What is Numerology?

What is the difference between Gematria and Numerology?

Is Numerology of God or is it evil?

What is the secret of numbers?

What does Numerology say about Jesus?

On A Conversation w/ Joshua T Berglan & Dr. Craig E. Wright we dive into Numerology, what it is, what it isn’t, and a few other surprises.

Craig Wright is a native of Baltimore, Maryland where he studied religion and philosophy in his youth as a member of the Baltimore Ethical Society.  He holds degrees in Psychology and Metaphysics. He is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister, and a Certified Metaphysical Practitioner.

It was the tragic death of a friend in the summer of 1972 that prompted Craig to search for the meaning of life. This began his study of NUMEROLOGY. After many years of personal research, Craig went public in 1988. This was the year he
met Rev. Hazell Cassell and was invited to be a guest on her radio program.

Craig’s presentation on Numerology generated so much excitement that people began to ask him to share his knowledge about this fascinating science. The momentum has continued to grow. Craig’s services have been sought nationally and internationally. He has served as a resource to several Human Service Agencies by conducting seminars and workshops. He has a wide array of clientele who consult with him regularly on personal as well as business matters.

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Joshua T Berglan, aka The World’s Mayor, is a voice for the voiceless and is driven to elevate the passion, purpose, and mission of those he serves. Joshua is the Chairman of the Live Mana Worldwide Foundation & Live Mana Network, Shock-Jock Evangelist, International #1 Best Selling Author for the Book “The Devil Inside Me” a Producer, and Filmmaker. Joshua is an expert in the future of media and loves supporting others in helping make their dreams come true.


Joshua T Berglan 0:01
What’s up everybody? My name is Joshua and welcome to a conversation with Joshua T. Berglan on the live mana Network. Thank you so much for your support. Thank you. I’m gonna get the finger thing, right? Nope, I was wrong. Okay, right here, right here. This barcode, you can find information for our network, the podcast channels, the Apple TV, Roku, all those links, also links to our book, The devil inside me, which is my personal testimony and information, of course, about the services that we offer at the live mana worldwide Foundation, a nonprofit media organization, in multimedia Broadcast Network, which of course we’re on right now. Thank you for your support. So today, we’re going to talk about numerology with an expert in the field, and I want to make this abundantly clear. I know absolutely nothing about it, except for the fact that on Twitter and Facebook, I see people post stuff about Gematria. I hope I’m saying that right. People talk about I see people talk about numerology. And the thing is I it’s just something I’ve not tried to wrap my head around totally. And I think it’s because I don’t like numbers. That said, there’s a lot of different beliefs behind this. Some people believe it’s just folklore, some people believe that it’s absolutely legit. In fact, they will back it up by saying that the Bible is perfect, perfect numerology. And again, I don’t understand any of this stuff. So regardless of what your beliefs are, if you have any pre judgments, or you think that you know something about it. Well, I hope today that you learned something new. And those of you who are curious like I am welcome. And those of you who have just a stone fact opinion, you’re welcome here to those of you where where available, feel free to use the chat you guys network, you guys promote each other’s books, whatever you guys want to promote, you can promote it now in the chat. Thank you for your support. Thank you for being here. And like every conversation that we have here, I don’t care if somebody has a different belief system than me. That’s not what this is about. This is about getting to know each other. And we all have different skills, we have different gifts, we have different things that we believe and we’re willing to go die on the Hill for. And in my thing that I’ll die on the Hill for is this. We’re all God’s children. And we all deserve respect. We all deserve love. I mean, some of us are buttheads and probably need to be kick in the butt. I don’t know about everyone deserving. Maybe they do anyway, I regress or digress, whatever that saying is it doesn’t matter. The point is that all are welcome here. And that’s not just your typical ministry saying, oh, all are welcome. And then you give your life to the Lord and then they ever talk to you again. Or you don’t go by what they’re saying. And therefore they don’t talk to you again, any of that. It’s not like that. We have consistent on this program, and we will never stop doing it until God says differently. We will have witches will have almost called him the Pope. We have rabbis. It doesn’t matter with drag queens, we have people from all walks of life here, because I want to get to know him. I want to understand the way they think and I want to understand why they believe what they believe. And at the same time, I understand that I put my faith at risk of hearing something that’s Ooh, that sounds way better. I think I’m gonna go that path to date after 500 broadcast, my faith has only gotten stronger, and I continue to talk to people with different beliefs than me. So what’s wrong with that? That said, Dr. Wright and I could have the exact same beliefs. I don’t know but we’re gonna find out after this.

welcome back, everybody. My name is Joshua and welcome to a conversation with Joshua T. Berglan. I meant to say this before we went to the quick break. Dr. Wright asked me for my birthday before we started the broadcast today about 30 minutes before. And while I don’t understand numerology whatsoever, do not know what I read. But I did look at what he sent me. And I will tell you, in full transparency, I had to stop looking at it because I started bawling my eyes out. And it also brought up about 8000 more questions. So I don’t know whether or not it’s kind of like when you read a horoscope and I’m not saying that this is the same thing. So please relax. It’s kinda like when you get one when you read one of those horoscopes or you read, you know, like, Okay, what’s my life gonna be like, and you you go down to the exact numbers. And I don’t know enough about astrology to be able to talk about this, but I will tell you this. It was even more accurate than the most accurate psychic reading I’ve ever had in my life. Or horoscope, reading or anything else, and I’m not into readings, don’t go see psychics. I have to deal with enough fake Prophets coming at me with their cash app logos, trying to give me prophecies of things that I don’t know already. Anyway. I didn’t mean to sound that disrespectful. But I want to come at this from a posture of I don’t know what to believe. But what I read, broke me down and made me weep. So is this a magic trick? Is this real? Is this of God? Is it the devil? I don’t know. But I do know what I read was on point. So ladies and gentlemen is an honor. He’s got a new course called awakening. And listen to some of these titles, gifts of the Spirit, your calling Know thyself, seasons, compatibility Pentacles challenges and karma. This is going to be one heck of a conversation. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the one the only doctor right. What’s up Dr. Wright? How are you, sir?

Dr. Craig E. Wright 8:09
Doing just fine, Joshua, thank you for having me. Well,

Joshua T Berglan 8:14
I’m honored. I’m honored to have you here. And thank you for not taking offense to me not reading your book yet. I will read it. But I usually wait till the end because I want the spirit that led me to say yes to doing this broadcast with you to also to give me the questions to ask you. And then after that, we’ll read your book. And then if and feel led, we’ll have you back on. But that said I am so grateful that you’re here. I’m so grateful for your your just readiness the way that you sent me everything that you had. Typically what shows ask for a very professional love the way that you handle things. And I wish more people more guests were like you. So I just want to say thank you for that. And before we get started, where you tell us what are you grateful for today and why?

