 59:10
I can’t speak knowledgeably as a scientist. I can tell you and you probably you’ve probably had this experience. I want to say the more I know, the more I realize how freakin little I know. Like it’s it’s it’s the journey is awesome. But it’s really humbling to and and so I think in our 3d human world, we have time, but it’s just sort of an artificial construct and we all buy into it. We all use it. I don’t think it’s a conspiracy. It’s just kind of how it is. But I’m not sure I know how to put it into words. I think in some ways. Time is linear in the way we think it is. That’s number one. And two, I actually think our lives might be a little more scripted than we know. Which is why surrendering makes things easier, not harder. You know, I totally honor we all we all have freewill. It’s true. But I sometimes think in the bigger picture, I’m gonna loosely call it you could, your soul or God, he, she is what’s really in charge. And so when you start to have these, you know, literally mind opening experiences. I want to, I want to tell you hang on to things because it can be it can be really disruptive. You know, I’m kind of a very grounded rooted kind of guy. And sometimes they can really throw you for a loop, like, What the hell, you know. And I had somebody tell me once, because I tend to overthink things. So you guys know, it’s good. When you’re processing something, it’s good to let it go once in a while, you know, just say, well, I beat that thought up to death, I think I’m gonna let that go for a while. Don’t think he can always think these things, the more becomes? I don’t know, it kind of just becomes a part of you in and it’s better sometimes to not overthink it. I don’t know if that’s answering your question. The answer is I don’t really know. But it’s fascinating.

Joshua T Berglan 1:01:20
So I was in my Bible today, when I was reading, there was a commentary Well, leading up to what I read in the Bible, it was a commentary on Mark. And that was reminded of the word upside down kingdom, which reminded me of the word paradox. Yeah. Like to live we have to die to ourself. Right? No, that’s, that’s living and to be the most powerful place we can be is in surrender. Yeah. And, like, so what you’re saying remind, it also is reminding me of that thought. And it’s true. It’s, it’s, it’s almost like we’re supposed to live exactly the opposite of what we’ve been told. And it seems to work like our food. Like even though the food pyramid out of what our education system is indoctrination. It’s not learning. I’m reading a book, hold on, I’m gonna grab it. I’ll be right back. Okay.

I’m shocked how few people know about this book. But have you ever heard of Neo think? No, but

John David Latta 1:02:33
it looks like a beast, big book, I’m writing a monster,

Joshua T Berglan 1:02:37
it’s 1500 pages long. No. It is 1200 pages long. Is

when you start reading, if you if you read it. You it’s truly it’s the secrets of the universe secrets of life book wrapped into a story about grade school kids. And, and it is, I don’t know if it’s a true story or not. I’m literally only on chapter 12. Of I’ve got a ways to go. But I gotta tell you, there’s not a page that goes by and there it’s, it’s it’s easy to read. But there’s so much meat on every and this is interwoven into basically a children’s story. And it is the most powerful book, but essentially, it’s about truth. And it’s about getting to the essence of things, not what our eyes perceive not our perceptions, not what we think but literally getting to the truth and the true essence of things. And it has shifted my mind on life and everything. And again, it’s another one of those books that really kind of makes the Bible make even more practical sense. It’s less of a, you know, a story hour and some people could say it’s folklore made up stories are, I don’t know about any of that. Because, you know, there’s historical stuff. And I’m not ready for those arguments. Because i The fact is, I love the Bible. I love what’s in it. I really love the parts that were taken out because I’ve added them back in and I read that. Yeah, but now it’s like when I read other books like that, even when it may appear like it’s contradicting my beliefs. What I’m finding is it’s sharpening my beliefs, and it’s ruining my faith even deeper. And I love that but the way that you speak and you communicate, I’ve never I don’t really show that book to a lot of people. But the way that you speak in this path and journey that you’re on, especially with love, it made me think that I should show you this book for you to read, cuz it’ll blow your mind entirely. Don’t have it down. I don’t know if they’ve ever I mean, I don’t know if it’s a movie or you know, that will turn it into a movie. I have no idea. But it’s moving, to say the least. Anyway, there was one other thing I want to ask you sure, because I kind of touched on it, but I skipped over and I made this note with because one of the parts you would see, transform, awaken and heal. When we because one of the things that people are awakening to, is that they’ve been lied to, no one likes to be lied to, no one likes to be stolen from either. Even if you’re a Steeler you don’t want to be stolen from. And you don’t want that, you know, one doesn’t feel good. So if we’re waking up to the reality that the reality that we’ve been told that we’re living in is not true. And we’re really upset about discovering these lies, that’s going to weigh really heavy for some people, not everybody is awakened, yet more people will be. But when they do, there’s going to be a lot of anger, a lot of resentment, and a lot of other things going on a lot of confusion. A lot of some people just won’t believe the truth and they see it, there’s going to be some of that. But with love being so important. And in every sense of the word, everything that love really is. How are we going to be able to help people get to that place of love on the supernatural level that we’ve been speaking about when most people’s worlds are going to be shattered? In discovering this truth?

