The Live Mana Worldwide Foundation is passionate about elevating other’s passion, purpose and mission. We have a global vision to (re)build communities around the world by providing food, clothing, fellowship, education, trainings and strategic partnerships to launch others into their God given purpose.

Our Multimedia Broadcast Network’s purpose is to elevate and distribute the Voices for the Voiceless all around the world through streaming TV, Podcast, Radio, Social Media and Blog networks. Each broadcast is aimed to help free people from their own personal hell by putting a spotlight on the dark shadow world, in order to teach others how to break free from the bondage of addiction, sexual identity issues, poverty, mental illness, disease and limiting beliefs.


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Gratitude:UnFiltered featuring Erica Kristene

Gratitude:UnFiltered featuring Erica Kristene

And he pushed my head against the car door. He was driving and we were pulling in my building and I even remember what I was wearing. And for whatever reason, I don’t remember what I said, but he shoved me really hard against the passenger side window. And in that moment, my entire life changed. And that moment I had never been, I had dated men who were mentally abusive by I’d never dated somebody who would ever physically put their hands on me. I never even was really spanked like as a title. And so I just, it was just a completely different, it just in that moment, it just completely changed my life and things.

The Devil Inside Me “Newport”

The Devil Inside Me “Newport”

I grew up in a baptist church growing up and all I heard was “gay people go to hell” sex is for a married mand and woman” “fornecators!” Well I liked having sex with anything that walked so where does that factor in? “No sex outside of marriage or you go to hell!” I heard over and over from the preacher man but he got caught stealing money from the church to buy his whore jewelry so what does he know?

Gratitude:UnFiltered w/ Mary Huang

Gratitude:UnFiltered w/ Jody Paar

Jody Paar is a certified life coach, keynote speaker, two-time International best-selling author, and podcaster, who speaks healing into the lives of men and women held captive by fear. She shares her “faith over fear” mentally to help others break free. Through her own incredible story of surviving human trafficking, trauma, sexual, mental, and physical abuse, and suicide she proves that it is possible to survive AND to thrive.