Dr. Craig E. Wright 9:09
Joshua, I am grateful to have an opportunity to have lived 71 years to have learned the secret of numbers. That’s my whole life is it’s been my life’s work in that now. I’m finally having a chance to share this information with others. During during the years I was learning about this. It was difficult trying to find an ear to hear but God told me to be patient and when the time was right. Make sure I was ready. So I’m grateful that I was patient that I was a good student and that I’m having an opportunity to share what I’ve learned with with people like yourself people who have formats who We’re open, who are challenging people to look beyond limitations. So I feel blessed to be a guest on your program.

Joshua T Berglan 10:09
Well, I’m honored to have you here. And I don’t even know where to start because where I was going to start you then you sent me that email today after asking for my birthday. And that was, I don’t know why that hit me so hard in the spirit. I mean, I just started weeping and I had to, like walk away from it. I don’t know how it was just a bunch of numbers on a piece of paper. But I saw a couple of things, especially the final number seven. When I saw number seven, I almost collapsed. And I gonna be very pissed off. If this is a bunch of voodoo. I’m gonna be honest with you. Please tell me why this is not voodoo.

Dr. Craig E. Wright 10:58
Okay, I show well. Let me first start by saying numbers are different from figures. If I hold up a bottle of water, and I say I have one bottle of water, that will be a figure, a quantity. But if I look closer, and I say, Deer Park is number one, I’m no longer talking about a quantity, but a quality of being the best. So figures reveal quantities, but numbers reveal spiritual qualities. And that’s why when you read those numbers, it really resonated with your soul. Let me take this a step further. numerologist Billy, will I believe that numbers are symbols for the Word of God. When we speak, we vibrate the air. And we used letters in numbers as symbols. It started in grade school. Well, since we were created by the Word and the Word is symbolized with letters and numbers, all letters and numbers reveal spiritual qualities. Numerology has been around for 1000 years, Joshua, so that the, the answers are already there. So this is a science. It’s not voodoo. I’m not a mystic. I don’t have a crystal ball. I didn’t have any intention of becoming a numerologist. I wanted to become well, my parents wanted me to be an engineer, because I got good grades in math and science. When I was 12 years old, they told me, You’re going to be a different engineer in the family. So it was math and science, math and science. But at age 21, my best friend died of a drug overdose. And then I was not prepared for that I didn’t even know he was using. All of a sudden, he was gone. So my belief system wasn’t strong enough to withstand that storm. So I began to just put it out there in the universe. Why? Why? I didn’t believe in God. I didn’t have any concept of any supernatural being if you couldn’t measure it, quantify it. I was a technocrat a scientist. Yeah. Well, when I started asking why God has started the universe, I don’t want to turn anybody off. Whether you call it God, Allah Buddha, the Great White Buffalo, we have many, many names for superior force that is stronger than we are, that is, has created this whole situation. And when I awaken to it, it was through numbers. Okay. The number one is leadership, two, that’s the PCEye. Three stands for expression and youth. Force is a symbol for work in order. Five is freedom and change. Six is service. Seven is a symbol for faith. Eight is a symbol for money and power. And nine symbolizes selflessness. And that’s it, there’s only nine vibrations, one through nine with zero being in the beginning, or to use a current praise, the force. Zero symbolizes the force. So I think I can say, the force without offending anyone’s religion or the belief system, because it’s important that we realize this is just a division where it’s really meant to bring us together. That’s a great what you just shared there, Joshua, it shows with all the numbers me. Yeah, I want to pull

Joshua T Berglan 14:29
this up as you’re talking, because this is what you sent me, correct? Yes, it is. Why is it called the Jeremiah effect?

Dr. Craig E. Wright 14:39
Well, I call it the Jeremiah effect. Because there’s a story in the Scripture about a prophet called Jeremiah who’s in. He didn’t want to do what God wanted him to do. So the story goes, God says, Wait a minute, Jeremiah, before I formed you in the womb. Before you were a twinkle in your daddy’s eye, I knew you. So, that told me when I discovered that it told me that we are not physical beings having occasional AHA experiences. We are spiritual beings having a temporary physical experience. And the Jeremiah effect is God has a plan for us, which we agreed on, we have a contract with the Creator. The letters in our name we feel are part of the contract and the numbers in the birthday, we feel God’s part of the contract. And this contract we make before we take physical for. Furthermore, the Scripture tells us Joshua 2911, God has plans for US Plans to prosper us. Okay, so, we are created by the word words is symbolized by letters and numbers and letters or numbers. letters can be converted to numbers, as you see on the on the conversion chart. Okay, A is one, B is two, C is three, it’s based on the alphabet, double digits, like the letter Z, the 26 letter, you just added up to plus six is eight. nothing mystical, no voodoo. This is just positioning letters in the alphabet and reducing it to a single digit, the letter R, the 18th. Letter, one plus eight is nine. Why do we want to convert letters to numbers? So we can get the information as displayed one through nine, leadership or self, which is another one which itself all the way through the number nine, which is selflessness, we evolve. We evolve through all the numbers. Okay? The name, Joshua Bergland is a seventh when you add your initial, which is the 20th letter, the alphabet. It’s a two to do a two, seven and two is nine. So this program is selfless. You are a universal soul, bringing in everyone from all walks of life. That’s the number nine.

Joshua T Berglan 17:11
I mean, that is my nickname. But that’s not even what. But that’s not even what wrecked me. But go ahead and continue to say what you’re saying.

Dr. Craig E. Wright 17:26
Okay, on the right hand side of the 129, you’ll see two ones, two twos all the way down to do two nines. Those are called master numbers. The master numbers are testing numbers, but they offer a greater opportunity for success. So we start with the answers, then we look at the birth date. I’m going to utilize yours. May the 20th 1979. While the birth date reveals our gifts from the Creator, that’s God’s part of the contract. He says, Okay, I’m sending you in. I’m sending you in. God heard that people’s cry, and he sent us we’re here for a reason. So he gives us gifts, the five which is your month, just the gift of freedom and change. What does that mean? You don’t have to work nine to five unless you choose to

change eight. You are God’s change agent. That’s the number five, these are spiritual gifts that God gave you to be flexible, to be a multitasker. To travel the world, not to be tied down to any one discipline and to be a change agent. In other words, God gave you the gift. So you could come here and rock the boat and cause some trouble.