John David Latta 1:06:48
Yeah, that’s that’s your best question ever. You know, I think, first of all, I think patients, anytime something like that happens to people now there’s gonna be backlash. I think, in my own case, time after time, I would push back completely later to go, oh, maybe they are telling the truth. Maybe they’re right. God dammit, you know. And, and so I think just patience with people compassion. I believe not everybody does, that. Even the manipulators and the controllers are not healed and awake, either. We’ve got to have compassion for the ones that are hiding things, too. Why are they hiding things, probably for the same reason that the rest of us struggle, they got their own issues around fear and scarcity. And so and, you know, one of the things that enriches the media nowadays is preying on people’s egos getting them to take sides. Are you a Republican or a Democrat, you know, and you see the media has gone, not that media has ever been perfect, but the true journalists who tried to take an unbiased view of things, they’re like history now. And so now media, everybody’s kind of speak into their own piece. And so I think just a broader understanding, compassion, patience, people are going to get to that more. You know, I want to give you a story. I told my book that this isn’t for everybody. But I think you’ll get the deeper meaning to this. And this ultimately was a message from Christ. I went on a with my wife to England on a tour of sacred sites throughout England. And so we have to Stonehenge and I was really cool. Everything was cool about all the people in the trip, were cool. Everything is trip, except my freaking hand and our tour group leader. I know and I like oh my god, I’m gonna be stuck with this woman for 10 days, and she was tall. She was mouthy. Blustery, so centered. You know, she’s like a passionate Italian, but with none of the joy. She was all the anger and conspiracies and, and I’m like, I can’t stand her, you know. And so I had heard of this healing process. It was Hawaiian called Whole pono pono. And I’m not even sure I understood it very well. But the idea is to go into your heart and see that person is a part of you. And so I sat there and by the way, when we went there was a freakish once in every 100 year heatwave was 100 degrees every day and nothing in England is air conditioned. We’d hang out in the freezers in the grocery store. It was so bloody hot are these little hotels on the third floor with no air conditioning? So and you know, eight hour time difference. It wasn’t like I was getting a sleep. So I’m laying there in the night saying over and over again. I’m trying to picture this tour group leader who I can’t stand and I looking at her going and it keeps I’m sorry, I love you. Please forgive me, as if she was a part of me. As if I was rejecting that part of me. That’s mouthy. Blustery, self centered loves a good conspiracy theory. And I do have that part of me. But you know, me too. So, yeah. Well, and I kept I did it for a whole hour, you know. And the next morning, I wake up, I go downstairs in height, shit, you know, it’s like, We’re best friends. We’re throwing our arms around each other, hugging each other, like longtime pals. And now I don’t know, I can’t It’s not that I can’t stand her. Now, I think she’s funny. And that she shares candidly that, you know, she’d had some problems with her father growing up some really difficult problems, and I just kind of gone well, maybe she’s just, you know, because she seemed kind of anti man, let’s just put it that way. Anti patriarchy wanted to kill George Bush. You know, all those damn Republicans, you know, kill the patriarchy. And this, she candidly pulls me aside says, you know, I usually have women on my tours, and the guys that come are either gay or conspiracy theorists. And you’re neither one. And that’s kind of weird for me.