Joshua T Berglan 18:53
That’s what I do. Actually. I really, I mean, anyone watching this right now, whether you like me or not, would agree with what he just said.

Dr. Craig E. Wright 19:06
That’s because that is true. The second part of your contract is your day of birth. And that’s a two and a zero. And zero is a symbol for the creator, the divine. So the force is with you. And then number two stands for cooperation and peace, harmony, partnerships, paths. We all know what the number two stands for. We don’t think about it often. But because it’s a gift, you have the ability to bring people to gather. Okay to bring

Joshua T Berglan 19:44
me ask you something, though, not the I don’t want to like interrupt what you were saying. But even though I just did oh, I want to ask you. How does the because I’m a disrupter and why I know the answer to this, but I want you to answer it for me. Okay? I think I know the answer is that it almost feels like a contradiction. It’s bringing people together. But being a disrupter bringing truth, but yet truth divides. But yet, at the same time, like the world’s Mayor nickname that I have, like, what that is for, and what that is about is about inspiring other people with the same ideology of wanting to elevate everyone around them. At the same time, I also know that we can’t have peace, we can’t have joy. We can’t have any of the good things without truth. And truth hurts, and truth is painful. So in your words, if you don’t mind, explain how this contradict, it looks in appears like a contradiction. Can you please explain how it works together?

Dr. Craig E. Wright 20:59
Yes, I will simply God already told me to say the two energy is the velvet glove over your iron fists. You’re a warrior. You’re worrying. Energy keeps people from running a way when you’re present. You don’t have to say anything to anyone. When you’re there, they will pick up your aura and start to look around, and the hairs on the back of their neck will stand up because they will sense a warrior is present. A warrior is present. But you are God’s warrior for service, bringing people together, turning down erroneous ideas breaking down the walls. So it works. It works together very well. It works.

Joshua T Berglan 21:52
I mean, this is this is just go ahead. It breaks.

Dr. Craig E. Wright 21:59
It breaks me down to my brother is it’s what do they call it? It’s cellular? How are you?

Joshua T Berglan 22:09
How is this? This seems so simple. And as if all I’m gonna say it, but God said it. He said what was it gonna say? Like the? No, no, I lost it. Ah, the whole idea. This height. It’s so simple. It’s it’s this is what he said. And that not the exact words I’m paraphrasing. But we like this. The our path. It’s like it’s, it was pre written. That’s the word I’m the words I’m looking for. It’s like our life was pre written, our lifelines are in our hands. And like it’s in the numbers. It’s in the star, so to speak. This is who we are. And it’s been it’s already been pre planned. But the thing when I know that God said that in the Bible, the part I didn’t know is it literally is written in the palms of our hands or in the numbers of our life in our name. We aren’t, are you? This is like saying the truth is basically been staring at us in the face the whole time. And we just a bit oblivious to

Dr. Craig E. Wright 23:19
it. Exactly. We are literally the living word. And we come with an owner’s manual, the letters in our name and the numbers and our birthday. Now whereas, whereas these numbers reveal your talents, your skills and your gifts, you still have free will as to how to use them. For example, your chart shows You’d make a great musician and a great athlete and a great coach, especially with stringed instruments, guitars or drums. So, it depends on how you decide you want to use this. I

Joshua T Berglan 23:54
prefer DJing. But so to end even though I would challenge you normally will actually I’m gonna not challenge you on this. I have no musical talent that I’m aware of except for the fact that I have beats in my head. And i My father was a musician traveling musician toured with Ike and Tina and Jerry Lee Lewis and a bunch of those guys and wow lady too. And so I grew up around music and I love music. And I love artist, musician artists and I don’t care what instrument it is, like, I honor you because that is a gift. So I didn’t have that musical talent. But I did pick up DJing last summer random. And I And that made me almost feel like a musician. So even though I can’t play an instrument, I do understand what you’re saying. I am I am artistic. I know that.

Dr. Craig E. Wright 24:50
Yes, music comes along with being a peacemaker, because it’s soothing. It’s harmonizing and it sets people at peace. It is also a universal language, like numbers, numbers and music are universal. So because you are a peacemaker, in fact, there’s a scripture about your birthday. Hmm. There’s a scripture about your date of birth.

Joshua T Berglan 25:18
I know I have orange here, but I didn’t know it all.

Dr. Craig E. Wright 25:21
Blessed are the peacemakers, because there’ll be called the children of God. That’s the Scripture. Blessed are the peacemakers, because they will be called the children of God. And that’s the number 22 is peace. Zero is a symbol for God. Now, something that’s very, very interesting about your name and birthdate is your first name, Joshua is also a number 20. If we substitute numbers for the letters in your first name, Jay as well, a one oh was a six s is a one, H is eight, u is a three and a as a one was as up to 20. So it matches when your name matches your one of the numbers in your birthday. Because the birthday is your contract with God, your gift of God matches your promise. During your contract phase, you told the Creator, I’m going to be whatever you want me to be, I’m going to stay in touch with you. I’m going to touch base with you before I make every move. I’m going to contact with you that will not My will be done. And that’s indicated because your birthday matches your name. There was synchronicity in your contract. There was synchronicity. There’s another number 20 in the scripture, and his name was Noah. And is a five. Oh is a six? A is a one eight is a eight that adds up to 20. That I say you’re laughing this up? Let’s go. I’m

Joshua T Berglan 27:00
laughing because the network that we’re on right now, is the digital Noah’s Ark.

Dr. Craig E. Wright 27:07
Get out here.