Well, in all these beautiful things happened, and we went and it sounds funny, we meditated in a crop circle, but I couldn’t seem to meditate. So I just walked a circle around all these women meditating. And she comes up with like, Thank you for walking around and made me feel so safe was like, I didn’t know I was doing that, you know. And then we go to Stonehenge, we had private sunrise ceremony at Stonehenge. And I pulled her aside and said, you know, thank you for putting this whole tour together, it must have taken a lot of courage to get these people from all over the world, you got all these crazy logistics, and she starts crying and says, You have no idea how much that means to me. I thank you. And so I wrote a story about that my book True story. And I ended up with a quote from Jesus, it said, Love your neighbor, as yourself. And so that is so profound from the point of view of the heart. When you see that guy or woman out there, you can’t stand, there’s some element to you and that other person, love your neighbor as yourself. And so am I really good at practicing that day? In and out? No, but they experienced with me and it’s in? So that’s a long answer to a question. I think patience, forgiveness, compassion. A lot of people are, like you said, going through it now. And maybe it’s gonna get worse before it gets better.

Joshua T Berglan 1:12:24
I, I love that example that you gave. I learned something. I think what I try not to say the word I’m sorry. I’ll apologize. Yeah. But there’s a whole I’m sensitive to words. And this is something I’m working on myself to work through. But one of the things that I do is I when I’m in could potential bad moment, because I have a temper. And I’ve worked on it. And I have done better. But I am also feisty, and I love to argue and I also love to be right. And I’m flawed. I’m but I love me and I’ve tried to do is Whisper I love you, under my breath before I actually speak. Yeah. And I found that it’s really, really challenging to tell someone to go F themselves. When you’re saying I love you right before it is almost impossible. So I do something similar. Because again, my I’m a fighter, and when I fight, I want the death blow as quickly as possible. I just want to separate your head. I’m not literally, but you know what I mean? Like, I want to end it. So I’m gonna go for the thing that I know is going to hurt you the worst, right? Just not exactly the most Jesus Christ like example. But that is where I’m coming from as far as anger and rage and, you know, being violent the way that I was. That’s one of the ways that I’ve helped trick myself to keep me from saying things that I can’t take back. So I really love your example.

John David Latta 1:14:06
Ah, thank you very much.

Joshua T Berglan 1:14:07
So, in your book, that’s it. We’ll wind it down after this but in your book, The in the stories that you’re sharing, out of all the stories that are in your book, what was the one that probably took you by the most surprise

John David Latta 1:14:32
there’s one I almost hesitate to share over

Joshua T Berglan 1:14:34
the air. Oh, the good, please. So

John David Latta 1:14:37
there we go. There we go. Okay, I’m going to tell you the whole story. So some of your more fundamentalist listeners hang in there till the end. So I’m dating. Remember the gal I started dating, but I couldn’t keep up with running because I have the bad chest cold. So yeah, three months later, we’re dating and we had rom Dawson’s book Eat here now and on the back of that it’s it’s split into three parts. And, and ROM das from my point of view is teaching nothing but love to that’s just that’s his teaching. But the back of the book, he’s got all these spiritual practices and exercises he calls spiritual cookbook. And so I’m with my cool hot girlfriend who wants two likes to experiment to and like, wouldn’t be cool if we just open one of these exercises and just wouldn’t you know, close your eyes and just point to whatever that is. We’ll do it. Yeah, let’s try it. So we open to the book, with our eyes closed point to it. And the one exercise like point two is called an exercise in sexual Tantra. Oh, all right, well, this is gonna be great. I got my new girlfriend, oh my god. Well, so true story. And at the time, the whole process I was going through was probably letting go in my very rigid, Rask, rigid, rational, masculine and opening up to what people would call my more feminine side. And even write down being in therapy, letting myself be vulnerable, you know, being a better listener, instead of just talking, being loving instead of just fighting. And so the exercise was, you make love, but you offer up the pleasurable feelings to the divine masculine, divine feminine, you could offer it up to Jesus, if you wanted, it was an offering. It was an exercise in devotion. So the pleasure you feel is given as an offering. I’ve never done this before. So I’m just following the instructions. And so my girlfriend at the time, used to pray to Mary all the time. And so we said, Okay, well, let’s, let’s try this. We’ll give it up for the Divine Mother Divine Feminine. Okay, cool. So goes on for 20 minutes. And if anything’s supposed to be happening, it’s not happening to me. I just want good old mortal sex with my hot girlfriend.