Joshua T Berglan 27:10
No problem. I know. I mean, I promise because I pay for it. It’s i It’s our network, we got kicked off of two other networks. And we, I mean, I by the grace of God ended up with our own network. In fact, our networks, we got kicked off of two networks on Good Friday. And by Monday we were resurrect with a new network. That’s interesting. But you said something else too, about the nine to five. This is why this is tripping me out. When I I chase money, and money like me, I did all the things I was successful independently. I always had a great job. And, and then of course, you know, I became a junkie and I had my issues, and I lost everything. And then after I lost everything for a second time, it’s been a much different experience. And here’s why. Because as much as I wanted to go seek a job, I kept hearing God in my spirit, say, just spend time with me, just serve me, just serve me. And every time I’m like, But how am I going to pay rent, and I would go down this path and I go find a consulting job or I’d go broker a deal for you know, a movie to get made or just any of these things at the finish line at the payment date, all the all these times that I was supposed to have a massive, you know, financial breakthrough, because I went out and hustled and did it, it fell through. And God every time goes I told you to serve me, told you to serve me. What does that mean? What does that even look like? And so a few years ago, I finally after a bad relapse and all the other crap that had happened. I go, Okay, God, I’m paying attention now. And I just started to pursue him. But that became my job in pursuing and getting to know God and what God wanted for me and just serving and just helping people. And that’s all that I’ve done for the last few years. And as scary as it’s been because I never know where money’s coming from. God has always provided and provided in a big enough way that we’ve been able to do all the things that we were blessed to do, and not have a job at that point, that that one floored me. And then there was another one too with the synchronicities that synchronicities have become very, very big and I’m starting to notice them in major ways in my life, and I don’t fully understand them yet. But can you talk about how synchronicities and numbers work together, tie together conflict, whatever it may be?

Dr. Craig E. Wright 29:58
Yes, a lot of times we will see a number and it’s a confirmation. People will see repeating numbers I get clients call me about that. And they say, that’s what’s going on. Why am I seeing this? What does it mean? And it’s just a reflection, once you understand the number code is just another tool that we have, and it heightens your perception. Okay? Everybody knows what it means to be number one. And particularly in our culture, people are striving and, you know, we call it the dog eat dog, the rat race, type A personality disorders, you know, but we need to awaken that there’s other energies that we need to be expressing. Mainly, the number nine and number six is the love vibration. The number one is at the top of this, that’s where it starts, but we need to evolve and grow and develop.

Joshua T Berglan 30:58
That ties into Tesla’s 369. Right? Tesla, Tesla, not Tesla, as an Elon Musk has loved with the OG Tesla. He was big on the 369. And I don’t know what that means. But the the emphasis that you place on numbers, obviously, and you said six and nine are very, very important numbers. What was three again,

Dr. Craig E. Wright 31:25
three stands for expression, youth and abundance. The story of Christ is about the number three. A lot of people missed that. Yeah, okay. He was sought by three wise men, denied by three sleeping disciples when he asked them, if they loved him three times. His main boy denied him three times before the router could crew up. Of course, we celebrate each other because he arose on the third day. And I left a lot of them out. But when he was asked, Master, why are you here, he says, I’m here that you have life and have it abundantly. So three stands for expression, youth, abundance, spirituality, and children come under the number three, six is service tested number of the servant, the greatest among you, servants. And then number nine is a symbol for selfless giving this guy favorite number, and that comes from the story of Job. Job wasn’t number nine. So as Joshua T Bergman your job you’re expressing number nine energy rise only to fall in love, only to lose. But whatever the universe takes from you is going to come back double. That’s the That’s the story of the number nine, patience and faith can overcome all things.

Joshua T Berglan 33:01
So you turn your back from God. And when did God start talking to you about the numbers like was there a crazy event that happened where you hit rock bottom and then all of a sudden you’re talking to God again? Like how did all that play out?

Dr. Craig E. Wright 33:21
Well, I was I was in my state of disillusionment, yearning, brokenness, and I heard a song on the radio. And the song was by a guy by the name of Roy Ayers. In the song was called The album was called In Search of the third. No, the album was called. Everybody loves the sunshine. He’s throwing a lemon up in the air. Everybody loves the sunshine. But there’s a cuddle on the record in search of the third eye. In Joshua, that was my introduction to numerology, spirituality and eventually, God.

Joshua T Berglan 34:02
But okay,

Dr. Craig E. Wright 34:03
the lyrics of the song. The lyrics of the song were Baby Baby baby look to the sky seeking to find the third eye secrets of wisdom secrets of sound secrets of numbers will be found. While I wanted some answers. I was looking for some reason why I was here. What was life all about? But I just lost my best friend if it’s going to be this arbitrary. I don’t want to be here anymore. Okay, so I bought the album took me two years to find it right. I finally bought the album. Read the cover. And the guy who wrote the song had read a book called In Search of the Third Eye by Vera Stanley alder. That was my introduction to all things spiritual. I started reading this book, and I discovered secrets of colors. How blue is it makes you be true. Green makes you aggressive secrets of sound Our favorite songs are in harmony with our own heartbeat and energy. But it was this sequence of numbers. They got me Joshua, because I was studying to become an engineer. I had no nothing but math and science all my life since the seventh grade. So when I started reading about numbers, it was something I couldn’t relate to. And numbers don’t lie. Numbers don’t lie. One and one is always to English, they would tell me, Craig, I asked us I have to eat. Except when there’s a see what are the mouse AI? Sometimes why? Oh, but numbers one and one was always two. So it was a rock, it was a foundation. I didn’t, I was not a believer in God. I was a believer in numbers. So I went from believing numbers, which I had total faith into understanding. They were the system behind the creation of the universe, and that I had a contract with God in that, like you, I am a number seven, my name was a seven, my birthday is a seventh, and eighth in ancient times, we would have been taken from our home and raised in the temple. Because they knew about the number seven and given scribes. After you graduated from Temple sevens, were given scribes to write down what they uttered. Because as a seven, sevens were blessed with a contact with the inner world, and that’s where God dwells within. And it’s our job to research and study some, I found myself listening to this song. It led me to the Library of Congress, this was in 1972, there were no books in the library on new morality, then. Now you can take out numerology for Dummies this mainstream, but back then, God led me to the Library of Congress, why would cut work? spend eight hours a day at the Library of Congress because you couldn’t take those books out? Just reading and studying everything I could get my hands on. And in, and now I’m just sharing that information with others after years and years of research. I did not invent numerology. It’s been around some 4000 years. Yeah. You mentioned the Bible earlier, the people who wrote the Bible put information about numbers encoded in the Bible, there are many references to Christ changing people’s names. Okay, if you study how Simon became Peter, and you look at the numerology chart, Simon isn’t number seven. So by faith, he was the first one to declare by faith, that’s the seventh, you are the Christ, know who you are, by faith, which is seven, his intuition he was taught within, Jesus said, That’s right. But I’m going to change your name to Peter. Because Peter is a number one. And Jesus needed someone to take on to carry on. Once he had arisen, he needed a leader. He was a man of faith to lead things. So that’s why Simon became Peter. And if you sell that either number code, who takes on a whole new meaning?