Joshua T Berglan 1:16:50
Like, I don’t know if I want to pray before sex. But

John David Latta 1:16:53
anyways, and I look up and I kid you not. I have high ceilings in my bedroom at a time. There’s Mother Mary is clear as day. And I don’t have I can count on one hand the number of visual experiences I’ve had awake, she said what I think you would call her light body, she’s hovering up on the northeast part of the ceiling. Looking to me she’s not like a ghost right to kind of squint to see it. She’s as clear as day hovering there. And I and I go to tell my girlfriend like Holy Mother marries her bedroom, because I could see her the way I was facing, she had her back to her. Okay, this gets even weirder. Suddenly, Mary comes into my body and fills it with love 1000 times greater than any drug, like so much. So I my incident pression was my body’s going to blow up. Like it was too much ecstasy. I know that sounds weird. And then proceeds to pour the cement slab into my girlfriend, John, whatever that is, was like swept aside and going, what the hell is going on. And she’s just the love is beyond belief. And it’s coming out of every corner of my body, it’s coming out of my eyes, and she cradles her face, as if to say I love you. And just when I thought my body was gonna blow up from too much love, it ended. And so you wanted the most over the top, you know, life altering story. And so, and weirdly, my girlfriend at the time had just moved to Seattle, she was a loudmouth, feisty New Yorker had a hell of a mouth on her couldn’t figure out why people of Seattle were so in her respect and passive aggressive, you know, and, and I would say over the next 10 years, she is now a spiritual teacher. Now, she used to drive down the road honking their horn, flipping people off, she kind of still is that way a little bit. But now she’s a spiritual teacher. And she’s really successful at what she does. And something happened in that again, I have one or two other not quite as dramatic as they had experiences like that, or something move through me on behalf of another and transform them. One of them was it felt like Christ moving through me, literally. But this is the humbling part. John, whatever that is, gets swept aside. I don’t do it. It just happens. You know, you heard Jesus say, not I but the Father work through me. That’s the experience. I would love to say. I don’t know. It just It just happened. And so yeah, it was it was difficult for her to because she just said nobody has ever looked at me or love me like that my entire life. She had a lot of issues around self worth and self love. And she’d been adopted. She was young and she had a lot of stuff to work through. And I think everything began to shift in her life after that, and I know

Joshua T Berglan 1:19:51
I don’t I don’t discount that story at all, because I don’t I mean, I I’ve seen too many things in my life. was most of all on drugs. But I and I’ve heard stories like this, and I don’t understand it, so I’m not gonna dismiss it. But I what I the first thought that comes to mind as you share the story is like, you know, you hear preachers say invite Christ into your bedroom, I just never considered having a threesome with Jesus, you know, or married for that matter. And I And I’d never dawned on that. But I do know from some of the more witchcraft based and evil sexual seance stuff that I’ve done, we were attempting to do the same thing, but not with Jesus, and not with Mary or anything holy. And so that’s similar. So that reminds me of that. But I really believe that this is one of those things where I’m pretty sure if a study was done, it’s talking about this not maybe the way that you talked about it in the Bible. And there may, there may be something to that. And then we get into this whole thing about language and the words we use, and God has many names, many, many names. And so in so I’m not a language police guy about what your intuition is that God is that the Holy Spirit, what is that? I don’t know. But I do know that it’s something supernatural. It’s dwelling inside of me. And I like to think of it as God. So I love these kinds of stories. I love everything that you’ve shared today. And again, I may not necessarily align 100%. But I do believe that the faith that people think that they’re walking out as Christians and as believers or as religious people, and then this faith walk that you’re talking about, are closer to being similar than different. You know what I mean? And it’s and that, and I don’t know, if any of us has every single answer to that equation of our faith. I mean, after all, faith is what is faith? It’s not necessarily anything that we can touch. Because if I can touch it, then I will, I mean, is it really faith that I’m, that I’m having? So I like these discussions. And again, it doesn’t mean that you know, every a way of thinking is going to change immediately, or, or whatever. But it does bring a lot of things to the surface that are worth speaking about, especially when we’re trying to understand who exactly are we? What is our real power? What is it that we’re really doing here? Why is sex so powerful? These are all really powerful subjects and things that need to be discussed, and really discussed further. Because right now, I don’t know too many people that feel uncertain, or feel a little bit broken, a little bit hurt right now. And I think that the only way to answer that is really, really being able to immerse and embrace ourselves and every aspect of love. And I, I like that, that you’re this is the direction that you’re heading down. Is there anything else about your book that you would like to share with the audience?

John David Latta 1:23:14
Well, they weren’t all stories like what happened with Mary, that was just the most staggering out of the blue. And the other one

Joshua T Berglan 1:23:21
sutra part. You know,

John David Latta 1:23:24
weirdly, I found a lady online years later that she’s a very sweet Christian lady. And she does, she called them full body channelings of Mary and I thought that must have been what happened to me. She called them full bodied channelings of Mary. And I’ve never heard of or seen such a thing before. But that’s what she does. So but what I want to say is I have a lot of what I would call real life stories, too. I had a difficult time with my daughter, you know, she was a good girl and decided to be a monster bad girl for a while. And so I share a lot of real life stories too, because for a period of time, I was a single dad with two kids 911 custody of them hanging by a thread financially for years, like just no one inch from going under drowning. At the same time going through this huge spiritual awakening. I think in Christian terminology, in the early days, I have a lot of what they would call activity of the Holy Spirit. So there was a lot of just loosely call it energy, a lot of it that did fade over time. But I share real life story. So because I, you know, not everybody that goes through a transformation like this can run off to the you know, the monastery or the ashram or out in the woods. And so I kind of had to learn to do both. And it was advanced sometimes. And I heard you say earlier, sometimes when you’re very connected to all those downloads and the intuition stuff, we can feel a little lonely sometimes. And I remember somebody saying once Yeah, it’s like, used to love to go bowling with all your friends, but now you don’t like to go bowling anymore. And so What do you do? And so the journey also felt like and to this day feel same way, identity shifts over and over and over again, like, I don’t think I’m that same person I was last year. And then just the right time to get settled. Ah, now it’s changing again. And so I talked to somebody just the other day, and he goes, Yeah, but it just never ends. So it’s like, I think I have to accept that there is no beginning middle end. I mean, the ultimate end might be at one with God, okay, that might be the end. But getting there is just, this is how I see the world now. And a year later, now I’m interacting with the world differently again. So that’s where they would like say, there’s a lot of rich spiritual experiences, a lot of interesting dreams and downloads, like I talked about, a lot of just real life stuff in the book opens with me. Basically, what I perceived to be rock bottom, and, and so, and I wrote it 119 short stories, because I have a short attention span. And I like reading a book that I can just randomly open to just read a short story or two. And, and those are my favorite kind of books, Michael Creighton wrote an autobiography called travels to hurt anybody knows about that was the book that opened everything in my life for me, because he was also a very kind of rigid, rational viewpoint on life and realize how much he’d been limiting himself. And sort of trying to like, just like you’re doing, like, Screw it, I’m gonna go read those books myself, I’m gonna go experience these things myself, I’m not going to listen to what friends and family in the news tells me and I was very inspired by that. So I tried to write my book the same way.

Joshua T Berglan 1:26:40
I love that. And I have a short attention span, too, we developed a writing technique to help us actually write our book, because I would, I mean, I’ll I seriously, if I see a squirrel in my backyard, you I may lose 20 seconds with you, because I’m like. So writing is tough. And my mind is always going to 1000 miles an hour, but we figured out a way to be able to help write, but I also like short stories, too, because it’s, you can say, although I do enjoy those longer stories that take a while to develop, like me to think that this that for those long. But at the same time, I can also really, really enjoy episodic, so 10 minutes and eight minutes and six minutes and 15 minutes, like I can get into that just as much. And frankly, it’s easier for my brain to digest that that way. Anyway. So your book, are you still on to the consumer product business? Also,

John David Latta 1:27:43
I sold my company three years ago. So I’m in the Hawking my book business now.