Joshua T Berglan 38:25
See, I’ve heard that too. Gosh, I want to ask you to the third eye is a source of a lot of controversy. Because people look at it as a new age thing. Some people look at it as demonic. And then I’m over here as a follower of Jesus and Jesus is my Savior. I’m thinking of this like, okay, but it’s inside of us. And God created us and were made in the Lord God’s image, the Lord’s image. So how can the third eye the pineal gland? How can that be a bad thing? If God created us, man didn’t put the third eye on us? God did. So how can it be bad? So I don’t know what your expertise is and what your knowledge is of the the third eye argument. But can you speak to it the importance from your perspective?

Dr. Craig E. Wright 39:26
Yes, I asked God God, why are you why are you leading me to the strange things people want to think on demonic? Why? Why the guy’s head I’m going to give you the scriptures that you need to open your mouth on our speak. I said, Okay, well about this third, I think and God gave me Matthew six. Matthew chapter six, verse 22, the light of the body is the eye. if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. So this is a reference to the pineal gland, which can be activated through meditate nation in prayer as the single eye that he’s referring to sigh vision discernment. That’s the third eye. That’s, that’s my take on it.

Joshua T Berglan 40:22
And it makes sense that that is emphasized because really, to be able to meditate, you need to close your eyes. I mean, at least I from what I know of it. And when I’m praying, when I pray with my eyes open, I get distracted. But if I am still and I close my eye, I am able to hear God. I that is when I hear God the best. Football when I’m dancing, that’s the other one. That’s the other time I hear God. I have I have a really hard time with this one. I am agreeing with you, by the way. But I’ve had a hard time with this. And there’s a lot of things about the Bible that I have questions about and they don’t make sense to me. And this is one of those things like why do Christians look at this as such an evil bad thing? I don’t understand it. I don’t know. I guess that Matthew 622 is clear. Yeah, go ahead.

Dr. Craig E. Wright 41:29
Yeah, it is a personal I’m believer in numerology took me to studying the world religions, Christianity and mysticism and studying the Qur’an. Because I believe like, like you said, we’re all children of the same creator. You’re all children of the same creator. So ultimately, that’s what we are here to learn and discover and grow into. And that’s why programs like yours, are so so very important in in manifesting that change. Your program is manifesting the change by providing safe ground, if you will, for people to express and talk about what’s going on in their lives. Like I said, back in 72, when I first started talking about this, people thought I lost my mind. I was demonic. So I got very quiet and very still. And I was just I just sort of kept this to myself and now all of a sudden people are reaching out to me people are searching they want to know and it’s it’s it’s the it’s the Age of Aquarius.

Joshua T Berglan 42:49
This The Age of Aquarius is the age of the awakening. Is that correct?

Dr. Craig E. Wright 42:57
Exactly. That’s why my classes truth will

Joshua T Berglan 43:00
be revealed and Okay. Does numerology say anything about Jesus?

Dr. Craig E. Wright 43:10
Well, Jesus says a lot about numerology. Fair enough fairness. Protagoras, Jesus and Moses are probably the best known students of the Egyptian Mystery Schools where numerology was taught. So Jesus studied there when the Age of the Law told Joseph and Marie to take the baby to Egypt. There’s a crazy guy Cuba, north, all the firstborn get to Egypt. Well, when he was there, he studied with the great masters. It was there when he if you look at the name, Jesus’s S U S. and you convert the numbers, it adds up to the number 11. And the number 11 is the number of light in illumination. That’s where he discovered he was the light of world. Okay, and that’s why he used those same techniques to for changing names of his disciples. It all came from knowledge from the mystery schools. That wasn’t the only place he studied. He also studied abroad and he studied. He studied the science of reincarnation. He also studied karma. Jesus, okay, study card. Wait, so he’s

Joshua T Berglan 44:34
talking about, let’s talk about those two subjects. And I’m sorry to interrupt you, because that’s that was the place of karma and then reincarnation, let’s go with reincarnation first. I literally in my Bible this morning heard because I like I listened to it because as my brain is waking up, and then I read as part of Michael Whiteside and one of the things that I heard, and I believe this is that when we die, we don’t go immediately to heaven. And why people when people die, that’s what we say blows my mind. Because if you were a Christian and you read the Bible, you know, we don’t go right to heaven. Like we’re, we’re in the grave, our spirits could be floating around everywhere. Because it says that when Jesus comes back, the dead will rise. And so and we will go with them and you know, so forth. And I’m obviously not getting all of that exactly right. But the point is that ours, we are dead. After we die, where we aren’t, we don’t go immediately to heaven, and we don’t go immediately to hell, either. So with that said, that means our spirit is going to be doing something, our soul is gonna be doing something. Are we floating around and hovering? Are we staying and kicking it in our in our grave? Like, what the heck are we doing? So my point is that I’ve always questioned why people have such an issue with reincarnation, because it seems more likely than not that we’re reincarnated, or that our souls or spirits are just floating around waiting until the end. It’s one of those two things to me. But I think it’s a lie from the devil that we tell people at their funeral when we tell the whole congregation that’s there for our loved one that’s died. Well, he went to go be with the Lord today. No, he didn’t. Not yet. So that’s a lie. And they’ve been lying about it for a long time. So with all that said, What the hell is wrong with people that just immediately say, reincarnation is of the devil? Like, how is that where in the Bible? Does it say reincarnation? Is bunk? It doesn’t happen? Or where does it say it does? I don’t know what to believe on it except for the fact that I know I don’t have the answer. Can you talk about reincarnation, and numerology if they if they go together?