Joshua T Berglan 1:27:48
That’s a fun. Yeah, I have some experience, actually, how I got into media was through him, how I got into entertainment was through having products, and then OEM, and then that opened the doors to media and everything else. But I, you know, working with OEMs, whether we’re skincare cosmetics, different little devices and products, I love that I love that industry, it’s so much fun. Also like it when there’s, you know, a company with integrity, because that’s the problem with those businesses. You know, there’s a lot of cutting corners, there’s a lot of stepping on corsets a drug term, but they do it with supplements to stepping on and lesser quality. And, you know, I learned a lot of things that bothered me. But again, what motivated us to go into media was to try to reverse all those things. Because I think part of loving people was wanting that them to have the best. And the way that these corporate giants treat us sometimes is that we’re stupid, and we’re going to fall for clever marketing and, you know, fancy brochures. I’m not that guy. So

John David Latta 1:28:58
people still do sadly. But it’s true.

Joshua T Berglan 1:29:00
You can’t trust even reading the ingredients on the back of a of a label. That’s not telling you anything. That’s telling you the true quality. Like people, we know what we’re not taught the questions that we should be asking. And we can’t even trust customer reviews anymore. That’s a that’s a whole other thing. But we’re not going to spend any time on that because I could go on. I keep you here for five hours talking about that, because I’m really mad about that one. John, I really love this conversation. I enjoyed it. And I really love what you’re doing. And I’m grateful for your time today because we’ve been talking for an hour and 30 minutes and it felt like five minutes. So thank you for being here. I really, really enjoyed this and I look forward to talking to you again.

John David Latta 1:29:48
Thank you so much, Joshua. I really appreciate the opportunity. It was a joy.

Joshua T Berglan 1:29:52
Awesome, man. Well, we’ll see you soon. Thank you for being here. Thanks very much. Oh, wait, wait, wait, come back. Come back, come back. Come up, come back. Are you there? I’m here. I’m here. Tell everybody where they can buy your book. We have immediate we’ll create a media kit. And we’ll have all that in there. But why don’t you tell the audience where they can buy your books?

John David Latta 1:30:12
Yeah, that place with all the reviews? amazon.com. Yes. Called the center. Yeah, synchronicity of love. And no subtitle stories that heal, transform and awaken. I’d love for you to check it out.

Joshua T Berglan 1:30:28
Awesome. Thank you, sir. See you soon. Okay. Thank you, Joshua. Bye, bye. Man. That was interesting. I want to read his book too. His journey seems it’s not the same journey. But it’s, you know, sometimes journeys kind of mirror each other or there’s things that remind you, and there was a lot of his that reminded me I’m seeking love and look, I’m sure some people felt like what I said was blasphemous. I’m not trying to be blasphemous. I’m just saying that we don’t have all the answers. And it’s okay to ask, it’s okay. It’s okay to seek. So you can you will find me remind you, if you seek the Lord, you’re going to find him but to meet God’s and everything. And I’m not be a new age, God is in you. God is in me, God is in those trees, and my grass. I don’t know if he really resides in a duck. I know he created a duck, I guess it could reside. Of course, if a duck started talking to me, that would be strange. I’m only saying that because I can see a duck out my window. Anyway. Thank you for being here. Thank you for supporting three seasons have a conversation with Joshua T. Berlin. I think there was probably 60 episodes. And those three seasons. Really enjoyed it. And thank you. I’m really excited about what’s next. Because I believe what’s next is the dress rehearsal. To lead to what God put my heart to begin with this entire journey. Meaning, you know, when God gives you a download or a vision, and he shows you what’s possible, and what He has for you, he shows you, you know, that bigger picture, you don’t see the stuff that leads up to it. Typically. You see the big picture? Well, what we’re doing next, I believe, is the step to the bigger picture than he showed. But it’s in God’s hands and online. So thank you for watching the last conversation with Joshua T. Berglan. God bless you

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