Dr. Craig E. Wright 47:14
Well, the idea is, is because we are beings create before were formed in the flesh, we are energy. We are energy, I believe in one of the first principles that I learned in physics was, energy can be neither created nor destroyed. As as mankind, we do not have the capacity to create energy or destroy it. And this is taught in physics every day. So my mind tells me, I’m energy, I’m atoms, protons, neutrons vibrating. So man didn’t create me, nor can I be destroyed. Numerology tells us that we choose our own life experience, based on the need to learn and grow. So this, what we call Earth, is a university of the soul. We’re here for lesson classes. We we weren’t born here, this isn’t our natural state. Now, some people having trouble wrapping their mind around that consider the element of water. Water can be gas, steam, it can be liquid when you take a shower, or it can be ice, it can be a solid, okay, you can step outside and slip down on it. So it’s not that far of a stretch when you think about how energy can take different forms. So I personally believe that I’m here for a reason. There’s a purpose for my life, and there’s going to be a test or quiz after this experience when I get back home. I also believe if I don’t learn the lesson the first time God is patient. There’s no rush, there’s no hurry. I’ll do it again. In the Bible, Jesus was asked about reincarnation I thought he was he was asked, well who was John the Baptist reincarnation? Is this Elijah reincarnation John the Baptist? In my mind, Jesus always corrected people. Everything they were doing that was wrong. He stopped him right there in their tracks that he was without sin. throw the first stone All right, he brought down a mob with that one barely lifted. Just the power of the word. So someone was talking about reincarnation as His disciples were in it wasn’t the truth. I think he would have, he would have put them in check right there. But he told them no, each man carries their own sin. It’s not the sins of the father. Okay? He’s not the reincarnation of somebody else. He’s carrying his own sins. He did this. He’s back to pay for these transgressions. And that’s what Karma comes

Joshua T Berglan 50:25
with go there. Wait a second. So, so because of that, when you said we don’t carry on the sins of the father, my very first question is, was, what about generational curses? What about generational sense? What about that? That is that’s passed down? Do you believe in that?

Dr. Craig E. Wright 50:49
I do, but on an individual basis, where we were part of those past generations. So yes, there’s this generation, though, because we were part of that generation. So we are carrying that next lifetime after lifetime after lifetime bringing it back. So yes, that’s, that’s part of that karma. What goes around, comes around. And this will often show up in the number eight, which is your last name. Okay, the number eight, what goes around, comes around eight is karmic. So in this lifetime, people are going to, as you already put it, love you or hate you. They won’t be lukewarm about Joshua. Also, in this experience, you will have to learn to practice forgiveness, you’re going to have to practice forgiveness, because when the number eight shows up, it means in a past lifetime, you were throwing rocks in the water. And in this lifetime, when you walk past upon water is going to splash on you. And you’re going to want to blame someone else for when it was you who threw the rock. I know that sounds far faster way out. But that’s basically karma in action. People do to us what we did to them. So in forgiving them, this is what Jesus taught. If someone slaps you give them the other cheek. That’s how you break the karma. That’s how you stop it.

Joshua T Berglan 52:34
Okay, so from a practical level, all of this makes a lot of sense. And it what is the purpose of faith? When Okay, so we have numerology. Now we’ve we’ve, we can just go to the chart, we can see your numbers, we can see our life path we can see it’s all right there. If that’s the case, then what is the point of having faith?

Dr. Craig E. Wright 53:03
Okay, great question. I went to my church when I was 21 years old, studying numbers for the first time. And it told me I was going to be a teacher. I was going to study the hidden meanings of life and share it with others. That was in 1972. I started renting spaces, paying for airtime on the radio is this thought is familiar. Reaching out, they’re doing everything I could spend the money announcing in the big day would come in, nobody would show up for my classes. That’s where things came in. I wasn’t ready. I had to keep studying. I had to keep growing. I had to keep learning, becoming who I was supposed to be. I wasn’t meant to talk about it. I was meant to become it. Once I became it. Now it’s time for those things to kick in. But believe me, there were haters, doubters all along the path. The First Minister, I went to Joshua and Tom about my experience with God, he was telling me about numbers is the fourth book in the Bible. I’m born May the fourth maybe this is why I’m being blessed like this. And he sit there shook his head. Listen to me. I went back the next Sunday, and he gave a a sermon. This was a 1972 a sermon on the evils of number. With me sitting right here right now, in 22, I’m seeing a class called the awakening. In my first four students were ministers of very large churches. So I had to keep faith. I had to keep believing that we When I read about who I was, was true, as opposed to listening to what other people said, and that’s another plus withnumerous develop their self concept. Okay? Most people believe who they are based on what other people tell them. Oh, this should be well meaning people, my parents loved me, they told me I was going to be an engineer. Well, I guess I am building bridges in a way from the spiritual to the material. But numerology actually reveal why I was here. So I, I gave away to math and science and started studying philosophy, religion, and metaphysics. And that was my true calling.

Joshua T Berglan 55:44
So if there was a lot of people born, I don’t know this, the exact number, but there was a lot of people born May 20 1979. Do they all have my same life path.

Dr. Craig E. Wright 56:00
They have the same gifts. But it’s different because the birthday is God’s part of the promise. The name is our part of the promise. So no one one a planet has your name and birthday, they may have the same birthdays. In fact, identical twins do have the same birthday. Okay, twins, they come in minutes behind each other with that same date of birth. Now they have the same gifts, but they promised to use those gifts in different ways. The number five, for example, five is freedom, travel, sales, adventure, athletics, many ways you can use that five energy if you’re born in May, but you’re definitely here to rock the boat. And you’re not here to work nine to five, and to be a change agent, how you go about that is up to you. So it doesn’t rob us of free will. But it will tell you, hey, it’s wintertime, don’t plant your tree isn’t gonna survive. It’s summertime. You can plant now it’s spring. But it won’t tell you you got to play an apples, you got to plant spinach. You know, it just enhances your choices, so many choices out there.

Joshua T Berglan 57:16
Well, and what I will tell you is I didn’t need numerology to choose the path that I chose, it took being broken, and in complete surrender to the Lord. But I will tell you that when I surrendered, I was in jails in LA County Jail looking at five years. I, my moment of surrender came with the knowing that in the realization, one that I’d wasted every gift that I’d ever been getting given. But also a part of that was knowing that in my spirit, that I had been running from the Lord, for as long as I could remember. And every time I would run and get molested, or get abused or go to jail, or you know, something tragic and traumatic would happen. God would give me this flash, like a really quick movie of this is your life. This is your life. This is what I chose for you just choose me, and this is what you get. This is this is the life I have for you. And I didn’t realize it, that God had been doing that most of my life. And it took that moment where I had nowhere to run. And I couldn’t run at because I thought I was going to be there for five years. And it took that realization to go, oh, so my life is not meant to be normal. But it’s also supposed to be a much different life than the one I’m living now. And I knew in my spirit that day, and I got the confirmations and have gotten the confirmations, even though I still tried to run from this very thing. A big part of that was that I was supposed to walk this earth and serve and to give of myself any way possible to help make the world a better place. And it makes zero sense on paper, or anything of this world. Why I’m supposed to live this way and how I’m going to be provided for because it’s the exact opposite of what every guru and every business coach and everybody else under the sun tells me I’m supposed to do. You need to take this course you need to get that degree you need to do that and every time doctor every time in my spirit, I feel like I’m stabbing myself with a butcher’s knife. I’m like blowing off my face despite myself because like I don’t want to do any of that. I want to do what God tells me to and this is Not some churchy thing that I want to say, physically my body rejects everything. That is the opposite of what I’m supposed to be doing. And it just so happens to be the opposite of everything the world tells me. That all of that stuff that you that you sent me ahead of the interview, and then what you’ve said during this conversation has all like, that’s why I’m going this can’t be bullcrap this there has to be something to this, because I’m staring at it on paper, things that you know nothing about with me. I’m staring at this going, Oh, my gosh, this is nailing me to a tee. It’s shocking. It’s shocking. So I want to ask you, when Jesus says, No man will come to the Father, but with but through me, like you’ve got to go through me, Jesus Christ, to get to God to get to heaven, you have to accept me as your Savior. How does numerology and that work together?

Dr. Craig E. Wright 1:01:12
Okay, that’s a great question. I had a mentor on my path, who told me if you really want to study the Bible prayer, you got to study the original texts, not the translations. So I began to inquire and study, and I discovered that people who promote Christianity, they interpreted what Jesus said as my way or the highway. Because they wanted power. But what Jesus says was, you get through the Father by me through prayer, meditation, through fasting, by being humble, by being kind. By putting spiritual qualities above material qualities, that’s how you get to the Father by me, through me, my beliefs, my attitudes, and my posture. God, Jesus called Father daddy. Okay, if you look at the translation, Our Father who lives in heaven, his great, his his great prayer, the original transfer, basically, he’s saying, Daddy, Abba, Abba, Father, which is close.

Be in handing hard, he called him daddy. So that was, that’s what he meant. You get to the Father by me, his attitude, his beliefs. His understanding of who God was, that’s how you get to the Father. He wasn’t saying, only by Christianity, there was no Christianity that he couldn’t have been saying that. He was saying, here’s how I do it. You can get there too. And you can also do greater things than me. Jesus said, don’t call me father. We only have one father, and he’s in heaven. Don’t marvel over what I’m doing. Because these a greater things will you do? Well, those words echo in my ear. And God told me as a numerologist, to prepare the classes for those who want to know their contract with God. If you want to know your contract, and you want to do great with things, a walk on the path. I can help you with that. My test has become my testimony. Joshua. I want to know why I was here. What I was supposed to do in this life was so arbitrary. Take me there. That’s the information. I wanted to have clear that so my test has become my testimony. And people who are searching for answers are reaching out to me

Joshua T Berglan 1:04:37
man, I gotta tell you, I have I have some weird, fun, interesting, different, shocking, mind blowing conversations. I gotta and this may surprise a lot of people that are listening, but this one rattles me the most. It rattles me the most. And I’m not discounting anything you say, at all. But it rattles me because I already believe that man has got his grubby little hands on the Bible. And I mean, you, you take one word out of a sentence, it changes the sentence, you, you, you add words to a sentence, it changes it you like context matters, though, you remove a sentence out of a paragraph, it changes the whole thing. And then you take whole books out of something that should be there. Like it then changes that context. And I guess what I’m saying is this. I’m one of those people that believe that Jesus truly died on the cross for our sins, I believe it and there’s nothing that will ever change my mind. And there’s really the reason why nothing will ever change my mind is not because of what the Bible said, at all. Because I can point out I’ve done this a lot on these broadcasts, where it talks about being obedient to the government. I’m not being obedient to this government, you’re out of your freakin mind. I’m not No way. And there’s other things. There’s other things, female pastors and stuff like that. And I’ve heard a lot of different explanations. But you know what, there’s people that believe that the Bible is a literal document, literal. And so what’s the point of not hyperbole, but not or foreshadowing, I’m forgetting the, it doesn’t matter. The point is this. None of the Bible didn’t get me saved. Even though I was reading it. I asked for the prison guard for it. He gave me the Bible, and it helped in reading John, it it really just like Jesus, you really did that. And like I started to really break down from that. But I’ve also challenged the Bible a lot. But the Bible has never built my faith. It’s given me instruction. It’s it’s, it’s, it’s been an amazing guide. And I love the Bible. It’s my favorite book ever written. And it’s the one I read every day. And I have problem with it. I have problems with it. And I also know, the control that the Catholic Church has had on that Bible, and the agreements that Constantine made with the way that transferred the way into Catholicism, like, I know that these historic things and when people like to talk about the King James Version of the Bible, being the only Bible you should read, if you ever mentioned to them that King James was referred to as Queen James, or the Queen of England, because he was a flaming homosexual.

That just blows your mind. And it but it talks about in the Bible, how homosexuality was wrong. And like all of these things, that this is what the Bible says, but then we have a Spirit inside of us that goes, something ain’t right about that. And then we go, oh, no, I’m gonna follow the Bible, because this is the letter of the law. These are God’s literal words, and all this other stuff. And again, I’m sure people think I’m a dipshit turned into a demon after saying all this, but the fact is this, they’ve lied to us about every thing. Why would they not lie about this to? Why? Why, why, why? Why? Why is it why are the churches not seeking out? Roe versus Wade? Or why do they not even have an opinion about it? There’s something wrong, there’s something off, Jesus is very much alive. I could film flying through me right now. But something ain’t right. There’s something not right. And they and we are at war in which Christians can’t get along, because we’re fighting over what the Bible says and what version to read. And then but there’s other things that we disagree with. And then you have all the other religions. The fact is, it is so confusing, and it’s so such a mess. That’s why I just have to say that you have to trust the Spirit inside of you, to guide you. And that be your source that be your your guide to the truth. And if it leads you down a path that looks like destruction. Well, here’s my experience with the Holy Spirit leading you. It’ll get you in some weird situations, but you’re there for a reason. It may be uncomfortable, and it may go against everything that your preacher taught you. But you know what? preachers don’t know everything because someone taught the preacher and you’ve you don’t you got to ask yourself, who funded the Bible college that they went to to give them that education and who gave him that curriculum? There’s more to it than this. If you look at the health care system, and how that set up, and if you trace it back to the Rockefellers and their plan and what they wanted to do no wonder the science changes all the time. No wonder the science disappears. What used to work no longer works wonder why that is because oh, wait a second. We found out that a treated something else that could actually hurt the Big Pharma and all their money anyway, I’m going on a rant here just to say this. I don’t know what’s real, but I will tell you that this is not shaking my faith but I have a lot of questions and and I have a lot of questions because in my spirit and you can call me a demon all you want audience I don’t care in my spirit. This is too close to a coincidence. To in too close to perfect for it not to be of God. It’s shocking to me. I am shocked and I and we didn’t go through my chart. We didn’t go through any of that stuff. But there’s something there’s a massive truth in this numerology stuff. And I want to understand more, because there’s no way that it could be this spot on. Unless if the Creator created it.

Now, Lucia, I lost him. Dr. Craig, are you there? Oh, no. Dr. Craig, try this. Are you there? Oh, no. I think maybe he just left. No, I can see him though.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:30
There you are.

Joshua T Berglan 1:11:32
Oh, no, you’re cutting out. Hello. Are you there? Okay, now, I think you’re okay. I’m done with my rant.

Dr. Craig E. Wright 1:11:50
I don’t know if you can still hear me, but I can hear you fine.

Joshua T Berglan 1:11:55
Okay, I can hear you. I’m done with my rant. I got a little excited there. As part of what you sent me and the numbers, one of the things that you it talks about is my strong desire for truth, and wanting to get the truth out. That was one of the things I live to find the truth, as a former narcissist, liar, and all the things that I was all I want is truth now, because I see the power of truth. And the truth is upsetting. The truth hurts, and sometimes it shakes our sensibilities, but the truth matters. And I and I would be lying. If I said, I’m not looking at all this and looking at what you sent me and saying, My spirit is excited about this. Is it because it’s telling me what I want to know? Not necessarily. But it’s telling me what I’ve already I’ve always known in my spirit. What I’m supposed to do, why I chose the path I chose. Like that is there’s something to this doctor, there’s something to this. You’ve absolutely wrecked my sensibilities for the day. Thank you.

Dr. Craig E. Wright 1:13:14
Well, Joshua, thank you. That’s, that’s very high praise. I agree with you. There’s something to this, I still consider myself a student of numerology. And even though I’ve been studying it over 40 years, God is still awakening me and showing me different things every day. So yeah, so I’ve discovered we are literally the living word. It’s true. Literally, the letters in our name and the numbers and they reveal so much information in terms of who we are. And who’s we are. We are not our own

Joshua T Berglan 1:13:58
there so what the other thing about this to me, that emphasizes the importance of knowing it, is it its identity. And right now we have a war on identity. Like look, we got all kinds of wars going on right now. But one of the biggest is, to me is the war on our identity. Why else would we have 95 genders right now? And you will if you’ve watched the show before you know that I’m not like yeah, now really community. There’s man, like there’s this is a this is about our identity, who we are and who’s we are you said it perfectly. And this matters. There is a lot of people that have been following following Jesus call themselves Christians being Christians checking the boxes for church and all the other religions and they don’t know who they are. They don’t know their identity. They don’t know their purpose, what they don’t know why God created them and they’ve been a Christian their whole life. I would challenge you to take the awakening course. Because I can tell you this. If it’s evil than God, please forgive me. Please, like I’ve never intend to be blasphemous. But if you’re someone out there that struggling with knowing your identity, who you are, what you were created to do, what your gifts are, what your talents are, what your purpose is, I would check this out. Because the course title alone, the awakening gifts of the Spirit, your calling, know thyself, seasons, compatibility, pinnacles challenges and karma. These are some of the subjects that it goes over it what is it? 60 bucks to take this course.

Dr. Craig E. Wright 1:15:53
60 per class

Joshua T Berglan 1:15:56
60 per class. Listen,

Dr. Craig E. Wright 1:15:58
it’s six classes, I believe you. If you take all six classes, the last one is free. So it’s $60 per class, if you don’t want to take them all. But if you take all the classes is only 300. For six classes, you save $60 On the last class,

Joshua T Berglan 1:16:18
if it helped me know my identity. I would say that that is the bargain of the century. If I didn’t know my purpose, I would say that that’s a bargain of the century. And here’s the here’s the head. I don’t believe for a second that most of you all’s purpose is what you’re living in right now. You have a job you hate. If you like doing doing things for the man that you don’t want to do. I really think that how can people find this course doctor?

Dr. Craig E. Wright 1:16:53
Well, they can visit my website. And that’s Craig wright.com, C, AIG, e, w ri ght.com. Click on classes. And it’ll show you the curriculum, and how you can schedule your classes. These are individual classes, Joshua, I used to teach these classes at the community college. But they told me they needed seven students to have the lights on Dr. Craig. So if I got six students with five, I couldn’t teach the class. But with the onset of COVID. Now I’m teaching classes on Zoom one on one so people can pick their individual class whenever you want it, whatever day is just going to be me and you one on one in these classes going over your contract with the Create.

Joshua T Berglan 1:18:09
I don’t know if he could get on? Well, he froze. And, gosh, I hope that this didn’t get buggy. We were having some connection issues. So I do pray that you were able to hear that. Okay. What a fascinating, fascinating subject. I don’t know, I have more questions than I have answers. And I probably always will. But I gotta tell you that this has been very eye opening for me. And I mean, I don’t know how much faith I put in it. But I will tell you again, what he went over, has been pretty powerful. guy he froze. He just sent me a message and see what it says. Okay. creg e right.com. So that C R A IGE. Right, which is w r i g h t.com. So, anyway, I hope that that was enjoyable. I apologize that he was freezing. That happens from time to time. But what a blessing. I’m just grateful that he was willing to come on and talk about this because this is not an easy subject to digest, especially if you’re a believer. Especially if you’re a believer, because it’s most believers that I see that question this that say that it’s a lie from the devil. Is it? Is this one of those tricks that the devil plays on people? Or is there something to it? I gotta tell you this is something I want to understand more. Because why wouldn’t I? And this is why I have these conversations. Because you don’t know what you don’t know. And I really believe with all my heart that you know, even with our with the Christian faith, or followers of Jesus, there’s, there’s more to it than what we know. And some of the things that we know, may not be right. The only thing I know is that the Spirit that God placed inside of us when we don’t drown it down with alcohol and drugs and everything else. And we just let our spirit free and just to guide us and to be what it’s supposed to be for us. It leads us where we’re supposed to go. And all that’s hidden will be revealed. All have it. Is this part of the things that are being revealed? Or is it blasphemy? While I don’t know the answer to the question, I will tell you that my spirit lit up reading what the number seven above you so I highly recommend you guys check out his course again. craigewright.com. God bless you. Thank you for being here and hope you enjoyed it.

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